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Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Antonio Villaraigosa Is NEENER NEENER NEENER


In truth, there wasn't really "so much promise."

KABC Los Angeles host Doug McIntyre yesterday got a chance to ask Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Florida) why she chose the failed mayor of Los Angeles to run the Democrats' upcoming national convention, and the resulting conversation was pretty revealing. 

Wasserman Schultz's initial response was a variation on Nancy Pelosi's fabled "are you serious?" 

"What are you talking about?" Wasserman Schultz ejaculated, noting that Antonio Villaraigosa is a "national leader" and a "visionary" who is "focused on making sure we have a strong education system, focused on making sure the economy continues to come back in California, and a national Hispanic leader as well." 

I have a hunch that last part is the real ding-ding-ding. But the other parts are pretty rich as well. 

As I noted the other day, a look at the City of Angels' gross domestic product by metropolitan area indicates local output has fallen by more than 4 percent, and possibly as much as 10 percent, since the former Tony Villar took office. He has been famously branded a failure by local media (which were once extremely supportive) and his few good moves – including bringing in Miguel Santana as chief administrative officer and a very late hit on the local teachers union – have been long-after-the-fact efforts to control damage he caused himself. Villaraigosa barely won an essentially uncontested re-election campaign a few years back; he has stood out as particularly corrupt in a city legendary for its corruption; and at some basic level, America's creative capital has just ceased to matter during his tenure. McIntyre mentioned a few of these points to Wasserman Schultz. Her response: 

"I really find your comments disappointing and borderline offensive." 

You can read the full exchange here or listen below. 

This says a lot about how the Democratic Party establishment views the individual voting units formerly known as people. L.A.'s full of aging Armenians who will tell you that everything's been going downhill for Armenians since the Soviet Union fell apart. I think that's crazy talk, but I don't tell them they're wrong because it is their experience talking, not mine. I'm happy that the national Democrats have yet to get the full measure of Antonio Villaraigosa: Better he do damage in D.C. and Charlotte than here. But it seems not to have occurred to Wasserman Schultz that living under a particular politician might give you a more accurate perspective, even if you're what she would consider a right-wing radio talker. When McIntyre (a self-declared Obama voter, by the way) suggested an Angeleno might have a non-offensive insight on the mayor of Los Angles, Wasserman Schultz ascended to a new flight of inspiring rhetoric: 

"I beg to differ. You're entitled to your opinion."

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  1. Insert clever remark here.

  2. “I really find your comments disappointing and borderline offensive.”

    “Let me make sure I get over the line this time, Madame Chairwoman. The mayor is an idiot and only someone who is not just stupid, but also too self-absorbed to ask someone with a clue would pick him. Did that get me over the line or should I start insulting your family?”

  3. That’s a great clip. I love when Wasserman-Schultz starts obviously spewing out a script after things turn out to not go her way.

  4. This is a good example of how the media being so obsessively pro Dem doesn’t help Dems. I am sure in the circles Wasserman Schultz runs in Villar is a great guy. No one even knew or considered the possibility that he has an abysmal record as mayor. That was all just back luck and the result of Republican obstructionism. I have no doubt Wasserman Schultz was genuinely shocked to hear that anyone could possibly object to the guy.

    1. Identity politics > reality.

      1. This. It doesn’t matter what his record is. The Dems said, “Hey, we need a hispanic to run some shit so we can pull in some hispanic votes. What’s that? The mayor of L.A. is hispanic? Well, somebody get him on the phone!”

    2. LOL Republican obstructionism in LA. That’s a good one.

      1. No more ridiculous than blaming Obama’s problems on Libertarian Republicans in the Congress. And I have heard Dems say that. If only.

    3. People in California should just all her Wasserman. Drop all the rest. It makes for a great villain name, like “Gruber.”

  5. I suppose it’s a good thing for Debbie that Villaraigosa isn’t a white Hispanic.

  6. It is amazing to me that Wasserman-Schultz is even able to dress herself, let alone know when to be at committee meetings and the like.

    1. It is amazing to me that Wasserman-Schultz is even able to dress herself…

      I take it you’ve never seen photos of her.

  7. You have to understand. Hispanics are starting to look like no shows in November. They aren’t fancy educated liberals so they are feeling the full glory of the Obama Economy and they have no feelings of racial solidarity to the Narcissist in Chief. Hispanics, especially southwestern Mexican americans, aren’t feeling any love and will probably just stay home and watch football.

    That means they have to hire a bunch of pliant brown people to front their organizations. It might get them a few points in New Mexico and Colorado.

    1. Obama already blew up the best Brown person representative from New Mexico.

    2. Most the Hispanic people I know are relatively conservative, certainly more conservative than I am. Hot button topics: abortion, gay marriage, welfare.

