Starchild Is Here


Las Vegas—San Francisco Libertarian Party activst Starchild, a Lee Wrights supporter, was not bothered by the nasty fight for national chairman, but he was worried about running out of time.

"If we ran out of time that could have shut down the convention and then the top-down group that controls the LNC would have had to vote," he said.

The way Starchild sees this fight is that it was originally the two factions bickering like usual, until accustions of voter improprities were thrown around. The integrity of the whole process was at stake, he said. 

"The problem was it wasn't clear whether a.) People could change their vote; b.) whether people that didn't vote could vote, or whether people that voted only in previous rounds could vote; c.) Whether it was okay to lobby people to change their vote. People didn't know what the rules were. So it became a huge clusterfuck," he said. 

With the defeat of what he calls the "top-down faction" (Alicia Mattson, Aaron Starr, Wayne Allyn Root, Bill Redpath, Mark Rutherford, and others) though, he found hope for the future of the party. 

"It might be too early to say that the party has turned a corner but I think it's headed in the right direction," he said.

Starchild was elected to an at-large spot on the Libertarian National Committee. He joins Bill Redpath, Wayne Allyn Root, Michael Cloud and Arvin Vohra on the committee.

Watch his nomination video after the jump.