Nick Gillespie Discusses New ADA Pool Regulations with Erin Burnett

| editor in chief Nick Gillespie appeared on CNN's OutFront with Erin Burnett to debate trial lawyer Justin Leto about new regulations requiring private companies to install handicap lifts into pools, and whether this regulation would help bring equality to America's disabled or simply benefit the trial lawyers. Air Date: March 15, 2012.

Approximately 5.30 minutes.

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  1. ADA regs also made the PGA let a professional golfer compete while using a golf cart because he couldn’t walk it. That implies they should have to let me compete by teeing up using a potato cannon instead of a driver.

    1. Big-government Land enTITLEments that draw artificial borders to restrict the free movement of people to forage a free lunch are anti-life and anti-liberty.

      1. Wide Indian is like a dirty-minded person who can turn any and all discussion to sex. Government-protected property rights are bad, bad, bad, but by God, stay off the Indians’ land.

        Figger that out.

        1. …live a Non-State lifestyle. But no, you brought city-Statism and its drugery and slavery.

          1. So who defines what the “Indians’ land” is?

            1. …you’re not living in a control-freak (post-domestication) society.

              “Domestication erects the rigid boundaries of surplus and private property, with concomitant possessiveness, enmity, and struggle for ownership. Even conscious mechanisms aimed at mitigating the new realities cannot remove their ever-present, dynamic force…

              “Before domestication, boundaries were fluid. The freedom to leave one band for another was an integral part of forager life. The more or less forced integration demanded by complex societies provided a staging ground conducive to organized violence.”

              The Origins of War
              John Zerzan

              1. Well there you go: Colonists didn’t “invade,” as you put it. They just made full use of the fluid and amorphous nature of the aborignal groups’ concept of land.

                1. “…rigid boundaries of surplus and private property, with concomitant possessiveness, enmity, and struggle for ownership.”

                  You can’t weasel out of the ugliness of city-Statism that easy.

                  1. “they invaded and set up rigid boundaries of surplus and private property, with concomitant possessiveness, enmity, and struggle for ownership.”

                    Which is making “full use of the fluid and amorphous nature of the aborignal groups’ concept of land.”

                    You proved his point for him.

                  2. Who said the settlers had to conform to the Indians’ view of property? The Indians gamboled off, relinquishing beneficial occupancy of the land (even in their own view) and settlers moved in.

                    If you don’t like that they did this, to whom do you appeal?

                    1. you’re trying to whitewash the reality of what happened

                      American Holocaust: The Conquest of the New World
                      David E. Stannard
                      Oxford University Press

                      “While conceding that the majority of the indigenous peoples fell victim to the ravages of European disease, he estimates that almost 100 million died in what he calls the American Holocaust.

                      Stalin and Mao were pikers to your capitalist regime.

                    2. Even your own link puts the lie to your numbers, Jason. If the settlers had come here, embraced and kissed the Indians, the number would have been not much different, as the vast majority died from diseases that even the settlers didn’t understand.

                    3. Oh, and I’ll ask again: Why should the settlers adopt the views on property that the Indians had?

                    4. Because the settler’s agricultural city-Statist concept of property is aggressively enforced with initiation-of-violence.

                      Ever hear of that?

                    5. Because the settler’s agricultural city-Statist concept of property is aggressively enforced with initiation-of-violence.

                      Demonstrably untrue. Settlers claimed land the Indians, even by their own standards, held no claim to. By the Indians’ standards, this was acceptable, as other bands could enter an area no longer desired and do so, and had.

                      So where is the initiation of violence?

                    6. A hundred million.

                      Fuck you, liar.

                    7. truth hurts?

                    8. Not mad… just pointing out a fucking liar.

                    9. Paying Hundreds of Millions $$$ to climb aboard OBAMA>2012 War Chariot.

                    10. Paying Hundreds of Millions for the privilege of riding on the Obombster/Clinton WAR Wagon 2012.

                    11. sucking up for $$$ funding from Billionaires.

                    12. Sucking up for $$$$ from Billionaires.

                    13. Sorry, suckers.

                    14. therefore, no trail of tears for 200 million dead….

