Romney Wins Maryland, Wisconsin and Moscow on the Potomac


Mitt Romney won Republican primaries in and out of the Beltway tonight. 

Maryland, Wisconsin and the District of Columbia all went for the former Massachusetts governor. 

More delegate math to help you sleep

Former Keystone State Sen. Rick Santorum says the campaign, like Detroit, is only at halftime

Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) is headed for the Golden State

Last-place candidate Newt Gingrich is pledging to stay in the race

As Romney closes in on the nomination, Republicans can be expected to coalesce around a strategy of depicting President Barack Obama as a far-leftist who insists on blaming the political opposition for his own failures. 

Obama has deftly moved to parry this strategy by denouncing revanchist enemies of the proletariat, calling for a purge of the kulaks upholding the laws of the petty bourgeoisie and pledging to deliver the workers from expropriation of surplus labor value by the plutocrats