It's a Bird! It's a Plane! No, It's… a Drone, or a Hoax


A YouTube video purporting to show a drone in the skies outside Chicago a week before the NATO Summit has made it all across the internet and even to a local CBS affiliate.

The video, below, hasn't been confirmed by anyone, and the military says it doesn't recognize the markings. Only a few years ago, the best a video like that could hope for is to be picked up for a documentary on UFOs or something. It shares many of the same elements as countless hoax UFO videos on YouTube. It's likely a hoax too, but because the idea that drones are indeed coming to American airspace isn't, this video's caught the imagination of bloggers and reporters alike.

Read Judge Napolitano lament the coming of drones to America here, and watch the video below to judge for yourself:

UPDATE: Via Commenter Jingles, what looks very much like the source image for the drone "in" the video.