                    15. Communism and Capitalism are both brutal totalitarian ideologies with millions of genocide victims on their hands.

                    16. Sorry but Socialism is just as disgusting, learn economics.

                    17. I love how white people are the loudest proponents of the idea that white people suck. Cracker chief sure has hate issues.

                    18. Want to play the racist card. Here we go again, fuckwit.

                      ? Is any WHITE person‘s right an individual or collective right?
                      ? Is the right to take a negative or positive right?

                      “[The Native Americans] didn’t have any rights to the land … Any WHITE person who brought the element of civilization had the right to take over this continent.” ~Ayn Rand, US Military Academy at West Point, March 6, 1974

                    19. That’s an interesting quote. I’ve never seen it before. I’ll have to check this Ann Rand character out.

                  3. Billions for Tribal Casino-owning Chieftains to contribute to OBAMA/KONY^2012.

              2. Zerzan: friendly with the Unabomber, who later decided he was an idiot.

                Your continued irrelevancy continues to amuse me, cracker chief

                1. Your continued irrelevancy continues to amuse me, Fibertard.

              3. this hippie fantasy land shit kills me. there is well documented history of primitive tribes everywhere, and I can’t think of any where the ability to move between different bands with no issue was present. There’s a reason the word for stranger in most (red) indian languages is the same as enemy.

            2. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

              1. …FIBertard.

                Really, your bullshit about initation-of-violence is merely a debate convenience, to be discarded at a moment’s notice when aggression becomes profitable. Sure, you’ll whitewash; all tyrants do.

                1. Really, your bullshit about initation-of-violence is merely a debate convenience, to be discarded at a moment’s notice when aggression becomes profitable.

                  Don’t blame me when your argument doesn’t hold water, chief.

                  1. Don’t cry that your political philosophy has been weighted in the balance and found wanting.

                    1. It holds water because white people suck. Cracker chief should know, because he’s white. That’s why he sucks.

                2. Your IRS bullies can loot the Nation for more military funds to continue the international killing. so fuck off about your “imitation” of violence that’s what YOUR Tax-Plunderer is all about.

                  1. TAX collector for the war state. stop pretending otherwise.

                    1. starts smelling when exposed.

                    2. Starts smelling when exposed.

                    3. Stop pretending otherwise.

                  2. I’m against city-Statism. You are all for it. Enjoy getting what you advocate, GOOD AND HARD, boi.

                    1. The Herman defense.

                    2. No, not buffalo, but door-smashing IRS attack squads on the loose, searching for dime-squeezing tax cheats.

                      Need funding for Leviathon’s Welfare/Warfare State.

                    3. …why are you complaining, domesticated city-Statist boi?

                  3. Don’t cry that your political philosophy has been weighted in the balance and found wanting.

                    And we arrive at the same point we did last night, in an argument that started with a mendaciously-cribbed quote from Jefferson.

                    Really, Jason, this schtick is wearing thin.

                    If you really believe this bullshit, live it. No one’s standing in your way. Sell the car, sell the laptop, sell the furniture and get a little piece of property where you can strip naked and live in a lean-to eating grubs and berries.

                    Show us how it’s done.

                    1. If you really believe this Libertarian bullshit, live it. No one’s standing in your way. Move to Somalia, sell the laptop, sell the furniture and get a little piece of property where you can strip naked and live a REGULATION VACATION CELEBRATION.


                    2. Islamist tribal anarchy is far more akin to your ideals, Jason.

                    3. Abrahamic sacrifice religions are agricultural-city-Statist to the core.

                      Sacrifice and sacrifice religions were unknown to paleolithic people.

                    4. Looks like we can scratch Somalia off the list then, eh?

                    5. And scratch off your “love it or leave it” neo-con variation. OK?

                    6. Gambol lock-UP paradise, nature-faker style: for OTHERS.

                    7. You are a psycho, we believe in limited government not zero.

                      The Euro-zone is your fantasy, what a dipshit. Without property rights you can’t have capitalism.

