Establishment Media Now Bored By Wisconsin


Better days for Madison…'s Joel B. Pollak finds the mainstream media doing what 5.7 million Wisconsinites can only dream about: escaping the Badger State as things go south: 

Today's New York Times is covering the Wisconsin recall election…on page 11. Not even the editorial page could be bothered–only op-ed columnists Joe Nocera and David Brooks weigh in. (Nocera laments the decline of unions; Brooks can't quite bring himself to defend Wisconsin governor Scott Walker, calling his methods "obnoxious.") A cause that fueled front-page headlines and editorial exhortations has been quietly abandoned.

As to the coverage itself, the Times focuses on the fatigue of the voters. "I hope this all stops," says the first person quoted in the article on the recall election…

The ostensibly more conservative Chicago Tribune does even worse, pulling a bait-and-switch on its readers. The front page refers to an article about the Walker recall on page 9–which turns out to be a mere two-paragraph sidebar that mentions the most favorable poll for Milwaukee mayor and Democrat challenger Tom Barrett, putting him only three percent behind the incumbent. A photo of former President Bill Clinton and President Barack Obama at a fundraiser in New York City leads the paper's national news section.

The lead editorial celebrates the "spirit of revolution"–in Egypt, where the radicals of the Muslim Brotherhood have seized the moment. 

I have little regard for Gov. Scott Walker, who is facing a recall in today's Wisconsin election. I favor him today because I desire the precedent of a politician's having survived an attempted overthrow by international labor, and also because I object to recalls as too much work. Even my velleity for Walker is tempered by the idea (first suggested to me by the late Andrew Breitbart) that a martyr to the unions would also be a useful precedent. And it bears repeating that by exempting police and fire unions from reform, Walker has failed even to earn martyrdom. 

However this day ends for Scott Walker, tomorrow state governments around the country will be facing the same problem that brought Walker to this cliff: a cascade of benefits payments for government employees that are draining budgets now and pre-comitting what revenues the states will be able to raise into the distant future. And by the way, the governors facing the biggest crises are Democrats.

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  1. We all are.

    Seriously, still no Game of Thrones thread? Think of the political philosophy angles, nerd appeal, and debates on the acquisition and uses of political power….

    1. And a dwarf, first with a redhead and now an exotic brunette!

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      1. Yes. It would be much worse. Fee structure means recording billable hours. No more goofing around, playing grab-ass, sleeping in your office and then doing the work at the last minute.

        Assuming they didn’t want to just defraud their clients, of course.

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          Fun fact: Mr. Akston here called GoT “Lord of the Rings” the other day.

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            3. SHUT IT HUGH! Don’t you be dissin’ on David Bowie and Jim Henson! That is berserk button territory.

            4. BTW Hugh, it was Zardoz.

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          2. Mr. Akston is a known troublemaker. A self-described “buzzkill”, Mr. Akston intentionally repels people with his unique blend of sarcastic naivete.

          3. Am I the one person who can’t stand any of the “let’s revisit the 60s again” crap?

        3. Mad Men was a sketch show on Fox that launched the careers of Jim Carrey, Jamie Foxx and the Wayans brothers. It featured the “Fly Girls”, amongst whom was an as-yet career-unlaunched Jennifer Lopez.

          The show seems to have taken a totally different direction in recent years though. It was never really that funny, but lately it’s like they’re trying NOT to be funny.

          1. It also spawned such notable shows as “Men on Film.”

            1. “Hated it!”

          2. Don’t you mean a band that did a song about Obama back in the 80s?


          3. It featured the “Fly Girls”, amongst whom was an as-yet career-unlaunched Jennifer Lopez.

            Fun Fact: Jennifer Lopez is also in the Janet Jackson video for “That’s the Way Love Goes.”

            1. If I had not broken her heart, she would likely still be alive today. It wasn’t you, babe, it was your fucked up family.

              RIP JJ.

  2. Tim,

    How would a martyr to the unions be a useful precedent?

    1. As if the political landscape isn’t littered with the corpses of politicians and bureaucrats who crossed the pubsec unions.

    2. More likely it would serve to embolden the unions to get us even closer to Greece. No one would remember Walker except as a moron who couldn’t save his state. Martyr, never, and Republicans usually hide the names of their losers anyway.

      When’s the last time you heard about Gray Davis, the CA governor who was recalled so we could have Schwarznegger instead?

    3. Yeah, I don’t get that, either. You don’t win by losing.

  3. Many of us were bored shitless by this from the start.

    1. Look, some of us are trying to engage in a substantive of the issues here.

      1. Maybe if you were capable of writing a coherent sentence that would be possible, but it seems not. What, are you imitating NutraSweet’s writing style today?

