Georgia 4 House Race Between Truther Cynthia McKinney & Guam-May-Capsize Hank Johnson Should be Awesome


Via Instapundit and PJ Media comes news of what will surely be the greatest face-office this election season: Former Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D-Ga.) is taking on the guy who vanquished her in 2006, Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Ga.). Here's clip of Johnson at this finest, when he was grilling Adm. Robert Willard about whether Guam might "capsize" if it grew too populated:

More from PJ Tatler here.

McKinney is no slouch in the holy-cow sweepstakes. She's arguably best known for striking a policeman in the Capitol building, although her 9/11 truther comments, call for investigation into the murder of Tupac Shakur, and support for Qaddafi's bracing form of direct autocracy, among other issues, are no small potatoes either.

In 2008, she ran as the Green Party presidential candidate, after attending a Ron Paul sponsored forum described thusly at Wikipedia:

On September 10, 2008, McKinney joined a press conference held by third-party and independent candidates, along with Ralph NaderChuck Baldwin, and initiator Ron Paul.[74] The participants agreed on four basic principles:

  • An early end to the Iraq war, and an end to threats of war against other countries including Iran and Russia.
  • No increase in the National Debt
  • A "thorough investigation, evaluation and audit of the Federal Reserve System."

Hey, that doesn't all sound bad, does it?

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  1. This week on “World’s Dumbest Representative.”

    1. Damnit, I wanted to post this.

      1. “I’m going to the store to buy some milk.”

        “THAT’S RACIST!!!”

  2. So Cynthia McKinney passes the LP purity test now but Hayek doesn’t?

    1. Read the article shrike. Neither one does.

      1. Plus, she’s a dumbass racist.

        Johnson, OTOH, is just a dumbass.

  3. This has bugged me since you guys first posted it. He was obviously just using hyperbole, to get across the point that it will be hard to maintain a huge military presence on a tiny island. The military guy got it, and immediately gave an answer about the number of marines and their family members compared to the local population.

    1. He was obviously just using hyperbole, to get across the point that it will be hard to maintain a huge military presence on a tiny island.

      Or, he could have used actual data and evidence instead of hyperbole. I realize the former is less intellectually lazy, but it shouldn’t be too much to ask of someone responsible for crafting national legislation.

      1. I’m dumbfounded that he could spend a minute reciting the general dimensions of the island, almost as if he had learned them in school, only to fail so miserably at the end. It kinda looked like he had a smirk right after he said it, but the fact that no one was laughing, not even Johnson, is kind of strange.

        There’s so much BS going on in these hearings that a juvenile joke every now and then usually flies under the radar. Don’t you wish there was more of that and less “crafting national legislation”?

    2. Really? I can’t tell if you’re kidding.

    3. He was obviously just using hyperbole…
      You might want to explain that to Johnson and his staff. They insist he misspoke because he was all hopped on his hepatitis medicine.

      1. Hepatitus medicine must be some righteous shit

        1. Um, no. You don’t want that stuff.

          1. He was obviously just using hyperbole, Doc.

    4. I think Adm. Willard answered the way he did because he was too polite to say, “It’s an island. It can’t capsize.”

      1. I think Adm. Willard answered the way he did because he was too polite to say, “It’s an island. It can’t capsize.”

        If by “too polite” you mean “too concerned about not getting fired”, then sure.

        1. Volcanic islands do sometimes capsize on the “weak” side of the flow, aka the rupture side.

          1. Gosh, you are trying hard. Sorry, that’s still not “capsizing.” Give it up and just admit Hank Johnson is an idiot.

          2. shrike obviously has a potential bribe, err…grant involved.
            >this post sponsored by cisco double-secret meeting systems…the best conspiracies demand the best videoconferencing !

          3. Ima gonna need me some linky for that one, shrike.

          4. Volcanic islands do sometimes capsize…
            No, no they do not. You may want to consult a dictionary for the meaning of the word capsize

            1. shrike can’t help it… he sees his fellow travelers in trouble, he defends ’em.

      2. Tell that to the Atlanteans.

        1. Sorry, but they sank, they didn’t capsize, there is a difference.


            1. They were destroyed by Xenu. Or the Stark Fist of Removal. I was pretty drunk at the time, so I can’t be certain.

    5. The military guy got it

      Uh, no. The military guy took a big gulp in order to suppress laughter at Congressman Hank was not using hyperbole. What should bug you is 1) the sheer stupidity exhibited by Johnson, 2) that a district believed him the superior choice to McKinney and 3) that this is the choice these folks have. It’s like asking “would you prefer the flyswatter or butter knife when you face the gladiator?”

