How Maryland's Tax Rates Are Driving Jobs to Virginia

Maryland accounted for the largest taxpayer exodus of any state in the region between 2007 and 2010.


An advertisement now running in Maryland's second-largest newspaper asks, "relocating to Virginia?" The ad is from a residential real estate firm and reaches employees of engineering giant Bechtel, who are looking for new homes in Virginia.

Bechtel announced last year it is moving 600 jobs from Frederick, Maryland to Reston,Virginia. Governor Martin O'Malley's economic development department hastily arranged $9.5 million in government aid to keep some remaining jobs in Maryland. A state that competes with its neighbors should not have to pay companies to stay. But Maryland does not compete with Virginia—and so it pays—with last-minute corporate bribes, lost jobs, and a reduced tax base.

Maryland accounted for the largest taxpayer exodus of any state in the region between 2007 and 2010, with a net migration resulting in 31,000 residents having left the state. Where did most of them go? Virginia. Virginia is now home to nearly 11,500 former Marylanders—a shift of $390 million from the tax rolls of one state to another, according to the non-partisan Tax Foundation.

That's the position Maryland finds itself in after six years of damaging tax increases. Since 2007, taxes and fees have been raised 24 times, taking an additional $2.4 billion out of the economy each year. That explains why two states with similar economies, demographics, and a shared dependence on federal government employment and procurement sharply diverge in job growth. Maryland's unemployment rate is a full point higher than Virginia's and just last month the state led the nation in job loss, according to the Labor Department's April numbers.

It's hard to say if O'Malley understands what is going on though. When Northrop Grumman opted to relocate its corporate headquarters in northern Virginia over Maryland in 2010, the governor said "it was a win for the Washington region," as if the Redskins won the Superbowl. It was not a win for Maryland job seekers who would have liked to work for the defense contractor.

Other such "regional wins" include Maryland losing out to Virginia in every major corporate relocation in recent years. Add Computer Sciences Corporation, Hilton Worldwide, SAIC, and Volkswagen North America to the growing list of companies that chose the Old Dominion over the Free State.

It's not just the large corporations taking their jobs to Virginia. The individual income tax increases of 2007—and another income tax hike signed into law this month—have taken their toll on the 81,000 Maryland businesses organized as S Corporations, who see these increases on their personal returns.

Judith Palfrey, a web developer in Montgomery County in the Washington suburbs, says Maryland has "shut the door on small businesses." Organized as an S-Corporation, Palfrey is ready to leave immediately and would have already if not for her husband's job. "I speak to small businesses everyday who are just holding on," she continues, while noting her own business is off 35 percent from 2008.

Whether a corporate CEO or a sole proprietor—where would you prefer to set up shop? Maryland's sales tax is 6 percent; Virginia's is 5 percent. The top personal income tax rate is 9 percent in Maryland compared to 5.75 percent in Virginia. The corporate income tax is 8.25 percent compared to 6 percent.

When CNBC's annual "America's Top States for Business," report ranked Virginia No. 1, Governor Bob McDonnell said, "We are telling the Virginia story to job-creators from Beijing to Boston." What is Maryland's story? At the moment, it's moving vans and real estate agents ready to help Marylanders relocate to more tax-friendly states, one of which is right next door.

Larry Hogan is chairman of Change Maryland, a non-partisan grassroots organization with 13,000 members. He is a board member of the Maryland Public Policy Institute and has served as a cabinet secretary to Maryland Gov. Bob Ehrlich.

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  1. Chuck Schumer and Bob Casey have a solution for this.


    Doc Watson died yesterday. And no recognition from Reason. You guys really need to get Jesse to finish his book.

    1. There was a Reason “recognition” last night.

      1. Damn. too bad I missed the thread.

  3. Invoke the Commerce Clause, the incantation that trumps all forms of freedom! Because the Framers of a document dedicated to outlining the limits of power would of course included a “do whatever the fuck you want, future tyrant!” escape hatch.

    1. That is the position. I got MNG to as much as admit it. I asked him “so you are saying that the framers spent months in debate and compromise to craft this finely tuned political document creating a limited federal government and federal system only render the whole system moot by inserting a single clause that gave the federal government virtually limitless power”. And his response was to the effect of “well yeah that is what it says”. I almost fell out of my chair.

