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Ron Paul: The Candidate Who Wasn't There, Yet is Sticking Around


Ron Paul is still running for president, and insists he'll continue to be until the Republican Party's convention in Tampa in 2012.

Where isn't Ron Paul?

*This CNN primary delegate chart.

*In this "Veepstakes" poll.

*In this robocall to GOP voters in New York from Vincent Reda, First Vice Chairman of the New York Republican State Committee, claiming that the "the other candidates have dropped out of the race," as reported in Digital Journal.

*And while this chart is no longer there as of this morning, the Cato Institute's David Boaz reported on Facebook last night that:

The Washington Post has a graphic on its homepage and on its Politics homepage reporting the results from Tuesday's 5 Republican primaries. In every state Romney won big, followed by Santorum, Gingrich, and "other"—and oddly enough, "other" ran second in 3 of the 5 states. Gosh, who could that "other" candidate be? And why wasn't the candidate who ran second in most of the states listed in the Post graphic?

That chart being gone from both front page and politics page, at noon the day after five major primaries, is in and of itself an interesting sign of how quickly news is no longer news in the modern world. (It isn't that they've added Paul to such a results chart; it just isn't news anymore.)

UPDATE: The original chart, via Chris Braly's twitter.

In yesterday's votes, this mystery candidate Paul got these percentages: Rhode Island: 24 percent, New York: 17 percent, Connecticut: 13 percent, Pennsylvania: 13 percent, and Delaware: 11 percent. He beat Newt Gingrich in every state but Delaware; Gingrich is likely dropping out this week.

The Daily Beast on the meaning of Paul's pull yesterday and the Paul campaign's long game, longer than 2012:

The five states holding primaries on Tuesday—Connecticut, Delaware, New York, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island—were all prime turf for Romney: heavily urbanized, high-Catholic populations with comparatively moderate Republican electorates. Romney did as well as expected, running the table in Connecticut and New York, and successfully ending Newt Gingrich's campaign by seizing the winner-take-all state of Delaware. But, in Rhode Island's proportional race and Pennsylvania's loophole primary, Ron Paul managed to slip in and grab delegates. In fact, Paul is expected to finish second in the overall delegate haul for the night despite investing almost no effort in the states contested.

Paul is focusing on accumulating delegates slowly but surely. As Rick Santorum noted in his CNN interview with Piers Morgan, "Ron Paul is working the delegates really hard. I can tell you that." In fact, Paul's strategy to work the convoluted process in caucus states has him in the catbird's seat in states Santorum won on caucus night, like Iowa and Minnesota.

The next step for the campaign is to try to maximize Paul's performance in his home state of Texas, which has a totally proportional primary on May 29. Paul spokesman Jesse Benton…acknowledged the increasing possibility that Paul would not be the GOP nominee, but made clear that the "secondary goal of all of our political action [has been] getting limited-government, libertarian-leaning folks involved and taking over the party apparatus."

Blogging by me in January that touches on the Paul media blackout. My forthcoming book, Ron Paul's Revolution.

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  1. it’ll be berry berry interesting how the gop treats dr paul at the convention (keynote?). and as interesting to see if he then would endorse romney & how the paulites react.

    1. What valuable insight, Mary. Thanks.

      1. Are you sure that triple anus (although it would be fitting) is indeed one Mary Stack?

        1. in epi’s raging delusion. for one thing, mary never spoke hispanic like i did in the above post…plus ft worth has teh hot sucks

          1. Shut up Mary.

    2. Paul is not going to be endorsing Romney unless Romney adopts many of his ideas.

      Since Romney is politically speaking a new england progressive who loves big government helping big business it is highly unlikely to happen.

      1. An article in the local newspaper by a state GOP activist says that the Minnesota delegates will vote for Paul in the Tampa convention.

        It sounds like the Republican party cooked the books when Rmoney “won” the state’s primary here.

