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Poll: 74 Percent of Americans, Including 67 Percent of Republicans, Want Obama to End Medical Marijuana Crackdown


A poll conducted earlier this month by Mason-Dixon Polling & Research on behalf of the Marijuana Policy Project finds that 76 percent of Americans want President Barack Obama to end his crackdown on medical marijuana in states where medicinal use of the plant is legal. 

According to MPP's release, "Support for keeping the federal government out of state medical marijuana issues was universal across all demographics. With respect to political affiliation, 75% of Democrats, 67% of Republicans, and, notably 79% of Independents said that President Obama should respect state medical marijuana laws. Even among the least supportive group (those identified as over 65 years of age), 64% were in favor of respecting state law." 

You can read the full breakdown of the poll here. Below is a shot of the breakdown by political affiliation, age, and ethnicity:

Another poll out today, this one from Public Policy Polling, finds that 65 percent of New Hampshire residents support legalizing medical marijuana

In October 2011, the polling firm Gallup reported that for the first time 50 percent of Americans thought marijuana should be legal, while 46 percent felt that it should remain illegal. 

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  1. This and $1 won’t even get you a good headache, much less legal weed.

    And please stop posting those pictures of sweet, delicious herb during work hours. It makes me pine for a schmoke…

    1. Really…between the nice stick buds and the T-shirt girls, how we supposed to get anything done.

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    3. Man, the only weed worth smokin’ in this area is hydroponic… Every else is brown crap from someone’s nasty stash. FUCK the DEA for this fear. I did hydro a couple of weeks ago and I wrote a novel…

  2. Barry’s marijuana policy has been a disaster since he reappointed Michele Leonhart.

  3. Just more proof that the current administration doesn’t care about what the people want.

    You can look at these demographics and easily figure out that in 10 years from now when a third of those over 65 have passed on that the in favor of keeping the feds out of state law on this is going to be 80% or more. Will the feds care then? If an establishment D or R administration is charge, then my guess is hell no.

    When the feds are going against 75% of the will of the people, there is no longer a free country. Really, there has not been for a long time now, it’s more like a military / police state / crony clusterfuck.

    1. I certainly agree with the clusterfuck part. I’ll but the police state if you grant that it’s a cross between Rambo and the Keystone Kops. My personal friendship with a number of military and ex-military types over the years makes me reluctant to blame the military much, but I may be out of touch.

      1. I am not blaming the military either. I am blaming the use of the military by our last couple of administrations, non-ending global wars of aggression. Add to that the current trend in militarization of the domestic police force. Add to that the rampant corruption and corporate cronyism. Add it all up = military police state crony clusterfuck.

    2. None of them care what people want. It is not like Romney will stop this shit. They all think they know better.

      1. Agree John, that is why I wrote:

        If an establishment D or R administration is charge

        That is definitely inclusive of the Flip Flopney.

  4. 50 percent of Americans thought marijuana should be legal, while 46 percent felt that it should remain illegal.

    Yet another example of “~50 percent of Americans support X, while 50 percent oppose it”.

  5. The establishment depends upon pot being illegal. Everything from your NYPD beat cop having a pretext for locking up young punks, to the prison industrial complex.

    It doesn’t matter how many people want to legalize pot, until they’re ready to march in the streets by the tens and hundreds of thousands, they can be ignored with impunity because no major party candidate will upset the status quo once in office.

    1. Pretty much. And the problem is that both parties have no interest in changing things. So who do you vote for? You are pissed at Obama, fine vote him out of office. But it is not like Romney will change anything.

      The entire establishment has decided that making pot illegal is completely unthinkable. So it doesn’t matter how many people want it changed, it won’t happen.

      1. This issue really should be an opening for a third party (libertarian anyone?) at the state level. Especially in one-party blue states like CA, NY and MA.

        Too bad that libertarians are more interested in endlessly arguing about first principles than actually accomplishing anything.

    2. John, you are right about this but it can be applied to so many other issues. The status quo is a very heavy object, and very difficult to move.

    3. Well, I don’t see much of a threat to the establishment from medical marijuana clinics. If the feds simply ignored them, it would probably win Obama a few votes, and not lose him many. So the crackdown is a puzzle to me.

