Occupy Wall Street Tries Re-Launch with May Day Protest in Manhattan


learned something from the Bush years

Winter came early to New York City last year, with the first snow falling in October and thinning out the Occupy Wall Street crowds at Zuccotti Park. Though the weather had warmed by November, the New York City government's embrace of the protest had chilled, with the NYPD clearing out Liberty Plaza, as the occupiers had renamed the park, on November 15. Raids in other cities soon followed, and within a month, police in most cities in which Occupy movements had sprung up had done the same.   Today, on May Day, organizers of the Occupy Wall Street tried to re-ignite the movement with an "American Spring." In Manhattan, guitarist and activist Tom Morello led a Guitarmy protest march from Bryant Park to Union Square for a concert. "Every successful progressive movement in America's had a soundtrack," he said.

The original idea of "Occupy Wall Street" actually came out of Canada, from the minds at Adbusters, the culture jamming magazine which came up with the name, the date, and the place, Zuccotti Park. The park was chosen for a specific reason. Though it's open to the public, Zuccotti Park is actually privately owned. It was built in the 1960s for public use by a private developer in exchange for the city's permission for an office building. Unlike city parks, most of which close at dark, Zuccotti Park is open to the public 24 hours a day. That's why Adbusters' first ad said "bring a tent." Though the intent was to occupy Wall Street, the centers of banking at which the protest was generally targeted were no longer anywhere near Wall Street. But the culture jam wouldn't work in front of some bank's office building or even on Wall Street itself, where your permit for a protest on a public street would end at a designated time.

Nevertheless, despite attempts to be a "leaderless" movement expressing the frustrations of the ninety-nine percent, old hat agendas took hold of the protests. (The same thing largely happened in the Tea Party movement, which looks little like what it did when it fomented nearly 5 years ago) What might have started in September as a popular expression of discontent with failing institutions, and continued in the winter, maybe, as an effort to provide President Obama a vigorous primary challenge focused on his failed promises (the way the Tea Party movement in fact has done to several old hat Republicans in the last election cycle), was instead co-opted by Big Labor and even members of Congress (two very untrusted institutions).

everything's simpler in black and white

Fitting then that Occupy Wall Street would choose May 1st as a date to re-launch. May Day as a Labor Day actually began as a commemoration of police violence against striking workers in Chicago in the 1880s, with President Grover Cleveland opting for a date in September to avoid tensions that might lead to more violence. The rise of the Soviet Union saw May Day become a communist holiday. In the United States, May Day has been used as a day for left-wing/progressive protests for years. Perhaps the most prominent, if not the largest, May Day protests came in 2007, linking the day with the cause of illegal immigration.

Though Tom Morello noted the link between workers rights and immigrant rights in America's May Day culture and the theme was hit upon in speeches later, there were few, if any, signs of protesters for immigration reform at the Guitarmy protest march in Manhattan. And though there were anti-war protesters and even veterans protesting the treatment of Bradley Manning, what started largely as a protest animated by economic concerns remained so. Unfortunately, Americans remain woefully misinformed and uneducated about economics, with no help from the President or his advisors. The President, too, has done his part to mute the movement, despite somewhat embracing it last fall. The kinds of people who make up the core of left-wing protests often got caught up in the emotion of President Obama's election. Tom Morello admitted as much to (up later), dismissing the President as just another centrist Democrat. 

not just for tea parties, or george bush

And though this President shares many of the same policies as his predecessor, opposition by the traditional anti-war, anti-corporatist voices that were so frequent and loud during the Bush era have been muted for this President. One woman adamantly explained to us that President Obama is not much better than President Bush, and that she would not be voting for Barack Obama again. Instead, she explained, she'd be voting against Mitt Romney (and for President Obama).

No doubt President Obama knows this too. So his campaign tries to portray him as a regular guy (one of the ninety nine percent, even) and paint Mitt Romney as the one-percenter's one-percenter in order to avoid the tough questions about his own Presidency's failings. One man explained to us that the renewed Occupy Wall Street was about finding a way to express frustration with a runaway corporate-government complex. Here's hoping the occupiers learn to occupy the Democratic Party the way the Tea Party has been trying with Republicans, and forget about trying to speak for the ninety-nine percent in a country where fifty three percent of the vote is a landslide.

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  1. What is the sound of one hand clapping?