                3. funny how genocide bores…|3.17.12 @ 12:50PM|#



                  1. …about 100 MILLION killed in the American Holocaust?

                    Nice change of heart there, comrade.

                    1. Yes it was wrong how the founders took land, and Socialism is still disgusting.

                      I’m not sure what you are all arguing about.

                    2. Oh! Come and see the violence inherent in the system! Help! Help! I’m being repressed!!

        2. Don’t forget that trading arrowheads and fur pelts for wampum is okay. And it isn’t capitalism.

          1. If that’s all capitalism was, then it would be ok, just as sharing as family would be fine if that was all communism really was.

            Nice try, weasel boi.

            1. weasel boi.

              Where do you come up with such fantastic insults?

          2. Oh no, trading like this is just fine, just like “gardening” is okay. But capitalism is just terrible, and so is agriculture.

            I wonder, though, how Wide Indian is going to:

            A – Decide when trading becomes capitalism,
            B – When gardening becomes agriculture, and
            C – Enforce his prohibitions on the latter of each since his is a stateless society

            1. rape and making love either. I mean, it’s just all in-and-out. Fibertard told me so.

              1. So tell us where the break is, and how your stateless utopia will deal with it, Jason. Convince me.

                1. Q.E.D.

                2. No, numbnuts, 2 Million years of non-State human existence isn’t a utopia.

                  But your “unknown ideal” is.

                  Nice try. Play again.

                  1. So you don’t have an answer, is that right?

                    Educate me, and don’t tell me to go read some turgid book.

                    1. I’ve answered you, but you’ll never accept any answer, because the truth hurts too much. So play your Fibertard games.

                    2. Goodbye, Fat Indian.

                    3. Nice move, that bit about defining the line. Bravo, sir.

      2. On mah AUTHORITAH the White Idiot may forage through my trash cans as much as he likes as long as he is quiet and doesn’t leave a mess.

    2. Uh, you’re ignoring the very fiber of the American founding, TCA. My namesake included, in his grievances against George III, the fact that he prevented colonists from micromanaging the rules of professional golfing tournaments. Clearly this is an issue the federal government was created to address.

      1. Isn’t golf from Scotland, thus immune to getting even with English monarchy?

        1. This is what subservience to the agricultural City-Statists would have you think. Golfing was created by the Iroquois, who gamboled happily with their five-irons:

          Read: On Par with Statelessness: The Back Nine with Crazy Horse by Jason Godesky

          1. even to WI 🙂

          2. That was pretty damn funny right there.

    3. That potatoe cannon will not help your short game.

      1. As a good [city-statist] it is second nature for me to hit down [substituting a white ball for a red man], instead of trying to hit up [substituting a white ball for a woman], which is the error most golfers make while pitching or chipping. My short game is fine.

  2. “whether this regulation would help bring equality to America’s disabled or simply benefit the trial lawyers.”

    Do we really need to ask?

  3. FACT: The KOCH brothers are the single biggest funder of private pool owners.


    FACT: POOL OWNERS have to keep their funding by satisfying the GREEDY, RACIST, TEABAGGING KOCH BROTHERS.


    “When I say ‘capitalism,’ I mean a full, pure, uncontrolled, unregulated laissez-faire capitalism.” – AYN RAND

    1. Ask your doctor if change your politics to WINNING will improve your testosterone and sexual performance.

      “The testosterone levels of MEN WHO VOTED FOR OBAMA stayed the same throughout the evening.”

      McCain Vote Might Mean Low Testosterone Later…

      OBAMA 2012!

      P.S. I voted against Obama in 2008 and all I got was cuckolded.

      1. By “cuckolded”, you mean “fucked in the ass”.

        Like America got, collectively, when Obama stepped into the Oval Office, “ready to rule from day one”.

        1. It’s not a buttfucking when Team Red does it!

            1. I’d go with Pol Pot. Pol Pot was definitely a big hater of the City-State, going to far as to march every last person out of Phnom Penh to a blissful bucolic world of small-scale gardening.

              1. make the soil fertile. Wouldn’t there be a temptation to go to larger scale and end up back where they started?

