Friday Fun Flight Link: TSA Trashed by Bruce Schneier


Reason's favorite security expert Bruce Schneier absolutely destroys the Transportation Security Administration's Kip Hawley in a debate about post-9/11 airline security changes at The Economist. 

Schneier's wrap up:

Return airport security checkpoints to pre-9/11 levels. Get rid of everything that isn't needed to protect against random amateur terrorists and won't work against professional al-Qaeda plots. Take the savings thus earned and invest them in investigation, intelligence, and emergency response: security outside the airport, security that does not require us to play guessing games about plots. Recognise that 100% safety is impossible, and also that terrorism is not an "existential threat" to our way of life. Respond to terrorism not with fear but with indomitability. Refuse to be terrorized.


Via Radley Balko.