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Ron Paul Roundup: Taking Minnesota, Backed by a Still-Dedicated Revolution


Ron Paul moves into Minnesota this weekend on his continued quest to come into Tampa with as many Paul delegates as possible. 

*How Ron Paul people are shaking up the state GOP in Minnesota, where Paul may well walk out after this weekend's state convention controlling its delegation to the national convention in Tampa in August. You are wondering: what does T-Paw think?

Former Gov. Tim Pawlenty, a Republican, said this week that he thinks the GOP establishment should welcome Paul supporters with open arms and embrace their energy instead of view it as a negative.  

Ron Paul's rEVOLution: The Man and the Movement He Inspired

"You have to tip your cap to them. They show up. They're working hard," Pawlenty said of the Paul faction after delivering a policy speech Monday at the University of Minnesota Humphrey School of Public Affairs. "So we want them to be part of the Republican team."

*The Star-Tribune focuses on the conflict between Paulites and other Republicans in Minnesota:

Paul supporters have already flexed their might in the state's Republican Party. They claim 20 of the 24 national delegates already selected at local Republican gatherings. They ousted a GOP insider from the party's ruling body and thwarted some sitting lawmakers' attempts at party positions….The 12-term Texas congressman will address the convention Friday night. It's a privilege he was denied four years ago and supporters have stewed about the slight ever since.

"Starting with the Minnesota State Convention this weekend, our movement has an opportunity to secure more delegates, take control of more local and state parties … to achieve lasting victory in the years to come," said John Tate, Paul's campaign manager.

That promise to "take control" is making some longtime Republicans queasy. Republicans who have labored in the party trenches for years consider the Paul supporters upstarts who refuse to see the difference between Democratic President Obama and Romney.

"The hideous Ron Paul invasion of the Minnesota Republican Party is not quite over … but enough evidence is in hand to draw some grim conclusions for those who are not enamored of a … fringe cult political figure who speaks to alienated, fairly ignorant and frequently unwashed lost souls," said longtime Republican activist John Gilmore on his blog this week.

Gilmore said he has no doubt that Paul's support will overflow during this year's Republican state convention.

On Saturday, state delegates are scheduled to select delegates to the party's national convention in August in Tampa, Fla.

Behind the scenes, party officials have worked frantically to keep the antipathy between the pro-Romney folks and Paul supporters at bay during the two-day state convention.

State Republican Party Chairman Pat Shortridge said he hopes that in exchange for Paul being welcomed, his supporters will allow the convention to proceed without conflict.

"Everybody is happy as far as I can tell," said Shortridge, who was picked as a state delegate by the Paul-friendly "Liberty Caucus."

Paul will be allowed to speak at the convention only after delegates finish endorsing a U.S. Senate candidate, but his voice may be heard even before he appears. In the three-way Senate contest, Paul and many of his Minnesota supporters are backing the bid of first-term state Rep. Kurt Bills.

*NPR on Paul in Minnesota, which points out it seems near certain he'll come out of it controlling the delegation–that is, having "won Minnesota."

*The Paul folks efforts to win delegates in the Michigan convention also this weekend, from Detroit News.

*With Paul people controlling the state Party in Nevada, Atlantic reports on Romney's people starting their own "shadow party" to do the pro-Romney things they fear the real Party won't.

*Ed Morrissey says that in his long game of Party influence, Ron Paul has already won.

*Talking Points Memo on fear of Paul-fan generated tumult in Tampa, inside and outside.

*At the Ron Paul Forums, Paul partisans say: No Romney. And also, that they are still trying to make sure Paul wins.

*New Paulite SuperPAC Liberty For All, spending over half a million to promote Kentucky federal congressional candidate Thomas Massie.

*Although the campaign itself says it has no problem with apparent efforts on the part of the party openly supporting the candidate who is not yet its official nominee, Paul partisans in Clark County, Nevada, called for the resignation of RNC chief Reince Priebus for that.

*Mark Hendrickson at Forbes with the wild idea that Romney might be able to appeal to Paul people by promising an actual hard halt to spending no more than $3 trillion a year.

*He still says he has "no plans" to make a third party run. Deadlines to get on the presidential ballot in most states is looming, though they stretch from June to August depending on the state in question.