              2. Pol Pot wanted to restart the Khmer civilization, and wipe out liberal western influences by starting over with a clean slate at the bottom with agriculture.

                No, it wasn’t small scale gardening, but if all you have is lying like that, all you’re doing is revealing your intellectual bankruptcy.

                1. Pol Pot wanted to restart the Khmer civilization, and wipe out liberal western influences by starting over with a clean slate at the bottom with agriculture.

                  Gee, now who else wants to do that? A Wide Indian? Why yes, yes he does.

            1. Tax Collecting Agent for the Gaialag Archipelago.

              1. “fuck off fibbertard, not true, although you do need some force-fed reeducation.”

                1. …and getting it good and hard. How’s that working out for you?

            2. Looking up John Zerzan I found an oxymoronic web address: Well, maybe not the “oxy” part.

              1. Something else strikes me about primitivists: I have never met one who’s actually ready for what he advocates. Example: I can make bricks with local materials, build a rocket stove with as few as 16 bricks and cook efficiently on it with very small amounts of tinder and wood. Does anyone think WI can? And this is FAR easier than many primitive skill sets.

          1. Actually, it is a buttfucking when either Team does it.

            But Team Blue is in power now.

        2. Like Ayn Rand’s dream, Pol Pot’s goal was “restarting civilization” at “year Zero.” They both had the same murderous fantasy: blow the whole thing up and start over.

          POL POT wanted to:?
          (a) “restart civilization”?
          (b) by cleansing civilization of liberal influences?
          (c)and punishing and starving out people he regarded as subhumans?
          (d) at Year Zero.

          AYN RAND wanted also to:?
          (a) restart civilization?
          (b) by cleansing civilization of liberal influences?
          (c) and punishing and starving out people she regarded as subhumans
          ?(d) with a wave of the dollar brand cigarette.

          Not much difference. But what else would you expect from a philosophical movement inspired by a serial child killer?

          1. About as accurate as your Jefferson quotes. Congrats, you’re batting 1.000 as a mendacious spreader of falsehood.

          2. rigid dogmatic guilt purveyer forever pointing the finger away from self and at the nonculpable while never calling out the real present day tyrants.

            Faux Primitivists for HIGHER taxes. To fund more chile killing around the fucking world!

            1. Yeah, I don’t see how Godesky’s going to implement this grand plan of his without some major population decreases.


              1. All he has to do is get the rate of violent deaths up to the level it was in the paleolithic and it’ll all just work itself out.


                1. I would have loved to have had that slide last night. I’m gonna save that link. Thanks!

              2. You’re psychologically projecting your Libertarian GREAT LEAP FOWARD onto me.

                I’m just identifying the contradictions in your philosophy, and telling you why it, and every other city-Statist political scheme, has failed.

                I’m just sitting back and watching another EPIC FAIL of city-Statism.

                1. Every limited government is doing quite well Economically.

                  1. It feels just like smoke blown up my ass.

          3. Nature fakers idea of paradise: for others.

          4. One thing Ayn Rand DID know and identify. The REAL guilty parties. Nature faker likes to call out the whistle-blowers rather than the perps — favorite tactic of the present regime. Sympathizer?

            1. Nature faker’s opinion of Ayn Rand is exactly the same as that of the modern ProAggressive, the NeoCON, and the Welfare/Warfare statist. All have one thing in common — the need to smear and discredit anybody who pulls the covers off the con game.

              So do tell, whose side are YOU on?

              1. I keep trying to get out but the ProAgressives and the Welfare/Warfare gang keeps pulling me back in…..

              2. I keep trying to leave, but the NeoCONs and Welfare/Warfare racketeers keep pulling me back.

              3. …and you’re attacking me for pulling the cover off your Randroid con game.


              4. …just like ProAggressive, the NeoCON, and the Welfare/Warfare statist.

                Civilization = City-Statism.

                Therein lies your contradiction. You should check your premises.

            2. …for philosophical undesirables. It’s in there. It’s funny watching you cockroaches run around, trying to condition each other’s moral bearings.

