A.M. Links: NSA Looking to Universities for Cyber Ops, Facebook IPO Lawsuits, Lawmakers Target Anonymous Online Speech


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    The NSA is teaming up with select universities to find "quality cyber operators".

  • Less than a week as a publicly-listed company and Facebook is already facing several lawsuits over its IPO. The stock is also down 18%.
  • New York lawmakers want to ban anonymous online speech, because it's mean.
  • A New Orleans painting contractor has spent nearly four years trying to get the police to return a handgun they confiscated from him. The ACLU is now involved.
  • The Secret Service said there were no security breaches resulting from agents hiring prostitutes in a coastal Colombian town earlier this year.
  • Over the next two days Egypt will be voting for a president.

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  1. The Secret Service said there were no security breaches resulting from agents hiring prostitutes in a coastal Colombian town earlier this year.

    They doubled up on the jimmy hats.

    1. They did a though examination of all the prostitutes and found that none had any weapons or explosives.

      However in order to keep up to date on the threat assessment they will now send down teams every month to reexamine the prostitutes.

      1. how thorough an examination - pat down or full cavity search?

        1. Full cavity of course, nothing is too much when it comes to security.

        2. Full cavity costs an extra fifty, buddy.

          1. Cost is no object when it comes to the security of the USA.

          2. I'll give you $8.65, take it or leave it!

    2. They weren't prostitutes. They were escorts. According to one of the young ladies involved, you can tell because of the price.

  2. Ber Refaeli tries to look average, and fails.


    1. Bar shows her two very different faces off and on duty

      Hsst. Those aren't "faces".

    2. But she does have her "gormless" expression going in full force. I kind of wonder if that is her default setting.

      1. Grrr. That was supposed to go with Kristen, damn squirrels.

    3. OMG! Bar Rafaeli wears clothes when not working!

      Kind of a shame, really, but understandable.

    4. She should try harder to not look like she was just forced to smell her own farts.

  3. Kristen Stewart doesn't smile! Shocking!


    1. She's in an airport, for gawd's sake. Who smiles in an airport, other than the TSA groper?


    How did that happen?

      1. I know it's not Bock. If Bock does an actual funny the moon will fall from the sky and blood will rain on the Earth, the seas will boil, etc.

        1. No locusts? I was promised locusts.

  5. Man sentenced to 45 years for DUI #5.


    1. The man, who represented himself, told the judge who sentenced him to nearly four decades behind bars that the punishment was 'pretty weak.'

      So, he was drunk in court, too?

      1. Wait - I thought my ex had died! He's apparently alive well in Fort Worth. Whodathunk?

    1. See! This is how you stimulate the economy! Think how many toilet inspectors municipalities will have to hire now!

      1. why stop at toilet inspectors?

    2. "standards for public toilets, including a stipulation that they should contain no more than two flies"

      What? No love for gay toilet orgies?

  6. Eva Mendes, another of the film's stars, is giving the movie a wide berth and is staying well away.

    I suspect Mendes's snub might have something to do with a scene where a man with an inflated sexual organ dances around her and licks her inappropriately.

    Go here and scroll down: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvs.....z1vhFp1yZo

    1. I love the ending of that little inset.

      "Oh, God, let's pray Holy Motors doesn't win any awards on Sunday night."

    2. That is some funny. Watch the trailer. It's the pinnacle of sophomoric French cafe philosophy. Makes no sense whatsoever, but it's DEEP?

      1. Jean Luc Godard deep?

  7. Funny pictures of people being blasted in the face with a fan.


    1. If their faces are twisted in agony, how can we be certain they're not just being shown the movie The Fan?

    2. The title says that is an industrial strength hair dryer. So either the author doesn't know what a leaf blower is, or they actually use leaf blowers as hair dryers in the fashion industry. Not a bad idea really, you could do everyone's hair so much faster.

  8. A New Orleans painting contractor has spent nearly four years trying to get the police to return a handgun they confiscated from him. The ACLU is now involved.

    Team Blue and Team Red promptly put their hands over the ears. This is not the ACLU they use for publicity!