    6. What about his hand movements, which he clearly used to signal the upending of the entire island. Hyperbole too? Not to mention, he might have asked “admiral how can we maintain X troops on an island of Y size” if his point had been what you suggest it was.

  4. It’s pretty sad that Johnson and McKinney are the best that the 4th CD of Georgia has to offer. They might as well put a suit on the corner wino drinking Colt 45 and send him to DC–at least he’d have an excuse for acting clueless and crazy.

    Also, LOL at McKinney’s reptile-skin jacket.

    1. “They might as well put a suit on the corner wino drinking Colt 45…”

      What was the name of that wino and is there still time to get him on the ballot?

      1. The LP should throw everything into winning that seat with the most normal person they can come up with in the district.

        1. Normal libertarian? jj

        2. Normal libertarian? jj

        3. Where the hell are we gonna get the money to pay a normal person to act libertarian?

          Huh? HUH?

          Besides we need to preserve funds for the Tilamook county dog catchers race. Jeeze people,we’re only ten points back from animal control dominance*.

          *applies only to Tilamook county

        4. The fact that those 2 have won elections in that disttict makes me want to doubt that a normal person would have a chance.

          1. Less Abbie Normal then.

    2. Also, LOL at McKinney’s reptile-skin jacket.

      That’s her normal skin, when she isn’t among the humans.

  5. OMG, the island capsizing theory moron is back in the news. We should have a leftist dipshit of the month award, do nominations, and vote for a winner.

    First rule of the contest: Joe Biden can only win every other month.

    1. You preferred Dickless Cheney?

      1. that’s heartless to you kimosabi

        1. Cheney cannot be referred to as ‘heartless’ any more.

          He has the heart of a little boy.

          Ripped still beating from the little boy’s chest.

          1. Will Cheney’s chest burst into flames when the boy’s body is cremated?

          2. They had a video camera in Cheney’s OR


            1. Neither Biden nor Cheney deserve kindness, shrike.

      2. Did I say that? Ok, I will play along … nah, changed my mind.

  6. I think the real question is are they atheists and if they support porn.

    1. and if they support porn

      If they are wearing a sweater vest, then the answer must be no…

      1. On the other hand if they are wearing a snakeskin jacket and grinning like an insane chesire cat, then… well, I don’t know what that means, but it sure is scary!

        1. It means the like onion BDSM porn.

          1. Who doesn’t?


  7. Surely a battle royale between intellectual heavyweights. /sarc

    1. If that’s the best that that district can produce…

      1. People like that are the reason ladders need warning labels.

      2. It’s Georgia. ‘Nuff said.

  8. I’m going with the one that if they had a son, he would look the most like Trayvon.

  9. This is my district, God help me. And no, I am not running as a Libertarian candidate for the office because it would be a giant waste of time. Hank and Cynthia are both excellent at promising my fellow constituents that the Washington gravy train will continue to flow, that they back the President’s agenda – whatever it is, and continue to oppose the Republicans and their radical libertarian allies who no doubt want to wreck the district, the state, the nation and, most importantly, the Democratic Party, long may it bray.

    1. I once heard Cynthia McKinney speak at Brenau. It was pathetic how poorly crafted the speech was; one politically correct cliche after another, no coherent message, incredibly unintelligent. And yet she keeps getting re-elected…

      1. I believe your last sentence is explained by your second.

        Unless you believe most people actually think about how they vote.

        1. Did she bring up The Joooos in that speech? Or was that her old man who used to bitch about them?

    2. so is your district full of idiots, looters, or both?

    3. My district as well. It was going in a better direction for a while when Denise Majette defeated McKinney a few years back. Majette was a lefty but by all accounts sane and qualified to hold office. McKinney’s father, of course, blamed McKinney’s loss on unnamed “jews.” Rather than get a job, McKinney has eyed a return to the House ever since — perhaps the one place where being certifiably crazy is no impediment to advancement.

      Majette, however, became a victim of her own ambition when she vacated the House seat to launch a pointless campaign for the Senate. Enter Johnson. Since this district is heavily african-american there is absolutely no chance of a qualified white candidate winning the seat. The many wealthy white liberals here will hold their noses and vote for whatever Dem is on the ticket, no matter how crazy he/she appears to be.

      1. The many wealthy white liberals here will hold their noses and vote for whatever Dem is on the ticket, no matter how crazy he/she appears to be.

        So, do the voting booths in your district also come with vomit bags?

  10. I once asked my friend who lives in Stone Mountain what the deal was with thier reps. He said to me:

    “We like ’em pissed off and crazy around here!”

  11. Maybe Johnson was cleverly trying to divert funding from handout-dependent Guam to handout-dependent metro Atlanta.

  12. Sounds liek a rock solidf plan to me dude.

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