    1. What is the sound of one mind fapping?

      1. What is the sound of morons chanting.

        1. What is the sound of reason napping?

          1. What is the sound of one clam clamping

            1. What is the sound of white men rapping?

              1. Let’s hurl a brick-E-Mart
                The Kwik-E-Mart is real… D’oh!

    2. What is the sound of one hand clapping?

      This kid came up with the same answer I did.

  2. Re the Bush poster: How, precisely, does that distinguish him from the last dozen presidents?

    1. Boooooooshhhh!!!!!!!!

      Its all they have.

      1. Don’t forget “Halliburton!”

      2. I blame Obama for blaming everything on Bush.

    2. TARP. As I always comment on these “look at the OWS moron” threads, TARP was the single biggest mind-fuck ever given to the American people. Everything the Bushpigs did was for the well-connected in America and the TARP recipients were just that.

      Now that is a little unfair because TARP consisted primarily of loans. But that is too much nuance for the Occutards and TeaBags.

      1. Did not one Democrat sign on to TARP?

        BTW, your feigned outrage over the Occutards is kinda cute, but not convincing.

        1. Right, the Iraq War, NCLB, Medicare Part D, PATRIOT Act, TARP — Dems leaned Bush/DeLay over a barrel and fucked them in the ass.

          1. Dems could have opposed all of the above, by not voting for them.

        2. Did not one Democrat sign on to TARP?

          yuuup. One named Obama sure did.

          1. I meant “did not one Democrat oppose TARP?”, but in my haste did not type it correctly.

            1. You are not the old Mr. Fify. You are an imposter!

              1. No, it’s me. Why would you think otherwise?

          2. On a percentage basis, most of the opposition to TARP came from…Republicans. Voting against Bush and Paulson. Democrats controlled both houses…it couldn’t have possibly passed without their support.

            1. My point was, TARP was bad, so why did any Democrat vote for it?

              1. Brutus solidified your point! Is this a Mr. FIFY troll?

              2. Brutus solidified your point! Is this a Mr. FIFY troll?

                1. I mistyped my original point, jester. Settle down.

                  I’ve been poking shrike with the wooden spoon for a long time now. shrike loves Democrats, so I asked him why more Dems weren’t opposed to TARP.

        3. You’re an idiot. I have a consistent philosophy. Vote for the most secular capitalist I can.

          I don’t like rednecky ChristFags – (DeMint and Santorum for example).

          One must acknowledge the Right to Privacy and support the protection of private property.

          That is the basic minimum – but few pass it.

          1. if you are voting for the most secular capitalist, then you have no choice but Romney. He is as capitalist as it gets and much to the chagrin of the bible babblers and Fox, he is a Mormon who tends to not preach morality. Obama, meanwhile, is the single most anti-capitalist force ever devised and, as such, he could be the anti-christ and it would not balance things.

            1. Any fan of Obama who claims to hate “Christ-fags”, has automatically perjured themselves.

            2. Nope, capitalists love Obama. You won’t understand why but look at the list.

              Jobs (RIP)

              Thats about $400 billion earned. Don’t bother to rebut.

              1. wrong…life-long Dems/libs support Obama. Jobs, for one, actually called out The O’s bullshit. And Buffett keeps getting used as a tool hoping no one notices his tax dodging.

              2. They’re dubmshits with lots of money.

                1. Mr. Fify never would have made this mistake!

              3. Just cause some people that made money support him, that doesn’t make him a capitalist.

                And he’s sure as hell not secular.

                Fuck you’re stupid.

                1. jester seems to not get the point here.

          2. Vote for the most secular capitalist I can.

            Really? Al Gore? John Kerry? Barack Obama?

            You do realize there were Libertarians running all of those elections, right?

            1. If Mark Cuban ran for president I would vote for him (based on what I know).

              Must be pro-privacy rights (nixes the Pauls)

              1. How one spends the fruits of their labor is the fucking privacy right, asshole.

              2. Again, how does that justify your three votes for Democratic Presidents and your fealty to the Democratic Congress in off-years?

              3. But Chris Paul is pretty secular.

          3. Alright! Finally, the return of “christfag!” Watching shrike bring back this oldie-but-goodie is sort of like being at a Styx show in Vegas when they dig out some track from their first album. Lighters aloft!

          4. “Vote for the most secular capitalist I can.”

            John Kerry, Al Gore, Bill Clinton, Barry O… hmm, don’t see any capitalists there. OR secularists, as none of them were atheists, which is what you ^really^ mean.

      2. Look, shrike, you were featured in the article!:

        One women adamantly explained to us that President Obama is not much better than President Bush, and that she would not be voting for Barack Obama again. Instead, she explained, she’d be voting against Mitt Romney (and for President Obama).

        For everyone else’s reference, shrike gave this as his rationale for voting Democrat every single year since 2000.

        1. He could have at least voted Ron Paul in the primaries, then voted for the Ds in the general… if not full-ticket Libertarian. But he’s too Team Blue-y to do any of those things.

          1. Well, it’s just a sockpuppet, so “he” couldn’t really do any of those things.

      3. Fuck Bush for that shitball called TARP, but Obama has been no slouch for the well connected either you know.

  3. One women adamantly explained to us that President Obama is not much better than President Bush, and that she would not be voting for Barack Obama again. Instead, she explained, she’d be voting against Mitt Romney (and for President Obama).

    Sounds like Tulpa.

    1. I read that quoted statement and gagged. Fuck everything about this ridiculous tribal mentality.

    2. I am sure the DNC will take note of that woman’s vote and seriously implore BHO to change his policies.


      Realistically, the whole 2012 Team Blue campaign appears to be shaping up as “We’re not the GOP.”

    3. You beat me too it. I am sure Obama is going to be real broken up about her not liking to vote for him. Sometimes I can’t really blame Obama for ass raping these people. They kind of ask for it.

    4. I do believe that Otto did tell me that by NOT voting for Obama, I was somehow therefore ensuring he was re-elected, or some other similar nonsense.

      1. I do believe that Otto did tell me that by NOT voting for Obama, I was somehow therefore ensuring he was re-elected, or some other similar nonsense.

        That would be Tulpa. I don’t care if he went by TwinkleToes MacGhee, it’s still Tulpa.

        Probably a corollary of his undying love for Grand Coif Tarkin, AKA Shit Flopney.

  4. Fair amount of property damage here in Seattle, and that was just earlier. There’s still this evening. There’s a non-violent march heading for the Federal Building right now.

    Overall, more than I expected, but nothing too retarded.

    1. Let me guess, they tore a bunch of random shit up that belongs to people who have nothing to do with who or what these retards claim to be protesting.

      1. You are partially correct. They broke the windows of a bunch of banks, but then really went to town on Niketown (?), and of course randomly damaged private vehicles and anything else they felt like. They did a real number on the Federal Building, too.

        Just started raining, too.

        1. Setting random people’s cars on fire. That is really helpful. And go ahead and burn the fed building down. Good luck getting your welfare checks.

          1. Of course they did. Occutards are primarily leftist, and leftists hate property rights, so it stands to reason.

            1. It remains to be seen if there will be more property damage tonight. With the rain, chances are probably lower.

              1. It’s as fucking stoopid as when fans tear shit up when their team wins the big game.

                Fuckin’ Occutards. How do they work?

                1. And the news keeps incessantly using the term “anarchists” for the vandals.


                  1. I’m surprised they aren’t calling them “white anarchists”, in honor of the guy who slew Travyon in cold blood like a dog yadda yadda.

                  2. And the news keeps incessantly using the term “anarchists” for the vandals.

                    To be an “anarchist”, one does not have to be some rampaging miscreant breaking other people’s property. Remember, there is a larger narrative here and the purposeful obfuscation of the term here is paramount.

                    1. There’s left-wing anarchists, and there’s the good kind.

                  3. Anarchist, according to modern linguists, means overthrowing any supposed right wing government to establish an equally repressive left wing version of the same.

                    I stopped routing for anarchism a long time ago.

    2. Would the cops care if you shot some hippies?

      1. Sadly, most of us will never get to test out our firearms and marksmanship on the rampaging mobs of hippies we dream about.

        1. Why no one has made a video game based on this premise is beyond me.

          Well, okay, the answer is, like most of the media, video game developers are raging lefties.

          1. A shooter game where you defend your neighborhood from rampaging leftists would be fucking awesome.

            1. Wasn’t that what I was shooting in Left 4 Dead?

            2. That may not be just a game in the near future, John.

              1. I have several high powered rifles and a few thousand rounds of ammunition. I can’t wait. And my house is brick and has several excellent shooting positions that offer very nice fields of fire.

