While U.S. Gives "Genius" Visa to Canadian Playboy Model, Canada Bans Visas for Foreign Strippers


Late last month media outlets discovered that Shera Bechard, the former girlfriend of Playboy magnate Hugh Heffner, was working in the United States thanks to a visa reserved for "individuals with extraordinary ability." 

Meanwhile, in Bechard's home country, foreign strippers will be given the boot

While the Conservative government has already cut back dramatically on the number of new work visas for foreign strippers – just 12 were approved last year – it has nonetheless continued to renew most existing permits.

That will now come to an end, according to announcements from Immigration Minister Jason Kenney and Human Resources Minister Diane Finley. As a result, hundreds of foreign strippers will lose their immigration permits this year.

It is the latest change to a controversial program that is at the heart of federal efforts to respond to growing labour shortages. While this latest change risks creating new labour shortages, the Temporary Foreign Worker program is generally being used to fill a wide range of jobs across the country.

Earlier this year, Mr. Kenney announced that employers with good reputations would be allowed to fast track the hiring of temporary foreign workers and be allowed to pay them 15 per cent less than the average wage for a particular job. Labour groups and the NDP opposition slammed the move, accusing the Conservatives of driving down wages on behalf of employers.

As far as work visas for foreign strippers is concerned, Mr. Kenney pointed to RCMP worries that escort agencies, brothels and massage parlours are connected to human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Wednesday's announcement is part of a larger federal effort to crack down on human trafficking.

"The government cannot in good conscience continue to admit temporary foreign workers to work in businesses in sectors where there are reasonable grounds to suspect a risk of sexual exploitation," said Mr. Kenney, according to a copy of a speech he delivered in Calgary.

Because forcing sex work underground is the best way to end explotation. 

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  1. They have strippers in Canada?

    1. You have never heard of the Canadian Ballet? It's famous!


  3. They could have at least picked a playmate who was, you know, attractive and stuff.

    1. In Canada, she's an 11.

      1. hey! My sister-in-law is Canadian... and she's, uh, not attractive. For a health-conscious hippy, she has enough leg cheese to feed a dozen Frenchmen.

      2. You do realize that half of the incredibly hot chicks on TV are from Canada, right?

        1. That's a Canuckian misinformation campaign. Like all funny people on TV are Canadian.

          1. You're head of the Anti-Canadian League, aren't you?

            1. Its their beady eyes and the fact that their jaws come unhinged when they talk.

              And the word "Hoose".

            2. Who do you want fighting for your freedoms? The Avengers or Alpha Flight?

              1. Cobie Smulders.

                  1. Zap Rowsdower?

                    "I wonder if there's beer on the sun?"

              2. Who do you want fighting for your freedoms?


          2. Well, they do have beady eyes and flappin' heads full of lies.

          3. The hot and funny Canadians all come to the US to make a success out of their careers. The rest stay behind and bitch about what an evil place the US is.

      3. That must be why they're getting rid of her.

    2. Wait, what?

      1. http://msnbcmedia2.msn.com/j/M.....id-3x2.jpg

        There's enough plastic there that she should have been able to come to the US under NAFTA's rules on resource imports.

        1. Yeah, dude, I'm no particular fan of Playboy or fake tits, but you might want to Google Ms. Bechard and then rethink your statement. One stupid picture from a news article isn't all you should go on.

          1. *goes to the google*

            Nope, still fake and grody.

            You can have Ms Bechard all to yourself; I'll keep Natasha Belle and we'll call it even.

            1. Dude, you seem to be willfully misunderstanding my point. She's not unattractive. I am in no way advocating for fake tits or Playmates.

              Did you get snubbed, hard, by a blond Canadian chick or something? Let it go, man. Just let it go.

              1. Scott Thompson totally blew him off.

                1. It was actually Michael Cera -- shows how much you know.

                2. He's done that lots of times, or so I've heard.

          2. Hideous

            Gross! Ugly! 2/10! Would not fuck.

  4. Let the market work. If Canadian strippers can't keep up with strippers of other nationalities, why punish the hardworking men whose money goes to pay their tips? I imagine there are some serious pockets of pioneer stock up there producing women who are better suited for the CFL than the stripper pole.

    1. True, but the Canadian wilderness also produced Pamela Anderson.


        1. Lies. They grew to that size after William Shatner laid his hands on them.


          They did not improve her at all. Just the opposite in fact.


