We Can Rebuild Him, We Have the Technology


A new experiment seems to provide prove, at least in principle, that gene therapy on adult animals can extend slow the effects of aging and significantly extend individual health and life. Via Science Daily:

A number of studies have shown that it is possible to lengthen the average life of individuals of many species, including mammals, by acting on specific genes. To date, however, this has meant altering the animals' genes permanently from the embryonic stage—an approach impracticable in humans. Researchers at the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO), led by its director María Blasco, have demonstrated that the mouse lifespan can be extended by the application in adult life of a single treatment acting directly on the animal's genes. And they have done so using gene therapy, a strategy never before employed to combat aging. The therapy has been found to be safe and effective in mice.

…Mice treated at the age of one lived longer by 24% on average, and those treated at the age of two, by 13%. The therapy, furthermore, produced an appreciable improvement in the animals' health, delaying the onset of age-­?related diseases—like osteoporosis and insulin resistance—and achieving improved readings on aging indicators like neuromuscular coordination.

Whole thing here. Reason on the promise of radical life extension here

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  1. Suder-man is apparently trying to push Ron out the door.

    He’s too old anyhow.

    1. “…and, thus, Nature’s Cycle? continues to refresh the herd…”

  2. This stuff just blows my mind. Not sure if I’d like the life-extending gene work.

    OK – yeah, I would. Where do I sign up? At my age it should net me….another 15 minutes or so, anyway.

  3. hmmmm i am a Connecticut Web Design and in my point of view too old naa 😛

  4. If they can bring back Jamie, that’s what counts.

  5. gene therapy on adult animals can extend slow the effects of aging and significantly extend individual health and life

    The environazis and corruptocrats will quickly team up to kill any progress on this. Imagine even more humans living even longer and wreaking more havoc on poor mother Gaia. The horror.

    The progressive movement demands that we enter a new dark age of utter despair and stupidity on a scale yet unheard of in all of human history, to save mother Gaia of course, and make more bucks for the Goracle and the evolved black white gay guy with the rainbow colored halo.

    1. No, there will be far too much demand for this if it actually pans out. The enviro-elites might try to reserve it for themselves as the anointed ones, but that is also unlikely to succeed.

      1. You have a point, and I hope that demand will push back the corruptocrat and environazi agenda.

        More likely that the corrupt politicians like Obama would try to make it available only to themselves.

        We can only hope that demand and the market wins out.

        I can actually envision a scenario in which they try to make it illegal and put it under the control of the DEA. Then of course, there will be a huge black market and DEA will become even more powerful and expansive. Their new evil goal will be to catch people and force them to die before they get life prolonging illegal drugs. You can’t make this stuff up, and who wouldn’t believe it now after what we are already seeing?

  6. Perhaps “A new experiment seems to provide proof“?

  7. I think those dudes are like way out of their league!

  8. File this under “Jim Morrison.”

  9. If they can bring back Jamie, that’s what counts. —yes I agree in a cheap jerseys

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