              “To a gas chamber – go!”
              ~Whitaker Chambers
              Big Sister is Watching You

              “Atlas these days reads almost like a Peak Oil survivalist fantasy. Rand apparently accepted a form of Malthusianism which held that we have too many philosophically undesirable people in the world. Just withdraw the energy supplies (Galt’s motor, Ellis Wyatt’s shale oil, Ken Dannager’s coal) that sustain them, and the resulting die off will restore Earth to its Objectivist carrying capacity.

              ~Mark Plus
              10/12/2007 04:56:00 PM

              1. Widely used quote [projection] from a confused Big State power lover.

              2. Big Stater reflecting your opinion. Thanks.

    2. Your facts are not only flawed but wrong.

      But your Ayn Rand quote is correct.

      1. ? Is any white person‘s right an individual or collective right?
        ? Is the right to take a negative or positive right?

        “[The Native Americans] didn’t have any rights to the land … Any white person who brought the element of civilization had the right to take over this continent.” ~Ayn Rand, US Military Academy at West Point, March 6, 1974

        1. 1U1Z

        2. There it is. Hard, indisputable proof that capitalism is evil. Oh, color me weeping and ashamed, curse this white blood running through cracker chief’s inferiority complex choked veins!

          1. …that’s exactly how you’d judge it. But you’ll protect your philosophy of tyranny, just like a communist will protect theirs.

            Funny. Every. Day.

          2. Not everyone agrees with Rand’s quote, calm the fuck down.

            I’m still Libertarian and I agree the founders were not great people.

            1. Rand was just parroting a widely accepted cultural meme.

              The funny thing is, she let her masquerade of being against violence down.

              Most purveyors of city-statist political systems and reformers do it, and you guys jump all over them.

      2. All four of my kids are varsity swimmers because I wanted them to be absorbed by the KochBorg.

    3. Kinda funny

  4. Nick is obviously in thrall to Big Pool.

    1. lol. awesum

  5. The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, fascistic do-gooderism of President George H. W. Bush.

    Yet another example of why….

    The republican party must be destroyed.

    1. Hard to argue with the former, but I think it’s a good vehicle to take over, not destroy.

      1. Wishful thinking about a corrupt organization. But if you think you can take over that particular syndicate, then go for it.

        You will eat, bye and bye,
        In that glorious land above the sky;
        Work and pray, live on hay,
        You’ll get pie in the sky when you die

        1. The socialists did it with the DNC. I don’t see any reason libertarians couldn’t do it with the RNC.

          1. There are Ron Paul supporters all over the country worming their way in as we speak.

            1. That’s a good thing, but we need to do it at the local level, too, not just every four years at the Prexy level.

              1. wef, you only get it half-right… the GOP and the Democrat parties, must be destroyed.

                1. The demo-mafia flies its power-worshiping colors without shame – big thug-state, proudly corporatist, paternalist. Its Progressive wing has openly adopted a philosophy barely distinguishable from fascist, national-socialist corporativism. No, the democrats are not the problem; they are the well-defined political foe to be defeated. The republican party flies under false colors, a thug-state fraud run by liars and con artists who promise limited government to the rubes and then run the protection rackets as before. It is a snare and delusion of libertarian-leaning types. After sweeping its apologist functionaries from office and the syndicate is crushed, then perhaps the institutional fragments can be put back together. But as long as the party harbors Hugh Hewitt and Santorum, some libertarian hijacking fantasy is just, well, a pie-in-the-sky fantasy.

                  1. The DNC harbored guys like Scoop Jackson and Sam Nunn at one time, too. It doesn’t anymore.

                    We can use the RNC’s own rhetoric to gain influence and eventually assume control of it.

                    1. One power-worshiping faction of a thug-state party pushes out two go-along-to-get-along dinosaurs of the same mafia organization, and you think that is a model for libertarians to “gain influence” in the repube syndicate – ouch. Well, if you are correct in your evident assumption that the republican party is an otherwise misguided institution of polite men of goodwill with honest policy disagreements, then charge those bourgeois barricades of “the RNC’s own rhetoric” and eventually assume control. Meanwhile, anytime I see a bs repube on the ballot I’ll vote for anybody else, libertarian, demothug, green party, I don’t care.

