Libertarian Convention 2012

Starchild Is Here


Las Vegas—San Francisco Libertarian Party activst Starchild, a Lee Wrights supporter, was not bothered by the nasty fight for national chairman, but he was worried about running out of time.

"If we ran out of time that could have shut down the convention and then the top-down group that controls the LNC would have had to vote," he said.

The way Starchild sees this fight is that it was originally the two factions bickering like usual, until accustions of voter improprities were thrown around. The integrity of the whole process was at stake, he said. 

"The problem was it wasn't clear whether a.) People could change their vote; b.) whether people that didn't vote could vote, or whether people that voted only in previous rounds could vote; c.) Whether it was okay to lobby people to change their vote. People didn't know what the rules were. So it became a huge clusterfuck," he said. 

With the defeat of what he calls the "top-down faction" (Alicia Mattson, Aaron Starr, Wayne Allyn Root, Bill Redpath, Mark Rutherford, and others) though, he found hope for the future of the party. 

"It might be too early to say that the party has turned a corner but I think it's headed in the right direction," he said.

Starchild was elected to an at-large spot on the Libertarian National Committee. He joins Bill Redpath, Wayne Allyn Root, Michael Cloud and Arvin Vohra on the committee.

Watch his nomination video after the jump. 

NEXT: Geoff Neale is the new LNC Chairman

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  1. I think you mean “oh heeeey, starchild”.

  2. I suppose that every political party has its freak show. The Dems have Michael Moore, the Repubs have Santorum, and and the Libs have Starchild. Not bad by comparison.

    1. It makes me honestly happy to know that I am a member of a party so open and accepting of differences. The Democratic Party is nothing compared to the Libertarian Party.

  3. So it became a huge clusterfuck…

    The party has its slogan.

    1. I thought that was your slogan. Oh wait, your slogan is “I may be a swaggering, overbearing, tin-plated dictator with delusions of godhood, but I’m not soft.”

      1. And I didn’t say you should be hauling garbage, I said you should be hauled away as garbage.

        1. (takes a swing at FoE)

  4. Yeah, yeah, but who is the Monolith endorsing?

    1. I’m guessing SMOD.

    1. The falling bear must have been raised in captivity and didn’t how forage. Wild animals should be let in the wild or killed.

      1. Alas, I also “don’t how forage”.

        1. Ho ho ho ho !!! Your’re going to pretend you didn’t know what I meant!! How clever!!!

          1. Copernicus’ focus on your typo not withstanding the majority of the animal species known as humans doesn’t know how to forage: discuss.

            1. IMO, there has already been sufficient discussion of this topic here in recent months.

      2. It was wild and under stress to find a food source:

        Ms Churchill said a dry winter had stressed the bears’ normal food supply of chokecherry and serviceberry bushes, forcing them to look for food in urban areas.
        She added that young male bears search for new territory when they wake from winter hibernation.
        “If a bear finds a food source it will return even if it’s in town,” she said. “This could be a tough year for bears.”

        1. Chokecherry and serviceberry? Retarded names.

    2. Phew, I thought it was going to be this bear

  5. Well, as long as you are going to support Libertarian principles, as in – leave me the fuck alone if I’m not fucking with you -, welcome aboard.

  6. While I completely support his right to dress as he(?) chooses…

    Why does no one take the LP seriously? I give you … STARCHILD!

    This shenanigans is why I’m little l and not big L.

    1. …and WAR and Michael “Buy me, I’m for sale” Cloud are people you take seriously?

    2. FDA…. ok (:

      Dude, you do realize that the Rs and Ds are chock full of full on retards, yes? Witness… Rick Santorum, and well, don’t make me name the trillions of D retards, ok, but you get my point, yes?

      1. Yep, point taken, that’s why I’m not an R or D either.

        But ya gotta ask yourself, “Self, where is the msm going to point their cameras?”

        Between Starchild and NOTA…

        They’re scaring the straights, okay.