        1. Minnesota is a caucus and as such the “primary” is essentially just a poll. The delegates sent to convention are what matter, but since they aren’t bound by the caucus poll they could conceivably vote for whomever they wish in June. So yes Romneybot did win Minnesota. Despite the spin about the delegates by anyone, what they do later this year is still anyone’s guess.

          1. According to the article, they’ll cast their votes for Romney if Rand Paul is the VP choice.

            1. Ugh. As if the VP really means much of anything.

        2. Santorum won the popular vote in Minnesota, not Romney.

          1. Yep – I fergot.

  2. Rush 2112!

    1. I watched a decent documentary on the making of 2112 (and Moving Pictures) on netflix the other night. The band members explain where the Rand influences came from and why they were drawn to the long-format concept songs.

      1. I’ll have to check that out. Thanks.

  3. Brian must be running out of words. This RP post is like 1/4 the length of his regular RP posts.

  4. Paul supporters hold the chair and at least half the committee slots in the Iowa state central committee.

    I’m pretty sure that all the Paul supporters sitting on the central committee know that Paul won’t be the nominee in 2012. But that’s not really the point of taking over the central committee is it?

    1. robc, it you get a chance would you please collect DNA samples from Rand Paul. The chair of the Iowa central committee can provide you with a mailing address.

      We need to start growing our clone for the 2014 campaign against Tom Harkin.

      1. I think SugarFree is more likely to come up with DNA samples.

        May not be from Rand. Or something you want to deal with.

        1. At this point, anything grown from the random DNA that SugarFree can supply is probably better than Tom.

      2. Im pretty sure a clone wouldnt be senate-eligible until 2042.

        Probably easier to talk one of Ron’s kids or grandkids into moving to Iowa.

        1. S. R. Donaldson taught us the secret of force-growing an infant into an adult. We should be able to hit the filing deadline if we start soon.

        2. I’m not sure we can actually convince anyone to move to Iowa.

  5. The townhall webpage doesn’t work right. I tried to drag all of those politicians into the recycle bin, but they refused to go. I guess, though, what did I expect? They’re politicians.

  6. Where did the Daily Beast get their talking points? ” heavily urbanized, high-Catholic populations” with regard to Pennsylvania?

    Hmm. First look at this population density map of Pennsylvania: That’s “heavily urbanized” in two or three places.

    The state’s population is about 12.7 million. Of those, 1.55 million are in Philadelphia, 300k are in Pittsburgh, 100k each in Allentown and Erie, and 75k in Scranton. That means like 10 million people DON’T live in a particularly large city in Pennsylvania. “Heavily urbanized”?

    Outside the cities listed above, the Roman Catholic presence is minimal. Most of Pennsylvania’s religious scene is dominated by liberal, mainline Protestants (ELCA, UCC, etc.), Mennonites, and, in rural counties, Amish.

    Blair County (total population: 127,000) cast approximately 12,000 votes in the Republican primary, compared to 18,000 in Philadelphia County, with over 10 times the population.

    And almost 20% of the PA primary votes were to a man who’s not even in the race any more.

  7. MSM: Who is this “Ron Paul” of whom you speak?

  8. They screwed us in Texas this year. No precinct conventions. Just county conventions. So if you wanted to be involved you couldn’t just do a 2 hour meeting, you had to do an all day meeting.

  9. The Washington Post has a graphic on its homepage and on its Politics homepage reporting the results from Tuesday’s 5 Republican primaries. In every state Romney won big, followed by Santorum, Gingrich, and “other” — and oddly enough, “other” ran second in 3 of the 5 states.

    When they subjected Ron Paul to that particular microaggression, I wonder how it made him feel.

  10. The election is being rigged. Proof:

    Unfortunately, this site only allows 2 links in the comments. I have 2 more videos of caucuses being tampered with.

  11. Its time to take back our government and make a change for our Freedom. If you believe the same and limited government become a free agent. visit

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