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Ron Paul Roundup: Beating Obama, Benefiting from Santorum Dropout, Fundraising Must Go On, and a Big, Bold Texan Ad


*While this result is an outlier, Ron Paul is beating Obama today in a one-on-one Rasmussen poll, 44 to 43. (Romney is tying Obama, 45-45).

*With many primaries ahead and many delegates left to be won–and the nearly 200 of Santorum's supposedly won delegates not bound to vote for his no-longer-running self come Tampa–Paul could make much hay from the departure of what had been Romney's mightiest foe, Rick Santorum.

*But a campaign can't continue without money, and Paul wants to pull in a fresh $2.5 million over this coming weekend to have the strength to go on.  

Ron Paul's rEVOLution: The Man and the Movement He Inspired

*Politico charts some of the Paul campaign's highest-donation cities, including Austin, the Seattle area, and Fairfield, Iowa.

*"Ron Paul practices transparency down to the last cent." A full report from ProPublica:

His campaign's hyper-vigilance is notable, verging on fanatical.

Every bank fee, every 22 cents at a FedEx, every $1 toll on theFlorida turnpike, every $5.09 pit stop at any Starbucks anywhere, every doughnut from Dunkin' Donuts and Dough Nutz—it's all right there, itemized in the Paul campaign's copious expenditure reports. In 160 instances so far, the campaign has reported purchases costing a single dollar or less.

Last week, ProPublica examined the spending of the five presidential candidates and the major super PACs, identifying their 200 top payees.  But as part of digging into the more than$306 million spent through February, it was impossible to avoid the other end of the spectrum: The small bucks, if you will.

The Paul campaign tracks every cent like no other, which Paul campaign officials say is deliberate.

*A plea to Paul people: don't be stupid and go third party, just take over the Republican Party .

*His latest Texas-aimed campaign ad, describing him as a "big, bold Texan" up against "a big-spending, debt-ceiling-raising fiscal liberal, a moon-colony guy, a moderate from Massachusetts," with Paul the only "Texan with a real plan to balance the budget":

My forthcoming book, Ron Paul's Revolution: The Man and the Movement He Inspired. My April Reason cover story on the Paul campaign.

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  1. Win Texas (his home state), win Pennsylvania (his original home state), and win California (the state where he’s drawn the biggest crowds), and this really will be a two-man race at last.

    1. Yeah, that’s not gonna happen.

      1. As a Californian I agree. It ain’t happening here. I think Paul can get 5% to 10% of the GOP vote in the primaries, but unless Romney gets caught sexually assaulting kittens, it won’t be higher than that.

        There are lots of cheering kids, but not many of them will bother showing up to vote, let alone actually register Republican. Hell, one of the big campaign pushes here is just to get supporters to register!

        How do I know this? Because I have a memory that stretches back to 2008, when quite a few of the members on some local Ron Paul meetups were crying conspiracy because they didn’t see his name on the ballot, only the names of Obama, Clinton, etc. Some were even proud of their civil disobedience by writing his name in on the Democratic ballot!

        Shit, one of the local Ron Paul campaigner coordinators never even bothered to vote!

        1. Well there is the issue of delegate counts, the real way the candidate is chosen, and Ron Paul has performed much more strongly there than the MSM would realize.

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  4. CE, the Michael Barone of la-la land.

    1. I didn’t say it would happen. I said if it happens, the race is back on.

  5. Santorum had a huge lead in Tejas last time I checked, so I wonder where all those votes will go. Can’t imagine Romney, and Newt is dead broke.

    1. Romney beat Ron Paul 60-40 in Virginia when the other guys weren’t on the ballot. Of course, there was still a race back then.

  6. Ron Paul is beating Obama today in a one-on-one Rasmussen poll, 44 to 43.

    As nice as that sounds, I have to believe that many poll responders see this as Obama or any-other-candidate. The numbers for Obama/Romney are virtually identical.

    1. Yeah, this is pretty much an Obama vs. a potted plant question. I’m not sure these numbers will change much in the next 6 months – unless the dollar crashes or there is a war or some such idiocy. So expect 6 months of news days like today – Fighting over the White Wimens.

