Mexican Congressional Candidate Wants to End Drug War. Also, She Poses Topless.


Via CNN:

 The campaign involves a 34-year-old philosophy professor named Natalia Juarez, who's running for the Mexican congress. When Juarez realized her bid for office was off to a slow start a few weeks ago, the leftist candidate quickly decided she was going to be transparent with voters in a way they didn't expect.

Juarez decided to appear topless on a billboard surrounded by half-a-dozen supporters of her party, the PRD (Party of the Democratic Revolution). The billboard shows the seven women, including Juarez, naked from the waist up and covering sensitive areas with their right hands while they raise their left fists.

Juarez (shown above in the center of the billboard) is apparently trying to shock a society she describes as "lethargic" into paying attention to the race. She put up two billboards in Guadalajara. The professor claims female college students support her campaign, as well as her family. She's also promising that her next round of campaigning will be even more shocking.

She also describes herself as a radical candidate (obviously) with radical views for Mexico about the drug war:

"When it comes to drugs and the violence generated by drug trafficking, we need to start thinking in a radical way. What do I mean by that? Well, we need to start a debate. Let's legalize (drugs), tax them and use the money for other things," Juarez said.

Mexico's elections are on July 1.