Vampire Nutritionists!: Florida Warns Citizens About the Menace of Unlicensed Undead Diet Gurus


You start taking diet advice from an unlicensed nutritionist, and the next thing you know you're all pale and listless, you start sleepwalking, and your immortal soul is imperiled. Could this tragedy have been prevented?

The Florida Department of Health is here to help. It has an official state website encouraging citizens to consult licensed nutritionists, decorated with the usual pictures of happy people with good teeth and appealing fruit. The site soberly warns:

Risks of not using a licensed nutrition professional include:

1. Qualifications and experience are unknown because there are no educational or training requirements. You may purchase unnecessary or ineffective supplements or    products

2. You could harm your health by following fad or unproven diet regimens that are not based on nutrition science.

3. Serious damage can occur to your health if the wrong type of nutrition    therapy is prescribed for certain types of illnesses.

4. No consultation or communication with your physician.

But the ads that seem to accompany the campaign are a little…flashier. They suggest that there was another point that got left off of the list.

5.  The undead may feast upon your blood.

Read more Reason on the protectionism behind occupational licensing schemes.

Via the always-toasty Baked Penguin.