ObamaCare Decision: Medical R&D Could Decline, New York Times Sees Libertarian Victory (Sort Of), Tweeters Threaten to Move to Canada


  • Impact of ruling on stock photography yet to be explored.

    Video: Healthcare economist Paul Keckley says ObamaCare ruling could reduce biotech and health industry investment in research and development, predicts hospital consolidations.

  • The New York Times says libertarians may be unhappy the Affordable Care Act wasn't entirely struck down, but can celebrate that the ruling did indicate limits to the Commerce Clause.
  • Overwrought Republican congressman and gubernatorial candidate Mike Pence compares ruling to 9/11, apologizes.
  • Rather confused tweeters upset over the ruling threaten to move to Canada.
  • Libertarian presidential candidate Gov. Gary Johnson will hold a livestreamed meeting at 9:15 p.m. Eastern to discuss the ruling