A.M. Links: Day 3 of Obamacare Oral Arguments Begin, Newt Gingrich Fires One-Third of His Campaign and Replaces Them With Twitter, California Dem Accused of $7 Million Fraud


  • Last day of Obamacare oral arguments, SCOTUS weighs severability, Medicaid expansion.

  • Newt Gingrich is going to use Twitter to make a brokered convention
  • California Democratic treasurer busted for stealing $7 million.
  • Poll: America likes Mitt Romney more than Rick Santorum; wants Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich to drop out.  
  • Sanford cops originally requested an arrest warrant for George Zimmerman, but the State Attorney's office kiboshed it
  • Shocker: Women voters not crazy about Republicans. 
  • Joe Biden attacks Romney for "sending jobs overseas." 

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