Beach Boy Bruce Johnston Calls Obama (and Romney) an "Asshole"


The best part of this Drudge-linked video is not necessarily the "I Write the Songs" writer's crack about the president being an "asshole, unless you're interested in never having any money and being socialized," nor his not remembering Mitt Romney's name, nor the terrific "fffff" enunciation in front of the word "fucked," but rather the desperate and understandable attempt by his fans to have him stop talking about politics and instead take a damned picture.

As Beach Boys transgressions goes, this ranks somewhere a bit below helping Charles Manson with his musical career. In fact, it's just a relatively anonymous guy who nobody relies on for political commentary giving an off-the-cuff response to fans in the era of YouTube. Here's hoping against experience that Johnston is turned into neither pariah nor hero, and that political commentators will check their own Dixie Chicks archives before wading in. (Speaking of which, here's mine.)

As The Joe Perry Project taught us, we should let the music do the talking. No matter how weird: