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Obama, Karzai Agree On 10 years of Aid, New Definition of "Partnership"


Obama and Karzai sign partnership agreement

Adding more fuel to the pearl-clutching GOP shock that a politician is using the things that happened while he was in office for political gain, President Barack Obama surfaced this afternoon in Afghanistan to announce what the Washington Post is calling "a strategic partnership agreement" with President Hamid Karzai.

Today, as you might have heard, is the anniversary of the death (execution?) of Osama bin Laden by Navy SEALs in 2011 in Pakistan. Obama quietly jetted out to the Bagram air base north of Kabul to meet with Karzai and sign a 10-year agreement describing how the U.S. will continue to provide assistance to the nation even though most NATO troops are scheduled to leave the country by 2014. CBS reports the U.S. will continue to provide aid, advisors and support as part of the agreement, which is amusingly being referred to by the administration as a "partnership." (Perhaps in exchange we'll get a discount on opium?)

President Obama is scheduled to give a speech at 7:30 p.m. EST, in which he's unlikely to give any significant details of the content of the agreement. We can probably expect Obama's version of a "Mission Accomplished" speech, even as the Pentagon reports today Afghanistan is a mixed bag of successes and problems.

For those interested in following the White House's doomed effort to keep the president's travels under wraps in the age of social media, Zeke Miller at BuzzFeed documents how the administration clamped down on media outlets who had gotten wind of the trip.

Update: Here's the video of the whole speech.

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  1. We’ll just graft democracy to you.

    1. I think they already have the “graft” part down.

      1. Exactly!

  2. “Obama, Karzai Agree On 10 years of Aid, New Definition of “Partnership””

    [too much information]

  3. Ironic. The first troops we sent to Vietnam were called ‘advisors’. Now we refer to the ones we’re leaving over there after ten years of police actioning in Afganistan as ‘advisors’.

  4. After our smashing success at turning Afghanistan into a model for developing countries to emulate, I’m sure that our “partnership” will in no way be a waste of taxpayer money for the purpose of fattening Karzai’s purse.

  5. Perhaps in exchange we’ll get a discount on opium?

    Um…yes, please?

    1. That’s the shame of it, man. We lose countless treasure, lives, and credibility and who gets the fucking dope?

      Europe. Yep, most of the Afghan dope that’s been made since we got rid of Taliban farm inspectors has gone to Russia and Europe. We ain’t seen a goddamn gram of that shit.

      Fuck, at least Vietnam flooded our city streets with quality smack.

  6. This incident is ripe for a third party ad against Obama.

    Just need to include whatshisname saying “I never lie” and “The President is not in Kabul”

    Fade from black to a shot of an empty Oval Office, followed by Air Force One in flight.
    Voiceover: “The President was not in Washington.”
    Cut to video (or Tweet) of Press Secretary: “The President is not in Kabul.”

    Cut to video (or stills) of Obama signing document with Karzai.

    Cut to Press Secretary: “I never lie.”

    Voiceover: “One day in May, the President was nowhere to be found. Where was he? Signing a 10-year deal to line the pockets of Afghanistan’s failed regime. Spending $100,000 an hour to fly there instead of bringing President Karzai to the U.S. Spending your tax dollars and committing precious national resources for ten more years.”

    Someone help me continue this one…


      How’s that?

      1. Pretty good, but too accurate for a political ad.

        1. How about:
          “For the continuing and improving prosperity and freedoms of both nations, and contributing to the close friendship of the people of both nations, President Obama today signed a peace pack of historical importance with Afganistan!
          No President in the history of the nation has done more to assure world peace, improved relations between countries, reduced world suffering and the growth of hair on bald men!

          You gotta admit, there’s about as many lies in one package as Obama manages.

    2. Carney: “I never lie.”

      Because fuck you, that’s why!

      Rhymez, yo.

  7. WTH, how can you have a partnership with someone so utterly corrupt as Karzai. What kind of signal does this send to the rest of the world?!

    1. “how can you have a partnership with someone so utterly corrupt as Karzai…”

      You appear to be unfamiliar with Chicago politics.

    2. I’m not so concerned about “signals to the rest of the world” as I am about “what the fuck does this lock US into for 10 more fucking years”.