      1. I’m not sure that’s entirely implausible. The Alien and Sedition acts showed that not all of the framers were so gung ho about limited government and constitutionalism.

    2. Invoke the Commerce Clause, the incantation that trumps all forms of freedom!

      Stop giving them ideas.

  4. Without all the taxpayer money flowing into defense contractors and the military in NoVA and Hampton Roads, Virginia would be Kentucky with a coastline.

    1. Re: The Truth-ish,

      Without all the taxpayer money flowing into defense contractors and the military in NoVA and Hampton Roads, Virginia would be Kentucky with a coastline.

      Not that that matters in any way. The fact is that people are flocking from Maryland to Virginia because of the higher taxes in the former.

      1. Using Bechtel, the ultimate government insider corporation, and Northrop Grumman, which is also an incredibly political firm, as the 1st and 2nd examples, though, was a real stretch.

        I mean, isn’t this all a part of a long-term pattern of pandering to the rich and powerful? Like the way Ireland lowered its taxes, to attract corporations, and now its nearly bankrupt?

        And, also, the Tax Foundation is not non-partisan. It’s Koch money, Exxon-Mobil, Mobil, and Glenn Hubbard, formerly of Bush’s CEA. It’s decidedly corporate conservative.

    2. Virginia would be Kentucky with a coastline

      WTF does this even mean? Norfolk (Hampton Roads) is one of the largest deep-water ports on the east coast. So we’re exactly like a state with no coastline, except for the beaches, fishing industry and shipping industry.

      1. Virginia would be Kentucky with a coastline

        WTF does this even mean? Norfolk (Hampton Roads) is one of the largest deep-water ports on the east coast. So we’re exactly like a state with no coastline, except for the beaches, fishing industry and shipping industry.

        I’ve lived in Kentucky. I’ve lived in goddamned Maryland. If I had to leave the US or live in Maryland, I’d move to western Canada until I decided where else to go.

        1. I’ve lived in both too. Once you get much outside of Baltimore, Annapolis, or the DC burbs, MD is a lot like KY with higher taxes and jobs.

  5. I wish the real estate market would reflect this supposedly huge influx of n00bs to NoVA.

    1. The NOVA market is insane. You can pay a half of a million for a crappy house with a two hour commute and five families of central American and their six day laborer boarders next door. Or you can pay 800K for a crappy split level in McClain or a two bedroom colonial shotgun shack in Alexandria.

      1. This is why I rented when I lived there.

        1. Still renting here in Murland, but home prices around Baltimore have dropped significantly and are still dropping. Except for in Howard County, and you either have to be pretty wealthy or crazy to buy there.

          1. I wouldn’t mind living in Columbia, if I didn’t work in DC. the drive would kill me.

            The population is much more civilized than in the immediate DC burbs. The Costco up there is filled with nice, prosperous, Asian business-minded families (and their fairly hawt daughters). You pop in to the Costco in Beltsville and you’d swear you’re in a noisy Mangua market. It gets to be a bit much sometimes.

            Pisses me off even more that you can buy beer and wine in the Pentagon City store; good stuff too. Not in MD. We’re too big of drunks to be trusted with that kind of unfettered access to booze.

            1. I wouldn’t mind living in Columbia, if I didn’t work in DC. the drive would kill me

              One of the reasons for the high real estate costs here in EC and Columbia, I hear, is because of the supposed close commute to both DC and Baltimore. Yeah, right, what a joke. I work in Baltimore city and the commute sucks, no freaking way am I commuting to DC from here. 495 is a nightmare during rush hour, and then another long jump on the metro? No thanks.

              I’m moving to Baltimore, but one of the best neighborhoods in the city, and near the metro.

              The population is much more civilized than in the immediate DC burbs

              Yeah, they even brake for pedestrians, but you don’t even dare risk that in Baltimore City, you look both ways thrice even if it’s a one way street.

              1. Yeah, they even brake for pedestrians, but you don’t even dare risk that in Baltimore City, you look both ways thrice even if it’s a one way street.

                I continue to operate under the assumption that Bal’mer is still controlled by the rape gangs, who roam the streets, picking victims at will, with no regard as to age or gender.

                1. You mean the guys from Annapolis? Steny Hoyer and that gang of rapists? If so, you are correct. But they rape from afar without prejudice.

