Reason Writers Around Town: Brian Doherty on Pajamas Media's PJTV's Front Page


I did a few segments of Pajamas Media's PJTV's Front Page show this morning, with host Allen Barton and fellow guest Terry Jones of Investors Business Daily.

Below, the video. Segment one, on the Paul Ryan budget plan:

On the Ron Paul campaign:

And on recent free speech controversies:

For them that didn't know, I wrote a book about Ron Paul, out in a couple of months: Ron Paul's Revolution: The Man and the Movement He Inspired.

NEXT: Sheldon Richman on Why Libertarianism Does Not Equal Selfishness

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  1. “My biggest problem with it is, okay, they’re setting out a plan for what they’re going to do for the next 20 or 30 years. We know full well we cannot rely on Congress year by year to actually follow some sort of 20-year plan that they’ve committed themselves to.”

    Yeah, I wondered why I hadn’t seen anyone pointing out this folly of thinking any discussion beyond the next midterms at the latest would be a worthwhile one to have. Cutting wholesale departments might at least have a lasting impact on future leaderships. (Might.) But with this, any “savings” from “cuts” enacted now would be promptly gobbled up at the demand of some future crisis or perceived voter mandate.

    1. Budgets are mostly about trying to game the CBO process these days; they’re rife with increasing spending this year but predicting drastic cuts on the horizon so that the CBO score is acceptable.

      Like those drastic cuts ever happen.

    2. You’re being generous by suggesting they might be able to think out to the midterms–past this year’s election.

      It isn’t even really meant to give Romney and Co. plausible cover to help them look fiscally conservative. It’s just trying to make Republicans running in the House look that way in this upcoming election.

      I have no doubt he’d implement it if he could, but Paul Ryan’s budget plan isn’t really a plan to cut spending; it’s a plan to get as keep as many Republicans in the House as possible after this upcoming election.

      The Democrats can’t even make a pretense of being fiscally conservative; their solution is to raise taxes. Paul Ryan with this budget proposal is just pressing the Republicans’ advantage on that issue.

  2. All Power to the Imagination!

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  3. Wow, I never thought about it like that dude. Wow.

  4. I like Terry Jones he is a cool guy.

  5. OT
    We’re paying entirely too much for cops. And of all places, Oaktown can’t afford to pay over scale:
    “Oakland Police Department jobs attract thousands”…..1NOURN.DTL
    Get some decent managers involved, pay $1.00 more than it takes to reduce the applications to one more than the openings.

    1. Most police departments have waiting lists a mile long of qualified applicants, which means cops are being paid too much.

      We’d be a lot better off with more community policing of 40 hour/week or part-time cops than the current scenario where you have a few wealthy cops who get tons of overtime.

  6. Damn Doherty. Why are you cultivating the ‘adjunct professor’ look?

    Do you have a paypal account? I’ll give you $20 if you promise to buy a razor. Deal?


    2. Nice sneakers, too!

    3. I might have pissed him off by saying he looks like Cyril Figgis.

  7. In other news: a teacher gets fired for failing to notice and/or intervene when a couple of third graders of unspecified gender get caught eating each other’s naughty parts the way the child molesters of GLSEN told them to do. Obviously, this is one more proof that the government schools’ cock suckers and carpet munchers are more qualified to teach children than their parents are.

    1. If the teacher had noticed, he’d be imprisoned for watching little kids, or something.

      So glad I made the decision to get out of elementary teaching.

      1. Well, no, not in this case. The teacher in question was a she, and according to the double standard you’re referencing, women never go to jail.

        That was still a very pragmatic decision on your part, however.

    2. Homophobia is cool!

      1. If you aren’t in favor of taxpayer-funded gay porn in elementary school and third graders giving each other head, you’re a homo– dyke– hebe– ephebo– peda– pedo– You’re a ‘phobe! You’re a bigot! And that’s terrible!

  8. Nicely done, Brian. You and Terry did a great job.

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