                1. Save some ammo in case Barry sets the Guard on you.

            3. In reality, it would not. Why do you insist on reducing people to some simple formula so you can kill them. You sound like a Leftie. That is the kind of shit I would expect from them. You are a moron after all. Repent. Or don’t. Just keep posting your idiot ideas and staining this site.

              1. What are you talking about, jester?

                1. OK, I am out of the news. But still, it is very Leftie/Rightie to think you can kill someone without due process. I’ll turn on the news now and make further judgement. If some asshole is trying to kill you, of course you can answer questions later. My bad, for the second time tonight.

                2. I am not sure. I’m guessing I missed something in my long absence commenting here. What do you mean? What are you talking about?

                  The way comments stack up, I didn’t mean this as a response to Mr. Fify, but as one to john.

                  I don’t share that dystopic future and I don’t want to shoot the multiple Leftie friends that I have.

                  What are you talking about? I hope I missed out on an inside joke.

                  1. Dystopia is where we’re headed under Team Red/Blue rule, jester. Your absence has left you addled.

              2. You know there is a riot on tonight, right jester? Every one who smashed in a window deserved a bullet in the head when they commenced their savagery. You don’t like hearing that, tough tits said the kittens when the milk ran dry.

                1. I had no idea. I live in peaceful Houston within earshot of downtown. My bad. Maybe I’ll check the news now. Thanks.

                2. No, now that I have seen the news now, I don’t think anyone deserved a bullet in the head. From the shrillness of comments, I was expecting some sort of 9/11 event. Get a grip. The direction of our country sucks but it’s not time to start shooting clueless citizens protesting something they know is wrong but are too ignorant to figure out what it is. How’s about trying some added diplomacy first? I know you are pissed off. So am I. But let’s lay off on the warfare. OKAY.

              3. What’s that, cunt?

          2. Programmers are raging lefties? You must not know many.

            1. Most coders are liberals but not lefties.

              Like most scientists are.

              Conservatives hate science.

              1. “liberals but not lefties”

                Degree of separation. As in one degree.

                1. Shrike doesn’t have my invitation to discuss matters concerning programmers and programming, for that matter, digital media asset creation, he is not allowed an opinion. Please be respectful of hollowed ground.

                  1. Shrike is the nastiest most repulsive sock puppet on the internet. Best left alone or at most told to go back into his hole.

                    1. Just to show shrike I’m not kidding around about this, this is a work assignment I’ve been creating over the previous few hours; I created a raw texture file, wrote a fractal generator than applied it to the file —

                      the result:


                    2. Shrike, you wouldn’t know science if it smacked you upside your pointy little head.

                    3. Cool image, Killaz.

                    4. Thanks.

                      I just improved the fractal generator, and this is the result.


              2. shrike|5.1.12 @ 10:07PM|#
                “Conservatives hate science.”

                Ya know, shriek, one of these days you should really grow up and quit blaming your dad for your miserable condition.
                We all had or have parents, and not a single one of them did a perfect job, but it is a mark of maturity when you stop blaming them for everything that’s wrong with your life.

                1. His pussy hurts, Sevo. Go easy on the poor thing.

          3. Dude, I’m a pretty typical member of that species. If you consider me leftist from my post, I’ll give you that that it may be a matter of subjective definition.

          4. You didn’t get the memo?

            OWS = zombies.

      2. Probably not. This is the SPD, though, they might not want me horning onto their turf.

    3. You should lead a counter-protest of the sane.

      1. No thanks, I’ll pass. I’m going to go to my private club with validated parking and work out in peace.

        1. Isn’t that what I just said?

          1. Touche.

        2. No thanks, I’ll pass. I’m going to go to my private club with validated parking and work out in peace.

          Is it called the White Swallow?

          1. Don’t be silly. The White Swallow doesn’t validate parking.

            1. Come on – that’s nuts! It seems to me they would be willing to swallow the cost in order to satisfy their customers.

              1. What happens in the event of a cost overrun?

                1. I have it on good authority that Mr. Siarch, E. never lets a dollop of value spill.

                  1. There’s no point in being wasteful.

    4. For next year’s event, the mayor should announce that the cops will be given the day off, and the street cameras will be turned off. I’m sure some well armed citizens, particularly property owners in the area, would be more than happy to make up the difference and insure real peace and not the phony one we live under with the presence of cops protecting the perps with symbolic security theater beat downs.