              2. Depends where you’re going. I live in Balmur County and work in DC and the commute’s not so bad. Long, but little traffic (but I don’t drag west across the topside of the beltway in the morning). I’m trading commuting time for dirt-cheap housing.

                1. I know more than one person who drives from PA to Baltimore for work. I wouldn’t do it.

                  I guess maybe there would be some housing in Balmer County that would be cheap compared to DC, but I still have not seen anything that cheap in the better areas.

                  I was looking around Owings Mills, but still failed to find something to purchase that I wanted to spring for. I am waiting another year to see. I don’t think the prices are at the bottom yet, still falling.

            2. Beltsville? Heh, them’s the poor Asians.

              I’m here in Rockville, the only self-employed/non-Gubmint person in my area. Plus side of living here, my daughter’s from Nanchang, the Little Rock of China, so if we’re spending all day together and she’s, you know, being 2, I can at least duck into the local Great Wall Supermarket for a congee and doughstick in order to get her to eat, like, something (way other parents hit McDonald’s, which I’ve also tried, but she’ll finish the apples and maybe do two nuggets). Plus the kid’s gorgeous, so she’s engaged by every Chinese mom in the aisles, and Dadda gets the sort of mental breaks one would normally expect from a Jameson + a Camel.

              I think we’re 25% Chinese now in Rockville, though that number is soaring, and doesn’t count the Vietnamese or Indians. Even though our neighborhood was a lot like Huntington when we bought (14 years ago, sigh), test scores at the local schools have skyrocketed with our Asian influx, so the real estate’s held up for now, despite our much-ballyhooed Town Center being a half-finished disaster with 40% vacancies in the luxury apartments that were supposed to be condos.

            3. I live in Columbia (21044 zip), it sucks. I only live here because I let others make my decisions for me (i.e. had to sell house in EC because of ex-wife and now ex-fiance didn’t want me to move to Carroll County)

              I’ll end up in Carroll eventually or perhaps just over PA border.

      2. There’s plenty of space in Iowa, John.

        1. BTW, I am in receipt of the bumper stickers, kinnath. Now I have to see what mischief I can come up with.

          1. Excellent. I look forward to seeing the reults.

            They turned out pretty good didn’t they. You have to pay attention to see they’re not really a pro-Obama sticker.

            1. They are indeed. The only comment from the spousal unit, “Obama’s not dumb.”

              “I see you said nothing about not being dirty.”

              1. As John pointed out, Carter was a nuclear engineer (and therefore not dumb). But he was “politically” one of the dumbest people to sit in the oval office — one bad decisison after another. It is amazing that Obama has managed to surpass Carter’s string of really dumb choices.

                1. And that without a single positive point to contrast it. Carter at least deregulated the airlines and the oil and gas industry. Obama has done nothing like that.

                  1. And beer, Carter made home brew legal again.

                  2. Don’t forget beer.

                  3. Correct. In my book, “dumb” is shorthand for poor presidential decision making skills.

                    Carter also gets credit for trucking and micro-brewery deregulation, and yes, Obushma has done nothing even remotely positive nor constructive.

                  4. Carter at least deregulated the airlines and the oil and gas industry

                    He also tried decriminalizing teh pot.

                2. My personal assesment of the Carter Presidency is that he, while decidedly technocratic, was not dumb, just na?ve and the guy could not catch a break image wise.

                  1. No one is na?ve after 3 years. His decision making got worse the longer he was in office. “Dumb” is a nice easy short hand for doing or saying stupid things on a regular basis. Lots of nice people live much dumber lives than their brain power would indicate.

                    1. What Kinnath said. And Carter’s behavior after he left office, selling out to the Saudis and so forth proved he was no naive just stupid.

                    2. I’ll definately give you that, Carter’s post-Presidency has been extra-dumb.

                      As far as his presidency, maybe instead of na?ve, willfully ignorant is a better fit.

                    3. Willfully ignorant falls under “dishonest”.

                      If you want to argue that Carter was smart and dishonest instead of in over his head and behaving stupidly, be my guest.

                    4. I think that we are splitting hairs here; I am arguing the same position that you are.

                      By willfully ignorant I mean that he refused to accept/understand the political realities of both his position and circumstances.