    1. I will give the ACLU credit when due.

      Now, lets see them make this national policy.

      1. The ACLU is now involved...

        but they haven't decided if they're suppporting the NOPD or the painter.

        1. I don't think the common characterization of the ACLU as a bunch of leftist hacks is entirely accurate. As far as I can tell the majority of what they do is totally compatable with liberterianism.

  9. What recession? The second-hand underpants market is going gangbusters

      1. soz!


    1. The second-hand underpants market is going gangbusters

      Only if there are fewer than two flies.

    2. soz everybody, the correct linky-winky is here


  10. I figured I might buy a little facebook stock when it hit about $6. Doesn't look like I'll have to wait long.

    1. It's headed for wipe-your-ass-book status.

  11. Even the European Food Safety Administration agrees that "there is no specific scientific evidence, in terms of risk to human and animal health or the environment" from GM maize. Why, its almost like the whole GM food flap was started by food protectionists who didn't want cheap African grains driving down prices in Europe. Oh wait. That is what happened.

  12. Republican Assemblyman Jim Conte said the legislation would cut down on "mean-spirited and baseless political attacks" and "turns the spotlight on cyberbullies by forcing them to reveal their identity."

    He said, while enjoying sovereign immunity for attempting to violate constitutional rights.

    1. First they came for Rather and...

  13. It's either the drink or the dole: Go into rehab or lose benefits, alcoholics and drug addicts told


    1. Used to be all they had to do was sell their vote. What's next-bathing?

  14. "Someone is wrong on the internet" is slang for "I'm looking at porn", now?

    1. You've never gotten into an internet argument?

      1. Are you going to take that from him, BT?

        1. He's clearly too much of a pansy to take me on.

      2. You sound just like Hitler.

    2. Let's play it out... How you could you possibly think this is slang for pr0n watching?! What sort of idiot are you?

      (And watch as it goes to max indent depth)

      1. It's an excuse you use to tell your wife you're too busy to go to bed. Dipshit. What do you do, tell your wife you're busy watching porn?

        1. What do you do, tell your wife you're busy watching porn?

          No. I tell her, "I'm busy watcing porn, so STFU!"

          1. Well, maybe you shouldn't have married an ugly chick. Then you might want to go to bed.

            1. "Always marry an ugly girl.
              That's the only kind.
              She'll never, ever leave you.
              But if she does you won't mind."

              1. "If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life,
                Never make a pretty woman your wife.
                So from my personal point of view,
                Get an ugly girl to marry you."

            2. Doesn't matter how hot the chick is...

              ...someone is tired of banging her.

              1. So. Fucking. True.

              2. ...someone is tired of banging her.

                I volunteer to tire of that. For the team, you know.

                1. Your ineffable nobility moves me, sir

                  1. I'm as selfless as Jebus and Ghandi. I suffer for all of us.

      2. That reminds me, anyone own a film crew? I have an idea for a movie involving 2 naked women, in the same dorm room, arguing on a huffington post thread.

        1. I'd toss in some cash on kickstarter, but only if they are hotly arguing about the objectification of the Womyns.

        2. My squeeze is taking a video tech class. I asked him if it was for a second career (given that he's pushing 50 and in a physically demanding line of work and has back problems and knee problems and generally old man problems), and he said "no, just a hobby". So, yeah - he's definitely wanting to shoot some pron. I'll let him know about your idea.

          1. We eagerly await your film debut, KK. Remember, links or it didn't happen.

            1. How do you know it would be my debut?

              1. Good point. We'll be more than happy to critique your entire body of work if you provide appropriate references.

          2. squeeze

            That seems really odd.

            he's pushing 50

            Oh, I got it now.

            1. Whippersnapper. Don't make us shake our canes at you again.

              1. Stop using terms from the 20's and I won't have to.

                1. I agree. These rubes really need to get on the trolly.

            2. Yep, and the sex is, like, totally old people sex, too. Like "Ow...could you just...charley horse!...wait....my back...no....my knee...."