      I’m with Charles Barkley – we’re not a role model for anyone. But fuck continued shitty, unproductive “alliances” with governments even more corrupt than our own. Or at least as corrupt as our own. Or less corrupt than our own…

    3. That the US negotiates with terrorists.

      1. It’s going to incite hatred among the Afghans.

  8. Also, “pearl-clutching GOP shock” for the FUCKING WIN!

    1. The “Pearl-clutching GOP Shocker” can only be properly defined on urbandictionary.com

  9. I look forward to my pay being taken for ten more years to help support that disaster. But there’s oil, at least, right?

    Remind me why I want to continue to be a productive member of society.

    1. No oil.

      Both wars were an unmitigated disaster.

      1. I’m working on a way to convert opium to biodiesel. Then you’ll get a good war in Afghanistan.

        1. I could totally see the US Govt buying up $7billion worth of opium and turning it into a few thousand dollars worth of -ols and -anes.

          1. Dang! db you should apply for a goddamn DARPA grant. Tell ’em you’ll need a ton of opium to develop your method.

            1. You are wise in the ways of Science.

  10. Holy shit! Krugnuts is taking questions over at reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/c….._new_york/

    1. Anyone asking why he’s such a disingenuous cunt weasel?

  11. It cost more to fly Obama there today than the entire country (minus opium) is worth.

  12. I’ve updated with the video of the president’s speech. He’s promising transparency and accountability in Afghanistan, so if you’re wondering where that’s gone, they’ve sent it overseas as well.

    1. I’m glad we only have to fly about 10 time zones over to get “transparency.” I can almost see it from here.

      1. Speaking of transparency, here’s Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index. Guess where Afghanistan is out of 182 countries?

        Can’t we just fucking go home already?

  13. Poor pathetic repubes.

    Mission accomplished.

    1. wef|5.1.12 @ 8:56PM|#
      “Poor pathetic repubes.”
      Obama is a ‘repube’? Please clarify.

      1. Poor pathetic republican cheer leaders.

        Mission accomplished.

        1. wef|5.1.12 @ 9:13PM|#
          “Poor pathetic republican cheer leaders.”

          Got it.
          Poor, pathetic wef, trying to sell baloney well after the expiration date.
          Go away, dipshit.

          1. Cheer leaders unhappy.

            1. wef|5.1.12 @ 9:30PM|#
              “Cheer leaders unhappy.”

              Brain-deads called on bullshit attempt weak response. Dipshit.

              1. even more unhappy


                look, obama is laughing at you and you are doing what? complaining about some comment on a third-rate website because it pokes fun at the foolish republican “mission-accomplished” bs.

                stop and think

                1. wef|5.1.12 @ 9:40PM|#
                  “even more unhappy”
                  No, even more convinced you haven’t anything between your ears more massive than, oh, ‘air’.
                  And as proof, those with other than air between their ears would have gotten dizzy from all that spinning.
                  Go away, dipshit.

        2. Please clarify what mission has been accomplished.

          If the 10 year deal with Krookzai is any indication, it looks like the US has just signed on for 10 more years of war, excuse me, “advising”, in Afghanistan.

          1. Obama is yanking your chain on his way to re-election.

            That’s the mission.


            Mission accomplished.

            1. wef|5.1.12 @ 9:34PM|#
              “Obama is yanking your chain on his way to re-election.”

              And that has to do with:
              “Poor pathetic republican cheer leaders.
              Mission accomplished.”
              Exactly how, dipshit?

              1. Think before you speak.

                You are bringing nothing to the table.

                1. wef|5.1.12 @ 9:47PM|#
                  “Think before you speak.”
                  Answer the question before you make an ass of yourself. Again.

  14. Obama SUCKS!!!

    This is a total slap in the face of all of the people that voted for him to:


    He’s done NOTHING for us with the exception of keeping another Sam Alito from joining the court.

    I wish us David Brin-Libertarians had a meaningful alternative.

    1. You failed the purity test too?

      Join the 99%!

      1. I’m afraid I’m in the 1%.

        I guess I can’t vote for anyone.

        I wish we could have had a democratic primary or at least a vote of no-confidence option to get rid of this guy.

    2. “I wish us David Brin-socialists had a meaningful alternative.”
      Brin is to libertarianism as W is to conservatism; not in the same time zone.

  15. Question: Anyone know how many certified billionaires are in the U.S.? More or less than the number of congress critters? How about 10x millionaires? 100x millionaires?

    1. Gotta be more billionaires than 535 here in the USA.

      But there are no billionaires in Congress. I think Issa is worth $400 million or so.

