California Endowment Loves SCOTUS Obamacare Ruling


Just as a reminder that the individual mandate (which Reason's Ron Bailey made the case for way back in 2004, before women had the right to vote) was once a bipartisan fave, here's how former members of the Schwarzenegger Administration are celebrating out in California: 

"Today's decision by the United States Supreme Court is an affirmation that Americans, regardless of age, income, or pre-existing condition, are entitled to and deserve quality, affordable health coverage, including the more than seven million Californians who are uninsured", said Daniel Zingale, Senior Vice President of The California Endowment. "For our state, today's decision is both a fiscal blessing and a clear signal that there should be no more excuses. Covering the uninsured currently costs our state nearly $10 billion per year and we need to continue to move full speed ahead to ensure that millions of Californians take advantage of the new options and consumer protections provided by the law."

Zingale headed up Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's unsuccessful effort to institute a universal health insurance requirement in California, though confusingly his official job was as something like a chief of staff to first lady of California Maria Shriver Schwarzenegger (a Democrat by birth and nurture). 

Other Democrats in other not-too-sovereign states dance the National Federation of Business et al v. Sebelius shuffle:

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