              1. I would have though he'd be more concerned at finding the Viagra without his reading glasses on.

                1. Honey, with me around, he don't need no damn Viagra.

                  But I do know he doesn't like 3D moves because his eyesight is all fucked up. But that could just be because of all the rumbles he got into at Rydell High.

                  1. I don't like 3D movies because I'd rather spend the extra $5 on a beer.

            3. You see that lawn, punk?

          3. Scene: Kristen enters from left, wearing only a monocle.

  15. This morning I learned from NPR that there's a healthcare crisis in this country because some families have to cancel vacations and make their children wear hand-me-down clothes, in order to afford medical tests.

    That pretty much describes my chidhood (minus the medical tests), and I always thought we were middle class.

    1. Mine too. I think there should be a benefit concert to raise money to help us with the deep scars our childhoods have left us

      1. When do I get my invitation to testify before Congress?


      2. This morning I learned from NPR that there's a healthcare crisis in this country because some families have to cancel vacations and make their children wear hand-me-down clothes, in order to afford medical tests.

        "Oh, the humanity and all the patients screaming around here. I told you, I can't even talk to people whose friends are on there. Ah! It's?it's?it's?it's ... o?ohhh! I?I can't talk, ladies and gentlemen. Honest, health care's just laying there, a mass of smoking wreckage. Ah! And everybody can hardly breathe and talk, and the screaming. Lady, I?I'm sorry. Honest: I?I can hardly breathe. I?I'm going to step inside where I cannot see it. Charlie, that's terrible. Ah, ah?I can't. I, listen, folks, I?I'm gonna have to stop for a minute because I've lost my voice. This is the worst thing I've ever witnessed."

        Was it something like that?

        1. +f?nftausend

    2. This morning on NPR's Marketplace Morning Report they described a Vermont bill that proposed to label all GMO products and asked, with perfect sincerity, "How could such a feel-good piece of legislation fail to pass?"

      1. At least every 3 months Vermont makes me ashamed to have grown up there. Most recently it was the fracking fiasco.

    3. Healthcare, and being able to buy anything you want when you want it, are human rights.

      1. "Once the government becomes the supplier of people's needs, there is no limit to the needs that will be claimed as a basic right."
        ?Lawrence Auster

      2. Buy?

        1. being able to buy or be given anything you want when you want it is a human right

          There, fixed.

    4. Fuck 'em. And let them rot. I don't care anymore.

      1. 'Atta boy Dr Love. Now you're getting into the spirit.

        1. I'm serious Sparky. I really don't care anymore.

          1. That's seriously why I'm giving you an 'atta boy. It sucks to see people suffer when they think there still might be hope.

          2. oh, Doc, don't be like that! Here, cheer yourself up

          3. I'm with the Doc. I'm going to punch in the neck anyone who voted for the current political class and complains at all about the quality of health care under Obamacare.

            Fuck you until you die. You asked for it; gotdamned *demanded it*. Now eat your shit sandwich and shut the fuck up about how bad it tastes.

            1. As long as there is someone to blame, nobody will understand why this is a bad idea. It will always be the fault of those unfeeling Republicans or heartless Libertarians killing the one tiny point that would make the whole thing work like magic.


        1. These people seem to forget that they're the ones changing the country.

        2. I thought he was going to Ukraine or something. The one with the hot chicks on the internet pr0n.

          1. Yes he is - that was the point of the comment.

            1. Well, yeah, I knew that, just wanted to note the Russia/Ukraine difference vis a vis the hot chicks part. Great Gate of Kiev and all that.


    5. And I'll bet most of those vacation cancellations with their hand me down wearing children all have cable or satellite TV, home computers, and smart phones with data plans. But dammit, you should pay for my health care!

      1. I'll bet most of those vacation cancellations with their hand me down wearing children all have cable or satellite TV, home computers, and smart phones with data plans.

        Dear zod, you heartless bastard, you don't expect those poor people to give up the necessities for the god given right of health care, do you?

    1. To date, no other government initiative has come close to saving as many lives and improving the quality of life in poor communities as the NYPD's proactive policing.