        2. If I could get a job and my wife to go, I would come to Iowa. Fuck DC.

          1. I’m sure you could find a job. However, you may need to trade the wife in for a local girl.

            1. I grew up in the midwest. That is just going home for me. I have had enough of seeing the world.

              1. One of the few real problems we have to deal with here is “presidential politics”. Iowa is a purple state, and Iowa will be in play again this year. The election looks to be close enough that Iowa will become one of the “must win” swing states. Obama has been here twice in the last month or so. It’s going to be a long ugly run up to the election.

                1. I forgot about that. The parade of douche bags every four years for the Iowa caucuses must be torture. At least this year only one side was having a contested nomination. 08 must have been hell.

                  1. The caucus circus is bad enough, but in most years, our meager 8 electoral votes mean jack-shit to most campaigns. But Bush-Gore, Bush-Kerry, and McCain-Obama were close enough that all the candidates cared about winning in Iowa. The last election analysis I saw said that Iowa could be one of three states that swings Obama from winner to loser. So for the fourth fucking election in a row, we’ll be bombarded with TV and radio ads the entire summer and fall. And when POTUS flies into Iowa, it really fucks up air traffic and ground traffic where ever he shows up.

                    1. Oops, we’re down to 6 electoral votes. We just lost another congressional district in 2010.

                  2. Yep, presidential elections are horrid in IA, its politcal ads and robo-calls all the way around. I haven’t lived there in 14 years but whenever I visit my folks the TV and radio is non-stop chuckleheads proclaiming their awesomeness.

              2. Climate shock amigo, you really never get used to the winters, do you? I never could. I’ve lived all over the US. Never anywhere colder than Murland again.

                1. The brutal winters help to keep the homeless population down.

          2. Some really nice folks in Iowa. I have a good friend that lives near to and works in Iowa City. Those storms though, man, I hate that shit. Not to mention the winters. No way.

            1. I know this hot half-Asian librarian in the Quad Cities. Almost reason enough for me to move.

              1. Two of the Quad-Cities are in IL…. so I assume you mean Bettendorf or Davenport… which library, so that I may go ogle her next time I am in the area.

            2. School library, not public library. Sorry.

              1. Oh well, it was an idle threat anyhow.

      3. Or you can pay less than $100k for a decent, if aging, condo in a nice working-class, safe (safe enough for a single gal like me) neighborhood literally right next door to Metro. That’s what I was talking about. Prices in my complex are insane, alright. Insanely low. It keeps me tied to this shithole of an area (meaning the entire DC area).

        1. based on that description, i’m guessing Huntington

          1. Someone knows his NoVA.

            1. If I ever go single again, I will remember that. Even on a single income I could afford that. And Hunnington isn’t too bad.

            2. too inexpensive for orange line. and blue line terminates at franconia-springfield close to single family homes.

              1. It’s laughable how underdeveloped Huntington is compared to other Metro-proximate neighborhoods. I don’t know what the problem could be, but I’m inclined to blame it on Fairfax County, which really hasn’t gotten onto the Metro-accessibility bandwagon when it comes to urban planning and doling out permits and such.

                I know that the redevelopment we want to do on our own property, which would bring in higher population density right next to the train (which is what the county says it wants) and more and better retail/office space, again right next to the train, has been going round and round with the county for about 7 years now. SEVEN. YEARS. To build a new condo community on 20 acres that WE OWN.

                1. that’s ridiculous. but it’d bet their too focus on the tysons and dunn loring merrifield area

                  1. lord. i’d bet they’re too focused

                  2. If you look at Fairfax County’s 5 Metro stations, none of them is very developed. Most are low-density and highly residential. I’m not even sure – is Tyson’s in Fairfax County or Arlington?

                    1. Fairfax. this is what they’re doing in merrifield, close to the dunn loring metro, about 5-10 minutes from my place.


                    2. Looks like that’s taking almost as long as my ‘hood – the rezoning was done in ’07, which means it was in process long before then.

                      Nice job, Fairfucks!

                  3. Not that we asked them for “revitalization” in Tysons or Merrifield. It’s all part of the grand Fairfax County campaign against light industrial uses. I gather the density isn’t sufficient to fill their tax coffers enough.

                    People have to get their transmission fixed somewhere.

        2. The condo market has gone to hell. I have been in a house too long to ever move back to a condo market. The housing prices though are right back to the stupid levels they were in 08.