      1. Yeah, I’m thinking many of these ‘anarchists’ probably wouldn’t like actual anarchism i.e. the “no-ruler” entomological meaning, voluntary, private protection, stateless security and ordnung society

    5. The streets around the Fed Building were eerily quiet when I was walking home. The Wells Fargo building across the street was totally closed and caution-taped off. Chopper circling overhead, lots of cops, most people seemed to be home early whereas usually it would be the evening rush. I’m glad I got out of the area before the horde hit.

      1. We’ll see what happens tonight. I have a feeling the vandals got a taste this morning and will want more. Thank Jeebus I have interior parking.

        1. I just saw on the news that some thugs broke a Canadian dude’s car window and told him “Go back to Canada, hoser!” When they’ve stooped to anti-Canadianism you know they’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel.

          1. That’s disgusting! Simply disgraceful.

            1. I’m sorry but I just can’t condemn the taunting of Canadians.

          2. I guarantee you that 95% of the vandals are just schmucks who want some excitement and the chance to get laid tonight when the booze and weed comes out for the post-protest partying and they can tell their “battle stories” to the girls. If they’re dumb enough to go around smashing shit, they’re dumb enough to tell some harmless Canadian guy to go home. Does that make them nationalists?

            1. No. To quote Walter Slobchek, Nationalism is at least an ethos. These people are too retarded to even be that. They are baboons.

            2. Rumspringer! Wooo!

          3. For some reason this makes me really angry. What the fuck is wrong with people?

            The nice people of The North brought us timbits, ice hockey and hydroponic marijuana; why would anybody wanna mess with that?

            1. For some reason this makes me really angry.

              Probably because it’s morally wrong to destroy private property.

              The nice people of The North brought us timbits, ice hockey and hydroponic marijuana

              In addition to Arensen, Dagny T, PantsFan, rts, and other Canuckistani brethren to these hallowed boards.

              1. And you, Groovus, your protestations notwithstanding.

                1. I was not aware New York was Canadian province, the place of my birth. What are you, a Birfer now?

              2. If some kid got caught breaking a Wells Fargo bank window and got 30 days in jail and pay restitution I would be happy with that. But these guys that fucked with the canucky need a goddamn tire iron wrapped around their necks.

                They claim to be for the people but as these incidents show, they have no empathy. Fucking little sociopaths.

                Communism is the perfect ideology for spoiled sociopathic little shits.

              3. May I point out that we also brought you John Kenneth Galbraith, Naomi Klein, Donald Sutherland, David Frum and Justin Beiber.

                1. May I point out that we also brought you John Kenneth Galbraith, Naomi Klein, Donald Sutherland, David Frum and Justin Beiber.

                  Absent Donald Sutherland, you’re really not helping my case, Aresen.

                  Oh, I still have yet to hear an apology for Avril Levigne.

                  1. Maximus, I’ve met the Klein on several occasions back when I used to be a journalist. She’s even more obtuse in person, incredible as that may seem.

                2. You didn’t do it. It was an accident of birth. Enough already.

              4. Thanks, Maximus. I’m a dual citizen resident in Toronto, but I’ll take the love where I gets it.

            2. The irony is a large part of the protesters were there for immigration rights. Just not for those from beyond the Wall, I guess. 🙁

              1. Yes, I’m quite sure the vandalizing riff-raff muckrakety mucks are the type who lust after the occupation of accountant. I sure wouldn’t trust some spoiled miscreant like that with my ledgers.

  5. “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then they lose.” —Mahatma Gandhi

    1. relevance?

      1. Yes, the Indians had a cause, a purpose, and justification. Oh, wait, you’re saying there’s no similarity whatsoever.

        1. Dot or feather?

          1. You are a great butler, my Indian friend. —Mahatma Coat

      2. Let’s compare OWS to the Ron Paul movement:

        OWS, almost zero relevance in this election because no politician will endorse a bunch of ignorant hipsters who defecate on cop cars and chant silly slogans in a private park.

        Ron Paul movement: actively taking over the state and local apparatus of one of the two major political parties in this country, followers generally well-informed and educated.