                      The republican party must be destroyed.

                    2. Sounds good, except that the democrats need to be destroyed just as much. But hey, if we have to do it one party at a time, Im totally on board for starting with the people who are trying to nominate sanatorium.

                    3. Why aren’t you also calling for the destruction of the Democratic Party, wef?

    2. “The republican party must be destroyed.”
      It’s doing a damn fine job by Itself.

  6. The ADA really is the biggest pile of BS buttinskiism ever. From the act –
    As used in this chapter:
    (1) Disability The term “disability” means, with respect to an individual?
    (A) a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities of such individual;
    (B) a record of such an impairment; or
    (C) being regarded as having such an impairment (as described in paragraph (3)).
    (2) Major life activities
    (A) In general For purposes of paragraph (1), major life activities include, but are not limited to, caring for oneself, performing manual tasks, seeing, hearing, eating, sleeping, walking, standing, lifting, bending, speaking, breathing, learning, reading, concentrating, thinking, communicating, and working.

      1. At times, The Onion sounds more like a real news outlet than REAL news outlets.

        1. How about sitting? My hemmorhoids keep me from sitting for more than 15 mins. Disabled??

  7. Nick wrote a book?

    1. Wait, he did? I’ve never heard of any book!

      1. I think it’s called Why I’m a Republican by Nick Gillespie

        1. No, no, no. It’s called The KOCHtopus and Fiber: A Fibertarian Love Story.

          1. Wait, I thought fiber was good?

            1. It’s called “Stfu socialist loser, you had your chance. “

              1. It is pathetic how people keep going after Koch brothers for believing in constitutional government.

            2. Oh and these comments aren’t meant for you Diet Nanny, just to clarify.

              1. Dude, sorry, I forgot the /sarcasm tag. No need to get upset

  8. Trial lawyers are cocksuckers and Leto is an apt spokesman.

  9. “Pool-megeddon”, as some idiots are calling it.

    There, fixed

  10. In addition to Nick’s points it should be noted that a tax credit is only useful if you have a profit and owe taxes. The hotel business is a tough one and lots dont make it especially in this economy. For these regs the hotels will have to upfront the costs and maybe get a credit at some point if they have a profit. Another anti jobs bill from Obama and the dems.

    1. There’s one job in America that Obama is interested in saving.

      1. He’s been very helpful to us as well.

        1. Hey, who yous lookin’ at?

          1. “I’ve driven into a ditch and can’t get out. Really, this time I’m not fibbing.”

            1. I don’t buy that. It would actually have to have a driver for that situation to arise.

  11. Well, this is how naive I am.

    When I first skimmed this pool story earlier this week, I genuinely figured by “public” they meant pools operated by municipalities.

    Oh, silly me. No, of course, “public” means private property in a hotel or whatnot. Duh!

    1. Smoking Bans didn’t make this conclusion blindingly obvious?

  12. In all fairness that pool contraption is also good for ferreting out witches.

    1. And creating an army of Gremlins.

  13. Did Nick refer to himself in the third person in the lede? And can we expect him to say, “Is Nick Gillespie gonna have to choke a bitch” at some point in the future?

  14. There’s no dignity in taking 10 minutes to get out of a pool.

    1. …out of a gene pool.

      There, fixed it.

  15. I love you Nick

  16. 4:35 “…do you believe there is a role for that sort of legislation (ADA)?”
    Nick, the correct answer is “Federal legislation? No.”

    1. Ditto

  17. Morons who talk to WI are worse than WI.

    1. you’re probably correct….

      1. I just out-argue reasonoids. Don’t be mad, bro.

        1. Thanks for your unsolicited confession. I’m sure Political Correctness is one of your fortes also, little Gailag Guard.