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          1. That’s not a substantive, idiot.

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      2. Last I checked substantive arguments are supposed to be at least 4 sentences long. I expect better from you. Now get to work. Oh and I make more money than you.

        /MNG (or was it Tulpa)

        1. There’s a difference?

          1. One supports Obamney, the other Rombama. See? DIFFERENCE!

            1. The Lokai and Bele reference will never, ever get old or out-of-date.

              1. “Lokai is white on the right side. All of his people are white on the right side!”

              2. “You monotone Humans non-partisans are all alike. First you condemn and then attack!”

                1. You can no more cease being glib than I can change color!

        2. Construct giant straw man. Move goal posts. Move goal posts again. Bicker with John. Get nasty when losing. Watch straw men burn. Repeat.

          1. I miss MNG. Well, not the 100 post lovers spats with John.

            1. What are you talking about? He never left.

            2. You’ll notice that MNG went off the radar right around the time when the Secret Service scandal with the escorts in Colombia broke. COINCIDENCE?! I think not.

              1. He was a Colombian hooker?

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              1. He used to be “Mr Nice Guy” before he pulled a Kentucky Fried Chicken.

                1. I found a chain in Inner Mongolia called “DFC,” complete with red and white signs and a “Colonel”-looking mascot. I never did eat there; not sure what they served.

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        1. Nouning weirdly language.

    2. You are only bored because you don’t have a PHD Episiarch.

      1. And he’s poor. I’ve seen the demographic tables.

      2. Look, John, I’ve studied boredom in this country, extensively. Why don’t you go back to your tractor pull and let the people with PhDs in a subject I won’t reveal to you talk.

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      3. Wouldn’t Tulpa have a Sc.D.?

        1. Who cares?

          1. Jus’ sayin’

            1. I’m more interested in what exactly his field of study is.

              1. Mathematics.

              2. Tibetan Numerology

        2. I think most math doctorates are PhDs. ScD always sounds kind of fake to me anyway. He’s a math professor, isn’t he?

          1. I believe he said he was a math professor; however I believe he’s mentioned that he’s worked on computer/computational linguistics stuff…so it could be in a related field.

            1. No, it’s in math. Some of the work I do involves analysis of NLP algorithms and such.

              1. Cool. Are you at the MLI?

                1. No, but I know several people there (assuming you’re talking about CMU). They also have a separate “Language Technologies Institute” there with some people I’ve worked with.

                  1. You’ve probably worked with some of my GF’s committee then. The CMU stats dept has pretty strong representation with Machine Learning.

                    1. Mitchell or Singh?

                    2. Huh. Kadane, Junker, a few others.

              2. Sorry, meant “Machine Learning Dept.”

          2. ScDs are generally honorary degrees like LLDs.

            I believe there are a few schools that give a Scd as a terminal degree in the sciences but AFAIK the vast majority of schools award PhDs for everything actually worked for and reserve LLDs and ScDs for honoraria.

            1. Gotcha. I understand now.

            2. “A few schools” like the MIT School of Engineering, baby.

          3. My school also gave DA’s for people who didn’t do an original thesis but rather a significant synthesis of existing knowledge (usually writing a textbook for advanced mathematics). But yes, the vast majority of the doctorate level degrees in math are PhD’s.

        3. I think he’s talking about MNG, who occasionally claims his PoliSci PhD as a credential of expertise.

  4. All of the coverage is boring like the build up to the Super Bowl, but when the polls come in tonight, the liberal schadenfraude will be most excellent. I plan on drinking lots of beer and watching lots of MSNBC.

    1. What? A Walker win is totally meaningless. Meaningless. MEANINGLESS!

      A Walker defeat, on the other hand, is the biggest thing ever.

    2. I don’t want to see Chris Matthews cry on screen again (like he did during the Scott Brown victory in Jan 2010). It’s just embarrassing.

    3. Democratic Underground… Daily Kos… Firedoglake… Balloon Juice.

      Man, the sweet, yummy tears of sadness from just those four, alone, will sustain me for an entire week.

  5. Democrats are already openly preparing for a recount, and have hired more than 440 lawyers to monitor polling places and perform “election protection activities,” state party chair Mike Tate tells Politico. He says the lawyers will keep tabs on absentee ballots and generally make “sure that we have a strong handle on what’s happening out there.” Republicans, by contrast, aren’t acknowledging the possibility, because Scott Walker is up in the polls.