        1. Fuck the MSM. Really, FDA, most straights that I know, which are nearly 100% of people that I know, will not be put off from voting LP because of Starchild. We aren’t going to get the SoCon or progressive votes, those people are beyond hope.

        2. As far as I’m aware they aren’t pointing their cameras anywhere related to the LP convention at all.

          1. Good point Ap.

    3. I’m a little l but Starchild is awesome.

      1. Yeah, I’m ex-LP, little-L libertarian, but I gotta say Starchild is remarkably intelligent when you get to know him.

    4. I hate it when someone says something like, “Why does no one take the LP seriously?”

      “No one” is a pretty big brush stroke.

      I take the LP seriously, as do plenty of others. And I take it seriously precisely because it is accepting of people like Starchild (in addition to other reasons).

      I feel comfortable with the LP because the LP is willing to let people be whomever they are, as long as they do not initiate force or fraud. I absolutely would not feel comfortable in a party that is not as open and accepting of differences as the LP. For this reason, among others, I do not take the Democratic Party seriously.

      Respectfully yours,
      Alex Peak

  7. Also OT, Kermit the Frog raps “Piggy Got Back.”

    1. Nah, Kermit the Frog singing WILD THING on his ukulele is better.

    2. I love full figured chicks, married one, but don’t remember getting wood for Miss Piggy, hmmmmm, maybe Kermy was getting a view that we couldn’t get…

      1. Pig girls try harder.

    3. Kermit has feelings

  8. I’m here to give you a choice. I know you’ve thought about destroying government. You can do this, but you will die. You can also control government, but you will lose everything you have. The final option is to merge government with free markets forever – the pinnacle of capitalism. Also, no matter which one you choose, Japanese sexbots will all be destroyed.

    1. Whoa, Starchild. Stop already with that destroying sexbot shit. Libertarians are 1000% in favor of sexbots. Ok, maybe the Japanese sexbots don’t have enought T&A, but we can’t destroy them until the more voluptuos sexbots are on the market…

      1. Why the world might need robotic prostitutes

        A new scientific paper suggests that by 2050, many bordellos and brothels will have replaced human prostitutes with lifelike robots.

        1. And Ds and Rs will vote lockstep to outlaw them, for the childins of course…

          1. They won’t have all moving metallic parts, will they? That might make the customers nervous.

            1. Course not dude, don’t get all nervous, silicon ….. good….

              1. Silicon will probably be alright but lab engineered human flesh may have trouble.

                1. Why? I’m not a bio engineer. Why do you think that could be a problem?

                  1. It’d have to be banned for the children Hyp.

                    1. Bio artificial pussy will never be banned. There is no effort known to corruptocratianism that could pull it off. Yes, drugs are popular and the drug war is a horrendous failure, but the war on AP will never even get off the ground. The first entrepreneur who figures out how to really make this work will make Bill Gates look poor in about 3 fucking seconds.

                    2. Bio artificial pussy will never be banned.

                      Nope. You have heard of sheep and apple pie, no?

                    3. The first entrepreneur who figures out how to really make this work will make Bill Gates look poor in about 3 fucking seconds.

                      I see what you did there.

    2. Starchild|5.6.12 @ 8:59PM|#
      “I’m here to give you a choice…”

      Maybe Starchild, if someone didn’t sock the name. Maybe not.
      Regardless, when you deal with Starchild, you do
      have a choice:
      You can focus on Starchild’s costume (which is always amusing) and ignore his comments at your loss.
      Or you can listen to the comments which is almost always worth the effort. *Then* you can be amused at the costume.
      There’s no doubt what the MSM will do, but who cares? If they didn’t have that, they’d make fun of someone’s tie. And *still* miss the message.

  9. The real problem with the Libertarian party is that no one seems all that interested in it – look at the dearth of comments on the posts about it here, which is full of libertarians…

    1. Well, it was the weekend.

  10. Starchild is a smart guy with great costumes and a pleasing musculature. I wish I could vote for him for something.

  11. Interesting article.

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