Friday Fun Utterly Horrifying Link: Meet Blasty the Drone!


(Apologies for annoying non-embeddable video. Click on the image to watch.)

More Reason on drones.


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  1. Awww! He IS adorable, not horrifying! I understand Blasty’s friend Surveilly will be introduced in the next episode, and they’ll save some Peace Occifers from certain death at the hands of potential criminals.

    Oops! Wrong address! LOL!

    Yaaaaaaaay drones!

    1. Nice. Need to get Blasty his own tv show.

      1. I’ll be there for you
        (When the bullets start to pour)
        I’ll be there for you
        (Like I’ve circled you before)

  2. If you don’t want to die in a drone attack, don’t live anywhere a drone can go. Houses, apartment buildings, huts, yurts, wedding, cars… living anywhere like that or engaging in those activities mean you are just asking for it.

    The truly innocent live in mineshafts or the underwater kingdom of Atlantis.

    1. Everyone is a potential drug user.

  3. I dont know what everyone is so worried about. The chances of getting hit by a mis-targeted drone strike are about the same as getting struck by lightning or winning the lottery.

    And if you get hit by a non-mis-targeted drone strike then you were a dirty terrorist, were you not?

  4. Follow the wacky misadventures of Blasty the Drone, as he works to earn his drone-wings by killing three intended targets. It’s a struggle filled with laughs as he tries to learn the difference between a terrorist training camp and an Afghani wedding.

  5. Apologies for annoying non-embeddable video

    Fuck your apologies!

  6. Blasty the Drone sounds like a new opportunity for Carvel’s Fudgie the Whale cake form.

  7. Reason now using moving pictures for the Friday funny??!

    Welcome to 2003 guys.

    At this rate in 2021 we should have flash games.

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