*W. James Antle on the Paul strategy post "no more active campaigning in primary states" announcement, from American Conservative.

*Time with a history of online comments from Paul fans.

*Business Insider on my new book, Ron Paul's Revolution: The Man and the Movement He Inspired.


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  1. RUSH 2112!

    1. Limbaugh will be long dead by then, Dittohead


  2. Republicans who have labored in the party trenches for years consider the Paul supporters upstarts who refuse to see the difference between Democratic President Obama and Romney.

    It would be easier if there were actual differences.

    1. Gay marriage. Abortion. That’s about it.

      1. RP has the same views as most Republicans on abortion.

        1. What does that have to do with the difference between Democratic President Obama and Romney?

          1. I LIKE TURTLES!!!

            1. ^This

          2. Absolutely nothing. My mistake.

          3. One is red, one is blue. Duh. It makea all the difference in the world in the minds of most voters.

            1. One is red, one is blue.

              and that, friends and neighbors, is the sad truth. For too many, a D or R is the only distinction necessary.

            2. They differ in their hollow promises

    2. Yeah, the labor they have done in those trenches has been sooo wonderful.

      Like getting evicted because they ran up so much debt they can’t pay the rent on their party HQ.

      My big hope is that Kurt Bills (endorsed by Ron Paul) wins the endorsement for the senate race. The local neocons are wet in their panties about Pete Hegseth who seems to be another National Security guy.

      1. Isn’t the state GOP a laff-riot, Pope-J?

        1. You have to worry when the only effective candidate you seem to have is Michael Bachmann who – I enjoy watching her – is batshit crazy.

          That you can’t muster candidates who can beat Al Franken or Mark Dayton means that you really are so dysfunctional that maybe you shouldn’t be trusted with the rent money.

  3. Is it still-backed or still-born, Doherty? Clearly, only your incessant book shilling is the one thing keeping this gestating movement on the birth canal to a successful delivery! Those ShamWows will come to handy to soak up all that amniotic fluid and afterbirth.

    Are you sure you didn’t complete an OB/GYN rotation or clerkship?

    (And yes Warty, I’m sure amniotic fluid could be used in crafting a potent potable.)

    1. Then get on it. I’m sure you could sell it to Ukranian hobos.

      1. I can only do so much, Warty. Putrifying corpses, distilling blood products and obtaining breast milk is not an easily completed task. These thing take time.

        Besides, I’m allergic to maternity wards.

        1. Putrifying corpses, distilling blood products and obtaining breast milk is not an easily completed task.

          Well yeah, if you’re trying to do them all at the same time.

        2. Minions, Doc, you need minions. If you haven’t attracted them yet, then maybe you need to level up before trying that.

          1. Why do you think he’s moving to Ukraine. Mercenary henchmen are a dime a dozen over there.

          2. Ah, the tried and true concept of Division of Labour! The problem is most, if not all, of my minions will end up as one of the first two products. Warty seems to go through the breast milk donors (and their progeny) at an alarming rate. Replenishing this labour force is quite a head-scratcher.

            1. Well, Warty as a henchman is a good start. A top-drawer henchman causes as many problems as he solves, but isn’t disposable unlike mere minions.

  4. These posts reek of desperation. Was Doherty eying the Editor-in-Chief job that Welch got after Myth of a Maverick?

    1. You mean they are informative and well-written by some with lots of knowledge on the subject he writes about? If so, then yes, quite desperate.

      1. I was referring to the doorstop utility of both books, actually.

  5. “fringe cult political figure who speaks to alienated, fairly ignorant and frequently unwashed lost souls”

    Your mother should’ve told you: you can never unwash your soul frequently enough.

  6. One of the things I’m enjoying this political season is the Team Red TERROR at what the “Paul Bots” have in mind for the convention.

    Their vexation is palpable. And delicious.

    1. They would be wiser to stop worrying so much about making the convention a Romney coronation, and try just a little to earn the votes of the Ron Paul supporters. Maybe actually cut spending a little, bring the troops home from Japan or somewhere they’re not welcome and not doing anything useful, and promise to audit the Fed now and then.