  8. Frizzed, shrill, and stupid is no way to go through life, hon.

    1. “You have the Republicans, who want to literally drag us all the way back to Jim Crow laws and literally — and very transparently — block access to the polls to voters who are more likely to vote for Democratic candidates than Republican candidates.”

      Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, June 2011

      1. She should know better than that, since her party was in charge of the Jim Crow laws the last time around.

        1. Not surprising she’d say shit like that. Team Blue has been playing the “we’re just one inch away from neo-Confederate rule” bullshit for decades.

          Jim Crow is dead. Long die Jim Crow. He won’t even be reanimated zombie-style. Get over it, Dems.

          1. There’s too much scratch and swag to be reaped from racial and other identity politics. It’s like negative political ads: people say they hate them, but dammit if they aren’t affective and effective.

            1. It doesn’t help when the firm of Sharpton & Jackson gets in front of microphones and cameras on a regular basis, picking the scabs of racism.

            2. What people really mean is that they don’t like negative political ads targeted towards candidates that they like.

              1. That goes extra for movies like the one that triggered Citizen’s United.

          2. He won’t even be reanimated zombie-style.

            Awwww, that would make a decent movie.

  9. Wasserman Wasserman Schultz’s initial response

    Somehow, the extra Wasserman fits.

    1. Thanks. It’s fixed, and I’m seeing Dr. Rosenrosen about my habit of repeating myself myself.

      1. NO! UNfix it! It looked better that way!

        1. This.

          And the next post that mentions her should do it three times. Until you get to five times, so that a Bloody Mary style urban legend can arise.

          *looks into mirror*

          “Wasserman Wasserman Wasserman Wasserman Wasserman …..SCHULTZ! AAAIIIEEEEEEE!!!!!”

    2. Really, all mentions of her name should be shortened to just “Wasserman.” Than when you’re unhappy with her you can shout “WASSERMAAANNN!!!!”

  10. Pretty low-wattage spokesbabe there, Demmies, even accounting for the federally-mandated lumens-per-watt.

    1. If the only qualification for the job was the ability to endlessly and shamelessly repeat the same partisan bullshit, you would have thought they would have at least found someone who was nice to look at for the job.

      1. Obama finds her attractive and for that job that is all that matters. Married a Klingon and he fantasizes about Predators, mo fo is sick I tell ya.

  11. That was borderline offensive. He’s Hispanic, dammit!

  12. He probably failed the bar the first time around because the Racists who make the bar exam othfeered him with questions about deasible rights.

    Whiteacre, blackacre. . . what’s more microaggressive than that?

  13. I recall reading in some column back in the early 70s something to the affect that how good an opinion someone had of NYC Mayor John Lindsay was directly proportional to how far that person lived from New York City. (IIANM someone else said something similar about Rudy 9/11iani).

    I suspect that the same statement would be true substituting Villar for Lindsay and LA for NYC.

    And since she represents NYC’s sixth borough (AKA Fort Lauderdale) Wasserman Schultz lives about as far away from LA as she can.

  14. Tony Villar only failed the Bar exam four times. And he uses his ex-wives hyphenated last name to sound more “hispanic”. And while attending college he was part of M.E.Ch.A (a racist hispanic separatist militant organization). Other than that he’s a pretty respectful guy. Obviously there’s nothing wrong with being affiliated with the hispanic version of the KKK, in fact that seems to be a plus for Team Blue and the Obama Administration.

  15. I’m happy that the national Democrats have yet to get the full measure of Antonio Villaraigosa: Better he do damage in D.C. and Charlotte than here.

    To?o Villaraigosa: “Yes, wait ’till they get a load of ME!”

    1. “Yes, wait ’till they get a load of from ME!”

      FTFY Wizened One.

    2. I’m still surprised that his ex-wife haven’t filed paper to get her name back from this loser. She had gone back to using her maiden name. He should go back on just being Tony Villar.

  16. “I really find your comments disappointing and borderline offensive.”

    “The Truth will always be offensive to those that hide behind lies.”

  17. But but he’s brown and so well spoken.

  18. “What are you talking about?” Wasserman Schultz ejaculated

    Tim, this confirms what I have long suspected!

    About Wasserman Wasserman, that is.

    1. So her husband would be a catcher, then?

  19. “I really find your comments disappointing and borderline offensive.”

    How to tell you’ve won an argument against a politician.

  20. It’s appropriate that the most incompetent, corrupt, and financially irresponsible administration in history chose the home of Michael Jordan, Cam Newton, and Bank of America, respectively, for its convention.

  21. Wasserman Schultz is the humanoid equivalent of a vuvuzela: the greater the volume, the more meaningless the content.

    1. that would imply that any sort of meaningful content is ever issued from either instrument.

      last i checked, the vuvuzela is still meaningless noise even at a low volume.

  22. Wasserman Schultz is a perfect postergirl for the fluffbrain liberal

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