      1. Pardon me, do you know where the white women are at?

      2. What kind of potted plant? I’m not voting for ferns or anything else that reproduces through spores. Seeds FTW.

        1. Why do you hate the spore?

          1. A spore refused to to go the prom with NeonCat.

            1. With spring here and summer on the way, I’m not looking forward to spending months inhaling seed sperm. Fuck seeds!

        2. Racist!

      3. POTTED PLANT 2012!!

        1. POTTED PLANT 2012! It’s a no-brainer!

          1. POTTED PLANT 2012!! Because we just can’t afford 4 more years of OBAMA/KODOS.

    2. And that’s exactly the way the great majority of voters will see it in Nov. All Republicans are equally electable. And lately they’re all looking more electable vs. Oh, Bummer. Considering how things have gone lately, he’ll have trouble holding many of the supposed safe states. Sure, a lot could happen in 6 months, but practically nothing the Republican nominee could do or say will matter, and it’s hard to figure what miracle the incumbent could pull off over that time that would elevate him enough in people’s esteem to win this. If Obamacare goes down in the Sup. Ct., he looks like even more of a loser, while if it doesn’t, it’s no gain for him.

    3. Not true at all. Ron Paul and Mitt Romney polled better all year against Obama than Newt or Santorum did.

  7. Something tells me (especially since my state has elected fucking Rick Perry 3 damn times) that Romney is still going to win here.

    That ad was pretty damn sweet though.

  8. Doesn’t Texas have a proportional system for delegates? Same with Pennsyltucky and California? So a good showing in all three could render them void, basically.

    Paul needs to forge an unholy alliance with Santorum and Gingrich. Getting all of their delegates would likely put him ahead of Romney once the chips fall.

    And for your information: no, I have not been drinking.

    1. If Santorum and Gingrich can parley their support into cabinet positions or something similar, I would see no reason for them to do that. I mean, unless they suddenly grew principles or something, but come on now.

      1. Paul could offer Gingrich NASA Administrator, and let Santorum be the head of some dummy department.

    2. I believe delegates are by county this year. Which means Ron Paul **might** get Nevada County…

    3. No, California isn’t proportional — it’s winner take all by Congressional district. So ROn Paul could get 40 percent of the vote and 0 delegates.

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          1. Opals? Please. Opals are the Acuras of precious gemstones. My chickens use opals in their gizzards!

  10. What’s the actual chance right now that Paul takes Texas and Pennsylvania?

    1. Romney has Pennsylvania locked up for sure now and I don’t know about Texas. Gingirch seems like the logical choice for the type of voter that supported Santorum, but then again Paul has plenty of time to campaign there.

      1. LOLOLOLOL

        The ‘type of voter that supported Santorum’ is most likely to support ‘open marriage plz/ethics violation’ Gingrich? Yahweh will cry tears of wrath if that is true.

  11. A plea to Paul people: don’t be stupid and go third party, just take over the Republican Party .

    Why can’t he do both? The GOP establishment hates and will continue to hate Paul whether he runs 3rd party or not. And, the liberty movement will still be in place no matter what Paul does. In fact, it could become stronger with a viable Paul 3rd party run that includes him in the debates. It would be a joy to watch Obama attempt to defend his war-mongering/police-state actions.

    1. It would be a joy to watch Obama scream “Racist!!!” over and over again for 90 minutes?

        1. Ok, maybe it would, but it would be less fun to watch the analysts afterward describing how Obama killed it and Paul came off looking old bitter and white.

  12. His campaign’s hyper-vigilance is notable, verging on fanatical.

    Accounting for every cent: Fanatical.

    Lyin’ and cheatin’ on your reports: Business as usual.

    1. Learn to take a fucking compliment, OM.

  13. Santorum’s withdrawal probably won’t help Paul much, unfortunately. The majority of Santorum’s supporters will fall in behind Romney while a few will go to Gingrich, even though his campaign’s pretty much dead.

  14. From his expense reports, could we construct an audio program like “Johnny Dollar”? And hope he never degenerates into SCTV’s “Dan Money”?

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