More Universities Set To Ban Outdoor Smoking


From the nanny state to the babysitter campus: Colleges across the country are making moves to completely ban smoking on school grounds. While bans on lighting up indoors have been around for roughly a decade, the San Francisco Chronicle reports that many higher education leaders are working to prohibit outdoor smoking all over campus, from outside of university buildings to school sidewalks and benches. Schools like University of Missouri-Columbia and the City University of New York system will soon join over 700 schools nationwide [PDF] that currently have a zero-tolerance smoking policy.

Advocates of smoke-free colleges, like Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights (ANSR), argue that universities should play parent for college students. "[Colleges] are questioning what the role of tobacco is in academic settings, where we're supposed to be standing for truth and training the next generation of leaders," said Bronson Frick, associate director of ANSR.

But does campus nannying really count as training? Not according to Audrey Silk, the founder of New York Citizens Lobbying Against Smoker Harassment, who tells the Chronicle that universities are responsible for playing teacher, not doctor: "Schools are a business," she says. "It's their responsibility to educate. What they're doing is indoctrinating."

"This isn't a health issue anymore," Silk adds. "It's a moral issue. There's absolutely zero reason for a smoking ban outdoors."

Many of the already smoke-free schools, like University of Michigan, use a word of mouth campaign to enforce the ban, meaning if someone catches you sparking up, you could get a harsh talking to for choosing to smoke on campus.

For more on smoking bans, click here. And for Motley Crew's awesomely coiffed take on smokers' rights, check out the video below. Because, you know, everybody knows that smoking ain't allowed in school.

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  1. How about if they spend a little time figuring out why their cost to the students are going up so fast. This probably has more effect on the health of the students then some outdoor smoke.

    1. Preparing their students for the real world and helping them get jobs would be nice too.

    2. It’s okay that they ban all smoking on campuses (especially the really big ones in city settings that cover a square mile or more). The students can just learn to be a real college student and do what what I, and everyone else in college, did and take hits from the bongwaterpipe (or blunt, joint, spliff, pipe, piece, hookah, bubbler, etc.) on the bathroom floor with the shower running and a towel under the door.
      It should be fun making young, drunk college kids get all pissy they can’t smoke on campus – there will be NO property damage or vandalism at all…

      1. They banned it at Baylor while I was there. All it meant was that there were no more ashtrays. Nobody paid it the slightest attention.

  2. Yeah. The hospital I got treated at after a truck totaled my ’99 ZRX1100 (but merely injured me) banned smoking anywhere on their property. I was still smoking at that time, so, of course, I’d burn one right up till I got the car parked, finish it while walking (hobbling, really) to the door, and then drop it on the ground.

    I used to enjoy ignoring the dagger stares and comments. I just ignored them.

    No one ever did anything – fuck ’em – and I smoked EVERY time I went there for treatment or eam – about a month. Now I don’t smoke, so one less opportunity to give the finger to The Man?.

    1. For today, “eam” = “exam”

    2. “Smoking’s bad for your health.”

      “Me not smoking would be bad for your health, fuckstick.”

      1. lulz – exactly!

    3. Assholes like you dropping butts all over the place it one of the reasons smoking got banned outside.

  3. Holyyyy Fuck. I would have so much fun with this.

  4. Motley Crue. The nadir of 80’s hair metal?

    1. I saw them in ’83 or ’84, right when they released “Shout at the Devil.” Fox Theater in Detroit before it was renovated (perfect venue – this decaying, once-gorgeous place).

      Still the best concert I’ve ever seen. EVER. It was incredible.

    2. The nadir of hair metal would have to be the band Nitro. Google ’em if you don’t believe me.

  5. huh – last time I strolled through U of Michigan campus, I was smoking a fine Dunhill ciggie. No one harassed me – but of course the iron mask and leather harness was a dead giveaway that I’m not a member of the student body.

    1. I absolutely despise entering the city limits of the People’s Republic of Aye Squared. And I refuse to go on campus.

      Sometimes I wish I still smoked, just to aggravate people. I wonder if I could have “just one”….:)

      1. I’m a part-time smoker: I can go for weeks without ’em, but once I’m around friends who smoke (and a few beers are consumed), then I CRAVE A FUCKING SMOKE.

        1. Yeah, I’m OK around people smoking, doesn’t make me crave it any more. But I’m afraid if I start again, I won’t stop. Cause I really liked smoking (I just hated how I felt, and how expensive it was, and that I was killing myself…but I LOVED smoking!)

          1. Ever try e-cigs? I don’t smoke myself but have read good things about them.

            1. They’re pretty good as a smoking alternative, but still not the same. There is really no substitute for a cigarette.

            2. I tried an e-cig once. It was like sex with a condom on… satisfying, but not as good as it could have been.

      2. I quit like three years ago, and now and then I will have a smoke, usually while giving my liver a severe workout.

      3. Here’s my mental ji-jitsu on smoking: I didn’t quit, cause that’s forever, and that’s a long time. I still smoke, I just go a long time between cigarettes. 22 years now. But I haven’t actually quit.

    2. Dunhill? What are you, a hipster or something?

      1. Occasionally even hipsters get something right.

      2. there’s a tobacco store in A2 that sells them (illegally?) by the singles. So you can load up on different brands and try them out.

