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Louie Castro received a less than honorable discharge from the U.S. Army back in 2002. What he didn't realize is that the thick file of papers he got from the Army when he left didn't contain a DD-214, an official release from active duty. He found that out almost a decade later when returning from a trip to Europe. When he went through Miami International Airport, computers flagged him as AWOL. He spent 12 days in jail before the Army agreed to release him. But officials still wanted him to fly to Fort Carson in Colorado to officially process him out of the Army. After local media picked up the story, the army decided it didn't need him in Colorado to complete the paperwork.

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  1. You jsut gotta love them good ole fashion SNAFUS lol.

  2. Roger Gary 2012

  3. He didn’t have his DD214 and didn’t know it? It was my most prized possession!

    1. I framed mine.

    2. no kidding. how could he miss the 214? evidently he never attempted to secure VA bennies

      1. If he was discharged with a “less than honorable discharge”, will he be eligible for any VA Benefits?

        Personally, I never saw stuff like the GI bill as a benefit, but rather I view them as delayed compensation.

        I too have a butt ton of copies of my DD214. If nothing more, it at least got me out of watching the “safety” video when I bought a pistol in Maryland.

        1. There’s no such classification as a “less than honorable discharge.” An Other Than Honorable Discharge, which is what Castro received, is the worst kind of administrative discharge, and is taken in lieu of a court martial. Under an OTH most VA benfits are lost, but they may still be eligible for disability and medical for service related injuries.

          As far as GI Bill, even though you pay into it, you must have an Honorable discharge to use it. Any other characterization is disqualifying.

    3. My father told me when he left, he was told “make sure and hold on to this, it’s the only way we know you’ve been released.” He went and made 20 copies of it.

      1. I went and registered mine at the county courthouse so I always have a backup. I am never going to be in the position of not being able to prove they let me go.

    4. He was not White Hispanic, so nothing is his fault.

  4. A recruit is getting special negative attention from the drill sergeant, who says “I bet when I die you’re going to piss on my grave”, to which the recruit responds “No Drill Sergeant! When I get out of the Army I will never stand in line again!”

    1. Twelve days in jail because some officers didn’t get the records straight. The military is filled with officers who can’t make decisions. They can’t even dress themselves without a rule book. They thrive on going-by-the-book when the book is wrong.

      Don’t expect us to win any wars against anyone who can fight back.

      1. I strongly doubt it was an Army officer who made the mistake. Most of the MILPOs are staffed by civilians. I’m not saying the Army isn’t at fault, just that I noticed a marked increase in these sort of mistakes when they started replacing soldiers with GS bureaucrats.

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