          1. I bet your little Gaialag Guard Leatherette uniform intimidates the inmates.

            1. Here’s one not for the Gaialag, but for the New World Politically Correct Order Gaylag Hate Offenders camp. Facing Thirty years for a thought crime. [I don’t defend him for being a privacy-violating asshole creep (by all appearances), but really now, no such thing as reflection and redemption?]. What were those jurors thinking? — murderers, rapists and war criminals get no time or less time. Oh, they (jury) were just following the law as ‘was explained’ presumably by the judge. And the jury was unaware of the punishment? Hey, let’s convict him, they’ll scold him and put him on probation and he’ll have learned his lesson, huh? But the Fucking Jackbooters would put this fucker in PRISON for up to Thirty years. Some observers rejoice.

  18. Erin Burnett has a sex mustache.

    1. Er, sexy mustache. But that works too.

  19. Jesus H. Christ, it seems like every time I see an H&R thread with a lot of comments, I think “OK, must be an interesting discussion,” and instead it’s a bunch of deranged posts by this person referred to as “White Indian” and a bunch of people feeding the troll. Can we get some sort of Slashdot-style comment rating system installed, so that these trolls and troll-feeders can be rated down, and I don’t have to plow through all the off-topic crap?

    Seriously, the free-for-all, no-registration-required, change-your-handle thing is generally fine, but this jerk is just taking over, and many of you are not helping. Something Must Be Done.

    1. Here’s a tip: stop talking to it

      1. …because White Indian very effectively identifies the contradictions in your political philosophy, of which he is quite familiar, because he was once one of you.

        And then he checked his premises.

        1. Because White Indian;’s bullshit doesn’t make sense.

          I frequently mock the founders for their violent origins, but the Constitution is a great document.

          Your socialist or whatever society doesn’t work, because central planning doesn’t work. Until you learn about economics you’ll always be a fringe commenter no one takes seriously.

          And I don’t excuse the violence of our founding fathers, so i’ve taken that little talking point away from you.

          1. …is just like a Fundamentalist response, to think anybody who isn’t in his little religion is “of Satan.”

            “Could it be Socialism!?!” ~Fibertard Church Lady

      2. I don’t talk *to* it. I’m only talking *about* it.

        It really is sad, though. Even shrike, as emotionally damaged as he clearly is, tends to stick to the topic and not just spew endless insane taunts. It just lowers the average IQ around here so much that I visit less. Which I suppose is the plan.

        1. It’s reason’s revenge for us all getting ad blockers.

    2. It’s annoying as fuck, yep.

    3. Let’s try censorship like everybody else. Works for them.


      Anyway, you could try defending your philosophy. Oh wait, you can’t.

      Piss and moan is the next best strategy.

      1. Oh my fucking God, you are not that bright.

        Libertarians are fine with private sector regulations, and this is a private website so shut the hell up now.

        1. …is somebody who knows the church doctrines, and brilliantly undercuts them.

          1. It’s Saturday…..

            1. Unless you think this place is a Saturnalia.

              1. But what you can’t deal with is somebody who knows the church doctrines, and brilliantly undercuts them.
                Bullshit. It’s Saturday…..
                It’s the Sabbath Unless you think this place is a Saturnalia.

                Not that I give a crap, but Saturday’s the sabbath unless he thinks this is a festival of Saturn? Non sequitur. The timing’s according to the religion of the particular person. To my muslim, jew and christian friends, it’s once a week. To my pagan friends it’s once a lunar month. To me, null set.

        2. Dude… you’re wasting your time. Episiarch rejected her advances, and she wants us all to burn.

          It literally does not matter what anybody says to her. Her rage will not be sated until the website is one giant 404 page.

          And, being incapable of holding a job, she has others take care of her, and has nothing but time on her hands to execute her plan.

          She is to Reason readers what Saberhagen’s Berserkers were to all life in the universe.

          1. I got sucked in for the first time last night cause he/she/it wasnt really that far off topic and, at least at first, cohearent. But then it devolved into name calling and Obama spam. I promise to scroll on by from now on.

            My appologys to everyone.

    4. The worst of it seems confined to the weekend for the time being.

    5. The one good thing about threaded comments is that it’s easy to scroll past all the sub threads that are WI, down to the next unindented comment.