      1. Yes, but would Reagan’s corpse approve? He is the necrocratic leader of the Republican party and his word his final.

        1. I think Reagan would approve. The Repubs have painted him into something he was not. Hard to imagine his being against folks who think the Constitution means something and that govt is too big, even though it grew on his watch, too.

      2. But then break all those promises immediately after the election right? Increase both defense and entitlement spending, double the number of troops overseas, and continue to give the Fed free reign. I mean, let’s not give in to the insanity.

  7. I suspect that Ron Paul will do a back room deal to get Rand Paul the VP nomination in exchange for not turning the convention into a (figurative) bloodbath.

    The party establishment will never give Paul the nomination, so that leaves him with two possible objectives – defining the platform or the VP nomination. The party can’t do an about-face on WoD, WoT or free stuff from the government; any of those would make them vulnerable in the election. So that leaves the VP slot which would position Rand Paul for future presidential runs and ensure Paul’s ideological legacy.

    1. Rand Paul isn’t his father. Many Ron Paul supporters would not vote for Romney just because Rand is on the bottom of the ticket. And as far as “ensuring Paul’s ideological legacy,” he seems more concerned with an actual, lasting legacy of Constitutional governance, not establishing some sort of political dynasty he has railed against since GWB was elected.

      1. I don’t see it as dynastic aspirations, Sloop. I think he sees Rand Paul as the best vehicle to carry his ideological message. Sure, Johnson has good bona fides but the third-party thing is the kiss of death.

        1. How is going third-party a kiss of death? Paul’s too old to run again in 2016, so it would be a party to grow the movement Paul started, not the means to a personal end.

          Paul’s personal aspirations end this November, for better or worse. And I personally think he wants his legacy to be the movement, not the fact that he fathered a future Vice-President or President.

          1. “How is going third-party a kiss of death?”

            Because using the machinery of the Republican party against itself is the best way to advance the cause and the message. The third party thing just keeps you on the fringe in the eyes of the public. As much as the msm tries to shove the whole Ron Paul thing to the side, he’s gotten considerably more attention than Gary Johnson or any Libertarian Party candidate would ever get. If you want to beat the machine, you have to destroy it from within.

            1. ^This. Thanks, Al.

    2. I could endorse this idea. Voters do tend to have short memories and keeping a Paul in the public eye certainly couldn’t hurt. However, his (usually lone) voice in the Senate is not without value.

      1. The party leadership would see getting Paul Jr. out of his senate seat as a good thing. The strategy I outlined is subtle, but high-risk. Paul Sr. is running out of time.

        1. Hopefully he wouldn’t give up Senate seat unless actually elected to VP. Then he is still sort of like the 101’st Senator, no?

        2. Sort of. The VP is President of the Senate, but it’s mostly ceremonial. He only gets to vote if the floor is deadlocked, ie he’s a tie-breaker.

  8. Fuck the Republicans. Paul should (quietly) let them know he will split off and form his own party/merge with the LP if they don’t at least tap him for the VP slot and institute many of his reforms. They know they can’t win without his support and his supporters’ support. He’s got them by the balls and he’s refusing to squeeze.

    1. He’s said he’s not interested in the veep slot, Sloopy. Really, that’s only useful as a stepping stone to the presidency and Paul Sr. has said this will be his last election.

      1. He said he’s not interested, but he has to know he can make a more lasting impact in office than out of office.

        What would make it extra-delicious is if he’s nominated for the VP slot from the floor of the convention, to Romney’s and the GOP establishment’s dismay. He could continue to campaign on his own and for his own platform, and there wouldn’t be a damn thing Romney could do about it.

    2. They know they can’t win without his support and his supporters’ support.

      I doubt both interpretations of that.

      1. The lack of Paul’s supporters isn’t going to lose them the election.
      2. Even if it was, they are arrogant enough to believe that it couldn’t happen.

      1. Certainly #2. Not sure about the numbers for #1 since that has to be balanced against all the other small blocs on both sides.

        1. Maybe #1 would be better worded: What’s going to lose the GOP the election won’t be the lack of Paul’s supporters.

  9. However things turn out the convention season will be amusing – both Tampa and Charlotte.

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