      1. According to the all-knowing wiki, there were 412 in 2011.


        Probably a few more this year than last, but not quite as many billionaires as congresscritters.

  16. I don’t know if Obama is an Undercover war-hawk or if the War Machine is invincible…even to a president that promised to end war.

    1. no, Alice, he is just a thoroughly dishonest individual. You really bought the Hopium he was selling? Jeez…reality was abundantly available for anyone not battling with tingly legs.

  17. Alice Bowie|5.1.12 @ 9:28PM|#
    “…or if the War Machine is invincible…even to a president that promised to end war.”

    Poor, poor Obama. Elected to do all sorts of things and the poor guy isn’t capable of accomplishing one since there must be some vast, right-wing conspiracy! Poor, poor Obama.
    Hey, Alice? Got another fantasy to promote?

    1. Fuck Obama. He was elected to do all sorts of things and I understand that the conservatives stoned-walled him in congress. However, there were many things in his power that he could have done that he didn’t.

      It may not be a ‘Right-Wing Conspiracy’. I believe that the WAR LOBBY is just mighty strong.

      1. “It may not be a ‘Right-Wing Conspiracy’. I believe that the WAR LOBBY is just mighty strong.”

        Of COURSE you do! It couldn’t be the lying sleaze-bag in the oval office, could it?

        1. I already made it clear that he’s a lying sleaze-bag.

          But at the same time, I think the WAR LOBBY is mighty Strong. I doubt he would just piss all over the anti-war folks so close to the election. This and the immigration issue can easily cost him the election.

          1. “But at the same time, I think the WAR LOBBY is mighty Strong”
            Yes, so strong it reverses every policy Obama promotes, right?
            I mean he wants peace, and that darn WAR LOBBY stops him every time he tries. Even when he had majorities in both houses!
            Alice, some people have the ability to be shamed by stupid comments; you should learn that skill. Making excuses for that bozo doesn’t help your rep.

      2. I understand that the conservatives stoned-walled him in congress.

        get a new dog, Alice; that one quit hunting long ago. Obama has a Dem-run Congress, both houses, his first two years and had to bribe his own into a health care bill all the retiring Dems say was bullshit. So, stop with “they stonewalled him” nonsense.

        He fooled folks like you and he is going to keep doing what he does because he knows you will still vote for him. So will the anti-war people, who mysteriously vanished when W left DC.

        1. Actually, 13 of those Dems in the Senate might as well have been republican.

          At least in my lifetime (47yrs), I haven’t seen a president stone-walled like No-Bama.

          1. so you missed the W years. Dems who were queasy about health care were the ones seeking re-election; he willingly tossed them overboard for cheap glory that is unraveling by the day.

            Bush, at least, threw some big govt sops at Dems like Med Pt D, No Child, a whole new bureaucracy in DHS, and ever-higher spending. But, Dems still called him a war criminal, kept up the “war based on lies” lie, called US troops Nazis, Harry “the war is lost” Reid, and on and on and on.

            If you are looking at a superlative, no president has ever been as dismissive of hte opposition party as The O.

          2. Alice Bowie|5.1.12 @ 10:37PM|#
            “Actually, 13 of those Dems in the Senate might as well have been republican.”

            Translated from brain-dead:
            “If up = down, I’d be right!”

  18. It will take hundreds, perhaps thousands of years, for Obama to undo the 8 yrs of Bush’s presidency. If you disagree with my statement, you are an ignorant right-wing asshole born in Appalachia which makes you white and under-educated as well.

    1. considering that the economy grew – that would mean jobs being created – up until ’07, your statement may well reflect the single most ignorant thing anyone here has ever typed. And given that we have T o n y, shriek, and a few others, you are in high cotton. Then again, Obama is only possible with the help of a massively uninformed populace.

    2. jester|5.1.12 @ 10:32PM|#
      “It will take hundreds, perhaps thousands of years, for Obama to undo the 8 yrs of Bush’s presidency.”
      Got it: “It’s Bush’s Fault(tm). Your baloney is well past its ‘sell-by’ date.

      “If you disagree with my statement, you are an ignorant right-wing asshole born in Appalachia which makes you white and under-educated as well.”
      Well, no. By posting such bullshit, you’re proven yourself to be a brain-dead lefty unworthy of attention.
      And an asshole, besides.

  19. Wow, really? I had no idea!


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