  20. Excellent point by Nick at the end. Bastiat FTW.

    In the economic sphere an act, a habit, an institution, a law produces not only one effect, but a series of effects. Of these effects, the first alone is immediate; it appears simultaneously with its cause; it is seen. The other effects emerge only subsequently; they are not seen; we are fortunate if we foresee them.

    – Fr?d?ric Bastiat…..sEss1.html

  21. The Patels will not be happy.
    All of them.
    How many Patels is that? Like, a billion or so.
    All pissed at Barry O’Bama.
    Good move Barry.

    1. I laughed because it’s true

  22. Walks in. Looks at this naked clusterfuck of idiocy. Blinks.

    Walks out.

  23. I would to see the Ban Hammer come down on the half wits who talk to WI.

    1. Is there some way the Ban Hammer could come down on White Indian?

      1. This is like the worst chat room ever.

  24. This particular rule makes me upset because you could probably count the number of beneficiaries on the fingers of one hand. That is, how many disabled people are (i) mobile enough to get to the pool; (ii) immobile enough to need the lift; (iii) mobile enough to be capable of swimming; and (iv) actually want to swim in a public pool. Why on earth should anyone be compelled to rip up their concrete pool to put a $10k device in that will accommodate less than one visitor a year?

    It’s very nice to see that if the device actually is $10k instead of $50k taxpayers are picking up the tab, but that just means you and I are paying for a device that’s virtually worthless in practice.

    I don’t want to pay for this device, I don’t want others to pay for it, I just don’t want to see it. Who thought up this rule and who will it actually benefit?


  25. OK, white indian, or Jason, or whatever the fuck ever. Here it is, so there’s no confusion. First, you feign outrage to offenses against people that you have no relationship to. Your ancestors committed atrocities as well, it’s a certainty. All people commit atrocities. It’s called: ‘the human condition’. Also, in the grand history of humans, the overwhelming majority has not only rejected your ideology and worldview, but it has been deemed destructive and if implemented, would result in unimaginable misery and death. (continued below)

  26. Your solution to return to some sort of primitard wonderland would require, quite literally, the deaths of billions. So keep pining away for your primitard fairy land, that will not only never return, but would never work (and it never has). The rest of us wish to live in peace and control our own destiny, and not leave it to the whims of fanatical psychopaths who would kill off billions to live in a communitarian fantasy.

    1. “Atrocities” are completely subjective.

      The only reason the natives did not fence off property and determine ownership is because they had not developed F-A-R-M-I-N-G. To establish private property would be to seal their own fate to die of starvation.

      They did, however, establish ownership of tribal territory. And they killed anyone who encroached on “their” territory, even though the demarkation line was more than hazy. That equals a lot of pointless death.

      1. We backward anglos developed a less “death-y” way to keep our own property and territory seperate from others’: a court of law.

        An impartial jury trial is the most important basis for a free society, not democracy. To have a court system which works, you have to have clearly established property or territory cannot be clearly established. Or we could just go back to killing strangers.

        1. Farming must have established boundaries, so foraging is the proposed answer??? Do you know how many people would have to be wiped off the face of the earth to go back to hunting and foraging for food? Probably about 99% of the world’s population. To that I say, you first. Whomever is calling for less people in the world, throw yourself on the pyre. Else you are just another Joe Stalin wannabe.

  27. Dude he is like totally rocking it out man, I mean like seriously.

  28. Eventually all the marriages in this country will be limited to state-arranged marriages. Your only choice will be whether you want straight or gay, but you’ll have no choice as to how ambulatory your given spouse is. Divorce will be easy but will require a cooling-off period that will match that for buying firearms.

  29. That 900-character limit is working out great.

    Might be better off requiring 900 seconds between posts.

  30. About the pools, obviously Obama jerks off to pointless power grabs. Fuck I hate that piece of shit.

    He would rather see pools close down and NOBODY swim than see disabled people solve their own conundrum of how to get in and out (with the help of a couple friends perhaps?)

  31. Why was this video taken down from Youtube?

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