Beach Boy Bruce Johnston Calls Obama (and Romney) an "Asshole"


And it wasn't even Mike "Never Learn Not to" Love!

The best part of this Drudge-linked video is not necessarily the "I Write the Songs" writer's crack about the president being an "asshole, unless you're interested in never having any money and being socialized," nor his not remembering Mitt Romney's name, nor the terrific "fffff" enunciation in front of the word "fucked," but rather the desperate and understandable attempt by his fans to have him stop talking about politics and instead take a damned picture.

As Beach Boys transgressions goes, this ranks somewhere a bit below helping Charles Manson with his musical career. In fact, it's just a relatively anonymous guy who nobody relies on for political commentary giving an off-the-cuff response to fans in the era of YouTube. Here's hoping against experience that Johnston is turned into neither pariah nor hero, and that political commentators will check their own Dixie Chicks archives before wading in. (Speaking of which, here's mine.)

As The Joe Perry Project taught us, we should let the music do the talking. No matter how weird:

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  1. Each time he mentioned a candidate someone off-camera made mention of their affiliation, like anyone gave a shit. “I’m a Republican.” “I like Obama.”

    I hate presidential election years.

    1. More people will see this than the relatively awesome Beach Boys tribute (at least the Foster The People one) and reunion at the Grammy’s this year. So yes, I hate presidential election years, as well.

      1. We have tix to the Beach Boys reunion show in Berkeley in a few weeks. Hopefully it will be all music that night. Doubt the Berkeley crowd will be very forgiving of him bad-mouthing their messiah.

    2. You always get that when you talk to normal people about what an asshole Obama is. I usually try compound the shock by launching a tirade about how FDR was a fascist monster. You should try it sometime.

      1. No, no. Go after Lincoln, or better yet, John Adams for the Alien and Sedition Acts. That really fucks up people’s heads.

        1. Why stop there? I just go right into my “Bomb DC” speech. Many people don’t really know how to respond so it ends that shit pretty quick.

        2. Fuck that. I launch a full-throated defense of Oliver Cromwell at any opportunity.

          1. I launch a fulldeep-throated defense of Oliver Cromwell


            1. I beseech you, in the bowels of Christ, think it possible you may be mistaken.

              1. I hear that Sandi shit on the bowels of Christ once.

                But I may be mistaken…

                1. Not yet. But I did take a shit at a Beach Boys concert once.

        3. Yep – I love John Adams (just CAUSE), but I always go all Alien and Sedition on people. Cause NO OVERLORD IS PERFECT.

          Not even my favorite Founding Father(tm). Maybe ESPECIALLY not my favorite Founding Father(tm)…

          1. But hey, because Adams was sensitive about people making wisecracks about his weight, his support of the Alien and Sedition Acts prompted Jefferson and Madison to support the Virginia and Kentucky resolutions, iron clad proof that two of our presidents and Founding Fathers supported nullification.

    3. I can’t wait for this to end. Unfortunately we live in a country where politics = sports and just like after every major event in sports the media immediately begins chattering about the next one.

      1. Maybe you should move to the PRC.

        1. Ah, the “love it or leave it” argument. Never gets old!

          1. Shit you’re such a cunt Tulpa. Apparently not wanting to be inundated with political talk all the time equals “I hate America.”

            1. No, but characterizing the fact that you live in the US as “unfortunate” does.

              1. Learn how to read dumbass. It’s not unfortunate we live in the US, it’s unfortunate that politics has become 24/7. See the difference? You are such a goddamn moron.

                1. Dude, you clearly stated that the country we live in is unfortunate. Significantly imprecise wording on your part is not moronism, dumbassedness, or cunticity on my part. Your marshalling of playground insulsts only confirms your defects, however remediable.

          2. Who made that argument?

            When someone characterizes their place of residence as “unfortunate” then the only charitable thing to do is suggest that they move.

    4. I don’t how the Facebookites who aren’t raving collectivist take it.

      1. one word: unsubscribe. It is, hands down, the single coolest feature on FB. You can eliminate the nuclear-level stoopid.

  2. ” it’s just a relatively anonymous guy who nobody relies on for political commentary giving an off-the-cuff response to fans in the era of YouTube”

    As opposed to?

  3. “Reagan and Tip O’Neill” were actually quite horrible. Clinton and Gingrich were a lot better, at least in results.

    1. Damn! I forgot to mention that the Tip O’Neill love was by far the most offensive thing about this. Oh well.

    2. Er, Clinton and Gingrich had the advantage of the USSR being gone and the public dawn of the Internet in the mid to late 90s.

  4. As Beach Boys transgressions goes, this ranks somewhere a bit below helping Charles Manson with his musical career.

    Before or after the conviction? Because if it’s before, that might have saved their lives.

  5. Once Carl and Dennis died, I think it’s fair to argue that the beach Boys had as well. I can’t find it anymore, but there was an a capella version of Sloop John B floating around on Youtube. I can’t think of any other modern music act that could harmonize like that. Just magic.

    1. I wouldn’t say I am a big big fan, but I use to have all their vinyl, and I think that track was on a recording set in a beach house with a live audience. The bootleg was easily attainable back in the day when you spent a little extra money at cons to get them.

      1. . . . I think that track was on a recording set in a beach house with a live audience.

        The one I have is actually the studio version, with the instrumental tracks removed. I’d love to hear a live version, though.

        Like you, I’m not a huge fan, but I can always appreciate musical brilliance.

  6. Where’s anonbot when we need him?

    “Now that’s a guy who knows what’s going on, lol.


    1. Wow! I never thought about it like that! LOL!

  7. How many years did Bruce Johnston edit the Harvard Law Review?

    1. You can’t be an asshole and edit the Harvard Law Review?

        1. If I remember correctly Anna Gilligan said that Obama is qualified to be President of the United States because he was President of the Harvard Law Review, but didn’t hear that he couldn’t be an asshole and be the editor.

      1. I always thought you had to be an asshole to edit the Harvard Law Review. The kind of gunners that are going to make editor at Harvard almost have to be assholes.

        1. There are three kinds of editors of law reviews…

      2. You can’t be an asshole and edit the Harvard Law Review?

        From what I saw, it was a package deal.

  8. “The President Is An Asshole” is one of my favorite Beach Boys songs.

    1. Appropriate for all occasions.

  9. I fucking HATE the Beach Boys.

    But +infinity, Matt, for the Joe Perry Project love! Got all of the albums on vinyl when they came out back in the day…now they’re (finally) out on CD, and I’m picking up those, too.

    First two albums were especially good, although Cowboy Mach Bell (album #3) is still the greatest name for a singer, ever….even though I think he’s a shitty singer…

    Also, that fuckin’ German kid he has singing for him now? Unbelievable…

  10. That’s why I come to HnR — I learn things. Such as, Barry Manilow did not write “I Write the Songs.” Huh.

    1. That’s kind of…ironic, isn’t it?

  11. Who cares about this guy. I want to know more about what Dave Mustaine thinks about the candidates.

    1. Whaddya mean I can’t be
      The President of the United States of America?
      Tell me something –
      It’s still “We, the People..”

  12. Probably just a coincidence but the long-time president of the Beach Boys Fan Club attended the Libertarian Party’s convention in Vegas.

  13. This is the worst trip I’ve ever been along.

  14. But the real question is, who is Brian Wilson voting for? Actually, I don’t want to know. Nothing will tarnish my love of Smile.

  15. The real question is: Who is the guy sleeping in the chair in the back of the video?

  16. That would be Al Jardine sleeping in the background.

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