Geoff Neale is the new LNC Chairman


Las Vegas – Six ballots later, the Libertarian National Committee has a new chair: Geoff Neale.

Neale, a former chair of the national committee between 2002-2004 and the Texas state party in 90s, was not a candidate for the race until today when he was nominated from the floor before the third round of voting. Neale, originally from England, is a technology consultant. He defeated None Of The Above 61 percent to 37 percent. 

During his victory speech Neale used the famous Las Vegas tourism slogan, "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" to encourage delegates to not leave angry and at odds with each other. 

"Thers been a lot of rancor at this convention. I 'd like to think that we have been advocates for our view points not adversaires, please try to take that away with you from this conventon. Passionate advocacy is essential for libertarian communications and opperations as a group," he said. 

Neale said that his first act of business as chairman was to sitdown the national commitee and with the Johnson campaign to see what they can do to help the campaign as well as ensure ballot access nationwide. 

Mark Rutherford, the former vice-chair of the party, was Neale's strongest opponent and the only candidate to survive Saturday's debacle.

Neale received the endorsement of former presidential candidates Lee Wrights and Mary Ruwart, powerful representives of the so-called purist wing of the party. 

Neale's nomination video after the jump.