      Proactive policing?

      Isn't that kinda like "all citizens are considered guilty until proven innocent by submitting to a search"?

    2. The NYP is in favor of a police state? Color me unsurprised.

    3. Klaus is a moron, who knows only what he reads in "The New York Post".

      1. When, oh when, is someone going to make another (genuinely funny) movie so full of sight-gags again?

  16. "It could be very useful for a defender, so as you see your stuff being adjusted, corrupted, exploited, messed with, and being able to recognize when that is happening to you, to be able to better defend against it," she said.

    What "quality cyber operator" could resist *that* come-on?

    Seriously, whatever happened to the saber-rattling about hacking being an act of war? "Intrude in our network, get nuked!"

  17. The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that New Orleans officials must demonstrate why they're holding Errol Houston Jr.'s handgun. The ruling comes two months after the same appeals court panel ruled that a federal judge correctly dismissed the lawsuit against the city of New Orleans.

    So all it takes is ACLU involvement for dipshit judges to back away from their dipshittery? I suppose it's a good thing agents of the state didn't steal his car instead of his gun, because there's apparently no constitutional protection from that.

  18. Why is this bad?

    Seriously? I'll freely admit that I'm pretty illiterate when it comes to this stuff but I can't figure out why this has to be investigated. Is it wrong to tell your clients that you don't think a stock is going to perform as well as you originally thought?

    1. There is no longer any "loss" in crapitalism.
      It's now "profits and bailout" or "profits and lawsuits".
      Loss is so... icky.

      1. And as you can see by this company' Statement of Profit and Bailout, it is well favored by the ruling elite. We remain a strong "Buy" recommendation on this one.

      2. *straining, clenching teeth, in lots of pain* ....must...grow....economy....

    2. No, it is wrong to be involved in something newsworthy, when a Massachusetts government official is in need of some publicity.

      Remember Martha Coakley going after Whole foods for the "crime" of selling food on Thanksgiving.

      1. Being a native that was my original feeling, but I thought there might actually be something to it.

    3. I think the allegation is that they knew the earnings forecast was cut in the days leading up to the offering but didn't tell all of their customers, just the preferred ones.


        Many people think they're going to be the guy who bought google at $1.00 a share and saw it soar to $7.00 a share two days later.

        A value investor who understands the company and is in it for the long haul won't give a shit. The guys squawking are the jerks who hoped to make a quick buck at the Craps table and lost to the house.

        1. And I would guess that most value investors did not touch Facebook stock and have no plans to do so. It's funny to me that you have all this hype over Facebook shares while at the same time companies like Exxon and Chevron -- which sell products modern society cannot do without -- are trading at single digit PEs and have world-class balance sheets.

      2. The "cut" in estimates in question was driven by an amended S-1 filing by the company leading up to the IPO.

    4. I hear you. I'm still looking for a cogent explanation of "insider trading".

      1. I go back and forth on it. But here is the best way to think about it. Suppose what they say here is true. And the big wigs at some accounting firm knew Facebook's earnings were going to tank. And they knew this a few days before the data is released and would torpedo the stock. So they tell their buddies at Morgan Stanley who then short the stock making them and the the guy who gave the tip and a few preferred cronies a bundle. You meanwhile have no access to such information. So you keep your stock and take it in the shorts while the insiders walk away with a fortune. You can see how people might look at that as unfair and want to make it illegal.

        1. Although it would be disappointing to lose money on a stock, there is no crime committed in your scenario. It's not even tortable.

          1. If the accounting firm works with facebook, knew earnings were going to tank, and got that info from Facebook itself then tipped MS about it, that is definitely a crime under current law. You can argue that it shouldn't be but that sort of tipping is clearly illegal.

            1. If it was done that way, yes. However, FB filed several amended S-1s leading up to the IPO and I'd wager dollars to donuts (what does that even mean??) that the "cut" in estimates by the analysts was driven by information in the filings.