        3. I’m sure you can find something for $100k *somewhere* in Plead Guilty County.

      4. I solved that issue by buying out in Fauquier County. My commute is 1.5 hours, but my quality of life is soooo much better.

        1. How can your quality of life be better if 3 hours of every day is spent in transit?

        2. How can your quality of life be better if 3 hours of every day is spent in transit?

  6. Can we barricade the American Legion Bridge?

    1. We’ll tunnel under the river to escape this hellhole.

  7. The steady flow of New Yorkers keeps New Jersey afloat. After a while in NJ, people escape to PA and continue to work their way further south and / or west towards freedom.

    1. We need a border fence along the Delaware.

    2. Yeah, nobody lives in NYC anymore. Its too crowded.

      1. It’s too expensive for the middle class. Great place to be rich or poor. The middle class leaves for Long Island or Jersey – then looks for jobs out there too if possible.

        1. You forgot Queens and Staten Island.

        2. As in, both Boroughs have a solid middle class.

          1. Lived in both, and guess what — they are becoming DEMOCRAT HELLHOLES

    3. I’ve come as far from New Jersey as you can get. The only thing before me is Hawaii (which, the Obama Administration taught us all, is not one of the United States), and I can tell you: Freedom’s a lie.

      1. But Tim, the promised land was California. Talk about the light at the end of the tunnel being a train.

        1. We can’t all be the REAL promised lands–Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Arkasnas and Tennessee. If low taxes was the only thing necessary for economic success they should all be the financial and industrial capitals of the world instead of the poorest states in the country.

          1. Fuck off Mary. No one is going to engage you.

          2. Arkansas has pretty high taxes.

            1. So does Louisiana.

          3. Tennessee is the best place I’ve ever lived. I lived in Nashville for 6 years and I recommend it highly.

        2. They prefer the term “commuter rail”

      2. At least the weather is better. At this point, why would anyone live in upstate New York or Illinois? If you can tolerate horrible government, why not go to California where at least the weather is good and it is pretty?

        1. Illinois? Maybe because Chicagoland has the fourth largest GDP of any city on Earth?


          1. Yes, that tells you everything you need to know about the quality of life there. After all, Lichtenstein is overwhelmed with immigrants for that very reason, as is Qatar.

          2. Of course GDP contains government spending which means that it doesn’t mean dick being that a good chunk of government spending is made possible by running up the debt.

        2. And you think that weather is “better”? HAHAHAH have you ever had to live through a Deep South summer? It’s fucking intolerable.

          1. Virginia is not the “deep south”. LOL.

          2. If you can tolerate horrible government, why not go to California where at least the weather is good and it is pretty?

            California isn’t in the deep south fuck-tard. Look at a map sometime, Mary.

        3. And in the top 10, all American cities are in the Northeast or Midwest. I don’t see Jackson or Mobile anywhere.

          1. Well, not including LA.

            Of the five American cities in the top 11, in fact, two (LA and DC) are not in the Northeast or the Midwest.

            I’ve about decided The Truth is actually a very clever little satirist, between its name and its habit of posting false and easily checkable factual claims.

          2. Last time I was job seeking, I did a nationwide search. Best opportunities as far as salary and availability were Baltimore/DC and TX. If you have certain skillsets it would be hard not to find good opportunities in those areas, at least as of 4 years ago. I didn’t see jack shit in the midwest.

            Chicago is the worst shithole in the country, jobs or not, it is a horrible place to live, especially if you like going outside more than 3 months of the year.

      3. Once you got west of the Sierra Nevadas, you went too far. Freedom, such as it is, exists in the great existential darkness between the coasts.

      4. Tim, there is always Alaska, I hear there is good work to be found at the canneries.

        1. Alaska’s great. I lived there fora decade. However, there’s less than a million people in the state, total. Finding a job can be difficult. That said, once you have work, Anchorage is an amazing place to live. Just….don’t expect to enjoy February – the end of April.

          1. If I had my druthers a cabin in Alaska or Montana would be where I would retire to. But I am pretty sure I would move there alone, CINC House has already vetoed, it turns out that for some reason, she doesn’t despise people to the degree that I do.

