Johnny Cash: "Them are the facts/After tax."


Special shout-out to his negative view of (then relatively new) state income taxes.

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  1. Man I had no idea that dude was so cool!

  2. Roger Gary 2012

  3. Income is a stupid thing to tax.

    When the unemployment rate is still over 8%, it is unconscionable that the government is out there artificially raising the cost of hiring unemployed people, which is exactly what the income tax does.

    And it really does hit the poor the hardest–they’re the ones whose jobs are the most price sensitive of all. When you’re deciding whether to hire people with few or no skills, price is by far the most important consideration.

    We should eliminate the income tax entirely, but especially for people who gross more than $40,000 a year.

    P.S. Did I mention that when the unemployment rates is still over 8%, artificially inflating the cost of hiring unemployed people is absolutely absurd?

    1. Add on Barry’s wet dream of higher gas and energy prices – which are the epitome of “regressive” – and we’re fucked even sooner than we are at our current pace.

    2. We should eliminate the income tax entirely, but especially for people who gross more than $40,000 a year.

      I meant “under”, but you probably already knew that.

  4. Oh, and if I were the emperor of the United States?

    The first thing I would do is make a constitutional amendment that required all taxes were due on election day.

    And believe me, by the time the first election rolled around? You’d be able to do your taxes on the back of a ballot.

    1. Just get rid of withholding. It wouldnt matter when tax day was.

      1. This right here. Withholding is the way that they steal from citizens without the citizens even knowing it’s happening. Eliminate withholding and the whole edifice comes crashing down.

  5. There goes my vacation this summer.

  6. No state income tax in Texas. Come join us in this libertarian utopia.

    1. I heard that in Texas, they send kids to the juvenile court for talking in class.

      1. I thought they were too busy herding cattle and shooting Indians to attend school.

      2. What’s more, they don’t let teachers unionize and they expect people to provide for their own healthcare without assistance from the state.

        The horror!

    2. So, lucky me, I moved back to Massachusetts from Texas this summer.

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