      2. I think of everything in Canada between Vancouver and Toronto as a giant version of Nebraska. There are a few smoking hot girls, but a larger plurality that could reinvigorate the 'Husker o-line if they were just a half step quicker.

  5. If for no other reason, this is why seasteading needs to become a reality. Strippers should be free to ply their wares globally, without interference from governmental regulations.

    I dream of a day when diplomatic visas are given to all strippers as a regular course of action.

    1. "Diplomatic immunity! HA HA HA HA!"

      "Has just been revoked!" *stuffs dollar bill in g-string*

  6. Does the Canadian healthcare system pay for implants?

    1. Yes, but you have to wait on the list eight to twelve months to get them.

  7. the former girlfriend of Playboy magnate Hugh Heffner, was working in the United States thanks to a visa reserved for "individuals with extraordinary ability."

    I'd say the ability to get a 90 year old's cock harder than diamond qualifies as an "extraordinary ability".

    1. I'd say the ability to get a 90 year old's cock harder than diamond qualifies as an "extraordinary ability".

      Isn't Pfizer already american?

  8. I'm guessing she got her genius visa because she wore one of those "I wish these were brains" T-shirts to the interview.

  9. The name is spelled "Hefner."

    1. I noted the same thing. Seriously, you should apply to Reason as an online copy editor. They need one.

  10. I have a bit of a mixed mind on the Canadian stripper ban. I think I understand their motivation. It's kind of hard to say I believe in freedom and liberty and then turn a blind eye to the slave trade.

    That said, they'd be much better served actually, you know, combatting the slave trade. My guess is that all this is going to achieve is changing source countries from Asia to Latin America.

    1. Wait, are you saying that strippers are slaves?

      1. No, but does an outsized portion of the slave trade serve that industry? Seems to be (and I'd welcome any evidence that this impression is wrong).

        Now, the clearest way to combat it would probably be to legalize the entire sex industry, but that's another story.

        1. Natashas are never slaves. They eat you alive if you show even the slightest weakness (that wetness in your eye when she gives you her bullshit sob story).

          1. She just needs 3 more credits to finish her nursing degree, dude.

          2. LOL. The only questions I have are whether there's a guy thug standing behind her and what his take is?

            1. In all seriousness, there is a cultural misunderstanding, where American, generally speaking, are at a disadvantage. Americans have internalized the language and beliefs of academic sociologist and social workers as the accepted model of ethical behavior. When Natasha encounters this in men she sees prey. The ethics she is familiar center around an entirely different value system, one where masculinity, anti-intellectualism, and envy as a prime motivator are the norms. You have more money than sense, she reasons. You need to part with some of it.

              1. Understood. But, like I said, what about that thug behind her? My guess is that he's playing with her just the same way.

                1. Warty hit the nail on the head with his reply. My wife's best friend is Ukrainian, and though she has never been a stripper, escort or in the sex trade, but what she does do is get stupid men to furnish her with a lavish life style.

                  1. Even in my single days, I always knew that was too rich for my blood.

    2. Two thoughts:

      (1) I seriously doubt a single victim of human trafficking has a legitimate visa.

      (2) Regardless, shutting off the only legal way to get yer foreign hawtness into the country is just going to mean that all of it comes in via human traffickers, not just some of it.

      1. Regardless, shutting off the only legal way to get yer foreign hawtness into the country is just going to mean that all of it comes in via human traffickers, not just some of it.

        Apropos of nothing, when you're in England, all hawtness is foreign.

        1. Google "Kelly Brook" then "Keeley Hazel" and then "Rosie Jones". Then come back and repeat that.

          1. "The most beautiful women in the world are the ones a man sees immediately after he leaves Britain." -- Trevanian

          2. There are some hot women in every country, this does not mean that all countries have hot women everywhere.

      2. I'm not inclined to disagree. This kind of comes down to people's dumb "If it's bad, we should ban it." mentality. I'm just saying that, at least in this case, "Yeah, it is bad."

    3. If they gave a shit about human trafficking, they would advocate open borders and legalized prostitution.

  11. Sometimes you jsut have to throw your hands up in da air and shout, Whos your Daddy!


    1. Yes, yes you do.

      $20 please.

      Anonobot FTW.

  12. Ha! Ha! Ha!

    No more cultural pollution for you, Canada!

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