A Gary Johnson-Supporting SuperPAC Said to Have Gotten a Million Buck Donation


Reporting from a Gary Johnson fundraiser in Las Vegas this weekend, Independent Political Report (with more details in comment thread) says that the "Freedom and Liberty PAC" dedicated to Johnson got a so-far anonymous $1 million dollar donation. 

That PACs strategy for spending that money in (uncoordinated with the campaign, natch!) support of Johnson's Libertarian Party run is unknown to me. Their FEC reports and their web site have no means of direct contact with them (unless you are donating) I found other than a street address in Salt Lake City, and 411 had no listing for a phone number for that PAC in that city.

The treasurer is one "Michael D. Edmonds," and the listing 411 gave me for that name in Salt Lake City had an answering machine message that did not lead me to believe I'd reached the right Edmonds, but I'll update if I hear back and can either confirm the donation or learn details as to the PACs strategy to spend it. If you work with Freedom and Liberty PAC and are reading this, let me know.

Prior to this million, if this donation turns out to be real, the Freedom and Liberty PAC reported $100,000 in donations as of end of June, all from a single source, after its founding in September 2011.

The PAC has been filing quarterly, so if this donation came in in July the public disclosure of this million donation might not happen until October.

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