        So which one is more relevant and which one has received the least amount of media coverage?

        1. “Oh, come on. People who can’t manage a decent campsite are like totally qualified to run the world. For sure!”

        2. And also who is getting more attention at colleges and among college-aged people (but still not mentioned in the daily news).

    2. “Well I wanna chew my bubble gum with you. And I wanna walk you home from
      School. And I wanna carry your books to every class. And I wanna fuck you up
      the ass.” —Propagandhi

      1. “I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass…and I’m all out of bubblegum.”

    3. Nando|5.1.12 @ 9:17PM|#

      “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then they lose.” —Mahatma Gandhi

      Except, we stopped at the “laugh at you” part.

  6. Hey, occupy my balls over here!

  7. “Occupy Handbook” book excerpt, by Paul Krugman…..singleton/

    lol, wasn’t teh Occupy supposed to be anti-Fed

  8. Now as spring comes, we have multiple actions every day. If the police are violent, they only succeed in dispersing us back into our working groups, and that personal resolve that we feel is strengthened, and we multiply.

    1. You’re a cockroach?

    2. Try not being violent in the first place, Nando. Like what your fellow travelers in Occupy Cleveland wanted to do with the fake bombs they foolishly bought.

      1. Here’s a winner from that gang:…..9_free.jpg

          1. Awww! How cuuuute.

        1. It’s just like I’ve always said ever since I read Twilight: never trust someone with red eyes.

          1. I got extremely high, and watched part of the first Twilight movie… I would’ve needed heroin to get through it to the end credits, though.

            1. Never seen the movie. Read the books, though.

              1. Too much romance angst.

    3. Power to the Sewage!

      1. Nando > Sewage.

    4. and you succeed in nothing but further alienating people and making bigger asses of yourselves than you already have.

    5. The 1% never smashed up my car.

    6. Nando|5.1.12 @ 9:31PM|#
      “Now as spring comes, we have multiple actions every day.”

      Go light on the salsa; it’ll help reduce that.

    7. nando,
      if your ilk could put the same effort into something like, say, work you might have something. As it is, you are white noise and pretty much an embarrassment to communists who hold May Day in some regard.

  9. My college had a mini-Occupy protest today, basically speeches calling for the heads of the UC regents and campus cops followed by marching around chanting slogans. The signs were a mixture of “Workers of the World Unite”, “College should be Free”, and “Tax the Rich”, all of it pretty ironic given this is California, where conservatives have almost no power and the budget is divided up among competiting state worker lobbies and unions.

    1. so you’re saying it was Self-Awareness Day.

    2. How inspiring. I’d add that buildings should be made of cake, everyone should sing to each other instead of talking and no one should ever have to work again. Amen.

  10. Somebody answer something for me: I was under the impression that only TEA partiers were capable of “hate” speech. I seem to remember that cunt Stretch D’elesandro Pelosi claiming only TEA party types were anti-semitic and racist rubes.

    1. The Tea Gang is supposed to be behind all of the violence and threats of same, but so far it’s been Team Occutard for the win.

    2. That is how they roll. It is called fascism. When they bust heads and break windows, that is either justified or the act of false flag operations by the other side. When the other side tries to defend itself, they are violent hate filled criminals that must be suppressed.

      1. I’m not sure there’s that many false-flaggers in the Occutard ranks… one out of a thousand would be a good guess.

        1. There are zero. But that is how they want it portrayed.

          1. Oh, there’s gotta be false-flaggers out there in all kinds of movements, John… some of them are FBI, and God knows they need the overtime.

            1. True enough about the FBI. I imagine the occutards are getting to be a lot like the KKK, which as many informants as legitimate members.

              1. One half of the Occutard Gang, beating the other half with ax handles… ahh, such a good start.

    1. We’ll be seeing more such headlines in the future, when the Teams turn their attentions to ridding the world of paper and coin money.

  11. I dont understand. Shouldn’t they be called “Rage FOR The Machine”?

  12. In SF, a group vandalized the Mission district last night. The cops were (obviously) directed to do not much at all; retailers are contacting their insurance companies and asking why the mayor (obviously) told the cops to let ’em vandalize. OW(X) says ‘not us’.
    This evening, a group occupied a vacant building owned by the church, tossed possible lethal missiles at the cops. Again, not much response.
    Nice to see the cops aren’t busting heads, but OTOH, they are charged with at least arresting those who cause property damage and injuries.
    The SF mayor *really* wants to be friends with *just everyone!*

    1. Once you start letting them get away with shit, it only escalates. Sure, the cops shouldn’t over react. But if they are throwing shit at the cops and looting, the cops have a right to throw lead back as far as I am concerned.