              Also, analysts that work at the banking firms are prohibited from publishing research for a period of time following the IPO. In addition, they are not allowed (does not mean they can't) to proactively call clients (institutional investors) and discuss thier views on the stock. However, if an analyst in the course of his due diligence noticed in an amended S-1 that FB lowered its revenue/profit expectations from previous S-1 filings, and lowered his estimates as a result, and received a call from a client and subsequently told the client this, I doubt that anything wrong was actually done.

        2. Or you can look at it as asynchronous information and "thats life".

          If you are a Morgan Stanley customer and this happens and you werent provided with the info, you change brokers to someone who doesnt pull this kind of bullshit.

          1. Some information is more asynchronous than other information though. When it gets so asynchronous that it makes some hippy feel icky, then clearly somebody should go to jail.

            1. No, someone either commits fraud (which you have to prove in a trial), or tough luck you made a bad bet. It happens sometimes.

    5. I think the allegation is that they limited the release of their new prediction of underperformance to only a small select group of elite investors, that it wasn't a general release. Morgan Stanley claims they followed the rules.

  19. Fuck those New York lawmakers

  20. Sen. Thomas O'Mara, a Republican who is also sponsoring the measure, said it would "help lend some accountability to the internet age."

    Oddly, the bill has no identification requirement for those who request the takedown of anonymous content.

    "Puddin' Tame."

  21. I think we can all agree that Legos are awesome, but really?

    "In his house, we found hundreds of boxes of unopened Lego sets," Liz Wylie, a spokeswoman for the Mountain View police, told the Mercury News. "He sold 2,100 items in just over a year on eBay, and made $30,000."

    1. Those Harry Potter sets fetch a pretty penny and Silicon Valley taxes are outrageous so why not??

    2. SAP executive a crook? There's a shock. What, pushing overpriced bullshit software that doesn't do what they claim wasn't enough for him?

      1. +1. That's almost word for word what I said to one of my co-workers. We "implemented" SAP here a couple years ago and we're getting rid of it this year because it still isn't working the way we want it to.

        1. The next company that gets SAP to work the way they want it to will be the first.

          1. This is less the problem than the fact that it takes 18 months and a royal metric assbucket of money to figure out that you're not going to get it to work the way you want to.

        2. SAP is great if your willing to change your business processes to match SAP. If you want SAP to adapt to the way you do business, you have 2 choices: Spend a ton of money on programmers or fuck you.

          1. I believe it is one choice:

            Spend a ton of money AND fuck you.

            1. I'm gonna have to agree with robc on this.

              1. Y'know, looking back on it, I think I do too. It's never worked well at anyplace I've been. The sunk cost fallacy and the ego defense force people to stay with it.

        3. Another SAP hater here. What a steaming dog pile. What did you go did you after SAP, if I might ask Mo?

          1. We bought some QAD modules that add much of the functionality we were looking for.

            1. Interesting. Thanks for reading through my extremely poorly worded question to the meaning. I think we're stuck with SAP for the time being. Sunk cost and all that.

        4. What in the hell does SAP even claim it should do?

          I've always been baffled by it, and stayed away from it just due to a general gut feeling that by bullshit detector was going off. Never actually had any confirmation that by bullshit detector was accurate until now.

  22. ahem... soz BP

    here we go again...


    1. effing threaded comments... this was meant for upstream. Heigh-ho, try again

      1. Borderlands 2?

  23. Speaking of banning online speach, I know that the Economist for example does not publish the names of the authors for their articles, does that now mean you cannot read the Economist in New York anymore ?

    1. As long as Chuck Shumer knows who the author is, it's OK. He is under no obligation to share that information with any peons.

  24. She might have a slight misunderstanding of the actual problem.

    Miss Jones admitted to the program that she has been tempted to have sex in the past.

    'I've had plenty of opportunities? please understand this journey has been hard,' she said. 'I just don't believe in it? it's a gift I want to give to my husband.'

    1. The nude photo, though, is a gift for all the boys!

      1. That is a really nice photo. If I were single I'd have one hanging in my apartment.

    2. I bet she misses more hurdles than the average hurdler.

    3. There are things to do other than intercourse. And once you are in scoring position, you never know what will happen. If I were single, I would take my chances with her.