  6. As long as Police departments and the DEA are allowed to keep confiscating property and money from these raids to fatten up their budgets, this shit will continue to go on. There is too much money to be made by our government keeping Marijuana illegal.

    1. I’ve come to the reluctant conclusion that what is needed is not a repeal of the confiscation bushwa, but an amendment to the effect that anyone who sues successfully to get their property back gets legal fees and twice what was taken. Slip it into some massive bill, get it passed, and watch all the worst jurisdictions suddenly go broke.

  7. 99% of Americans who financially benefit from prohibition wants Obama to keep it up.

  8. La la la, I can’t hear you. St. Barack is still the ne plus ultra of enlightened progressivism, and everything wrong with this country is the fault of those wrong thinkers in the GOP.

    1. “St. Barack is still the ne plus ultra of enlightened progressivism”

      I’ll agree with that. Which is what is wrong with Progressivism.

      1. Progressivism was wrong and totally FUBAR long before the black white gay evoloved one came onto the scene. Look no further than prohibition of alcohol as proof.

    2. I know you’re joking, but I’ve repeatedly heard people defend Obama on this by claiming that he has to keep up the drug war because the mean old obstructionist Republicans would say bad things about him if he tried to tone it down, so he can’t.

      I have no fucking clue why this meme is so popular. I mean, the Republicans are just overflowing already with gushes of praise for Obama as-is, right?

      1. I have no fucking clue why this meme is so popular

        Easily explained. Because most of Obamas supporters are progressives, and progressives collectively are dumber than a bag of shit.

        I have said it before, but don’t have a problem with repeating. If Obama told his supporters that he needs to sacrifice their puppies and kitties to Satan because of things that Republicans are doing, they would all gladly hand over their little furries to the one.

  9. I’d say that another reason the War on Drugs won’t end without serious pressure is because it will be a major embarrassment for the America-?ber-alles crowd to admit they were wrong and really messed up societies across the planet, but then I remembered what an embarrassment the War on Drugs was to begin with…

    1. I don’t think that is it. They could just as easily sell ending the war on drugs as a way of fixing these places. And everyone loves to “fix” other countries.

      I think it is just a giant case of group think. Everyone on both sides agree that drugs just have to be illegal. They really don’t even think about why. It is just what “acceptable opinion” is.

      1. You have to keep in mind that the notion that the State exists to do the will of the people, as opposed to the will of an elite, or (at best) to guide the people according to the dictates of their betters, is (historically speaking) VERY new.

        None of the Political Class, worldwide, really has a firm grasp on it.

      2. It is starting to look like a good portion of South/Central America is going to go down the decrim path. Not sure what effect that will have since no legalization will mean that cartels will still be the biggest/only supplier.

  10. Dude really does seem to know what he is talking about. WOw.

  11. Not only is the WoD incredibly lucrative to the political and police classes, but it’s not an issue people vote on. Meaning, a politician doesn’t have to worry about being kicked out of office just because he thinks pot should stay illegal. So yeah, 150% of Americans can think legal pot is fine-and-dandy, but a minuscule % of them base their votes on it.

  12. Right, KK. Its easier for a person to answer a poll and say they support legal MJ, but then, you have to put yourself in that category of people who want to LEGALIZE POT! Jeez, no conservative wants to be a member of THAT group! Especially a sitting congressman. Who’s going to sponsor that bill? POTHEADS? Doesn’t it, like lead to hard drugs? Split chromosomes? Its The Tenaciousness of Unreasonable Beliefs that prevents this from happening. The only thing that is certain is that it will never change until there is a massive, loud, unruly and unending outcry from the people. And even then, its anybody’s guess…

  13. Americans want President Barack Obama to end medical marijuana in states where medicinal use of the plant is legal.

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  16. Marijuana Legalization will occur when elections are won or lost due to the candidates position. e.g., the OR AG race.
    Most parasitical prohibitionists feed at the trough of the “Drug War” money or are ignorant of the facts, and just buy into the Propaganda the govt spends billions on annually.

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