        When on the cheap, I smoke Camels *kaff* for no particular reason. Nat Shermans otherwise.

        1. Nat Shermans – nice. Nice collection of monocles and walking sticks upstairs.

      3. Dunhill? What are you, a hipster or something?

        Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Dipshit.

  6. Can they increase the tax/penalty if you engage in risky behaviors?

    1. Of course. We should probably just increase the tax on everyone, since everyone must engage in SOME risky behavior.

      Because FUCK YOU, THAT’S WHY!

  7. “Advocates of smoke-free colleges, like Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights (ANSR), argue that universities should play parent for college students.”

    Isn’t the idea of going to college that you’re a big boy or girl now, who doesn’t need mommy and daddy all the time? I guess not.

    1. Not anymore. Now college is just an excuse to put off growing up for another 4 years.

  8. I still cannot imagine a true college party without the stink of clove cigarettes everywhere. (I never smoked, but I could smell when I was getting close to the party)

    I had no idea that we were living lives of forbidden decadence – in the mid-80’s.

    1. I don’t think you can even get Clove ciggies anymore…?

      1. No – they’re right over by the Bath Saltz

      2. No, but you can get clove cigars, which are almost exactly the same, but wrapped in tobacco instead of paper.

      3. Back in high school, I had a girlfriend who smoked Marlboro Reds (alot of ’em). She also smoked cloves. It was like making out with an ashtray – and I smoked Winston Lights at the time.

  9. I would have been upset enough if they had banned smoking in student housing while I was at college. Outdoor smoking bans I refuse to even acknowledge. It’s just about punishing smokers and moral scolding now.

    1. When I was at uni you could smoke in student housing, in the library, in the main student union-y type building with restaurants/cafeterias…and this really wasn’t that long ago. The idea of not being able to smoke *outside* would have been laughable.

      My hometown banned smoking on public school ground the year I went to high school–very sad. Even my parents were kinda depressed, as they met in high school when my dad bummed a smoke off my mom. What the hell kind of romantic stories will this generation have to tell their kids, I ask?

  10. This is ‘health care’.Anything can be done in it’s name.Positive rights for all,next up,no eating fatty foods or sugar on campus.

  11. I recall a few years back when the smoking restriction advocates assured everyone that indoor bans wouldn’t lead to outdoor bans. Is it okay now if we call those people liars?

    1. Thay also claimed that tobacco moral crusading wouldn’t spill over to hectoring anyone about their diets, or banning the sale of sodas over 16oz, or…

    2. Is it okay now if we call those people liars?

      I’ve been calling them that and worse from the get-go.

  12. I have a friend who doesn’t/isn’t allowed to smoke in her apartment (not sure which), so she smokes on the stoop. It’s a garden apartment so there’s actually a whole area in front of her door gated off from the sidewalk–not huge, but at least 20-30 sq ft. Anyway, apparently she’s had parents really hustle their kids past while avoiding letting them even look at her when they’ve been going past on the street. This is, of course, in Park Slope.

  13. I’m not sure they aren’t wrong to ban smoking on school grounds. If I own a piece of land and want to tell you that you can’t smoke while on my land, I don’t think that you have the right to tell me that you can smoke, regardless of my wishes. Similarly, if a university or hospital wants to say that, while you are on their property, there can be no smoking, I fail to see where you have a strong case against them, even if you completely disagree with their reasoning. If I think that you wearing a three piece suit while on my land is disruptive, I am free to require you to ditch the suit, or ask you to leave my property under penalty of trespass if you don’t like that option. Once you leave the property of the hospital or university you are free to light up to your heart’s content. I can see some argument being made if it’s a state school, but if it’s a private university and their land, sorry, I don’t see the problem there.

    1. Schools like University of Missouri-Columbia and the City University of New York…University of Michigan

      All state schools I’m pretty sure. Perusing the .pdf file that was linked in the article it looks like quite a few of the 700 that already ban outdoor smoking are also state schools.

  14. There is a state school in Middle Tennessee that has not only banned smoking on it’s entire campus, but ALL forms to tobacco use – such as chewing tobacco, etc.

    There is no longer even any pretense that it’s about preventing harm to third parties via second hand smoke, it’s just pure nanny statism.

  15. When I was in school if the professor/instructor smoked in class the students could too.The hallways were always “smoke friendly”. Christ I could smoke dope more or less openly in a bunch of places on campus.

    1. Is it nostalgia time? When I was in college, marijuana smoke permeated the entire campus, and one of my professors provided jugs of wine on our last day of class. There was an official on-campus bar. Nobody was uptight. Boomers ruled. Believe it or not, this was in New York. Now? I blame Gen X hipsters for our malaise. Discuss.

      1. Was your pledge name “Pinto”?

      2. Nope, it’s squarely the boomers fault. As soon as they became parents, they went nuts banning or regulating everything fun they themselves did when they were young. Hipsters are an outgrowth of having absolutely nothing fun to do legally.

  16. I plan to take up smoking on the day it gets banned. I’ll force myself to smoke at least one per day.

  17. Call me old and out of touch, but I was expecting a Brownsville Station video. (the definition of “old” is thinking of a 27 year-old music video as the “new version”)

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