      1. Scoring position - well said. I guess the guys she has dated haven't heard of fellatio, or even anal? WTH?

      2. If I were single, I would take my chances with her.

        Isn't she a bit on the skinny side?

        1. I don't have a problem dating a virgin. I do have a problem dating someone who won't have sex before marriage. What if I wait that long and then we find out she doesn't like sex/is bad at it/whatever? I'm not going to marry someone if the sex is going to suck or be nonexistent.

          1. You could find you've married this

            1. if that's part of your porn corpus then I think i'll spend my cash on Big Sausage Pizza Delivery, or JW's midget felching, thanks all the same

              1. My video opened with a Dove commercial with girls in the shower. I thought KK sent me to porn.

              2. I wanna know how that lightbulb head scored such a babe.

            2. 1) Oh my god that's terrifying. I stopped dating a girl after 4 dates because her kissing wasn't getting any better and it was way better than that.

              2) There are people who wait until marriage to KISS?

              1. 2) There are people who wait until marriage to KISS?

                I don't know what that video is since youtube is blocked, but to answer your question - yes.
                The other day my wife was watching some show about gypsy weddings, and the girls are expected to be virgins who have never even kissed a boy when they get married. Otherwise they are considered to be "used".

                1. It was a couple talking about waiting for marriage to kiss and being virgins, then their first kiss during the ceremony (which was horrible).

                2. Here's a sample screen shot for ya, sarc. Because nobody should have to go without seeing that kiss.

                  1. My eyes! My eyes! I can't unsee! Aaauuuggghhh!

      3. Is it possible that people find her no fun at all?

        Let's face it, a world class athlete is a slave to their training regimen, what they eat and when, when they sleep, what activities they do are all dictated by ensuring that at racetime they are at a peak.

        Then there is the evangelical christianity. I've known interesting evangelical Christians who were interesting conversationalists. I've known farm more evangelical Christians who were like Lonewacko but focused on JesusSaves rather than MexicanMenace.

        And then what?

        Guys will put up with a lot for sex, but take that out of the picture, who would put up with a boring girl who can't do anything fun because she's got Nationals coming up?

        1. She might be boring or a total bitch. Or more likely she is a queen who thinks no one is good enough for her. But to be as good as she is at one thing, she probably doesn't have much time to have many other interests.

    4. She added that her family once used food stamps to purchase staple items such as cheese and beans in supermarkets.

      The tone of this sentence is odd. It's like they're saying "she was so poor she actually used food assistance to buy staple foods. Unlike everyon else who buys ice cream and cigarettes.

    5. It's not that she can't get a date because she's a virgin, she can't get a date because she is determined to stay one. That's a choice that a lot of men won't respect. Not too many people are willing to enter into a marriage--especially an evangelical marriage--with no knowledge of sexual compatibility.

      If she just wanted a guy to have sex with her, the virginity part wouldn't put off too many guys.

      1. Sexual compatibility is a big one. Of all my college friends who got married the 2 that are now divorced are the ones who waited until they were married to have sex. One of them, both were virgins so I guess it just didn't work out. The other one, the guy was the virgin but the girl he married had been passed around a few times, so I don't know what they were thinking.

        1. Ok but did either of your friends have wives who looked like Lolo? She is so incredibly hot that I think compatibility would take a back seat to "I can't believe I get to f--- this gorgeous chick."

          1. "I can't believe I get to f--- this gorgeous chick."

            Sure that might work for awhile but eventually the novelty will wear off.

            1. Well, yes, when she gets old and/or fat.

              1. Of she stops letting you do it.

            2. Or she just starts nagging you all the time.

          2. But what about the compatibility for her?

  25. Obligatory Lindsay Lohan link.

    1. She used to be so hot. It's fucking terrible what she did to herself.

    2. I can't believe someone thought it was a good idea for her to play a young Liz Taylor. If this is the standard for Hollywood biopic these days, when the hell do I get to play Paul Newman?

