Rand Paul-approved Thomas Massie Winning GOP Primary for a Kentucky House Seat


Currently his 47-28 lead with 18 percent reporting is still being described as "slim" by Associated Press, but it seems sizable to me.

The liberty-movement-beloved Thomas Massie (profiled here by Mike Riggs in March) looks set to be the Republican Party candidate in Kentucky's 4th Congressional district.

Rand Paul endorsed Massie earlier this month.

From Riggs' Reason Online profile of Massie:

Much like Rand Paul and his father Ron, Massie's small-government instincts extend far beyond keeping a tight grip on the checkbook. He's also opposed to the PATRIOT Act, warrantless wiretapping, the police state, the drug war, and military adventurism. Massie's views on civil liberties put a lot of daylight between him and his most well-known competitor for the GOP nomination, state legislator Alecia Webb-Edgington. A former member of the Kentucky State Police and the Department of Homeland Security, Webb-Edgington also helped launch Kentucky's DHS-funded Fusion Center and told the crowd at a 2010 Lincoln Dinner, "We don't need any more socialists, communists, or libertarians in the Republican Party."

"So she tries to peg him as a survivalist or a libertarian," Hogan said, chuckling. "And the other candidate has been in government for 16 years. Well, a lot of other people know the two main candidates and have had to deal with them for a while, and a lot of them just necessarily don't like them too well. Thomas is a breath of fresh air." With the number of libertarian Republicans in the House approaching zero, Kentucky's Fourth District isn't the only place in need of some fresh air. 

Keep up with results via Kentucky Board of Elections site.


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  1. IIRC, Kentucky requires that the winner get at least 40%, but not a majority, to avoid a runoff in a primary.

  2. OT:
    SF Mayor wants to make sure SF’s population is ‘diverse’; proposes $100K hand outs for down-payments on houses:…..1OL7VM.DTL
    I’ll bet he thinks housing prices will fall with all this free money chasing the limited housing that SF allows. He’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

    1. Perhaps the mayor thinks that he can win support simultaneously from people who get the $100K handouts, and from more savvy homeowners who will enjoy seeing their property values artificially inflated.

      I was just out in the Bay Area this weekend. It rather amazed me how low density the South Bay is, with all the high home prices. (Also the traffic really didn’t seem bad at all, not compared to DC.) There is tons of room to build, if they’d just allow it.

      1. John,
        SF is geographically-limited; hell, there’s water on three sides.
        But even given that, the zoning, enviro-regs, code requirements, height limitations and the just plain reactionary elements probably cause a greater loss of housing.
        You’d think liberals would hate the ’50s, but a surprising number think SF was just perfect at that time, and moving a brick from where it was needs a *lot* of a approvals.

        1. And it’s not just bias blaming it on liberals. It’s Science! (The author of this paper is no conservative or libertarian; he’s a environmental economist.)

          1. Yeah, but the watermellons already hate him:
            “[his]new book titled Climatopolis: How Our Cities Will Thrive in the Hotter Future. The book’s central argument is that global warming poses a serious challenge to the world’s cities but it is an anticipated threat.”

            1. Climatopolis. When they are freezing their mangina asses off on the 200th floor of some Chicago high rise, and their nifty solar panels have failed, they aren’t getting any blanket donations from me, freaking idiots.

    2. “Under the proposal – crafted with the input of private developers, affordable housing advocates, real estate agents and others”

      Now that’s a mix of people (along with politicians) that I want deciding how to spend my tax dollars. How about you?

      1. Nope. No conflicted interests there. Not a chance.
        All public-spirited folks, every one of them.

    3. Article says they’re using funds from the defunct redevelopment agency. Don’t these assholes ever just give the damn money back to the taxpayers or at least use it to pay off obligations?

      1. “Don’t these assholes ever just give the damn money back to the taxpayers or at least use it to pay off obligations?

        Ha, ha and ha!
        Does that answer your question?

    4. Speaking of Bay Area housing:

      The unelected Central Planning agency known as ABAG voted unanimously to support their plan to force all Bay Area suburbs to build high-density transit villages in their downtowns, or face loss of all their road-repair funds. They call it “suburban urbanization” and say the new “sustainable communities” will also lead to “social justice”. Despite hordes of protesters at every meeting, the agency folk decided to go with a private poll rather than in-person feedback, and claimed that 87% of the Bay Area supports them (reason — the 87% said “yes” to this question: Would you approve of a plan that would improve the Bay Area economy, reduce traffic and greenhouse gases, and enhance the environment?)

      Best quote of all: “We’ve heard over and over that the public’s top priorities are preserving the Bay Area’s high quality of life and each community’s unique characteristics,” said Ken Kirkey, ABAG planning director. “Plan Bay Area will achieve these goals by strengthening the connection between housing, jobs and transportation.”

      Um, making every suburb into a cookie-cutter replica will preserve that community’s uniqueness? Plus, they will force these transit villages to be built though there is no market demand for them, no evidence there will be demand for them, and in the few spots they have been built, they have been complete disasters.

      Stalin would have loved these people.…..rel559.htm

      1. Would you approve of a plan that would improve the Bay Area economy, reduce traffic and greenhouse gases, and enhance the environment?

        What rational person, taking it at face value, would say “no”? I’m surprised 13% were smart enough to know that they were being swindled.

