North Carolina PBA Warns of Anti-Police Conspiracy, Calls for Federal Investigation


John "Mental" Midgette

Evil forces are conspiring against the fine police officers of Fayetteville, North Carolina. In that community, a three-time winner of the All-America City Award (and what greater endorsement is there?), "police officers are under attack by drug dealers, lawyers representing drug dealers and by the City of Fayetteville." Well, at least that's according to John C. Midgette, Executive Director of the North Carolina Police Benevolent Association, and a man who brings a strong dose of crazy to his organization's campaign against the establishment of a citizen review board — and of any criticism at all of the thin blue line.

The above quote is from a letter (PDF) Midgette sent to the the chairman of the state senate's State & Local Government Committee, opposing SB 939, a bill that would establish a police oversight committee. In that letter, he also charged that "a handful of anti-police individuals in Fayetteville are attempting to create a Board with an effective mission of interfering with and obstructing traditional police operations."

Also part of that obstruction, apparently, was the city council's moratorium on the cops' charming practice of "asking" (no pressure there) primarily African-American drivers for permission to search their vehicles without cause. The PBA sued to overturn the moratorium and actually won an injunction.

Midgette took his campaign against the forces of darkness to a press conference, at which he called for official action against critics of the police department. Reports the Fayetteville Observer:

The head of the N.C. Police Benevolent Association said Thursday he will ask for a federal investigation into what he described as a conspiracy to undermine the Fayetteville Police Department.

Executive Director John Midgette levied harsh criticism against a small group of people who continue to raise racial allegations against police officers.

Midgette said false accusations—including a recent complaint that was proven to be unfounded that an officer called a driver a racial slur—have pushed officer morale to an all-time low and have made it difficult for police to stop heavily armed "thugs" and other criminals "preying on Fayetteville, many of those thugs with high-powered weapons."

He described the city as awash in crime, calling it a "cesspool of corruption and anti-police hatred."

That was about enough to get the Fayetteville Observer over the press's usual infatuation with anybody in a uniform. The paper editorialized:

John Midgette, head of the N.C. Police Benevolent Association, has treated us to a doozy of a warm-up act. Let's watch and see what else he's got.

Midgette, presumably speaking for the organization and its membership, last week delivered himself of an oration against unnamed conspirators bent on undermining the Fayetteville Police Department. …

For now, we're left to speculate—based on his extreme unhappiness with the City Council's decision to heed the advice of its consultant—that this all harks back to the long-running controversy over "consent" traffic stops and the great racial disparities found in police stop data. Midgette seems to be implying that it was somehow wrong of public officials and city residents in general to concern themselves with those disparities.

Some of us think leaning on people to agree to allow the forces of law and order manhandle their belongings is wrong even without a racial disparity, but Midgette clearly lost the local press on that one. And he's probably still a few years early on calling for federal investigations of people who merely voice their dissatisfaction with law enforcement.

I should point out that this kind of crazy may be contagious. Ed Krayewski found a similar case in Philadelphia.

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  2. Fayetteville is also the home of Fort Bragg. As low as ordinary cops often are. Cops in Army towns are even lower. Harassing soldiers, especially black and Hispanic ones is just how they roll.

    1. The origins of your (presumably justified) hatred for police are coming to light.

      1. I saw first hand how they treated people. It was just appalling. I never had any trouble personally. I did once get a ticket at 5:30 am for driving 11 miles over the speed limit literally on my way to my grand mother’s funeral. The local yokel saw my sticker and totally fucked with me. “If you are on your way out of town where is your leave form, you are supposed to have it with you” and so forth. All of this on a deserted fucking highway in the middle of nowhere in Texas at 5:30 am. Had I been a local, he would have never so much as pulled me over. Typical. And the irony is that if that post wasn’t there, those fuckers would still be living in trees.

        1. Tell us how you really feel.

          1. Yes. Many moons ago now.

        2. How the hell is it any civilian’s business whether or not you had a DA 31? Unless there’s a desertion warrant out on you, it’s none of their concern!

        3. Living in trees? Like monkeys? You’re so totally racist against cops.

    2. You speak the truth. They also hate kids who drive cars out of their price range. Well, that was true twenty five years ago when my best friend got stopped in Fayetteville on a made up crossing a red light charge (still yellow when the cop followed behind), but now with their salaries what they are, that particular thuggish envy may not be as common.

      1. It hasn’t changed. They are still assholes. They are just bullies. Most soldiers are young, stupid, and don’t have any connections to the community or anyone to look out for them. They are perfect targets for bullies with badges.

        1. I’ll say this for Fayetteville. It is a great place to browse through pawn shops and used car dealerships. When the younger soldiers get redeployed they tend to liquidate material assets and start fresh where they are going.

          1. That or their wives sell the stuff before they run off with someone else while their husband is deployed.

            1. Is that Bitterness No. 5 I smell?

              1. Is that Bitterness No. 5 I smell?

                I was thinking the same thing.

              2. No. My wife never left me deployed or not. But I saw that happen a lot. Kids whose wives cleaned out the bank account and ran off with someone else taking everything they own. They come home from a year of risking their lives and find themselves broke and alone. Stories that will absolutely break your heart.

