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Instapundit Glenn Reynolds: Your Due Process Right to Record the Cops!


Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit daylights as a law professor at the University of Tennessee. He's got a new paper out with John A. Steakley arguing that you don't just have a First Amendment right to record the police, you've got a due process right too. Here's the abstract:

There has been considerable discussion of citizens' First Amendment right to record the police. This essay, however, argues that independent of any First Amendment right, there is also a due process right to record the actions of law enforcement, and that this right applies even when the interaction takes place in private, and not in public places. This question of a due process right to record the police has not yet produced the degree of attention and litigation that public recording has, but the growth of inexpensive recording equipment and its inclusion in smart phones ensures that such attention and litigation are sure to be forthcoming.

Read/download the whole thing from the Washington University Law Review here.

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