Tim Cavanaugh Talks GOP's Anti-Ron Paul Shenanigans on Russia Today


New Hampshire in January: Those were the good old days.

Reason.com managing editor Tim Cavanaugh appeared yesterday on Russia Today to discuss how the Ron Paul Revolution is going as the Republican presidential convention approaches. 


The Massachusetts Republican Party is requiring Paul-leaning delegates to sign affidavits affirming that they will vote for Romney. Are they even allowed to do that? 

Should Paul supporters work for change within the Republican Party or just sue people

They say Ron Paul won the primaries in Louisiana, Iowa, Washington, Minnesota, Alaska, Colorado, Massachusetts and Nevada, but the numbers seem to say something else

What's up with the ol' delegate strategy, and what's going on with the suspended campaign that isn't really suspended

What will become of Ron Paul's clone army

Is Romney, that electable electacrat of electability who proved in the primaries that he can draw about the same number of voters he drew in his losing race in 2008, stupid or just dumb to be alienating the one faction in the Republican Party with actual members who are energized and motivated? 

And why haven't you bought your copy of Ron Paul's REVOLution by Brian Doherty? (You should buy two of them in case one of them breaks.)