    Read more:…..z1wwYz5S3c

    1. Wait just a moment! I thought there was no such thing as any type of voter fraud. That’s what TEAM BLUE always says, my Manitoban friend.

      1. Not up here, my good Doctor.
        Why, the Conservative Majority could not have happened without voter suppression, electoral fraud, and voting irregularities perpetuated by a secret Conservative Party War Machine. One year later, not only do they want the election results over turned, but every vote in the House of Commons by illegally elected Conservative MPs. The left finds it very hard to believe Canadians were dumb enough to vote for the Evil Stephen Harper on purpose.

        1. Evil huh? Like Simon and Hecubus EVIL!? Or just your garden variety EVIL?

        2. Evil huh? Like Simon and Hecubus EVIL!? Or just your garden variety EVIL?

        3. Evil? Like Simon and Hecubus EVIL!? Or just your garden variety EVIL?

        4. Evil? Like Simon and Hecubus EVIL!? Or just your garden variety EVIL?

          1. If only Hecubus wasn’t a surly drunk.

            1. Sorry about that. I made a mess.

  6. I can’t wait to see more videos of progressive assholes protesting at the Wisconsin Capitol. They’re like ants.

    1. Umm…no. The Myrmidons were fierce and effective fighters. The arthritic, bowl-cut man-women senior teacher retirees that make up the Wisconsin hordes are as fierce as a dead earthworm.

      1. Spartan, what the fuck’s your profession?

    2. And someone’s threatening to take their sugar pile away.

  7. “And it bears repeating that by exempting police and fire unions from reform, Walker has failed even to earn martyrdom.”


    Thanks for acknowledging the obvious. Most of the screamers on “Team Fusionism” are loathe to even acknowledge this fact, lest it detract from ‘the core message.’

    1. Keep up the incoherent posting, Gabe. It’s what you’re good at, you fucking blithering idiot.

      1. Huh? I’m not “Mary Stack” anymore?

        Anyway, you need a good, long sit-down with a dictionary, Epi.”Incoherent” is not a synonym for “wrong.”

        Words have meanings, that distinguish them from other words. People like you need to learn that not all pejoratives mean the same thing, and not all positive words mean the same thing.

        Thus “Violent” or “evil” is not the same thing as “cowardly.” (refer Bill Maher 9/11 controversy)

        “Secular humanist” does not mean the same thing as “militant Islam.” (refer Newt Gingrich prognostications)

        “Socialist” does not mean the same thing as “Neo-Liberal.” In the same vein, a “Christian Scientist” is not actually a scientist, and a “National Socialist” is not actually a socialist.

        “Incoherent” means “not coherent.” It doesn’t mean “extremely incorrect” or ‘something one should disagree with strongly.’ You cannot agree or disagree with something that is “incoherent.”

        1. And if you think I am patronizing you, condescending to you, or looking down on you, you are right: I am doing so because it is what you deserve.

          When you and Sevo and the other thugs on the board just grief and trash-talk and clutter up the threads, you show yourselves to be inferiors. You show yourselves to be exactly the kind of people who should be looked down on, who should be condescended to, who deserve to be treated in a patronizing way.

          Thus endeth today’s lesson. The rest of this thread belongs to you and your sorry ilk — is Sevo lurking? — to offer up your pathetic, weakness-betraying bile, complete with curse words, vile insinuations, and other garbage talk.

          1. and a “National Socialist” is not actually a socialist.

            Welp, there goes your pretense of knowing what you’re talking about.

            1. And a “libertarian socialist” is impossible.

          2. You cannot agree or disagree with something that is “incoherent.”

            I neither agree or disagree with this.

          3. pathetic, weakness-betraying bile, complete with curse words, vile insinuations, and other garbage talk.

            See, this is why nobody takes libertarians seriously.

        2. It’s incoherent to me. I have no fucking clue what you were trying to say.

          Were you referring to us as “Team Fusionism”? Who hasn’t been acknowledging his exemption of fire fighters and cops? What is the “core message”?

          1. Further lesson: incoherent does not mean “ambiguous” or “incomplete,” either.

            If you don’t understand who “Team Fusionism” is, and you don’t understand what the “core message” is, that is a problem of ambiguity, not a problem of coherence.

            “Somebody did something back then” is a highly ambiguous statement (absent context), but it is not in the least bit incoherent.

          2. “Team Fusionism” is a rejoinder to those on the board who use “Team Red” and “Team Blue” as pejoratives for Republicans and Democrats, respectively.

            “Fusionism” is basically people who talk Libertarian but vote Republican (prime example: Koch Bros.). Use Google for further explanation, if desired.

