ObamaCare Decision: Medical R&D Could Decline, New York Times Sees Libertarian Victory (Sort Of), Tweeters Threaten to Move to Canada


  • Impact of ruling on stock photography yet to be explored.

    Video: Healthcare economist Paul Keckley says ObamaCare ruling could reduce biotech and health industry investment in research and development, predicts hospital consolidations.

  • The New York Times says libertarians may be unhappy the Affordable Care Act wasn't entirely struck down, but can celebrate that the ruling did indicate limits to the Commerce Clause.
  • Overwrought Republican congressman and gubernatorial candidate Mike Pence compares ruling to 9/11, apologizes.
  • Rather confused tweeters upset over the ruling threaten to move to Canada.
  • Libertarian presidential candidate Gov. Gary Johnson will hold a livestreamed meeting at 9:15 p.m. Eastern to discuss the ruling

NEXT: Ira Stoll on SCOTUS ObamaCare Ruling: emphatic rejection of former constitutional law professor's constitutional acumen

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  1. Confused tweeters threaten to move to Canada

    Dudes, the war in Vietnam is over.
    We lost, man!

    1. Well, ObamaCare’s SCOTUS survival does significantly reduce my reasons for not living in Canada.

  2. I think the ones who want to move to Canada should be helped to do so as they are simply too stupid to live, work, and definitely vote in the US.

    1. None of them ever mention Mexico. Why is that?
      Too hot? Wrong language? Beheadings?

      1. not enough hipsters. Hard to come by that exotic mayo blend from NY. Besides, Mexico has already moved here.

        1. You know what would be really funny? If all the Meximericans moved to Canada. Ai carramba!

    2. There are plenty of circumstances under which moving to Canada would be a rational response for someone who opposed the mandate and the law. One could easily find the USA adopting such a law as a push that nudges it to be less friendly to liberty than Canada, when examined on all dimensions, even if considering the USA still slightly more free in health care, but not enough compared to other issues.

      1. If I could get a trailer in Sunnyvale Trailer Park in Nova Scotia I’m there by the weekend.

        1. What if I could get you a truck cab in the dump?

    3. But what if they are Lefties who realize how regressive and corporatist Obamacare truly is, and were hoping that a SC slapdown will result in single payer?

  3. Nowhere to run to, baby.
    Nowhere to hide.
    Got nowhere to run to, baby.
    Nowhere to hide.

    It’s not law
    I’m running from.
    It’s the heartaches
    That I know will come.

  4. Is there something appealing about Canada that makes it such a haven for American traitors?

    Is it the hockey, the bacon, or the Kids in the Hall?

    1. In the case of the United Empire Loyalists you must admit it made sense.

    2. What makes them traitors? Do you think we’re at war with Canada? Do you think these people are selling military secrets to the Canucks?

      1. Or do you just assume that we are all property of the state, so that depriving the US Government of our labor, service or tax revenue is a crime?

  5. I am glad Tim is in the full swing of things.

    But did Nick and Matt go on vacation or something?

    1. According to Matt’s Twitter, he’s on vacation. Nick interviewed Suderman before noon, and he’s apparently called it a day.

      1. Look under the bar.

  6. GO GO Gary Johnson!!!

    1. I’ll pointlessly vote for him, knowing that it’s game over, man, game over!

      Wonder what the upcoming GOP government will be doing with its new and mighty tax power?

      1. They’ll only use it for good, I’m sure.

      2. Everyone must buy guns
        If you have an abortion you will be taxed
        Uh, if you don’t pledge allegiance to the flag, you will be taxed..
        Ummm, if you don’t teach that evolution is just a theory you will be taxed…
        So on, and so on…

        1. They could create a law insurance mandate, basically destroying the legal profession the same way doctors are about to get screwed.

          1. How does the insurance mandate screw doctors?

            1. Because it doesn’t end there. ObamaCare won’t work, so the system will be such a disaster that, well, the government will just have to take over, right?

              1. But the insurance mandate isn’t what’s doing that, it’s the bill as a whole.

                1. Right, so clearly universal law insurance will cap payments to lawyers.

          2. Makes sense. I mean, someone gets charged with a crime, the government has to provide them with representation. People without law insurance are freeloading on everyone else.

      3. Futile 2012 presidential hopes…perhaps. Fertile long term traction and shift in Politics…I think so.

        “Over? Did you say it was OVER? NOTHING IS OVER until we DECIDE IT IS!

        Was it OVER when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

        1. I’ll never give up hoping and fighting for a free society. I just don’t expect to win.

          1. Lone Gunmen?

  7. Wouldn’t the SCOTUS have made a better statement against the expanding of federal power under the commerce clause by ruling against Obamacare.

  8. Why is it ironic that they want to move to Canada? While a single payer system is far worse than a true free market system, it’s still better than the corporatist monstrosity known as ObamaCare. I’m not sure how much better the Canadian system is, but I hear they at least have the courtesy to give you a reach around.

    1. I dunno, maybe they still have some concept of limited government left.

      1. We have as much of a concept of limited govt as we did yesterday.

        1. No, we don’t. The decision expanded government power.

          1. Not in the slightest.

            All it would have taken for this decision to be obvious is a slight change in wording in the law, not affecting anything in how the law plays out in practice. The feds could already levy taxes and give equal tax credits to their hearts’ content under existing precedent.

    2. While a single payer system is far worse than a true free market system, it’s still better than the corporatist monstrosity known as ObamaCare.

      You sure about that?

  9. “Charles Fried, a constitutional law professor at Harvard, said from Rome, where he was on vacation, that he was “dispirited” by the ruling. “The limitation of the commerce clause runs counter to 75 years of Supreme Court jurisprudence,” he said. ‘It is a complete capitulation to the bogus logic of the broccoli argument and its proponents in the Tea Party.'”

    Poor, butthurt Charlie Fried. Didn’t he get the memo that the Supreme Court’s limits on the Commerce Clause were merely dicta, not worth worrying about? His ignorance is not surprising, since he teaches con law at some no-name cow college in Massachusetts.

  10. The New York Times says libertarians may be unhappy the Affordable Care Act wasn’t entirely struck down, but can celebrate that the ruling did indicate limits to the Commerce Clause.

    And, in fact, I am trying to look at it from that bright side.

    Just trying to ignore all the gloating on facebook this morning. I wish my liberal friends could see that PPACA is all about entrenching the status quo and has barely a drop of reform in it.

    1. you need to clean house my friend…my FB was a constant stream of OHH FUCK and awesome picture jokes about obamacare.

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