      1. if that's the standard, why the hell weren't you asked to play Liz Taylor?

      2. Yep, monumentally blasphemous.

      3. You'd be better if the role of The Edge came up, you sick, sick man.


      4. Probably some mopey brown-eyed kid.

        1. No I have blue eyes that could compete with the man himself. No kidding. It is my one good feature.

  26. http://www.washingtonpost.com/.....story.html

    Kathleen Parker, the house faux conservative at WAPO, writes and eminently reasonable column calling out liberals for their ridiculous threats and histrionics regarding the pending Obamacare decision and hilarity ensues in the comments.

    If you want to see the face of profoundly stupid America, read the comments.

    1. John you're damaging your mind reading that shit.

    2. It's the WaPo. You should know better than to read the comments! You should have to roll a sanity check after that.

      1. It is like a car wreck. You just can't help but slow down and look sometimes even though you know you shouldn't.

          1. nowhere near as good. But what is?

        1. I know. I have a serious problem with this. I just can't look away.

          1. BTW I meant reading comment sections I know are going to be full of the stupid. Like robc below I try to get past real wrecks as fast as possible.

            1. I treat comment sections the same way.

              1. The same way is real wrecks, not the same way as you.

            2. Life's too short, to be wasted on comment sections of major dailies.

        2. I always speed up (when possible). Its rude to the people behind you to rubberneck.

          1. This. The horn is your friend, assuming you aren't in the lane immediately next to the wreck.

  27. OT: I'm getting a new stereo preamplifier today. It's a Quicksilver full-function with tube rectification and a bevy of signal tubes. Pix of one here: http://www.audiocircle.com/index.php?topic=49996

    1. Also off topic: Robert Moog, record reviewer


      1. The Google front page is pretty cool with the Moog tribute.

        1. we get that earlier than you, so I have spent most of the day manufacturing reasons to go onto Google and pissfart around on it

    2. Awesome, enjoy!

    3. Tube nerd.

  28. "tube rectification "

    1. you don't know how good it is until you try it!

      1. If only Lolo Jones would listen to you.

        1. Well, the steel hockey mask does lend a certain amount of protection.

  29. Obligatory Catwoman Anne Hathaway

    You know, I rather liked Halle Berry's Catwoman look. It was a terrible, terrible movie, but she made that awful costume look pretty good. This looks pretty good, though, more along the lines of Eartha Kitt (who as far as I am concerned is CATWOMAN).

    1. Catwoman looks like a skinny 12 year old at halloween.

    2. I don't think she can act to save her life. But wow is she beautiful.

      1. Can't see enough of her face to really judge how it works. Good looking outfit though.

    3. Not doing it for me at all. Eartha Kitt made it work. The voice and attitude were perfect.

    4. Love the costume, hate the mask.

      1. +1

  30. I'm not sure we ever heard about this guy's story earlier this month. If so, I apologize for bringing the bile back up to the top of your throats.

    1. Apology accepted. Here at least is one aspect in which the UK is ahead of the States. There's an Italian footballer who plays for Manchester City called Mario Balotelli, Within days of joining Manchester City, Balotelli was involved in a car crash. He was carrying ?5000 cash at the time. A copper, wondering why a 20 year old who speaks broken English drove a flash car and had so much money, asked him why. Balotelli replied: "Because I am rich". And that was that.

    2. Guilty until proven innocent.

      1. But even when you are proven innocent, they keep your stuff.

        And how about the cop from the story?

        "Why didn't you arrest him?" we asked Bates.

        "Because he hadn't committed a criminal law," the officer answered.

        How does one commit a "law"?

        1. But even when you are proven innocent, they keep your stuff.

          Your stuff is considered guilty of being obtained through criminal activity unless you can prove otherwise.

          1. Your stuff is considered guilty of being obtained through criminal activity unless you can prove otherwise.

            Well since the cop stole it, that statement is factually accurate.

            1. Once he put on the uniform he becomes an agent of the state. Since all crimes are crimes against the state, how can the state commit a crime against itself? It can't.
              So by definition the cop cannot commit a crime. So when a cop commits a crime it's not a crime because he's a cop.