  8. BTW, unemployment in Maryland is 6%, and 9% in VA.

      1. “404 not found”

      2. My shadow falls on the corrupt and the righteous alike.

        1. It’s not an SF, it’s a reason squirrel truncating the incredibly long Google URL. TinyURL to the rescue!

          1. Struggling only makes it worse.

            1. Struggling only makes it worse.

              I’m at work – stop talking sexy talk!

        2. My shadow falls on the corrupt and the righteous alike.

          I am so using that at my next Audit and Compliance Committee meeting.

          1. Struggling only makes it worse.

            That one pretty much comes up at these meetings without me having to make an effort, though.

      3. Are you saying The Truth lied?

    1. For someone sporting that nom du blog, you seem unacquainted with the truth.

      Virginia unemployment: 5.6%
      Maryland unemployment: 6.7%

      1. Re: RC Dean,

        For someone sporting that nom du blog, you seem unacquainted with the truth.

        Not seemingly, he has a personal problem with Truth.

        1. VA isn’t “limited government”. Its entire economy is based off federal tax dollars, mostly to defense.

          1. Holy non sequitur, gay batman!

            1. Nice, KK.

              BTW, “The Truth” is a griefer troll.

              1. I know Tonio, and not even a good one. Dick from Kentucky is much more entertaining.

                (it is Batman that’s supposed to be all gay now, isn’t it?)

                1. No, it’s Golden Age Green Lantern Alan Scott, who–depending on the retcon active at any given moment–is in his 70s or 80s. Alan Scott gets to be the Ian McKellen of DC.

                  1. I thought it was Aquaman, not that he’s ever really been in the closet.

                  2. It should have been Wonder Woman, wtf.

                2. IDK, but gay refs are always appropriate in light of the sixties Batman TV show.

                  1. Fun story: I was at Dallas ComicCon the other weekend, and got Adam West and Burt Ward to sign a photo.

                    West just smiled amiably, but Ward tried to sell me dog food. No shit, he has a website and everything. Claimed he and his wife make the best dog food on earth, and thta he has great danes living to 17, 18 yrs. I couldn’t call the guy a liar to his face, so I just smiled, nodded, and went on with my day.

                    1. Dick van Patten started a dogfood company–organic, but I don’t completely trust ’em, ‘cuz they were using ingredients from China and lying about it. Natural Balance does make pretty good $5 bags of biscuits, though. (Nature’s Variety grain-free, baby!)

          2. Re: The Truth-ish,

            VA isn’t “limited government”.

            You have me confuse with somebody who gives a shit.

      2. There’s the truth, and there’s the “truth” /Lionel Hutz

      3. 6% of the 6.7% in Murland is on the dem plantation in inner city Balmer, hon. Besides that, the unemployment rate is really very low. If you can’t find a job here, you either don’t have any skills, or you don’t want one, or both.

        1. I think the bigger failure was actually on the part of Montgomery County. Federal spending (I think Reason might have mentioned this somewhere) went from $2.3 trillion to $3.8 trillion between 2000 and 2010. MoCo, which is right next to DC, and, some would think, poised to benefit from that spending, managed to create exactly zero net new jobs in that period. Zilch, nada, none. This is an economic failure without parallel. You’d think the County Council could just wipe its ass one day and come up with 10k new TSA sanitation inspectors.

          It isn’t just the taxes, though, that separate the burbs on opposite sides of the Potomac. The regulatory burdens imposed by MoCo have increased astronomically. Where I live, for years, you’d see some vacant storefront get permits in the window, and construction might happen, and then Joan or whoever would come along with a stop-work order. And then the place would be vacant for much longer. Portions of Rockville Pike have so many vacant storefronts they might as well be in the Rust Belt.

          Plus we got rid of our bring-home-the-pork Congresswoman (Morella), so the genomics revolution is now happening elsewhere. I mean, understand, I’m not pro-pork; but this community lives off of pork, and it is now easier to get that pork in another district, or, if you’ve already gotten the pork, spend it in another district.

    2. Tooth,
      I guess Kentucky with a coast line still beats the shit out of MD, and has done so for 20+ years.…..loyment+va…..loyment+md
      BTW. You should change your moniker to ‘The Clueless’

      1. But besides the DC suburbs, where would anyone work? The traffic in NOVA is some of the fucking worst in the country. And I am speaking from experience. If you don’t have to commute anywhere and work for the gubmint, then maybe it is ok.

