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Tim Cavanaugh Defends "Obama Is a Lock" Claim: WRKO (680 AM), 1:30 p.m. Eastern


They could turn against him at any second.

Reason Managing Editor Tim Cavanaugh will discuss his "near-certainty that Mitt Romney will be defeated by Barack Obama in November" today on WRKO (680 AM), "BOSTON'S TALK STATION." 

It's a very special episode of the Jen Brien show with guest hosts Hillary Chabot of the Boston Herald and Reason's brutally honest campaign correspondent Garrett Quinn.

Possible topics:  Are Mitt Romney's modest total-vote numbers a product of non-enthusiasm for Mitt Romney himself or non-enthusiasm for the GOP overall? 

In fact, since Romney is maintaining his 2008 numbers amid a general decline in votes for every Republican candidate, should we be nice and say he's doing relatively better than he was in 2008? 

In fact (2), how do we know even a general decline in Republican voters will hurt Romney at a time when, according to Gallup, the Democrats are hemorrhaging voters too

And how did the Sheens get mixed up in this thing too

When:  Today at 1:30 p.m. Eastern time, 10:30 a.m. Pacific. 

Where: Bostonians can tune their crystal sets to 680 on the AM dial. 

All others can surf their internets to

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  1. Second!

    1. Aren’t you glad YOU don’t have to face that angry mob?

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  2. Cavanaugh is just trying to get us used to a second Obama term because that’s what he wants. I’m on this his game.

    1. Well, yeah. He’s an Obama voter, isn’t he?

      1. An “enthusiastic” Obama voter, I believe

        1. Surely he’s not planning to vote for Obama this time. Say it ain’t so, Tim!

          1. Why not? Obama has worked out about the only way any sentient person would have predicted.

            If you liked him in 2008, well, he’s still the same cynical, narcissitic, thin-skinned, venal, arrogant, dishonest guy. Better now, really, since he can (finally) claim to have some executive experience.

            1. Yes, I think he should run on his resume this time. I’m going to send him an e-mail.

            2. Better now, really, since he can (finally) claim to have some executive experience his golf game has surely improved.

        2. “enthusiastic”


          No he wasn’t

          Tim Cavanaugh

          1. Who are you voting for in November? Barack Obama. All my life I’ve been waiting for a black president; Obama’s not monumentally unqualified, and his solid-if-boring book at least had some unkind words for teachers unions. Also my kids like him.

          If anything it looks like a snark vote and “a fuck it i need to vote for someone may as well be the black guy” vote.

          1. Well, we don’t need to break any black president ground now, do we? And he was “monumentally unqualified.” Crap, he still is.

          2. Look, this is Tim “Suck” Cavanaugh we’re talking about here. That’s so enthusiastic, he was practically doing backflips.

    2. I demand some sort of commenter compensation if he’s wrong, which he is. How about. . .killing threaded comments? Or maybe total HTML freedom for a day? Blackball rights for long-term commenters and donors?

      1. For the record I am not on board with killing threaded commenting.

        1. Shut the hell up.

          1. After long contemplation i have come to the conclusion that i am indifferent to threaded comments.

            1. You’re either with us or against us.

          2. See? Sans threading I probably never would have even seen your counterpoint there.

            1. No flameware for you!

        2. Though I do have a possible compromise: Hit & Run plays the Star Trek Fightin’ Song whenever a flame war occurs.

          1. I think when it’s a flame ware between John and MNG, they should play Feelings.


          2. I think when it’s a John and MNG flame war thay should play Feelings.


            1. So which is it, flame ware or flame war? Is flame ware some sort of new cookware, like cast iron made especially for use on fires?

  3. The Gallup polls on enthusiasm are interesting. They suggest that Republican voters are more enthusiastic than in 2008, despite lower votes in the primaries.

    Perhaps they’re enthusiastic about voting against President Obama, but not enthusiastic about the crop of primary candidates?

    1. Perhaps they’re enthusiastic about voting against President Obama, but not enthusiastic about the crop of primary candidates?

      I think you hit the nail on the head, right there.

      1. In this case, Thacker is an accurate wacker.

  4. The best I’ve seen Romney fare in a poll vs. Obama is to beat him by two or three. This is while Romney is still an unknown-except-for-his-party-ID-and-hair Generic Republican.

    But Generic Republican For President is the majority position among people who actually vote. So Romney’s peaked.

    When he becomes the actual Republican-in-question, and the waiting-room TVs are yelling about the racist Mormo-menace that’ll weld your pussy shut and nuke the moon for the Joos?not that Romney is extreme; he’s a thoughtful conservative who’s totally down with “socialism” and shit, but letting the Dominionist Republicrackers have their way even this much, by electing even so moderate and kinda intellectual and probably totally personally cool man as Romney is will, like, usher it in, y’know? the Vulvacaust and stuff??he loses a ton of idiots’ votes, and Obama cruises.

    1. and nuke the moon for the Joos

      On what mainstream television program do you ever see someone claim that U.S. foreign policy is being run by “Joos”?

  5. And also, fuck the squirrels 900 times.

  6. I’m tempted to listen to Timmy’s appearance just to hear what the defense of a truly stupid position sounds like. Obama’s re-election is doomed.

    Obamacare. High long term unemployment. High under-employment. High gas prices coupled with energy production obstruction. Obama didn’t really win in 2008, anti-Bush/throw-the-GOP-out did. Foreign policy chaos/retention of Bush foreign policy. BO insulting characterizations of large groups of Americans. Well-publicized corruption wrt “green” policies. Continued employment of “bailout mentality”. Frequent negative rhetoric about capitalism and smack talking about companies, i.e. employers. Close head-to-head match-up polls even with multiple primary contestants.

    Nobama wins easily.

  7. seriously. Romney will win 40+ states. It was Hope & Change in 2008. Now Hope and Same will work. Not a chance.

  8. Alt text suggestion: Fuck Michigan!

  9. Even if Romney wins I’ll still be batting 500 on these predictions.

    1. It’s not a sporting event.

      I seem recall you mocking someone some years ago in your LA Times blog who found your focus on “The horse race” rather than the issues disgusting. Sad to see you haven’t evolved as a journalist. By chance did you spend your formative years at The Village Voice?

  10. remember you have to vote for obama to find out whats inside of obama.

    seriously, how could anyone possibly self identify as a libertarian and vote for this stuttering clusterfuck of a miserable failure

    1. His opponent in 2008 was John “I never met a potential war I didn’t like and let’s have compulsory national service” McCain?

      1. Yes, just think, if McCain were elected we’d have expanded our presence in Afhganistan, fought a war in Libya, be about to intervene in Syria, and there would be rumors of war with Iran.

  11. How much will the VP pick improve Romneys chances? Would a Ron Paul VP attract more libertarian voters? If so, wouldn’t a Santorum VP attract a lot more voters?

  12. lol, corruption truly is bliss lol.

    1. I find your perspective intriguing and would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

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