                1. I met a girl whose pickup line was “My boyfriend is in Iraq.”


                  1. That’s pretty astonishingly tasteless.

                2. That’s why more young men should do the right thing out here and not love these hoes or wife them up.

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                    Yes. A “hoe” is:

                    hoe (plural hoes)

                    An agricultural tool consisting of a long handle with a flat blade fixed perpendicular to it at the end, used for digging rows.

                    You just forgot the “e” is all.

        2. Replace “soldiers” with “college students” and you describe most college towns.

          1. Same dynamic.

            1. The only time I was ever treated decently by a cop was when they thought I was someone else. I was staying with someone who was connected to the cops (sold them their cruisers), and his address was on my license. The sergeant in charge recognized the address when my info was radioed in and instructed the officer to go easy on me.
              Other than that they’ve all been complete and total dicks.

              1. The only time I have ever been treated well by cops was in non military towns by a cop who was a veteran. It is all about who you are and who you know.

                1. Rule of law? Ha!

                  It’s rule of men, baby!

                  Always has been.

                2. I puke every time I see a schmuck with a FOP star partially obstructing their rear license plate, apparently as a talisman of protection from getting pulled over or cited by an RLC.

                  I got pulled over once for having mud on my license plate for Christ’s sake.

          2. College students don’t have the disposable income soldiers who have all of their living expense paid do.

            1. College students don’t have the disposable income soldiers who have all of their living expense paid do.

              Depends on the college and the students.

        3. My 3:41 comment was to John.

    3. Fort Bragg, the Army’s psycho ward. Good times.

      1. The home of the most in shape alcoholics ever collected in one place.

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  5. have pushed officer morale to an all-time low

    Poor widdle snowfwakes.

    1. “I’m sad I can’t violate Constitutional rights no more.” [grumpy face]

  6. Doesn’t he understand – he’s supposed to sound like a saintly, sacrificey, public servant – not a thuggish spokesman for an occupying army.

    1. I think they’ve moved past that. They’re pretty much just occupiers now.

  7. This type of hyperbolic response is reminiscent of the teacher’s unions. They’ve told themselves–and had others do it too–that they’re heroes for so long that they’ve actually come to believe their own bullshit.

    1. The mere act of explaining themselves to the public is insulting to them. They are public servants. That means they owe no explanation to anyone for anything.

      1. The closest to an explanation I’ve every gotten from a cop was “Because I fucking said so!”

  8. “forces of darkness”


    1. Drat, OMWC beat me to it…

      ‘Midgette took his campaign against the forces of darkness…’ Yeah, we saw what you did there.

  9. The problem here could easily be solved if the town council commissioned a giant statue to the boys in blue, then the townsmen would better appreciate living under the just authority that LEOs represent. Throw in a statue of a fireman and a teacher while you are at it, Fayetteville.

    1. I think I follow you….

  10. OT:
    Russia to outlaw large trashcan action:


    1. large trashcan action

      Not what I thought it would be. It makes me wonder when governments will finally get the message that you can’t legislate the laws of economics out of existence. The people will simply choose other things to use as money, think Tide detergent here in the US among some intercity areas.

    2. Depressingly, that’s not a whole hell of a lot of different from the laws in the US. You can’t withdraw more than $10,000 in cash here without having a good damn excuse, and cops are liable to steel it from you if they find you with it. There’s also been talks about getting rid of the $100 and $50 bills to make it hard to carry a lot of money around with you.

      Fuck, I just made myself depressed.

      1. The $100 note is almost unuseable up here near Canada. Apparently all those Canadian counterfeiters like to pop over the border to pass their products.

        1. The smart ones counterfeit the $20 bills. People are more likely to take them without verifying that they’re real.

  11. He described the city as awash in crime, calling it a “cesspool of corruption and anti-police hatred.”

    Awash in crime? Sounds like Fayetteville cops are too incompetent and sensitive for the job of policing this hellhole!

    1. I could be wrong, but to be corrupt, one must be in a position of authority. Illegal activity between people without authority is not corrupt. Illegal activity between a person of authority and a person without is corrupt. Who are the people with authority? People with state sanctioned power, i.e. government employees. Is Midgette talking about corrupt garbage men, or corrupt gas meter readers? No, probably not. So who else would he be accusing of being corrupt? The city council and the mayor? Is there corruption in the police force?

    2. Sounds to me like this joker needs a 72-hour time-out in the laughing academy. Doesn’t NC have a psych detention law?

  12. Why, yes, we are coming for your privileges asshole. The whole point of a civilian police force (no matter what they call themselves) is that they are not above the law. I hope Fayetteville intends to drive that point home.

  13. He described the city as awash in crime, calling it a “cesspool of corruption and anti-police hatred.”


    1. You will never see a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

  14. “Midgette”? A female or diminutive of “midget”, which is itself a diminutive of “midge”, which in turn is a very small thing? You couldn’t ask for better.

    1. I suspect he’s a very small man at heart, which explains his overreaction to honest criticism.

  15. OK wow I like the sound of that dude. Wow.


  16. Police Benevolent Association

    There’s a fucking misnomer, if I’ve ever heard one.

    1. The organization is benevolent to fellow officers, not the body politic.

    2. The old joke being that you make donations to the Police Benevolent Association, so that they will be benevolent to you. In much the same way the local mafia doesn’t break your kneecaps if you pay up.

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