      2. And Kentucky, the western one, seems to be turning out quite a few more Libertarians running for congress than either Maryland, or the Kentucky with a coastline.

  9. And don’t think those MD refugees are turning all limited-govt when they arrive in VA.

    This is actually a very good strategy for the Dems. Like a virally-infected cell, the blue states are rupturing and spewing out Democrat voters to infect red or purple states.

    1. “the blue states are rupturing and spewing out Democrat voters to infect red or purple states.”

      See Nevada, New Hampshire

      1. Colorado Nevada too. Even Utah is getting less red. Amazing lack of reflection from these blue state refugees, supposedly the best brightest, moving to escape the consequences of their voting choices. They show contempt for the yahoos they choose to live amongst, completely unaware that their politics made their former homes unlivable and their adopted homes economic magnets. Until, arbitrage like, their voting choices infect the new hosts. They are truly like parasites.

    2. Maybe, Tulpa. But I doubt government employees with kushy jobs or welfare recipients are the ones who move.

      1. The government employees can move and still keep their jobs, Widge. Northern Virginia and south central Maryland are both bedroom communities for DC.

        1. Hadn’t thought of that. DC is peculiar in that regard.

      2. There are a lot of smart, capable people out there who are flippant idiots when it comes to politics. They believe what they were raised with.

    3. Good point, Tulpster. MD has voted D in the last five presidential elections, and VA is often mentioned by Team D as a must-win swing state for this election. Maybe it’s a deep strategy to tip the balance of power.

      Anyway, I’m happy for the increased prosperity of my state, even if it does mean more carpet-baggers and Maryland drivers.

    4. Ok, I just changed to a pro abortion advocate. Not really… maybe we can just exile the progs to Antarctica?

      I keep begging non-dem voters to move here from red states because there are jobs, but they all seem to think that they will be taxed to death or some crazy shit like that. What are they thinking?

  10. Population of Maryland 2011: 5.8 Million

    Population of Virginia 2011: 8.0 Million

    11,500 people is a statistical rounding error.

    1. Fuck off Mary.

      1. This supposedly “registered” comment site was meant to accomplish something, I presume, but, apparently, stopping griefers from hurling pointless expletives isn’t it.

    2. Re: Registration At Last,

      11,500 people is a statistical rounding error.

      Depends on the wads of cash that those 11,500 are carrying with them.

      Oh, did you think that ALL those people in Maryland pay – pray tell – their fair share of taxes, proportional to the benefits they receive from profligate government? You silly goose!

      1. Interesting hypothesis. If you ever find data to back it up, let us know.

        1. Re: Registration At Last,

          “Maryland legislators voted to raise income taxes for single filers who make more than $100,000 and for joint filers who make more than $150,000.”

          The opportunity cost of not moving would be much hhgher for those whose combined income is above $150,000.00. Thus, those will be the ones to jump ship.

          Econ 101.
          Idiot = 0
          Me = 1

          1. Well, those damn fat cats making more than 100k, they need to pay their fair share!

            I don’t see how anyone living in MD with a family could survive on much less than that.

            1. “The comptroller of Maryland Peter Franchot says he has evidence that a lot of people have been leaving because of this higher income tax,” Henchman said.

              If he has that evidence, maybe he could share it.

              You have no data on who actually moved to Virginia. For all you know, it was minimum-wagers.

              1. Re: Registration At Last,

                For all you know, it was minimum-wagers [that moved to Virginia].

                Yeah, especially after that Memorial Weekend deal from U-Haul. Right?


        2. I’m surprised that anybody can get paid $950 in 1 week on the computer. did you see this webpage

  11. Small east coast states have an advantage on tax competition over the larger western states. CA would be leading the pack in business exodus but for the 300+ mile journey to Nevada.

  12. Don’t be trolled. The Truth and Registration at Last are Mary Stack.

    1. Keep telling us how Chicago has nothing on Jackson, Mississippi, John. LOW TAXES ARE EVERYTHING!

      1. Jackson never produced anyone like Obama, so it has that going for it.

        1. ^^Winner winner chicken dinner.

