Rand Paul-approved Thomas Massie Winning GOP Primary for a Kentucky House Seat


Currently his 47-28 lead with 18 percent reporting is still being described as "slim" by Associated Press, but it seems sizable to me.

The liberty-movement-beloved Thomas Massie (profiled here by Mike Riggs in March) looks set to be the Republican Party candidate in Kentucky's 4th Congressional district.

Rand Paul endorsed Massie earlier this month.

From Riggs' Reason Online profile of Massie:

Much like Rand Paul and his father Ron, Massie's small-government instincts extend far beyond keeping a tight grip on the checkbook. He's also opposed to the PATRIOT Act, warrantless wiretapping, the police state, the drug war, and military adventurism. Massie's views on civil liberties put a lot of daylight between him and his most well-known competitor for the GOP nomination, state legislator Alecia Webb-Edgington. A former member of the Kentucky State Police and the Department of Homeland Security, Webb-Edgington also helped launch Kentucky's DHS-funded Fusion Center and told the crowd at a 2010 Lincoln Dinner, "We don't need any more socialists, communists, or libertarians in the Republican Party."

"So she tries to peg him as a survivalist or a libertarian," Hogan said, chuckling. "And the other candidate has been in government for 16 years. Well, a lot of other people know the two main candidates and have had to deal with them for a while, and a lot of them just necessarily don't like them too well. Thomas is a breath of fresh air." With the number of libertarian Republicans in the House approaching zero, Kentucky's Fourth District isn't the only place in need of some fresh air. 

Keep up with results via Kentucky Board of Elections site.