        1. Eh, about 5-10% of people will say “No” in basically any poll.

  3. And the gap appears to be widening. It is now 47-23.

    1. The totals for all of the candidates just jumped after I posted. Make that 49%-25% with 55% reporting.

      1. Uh oh. How is the lib media going to spin that as a slim margin. Sounds like an old fashioned ass kickin to me. Do you have a link?

      2. If a Dem was winning 49/25, the press would call it a land-slide.

        1. It IS a landslide. Link please, pmains. Guy is from Lewis County and a Libertarian! Not a tea party darling, you media hacks! My grandfather has a place down there, I used to hang out there a lot during summer breaks from school(was living in Cincy at the time), nostalgia…

          1. “living in Cincy at the time”
            Make it a four-way, please. And two Conys; I’m hungry.

            1. Dude, my chili is the best. World famous! I mean kick ass, internationally renowned, and there is not one southern buckeye arse that can match it. NO freakin cinnamon, and especially not chocolate! Abominations!

              I admit to frequenting Gold Star a lot, but my chili kicks the ass of even their best. Cumin is one of the secrets to good chili, not any pussy cinnamon or chocalate, *barf*

              1. Now, now…
                Just open a parlor and we’ll see how your chili does against Empress or Skyline…

                1. No parlors for me, or Facebook. Might invest in SpaceX though, seriously thinking…

                  1. **clears throat**


                    1. Still, though, eating Skyline is Not Cool. Fucking Chocolate and Cinnamon in chili is a sin that offends the Baby Monocled Libertarian Jesus.

      3. In the Obama vs. UNCOMMITTED race, Obama leads 58% to 42% right now.

        1. Counties Partially Reported: 1 of 120
          Counties Completely Reported: 119 of 120
          Counties Percent Reported: 99.17 %

  4. Ms Edgington has a degree in sociology and criminology, the hard sciences.

    1. Like the social science degree that the now famous screamin, gonna put you ass in da jail for dissin da one!, teacher from NC has?

  5. Gun buying frenzy?…..1061133302

    1. Weapons manufacturers across the industry are logging similar numbers.

      Moar jobz!

  6. “Tea party candidate Massie wins GOP 4th District congressional primary”…..5a04d17be5

    OK, assuming he wins the election, one down, ~432 to go.

    1. He will win, and I call it a good start. Or do you not consider 3 or 4, or 5 libertarians in Congress better than 1?

      1. “Or do you not consider 3 or 4, or 5 libertarians in Congress better than 1?”

        Hell, I’d take another 1/2!
        Who else is there? RP, and…….

        1. Justin Amash

          1. And Maybe Rand Paul. And with Ron Paul retiring we need this guy to give us a possible +1.

            1. Rand is a senator.
              Not griping; I’d like more Rand Pauls, but I’d like more libertarian Reps also.

              1. The Senate is part of Congress, dude.

  7. Goddamn, motherfucking, cick-sucking pussies at NASCAR. What the fuck has happened to you?

    I remember the days when you could go to the Winston tent at RIR and roll out with 2 cartons of smokes…go back and do it about 10 times in a row and go home with enough smokes until the next race at the track. Fucking sellouts.

    1. Go Ricky Bobby!!! Anarchy, I totally don’t know what that means, but I love it!

    2. you’re just now figuring out that NASCAR sold out? The folks at Rockingham, North Wilkesboro, and Darlington could have told you that long ago. What says stock car racing quite like Chicago and Miami?

      Yeah, I know; newer tracks with luxury boxes and other revenue-enhancing amenities. The change from Winston Cup to whatever it is now was just a step in the regression.

      1. Well, to be fair, NASCAR was pretty much forced to drop Winston as part of the tobacco settlement.

    3. NASCAR should consider itself lucky that it’s popular enough to sell out.

  8. OT: How JP Morgan Will benefit From There Own fuck UP Through Regulatory Capture While Community Banks Get Screwed….._embedded#!

    1. There, their, whatevs.

  9. she tries to peg him as a survivalist or a libertarian,

    Yeah, cause surviving and being free are bad, m’kay?


    1. Well, they’re *icky*!

      1. Evidently so.
        I cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner on my 22.5″ Weber for a week without power after Hurricane Irene came through. A superannuated portable generator ran (once I got the old Tecumseh side valve engine running again… this 10% ethanol gas must be gummier than 100% gas) after sunset to keep the fridge cold, give us a few lights and charge up the laptops and cellphones through the UPS.
        Now I’m considered a survivalist by my neighbors who all got hotel rooms the first day. I got the same treatment after Isabel, and after the 1993-1994 winter storms and the “Christmas Eve Storm” of 1998.

    2. We must remind everyone WHY…THEY….NEED….US!

  10. Masse is exactly the kind if politician that E.J. Dionne warns about in his new book on partisanship.

    1. And by partisanship he means people who don’t agree with him or otherwise unwilling to fuck over the American people by compromising on issues like civil liberties and economic freedom. Fuck bipartisanship.

    2. You read a book by EJ Dionne? ew.

      How many brain cells did it kill?

    3. And, of course Dionne is ‘non-partisan’. Somehow, I’d bet that a search of his scribblings when Bush was Pres would show he’s a goddam hypocrite.
      Oh, and (Robert Taft): “The job of the opposition is to oppose”.

  11. The Kentucky is always a fighting position for both the parties and this debate is going on and on.

    1. Let me guess, someone stole your sweet roll.

  12. lol, too bad they are all corrupt as the day is long lol.

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