    2. eventually, there is going to come the property owner who is not overly concerned with niceties and who opens fire on the Occutards. He will, no doubt, be reviled by the MSM as some rogue tea party type who hates kittens and sunshine. But, his single act will resonate with others who, having seen the fecklessness of their local police, decide to self-protect their property.

      1. Maybe that’s why all this shit goes down in states where the right to carry and the right to self-defense are severely hampered.

        1. perhaps we’ve sold the ‘tards short on that score. Still, it’s gonna happen. There will be that one guy who says “not happening to my store.”

          1. Despite what Team Blue says, the greater potential for serious mass violence will come from movements like the Occutard Gang.

            1. no doubt. That the Tards’ behavior is the polar opposite of the Tea Party is the malicious truth the MSM keeps ignoring.

              1. Doesn’t fit the template, ‘eagle.

                Make that The Template.

      2. I can’t even imagine what insurance is going to cost in SF.

    3. Oh, and the “general strike” called by O(X) was honored (in the morning) by the folks working the ferries for the quasi-government Golden Gate agency.

    4. solution: Korean shops

  13. Whatever






  19. All smart people are socialists. It doesn’t mean the converse is true.

    1. and they are so smart that their ideology has failed every single time it has been tried. Smart does not necessarily equal intelligent.

    2. All smart people socialists are socialists slavers. It doesn’t mean the converse is true.


    3. Only an idiot would believe that shit, Nando.

      You, for instance.

    4. Correction: All loser smart people are socialists. They are enamored with their intelligence, but frustrated with the lack of prestige and power it has brought them. So they thump the tub for a system that will conceivably bring them some degree of power and status, one based on the ability to spin plausible gibberish rather than on providing tangible value.

      1. Perfectly said. They want the kind of socialism that is run by eggheads, but not the kind of socialism that kills off the intellectuals.

    5. If they were that smart, they wouldn’t need to rely on The State to give them jobs.

      “Nearly all children nowadays were horrible. What was worst of all was that by means of such organizations as the Spies they were systematically turned into ungovernable little savages, and yet this produced in them no tendency whatever to rebel against the discipline of the Party. On the contrary, they adored the Party and everything connected with it… All their ferocity was turned outwards, against the enemies of the State, against foreigners, traitors, saboteurs, thought-criminals. It was almost normal for people over thirty to be frightened of their own children.”
      – George Orwell, 1984, Book 1, Chapter 2

      1. Orwell was a socialist.

        1. Stopped clock, twice a day. He wrote 1984, which was a warning but wound up being an instruction manual for the Teams.

          What caused your brain-damage, Nando?

  20. Tom Morello is a fucking idiot. I remember the first time Rage broke up I called up my friend and laughed at him saying “I guess they realized they were part of the machine”. Fuck you. You have already made more money then I will see in my lifetime and you have the audacity to complain about it? I’m sorry your life of getting high and doing stupid hot college chicks isn’t fulfilling, but that doesn’t mean you have to go around complaining to the government to make it even harder for middle class people to move up the ladder. Asshole!

    1. You mean: Tom Morello is a dishonest fuck. That’s something anyone can agree with. To call him an idiot might mean that he was so stupid that he didn’t realize what he did/is doing. Although, that’s plausible and if it is, it means retards are employable.

      1. Yes, dishonest fuck is what I meant. Stupid not hitting preview.

        1. Can’t he be both?

  21. Dude really does not make a whole lot of sense man.

  22. Dear Bankers and Stockbrokers,
    I hate you for giving me the opportunity to take a useless liberal arts degree with no future. Of course, it’s also your fault I squandered my time smoking up in my dorm room. I was just so depressed about the crazy interest rates and the lack of job prospects that were coming after graduation, it was my only escape from your world of greed. And how dare you take the tax dollars offered to you by the politicians I voted for!

    *smashes Starbucks window* How dare you pay baristas a living wage and benefits and exploit unskilled liberal arts grads, you corporate monsters!


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