        2. Chicago is in Kenya?

        3. Plus, Faith Hill and Thomas Naylor aren’t much better.

    2. The Troof was around before rectal ever showed up.

      1. Mary Stack was around before “rather” showed up.

      2. Could be a copycat… one that thinks it can scratch, meow.

    3. “Mary Stack” is to John what the “Jew Claw” is to Borat.

    4. I agree. It sure looks like a certain Fort Worth lunatic is off her medications again.

  13. Hey, stop talking about DC on a Murland thread, you fucking commies!

  14. Wikipedia:

    The specific name given in the charter was phrased “Terra Mariae, anglice, Maryland”

    Mary Land. Suck it up.

  15. Curious that liberals will acknowledge Maryland’s higher tax rates sending jobs to Virginia, but then deny that America’s High tax rates send jobs abroad.

    1. Don’t worry, they will get that fence built soon enough…

  16. OK wow see that makes no sense at all dude Wow.

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  18. I live in MD, work in VA. I used to hype MD to my VA friends but no longer. O’Malley is the biggest spending lib on the East Coast… maybe in the entire union (*outside NY and CA). Not even the “Great Recession” could slow his gov’t down. It is now an annual spring ritual. See $500 million deficit. Raise taxes. Shrink tax base. See $250 million deficit. Raise taxes. Pay teacher’s union pension. See $2 billion deficit… go to Feds for money? This article is “The Truth” – so much so that THE TRUTH or Mary or whatever liberal troll passes through can’t handle it. Larry, your organization is awesome and I can’t wait to sign on. We need Freedom back in the Free State.

  19. maryland’s income tax rate is lower than virginia’s. 5.5% (not 9%) in 7 tiers vs 5.75%for va in 4 tiers. given the tier structure it isn’t just slightly lower. http://individuals.marylandtax…..ackets.asp and…..Calculator Don’t forget about VA’s car tax which lobs an extra 1k-2k a YEAR on the annual tax bill. SAIC was never based in Maryland. They relocated to Virginia in 2009 from San Diego to be closer to their government $. CSC, Hilton (to be close to bethesda based marriot), and Volkswagen (moved 25% of its staff from Michigan in 2007 with the remaining staying in Michigan) were never located in Maryland either. Arbitron a publicy traded company with a market cap of 900 mln did move from VA to MD though. Betchel moved 625 employees because those employees are primarily defense contractors and the VA office is closer to the Pentagon than Frederick. The 11,500 number quoted isn’t even true and is no where to be found on the taxfoundation website. It is an unsubstantiated fabrication. Maryland is home to many large corporations and has been a beneficiary of many other headquarter relocations. The number of millionaires has increased 19% since 2007 and MD has the highest percentage of millionaire households in the US. Ever been to Northern Virginia? it’s a traffic nightmare with terrible infrastructure and poorly designed urban areas.

    1. Don’t let the state income tax rate fool you. If you live in MD you pay an income tax to the state AND to the county, and sometimes to the municipality. Your state/county/local income taxes could be 8% in some places, usually around 7.5%.

      1. So does Virginia via the personal property tax of $4.57 per $100 of assessed value. Virginia has higher alcohol taxes Virginia only allows one to take 900 per dependent vs 3000 for maryland

  20. s tax is 6 percent; Virginia’s is 5 percent. The top personal income tax rate is 9 percent in Maryland compared to 5.75 percent in Virginia. The corporate income tax is 8.25 percent compared to 6 percent.

    1. Again, don’t forget the county income taxes, which are about 3-5% on top of the state income taxes. I had never heard of a county income tax before, or a municipal one for that matter, but MD has them. And high property taxes and sales taxes. And absurd cigarette taxes and liquor taxes. And a new tax on alcohol bought in restaurants, and …


    VA- Real Property Tax ? Residential real property is assessed at 100 percent of its market value as of January 1 of each year. The tax rate is $1.07 per $100 of assessed value. To fund town services, the towns of Vienna and Herndon levy an additional real property tax of $0.23 and $0.27 per $100 of assessed value, respectively

    In maryland the tax rate is $.112 per $100 of assessed value + a county tax of ~ $1. some more some less.

    I also think Maryland has a more advantageous homestead tax credit

  22. Other high tax states are bleeding taxpayers too. I wonder how long it will be before the Tony types demand “tax harmonization”, i.e. forcing the low tax states to raise their taxes to match the socialist shitholes. On what authority? Commerce Clause of course!

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