              1. **slow clap**

                You'd make one hell of a propagandist, sarcasmic. If you're in California, I might need you for my campaign next year for city council.*

                *That last bit was serious.

                1. How does the saying go?
                  If nominated I will not accept. If elected I will not serve.
                  Or something like that.

              2. Maybe the State should attempt suicide? Isn't suicide a crime against oneself?

  31. FTA head, able to divine public opinion better than any silly elections, says light rail can't be halted. ThIs comes on the heels of local news stories about a state report that links increased crime to another new light rail line.


    It's time to bring back tar and feathers for such public officials.

    1. Of course crime goes up with light rail. It just brings the criminals to their victims. There is a reason why the Metro doesn't stop in Georgetown or the Palisades.

      1. Yeah, if anything like that ever came to Georgetown, the place would stink to high heave with the smell of everyone shitting themselves.

      2. And of course everyone knows and has known it except for the Light Rail Mafia that's been denying such a link for ages.

  32. Paging Doctor SugarFree, paging doctor SugarFree, please pick up the white courtesey phone and respond to this:

    In my library school, guys comprised probably less than 10% of the student population but, I would estimate, about half of student government and other high-profile positions. I would bet income disparity is just as bad or worse in female-dominated environments because guys, who feel entitled to ask for more in general, probably feel they are entitled to even more (proportionally) since they're "slumming it" in a lady job. I sure hope I'd be wrong about that, but even thinking about it makes me mad.


    I am a librarian and I can honestly say that men who are librarians are definitely treated better and get preferential treatment and end up Library Directors. It also doesn't help that a lot of male librarians do library systems, which is basically the only librarian position with growth and it pays a lot. It is extremely frustrating and has been this way for a long time.

    1. It also doesn't help that a lot of male librarians do library systems, which is basically the only librarian position with growth and it pays a lot.

      Problem identified and solution obvious.

    2. What else could he do? Live midget felching only pays so much and besides, it's a young man's game.

    3. The criticism is not entirely off-base. Men still make up a much higher percentage of directors or deans based on their representations as a whole. There are a lot of reasons for this, from the fact that the directors have to deal with the male-dominated administrations to being generally more ambitious and willing to claw up the ladder to get to the higher positions. There is also the fact that while librarianship is rarely the first career choice for anyone, men generally have business or law degrees, or academic PhDs when they choose librarianship as a second career, giving them a leg up over the tradition female track of English undergrad and only a LIS grad degree.

      There is also some very ugly reasons as well, revolving around the fact that women often rebel violently against having a female boss more than a male one, who is seen as impartial in female power games. But Jezebel would just mumble those away as "patriarchy" rather than admit some women have a deep-ingrained reflex to destroy any other women they perceive as a threat.

      Given that my wife is on a career track to be an academic dean at some point, I get to see all of this up close and in blood-red technicolor.

      BUT... the idea that librarianship has been secretly taken over by men is ludicrous. Male-run libraries are a dying standard, not a up-trend.

      1. Given that my wife is on a career track to be an academic dean at some point, I get to see all of this up close and in blood-red technicolor

        My condolences.

        1. Eh, it's sort of entertaining in a slow-motion shark attack kind of way.

  33. Coming to the stage next for the ladies...

    Jason Statham

    1. But what about our own Hades' Archivist, who based on her interest in Loki I'm guessing likes skinnier men. Well, for her, and all the ladies like her, we have...

      Jake Gyllenhaal

      1. Yes, I do particularly like tall, lanky fellows. Jake is very nice, thanks!

    2. Yay Goldwater! Jason Statham is teh seksi.

    3. My wife goes into drooling fits whenever we watch something with him in it.

  34. Sounds like a very good plan to me dude. WOw.


  35. Brain bleach badly needed:

    Foreign Policy says that the intense dissatisfaction Americans are feeling with their government is a direct result of policies which have dramatically reduced the involvement of government in Americans' daily lives. I could not make this up.

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