            Thus, “Team Fusionism.” Get it? (If you don’t, there is nothing I or anyone else can do to help you, friend.)

            The core message is: “support Walker he screwed the unions (most of ’em at least).”

            Acknowledging that he left in place the prerogatives of the most corrupt, elitist, and freedom-sapping union of them all — the police union — would distract from the core message.

  8. Your momma’s so fat she set the crematorium on fire!…..ation.html

    1. OMG, that picture of the firefighters.

      1. That’s black stuff is partially burned fat, right?


    2. has ignited calls for a weight limit on bodies to protect against future fires.

    3. I saw this woman at a concert a few years ago. She started dancing and made the band skip.

      1. John would fuck her.

    4. Firemen in the southern city of Graz


      1. Thank you for posting. Epic!

    5. OK, you guys can keep the pensions. I has the heebedee-geebedees after that article

  9. OT: the main page is slamming itself to the left margin. All the article pages seem unaffected. Is this happening to anyone else, or is it just due to the nonsense my IT department does?

    1. It’s you/your work. I’m fine.

    2. I’ve been getting it. IE browser (yeah, yeah, its my work machine, which for some reason I don’t have administrator rights on).

      1. I have this also sadly. Though when I jump to comments the article corrects itself. So go figure. IE browser.

  10. Totally on topic bitching:

    My colleague just broke a web site by not reading my email specifying into which directory to place a stylesheet. He said “I should have just read your email”. No shit, sherlock.

    And my boss just said “today’s meeting is going to be short”. He says that every fucking week. And every fucking week we’re in that conference room for 45+ minutes.

    1. The meetings will continue until productivity improves.

      1. But productivity cannot improve without meetings.

    2. In a fully developed bureaucracy, any meeting that is less than an hour is short.

    3. 45 minutes is a short meeting.

      1. I had a boss who insisted on daily meetings to be kept under 10 minutes. Enforced by him leaving after 10 minutes. It was weirdly effective in keeping the group (15 or so) on the same page without descending into monologues about what so-and-so was doing in a vain attempt to look productive. Oh, and any visuals were whiteboard only. No PowerPoint ever.

        1. My favorite was a boss who had all the chairs taken out of the conference room. Made for brisk meetings, I can tell you that.

      2. Yeah, when your boss says “does anyone have anything relevant to the group?” (the group being 25 people) and two people get in a brainstorm discussion on how to handle one field on a form, that’s just a bunch of horseshit.

        But it’s almost over and I can go home to beer, pug and a few DVRed episodes of When Vacations Attack

    4. Whiner. I have a 6 hour meeting on Thursday. We’ll beat that goddamned document into submission or kill each other in an vain attempt to escape.

    5. When your release process requires following directions in an email and manually placing files on a production server… you’re gonna have a bad day.

      1. Yeah, it would be nice if they gave me access to the goddamn production server. Especially since the colleague that uploads them for me knows nothing about teh intertubez and has no idea what a stylesheet is.

        (it’s not so much a release as a very minor stylesheet fix)

        1. Can’t trust you wimmenz with server access.

          1. Yeah…I think of the two chick developers here, neither of us has server access. Although most of the menfolk don’t, either.

    6. I woke up late, read articles online, had sloopy make me breakfast, then eventually managed to get up to take the dog to the dog park for an hour. Now I am back at home contemplating on what to have for lunch.

  11. This is basically an over-hyped do-over of the 2010 election where Walker won by 6 points–which is what’s he’s likely to win by again today. So in other words, both sides wasted a bunch of money and the results were the same.

  12. “my velleity for Walker ”

    Oh, FUCK YOU!

    1. Come on, it’s a great word. I admit, I am glad I learned it and you should be too. Admit that Cavanaugh is kinda awesome.

      1. I didn’t know your mom was named Amelia, Tim.

    2. “A mere wish, unaccompanied by an effort to obtain it.” To be sure, most people’s desires are virtually all velleities.

  13. “my velleity for Walker”

  14. If Walker pulls this off, this is like the Confederacy getting a victory in a battle in Massachusetts.

    The unions have no credibility to threaten officials with consequences if they can’t even boot a guy in the Land of LaFollette with the entire country dumping union money into the race against him.

    1. Nice analogy “Tulpa the White.” Maybe it will be like a Nazi victory in Skokie, or a Al Qaeda victory in Maryland, or Serb-Nationist victory in Sarajevo.

      What a sweetheart you are.

      1. I couldn’t very well use the Union winning battles in Georgia since that actually happened.

  15. “Even my velleity for Walker”

    That word of the day website is teh awesome!

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