California Convulses Over Dead Mountain Lion In Non-Bordering State


Mountain lions: It's us or them.

The Orange County Register's Brian Joseph takes a Golden State safari

Once again, California faces a budget crisis. Revenues are projected to come in lower than anticipated. The governor and special interest groups are sparring over competing tax measures. Angry college students are occupying the Capitol.

And yet the most talked about issue in Sacramento these days is a Fish and Game Commissioner who legally killed a mountain lion in Idaho.

Ever since news of Dan Richards' hunting trip came to light in late February, the Watchdog has been patiently waiting for the story to burn itself out.  But after three weeks of intense scrutiny, the story doesn't seem to be going anywhere. News organizations, state policy makers and callers to legislative offices continue debating this only-in-California controversy.

This parody of the land of the nuts and the fruits is not intentional. Although Californians have turned out by scores to support Richards, his fellow commissioners quietly voted to demote him the other day. 

Dan Richards supporters.

Felicity Barringer of New York's Times newsparchment takes readers on a misty watercolored journey through the history of her own hunter-gatherer ancestors before settling in to describe California's Idaho mountain lion controversy in this way: "Local newspaper opinion polling on Mr. Richards's actions continues."

Barringer doesn't mention that this polling not only continues but shows public support for Richards at 67 percent

California doesn't just oppose the death penalty for mountain lions in other states. It insists on coddling mountain lions as they begin their careers of conscienceless predation upon other animals (including humans). Local media are celebrating the nursing back to health of a couple of mountain lion cubs found recently in downtown Burbank, with a Santa Barbara TV station noting, "Now a documentary will feature Olive and Magnolia and the issue of urban expansion into wildlife habitats." 

Mountain lion controversies are ending gainful public careers in other states as well. AP reports that South Dakota's Game, Fish and Parks Department has fired a big-game biologist after he waited almost a day to report having made the final legal mountain lion kill of the hunting season. Biologist Lowell Schmitz appears not to have violated regulations, which allow a one-day grace period for reporting kills to the government. But his delay tragically cost three more Feline-Americans their lives. The Rapid City Journal has details

Schmitz said last week that he was in a hurry after he shot the lion to get back to town and pick up his children from school. Then, Schmitz said, he got involved in helping with their homework and ended up with a migraine headache, so he waited to check in the lion until the next day.

Hunters have 24 hours to check in lions they shoot. Schmitz didn't violate regulations, but he was criticized for not in bringing the cat in sooner or at least calling GF&P in Rapid City where he worked as a biologist.

On the evening of Feb. 29, the lion kill on the GF&P website – one of the options hunters have in checking the status of the season – was at 69, one short of the season-ending quota of 70.

But the 70th lion was actually already in Schmitz's possession but unreported.

So the season remained open on March 1, and hunters killed three more lions that day.

I've never killed a mountain lion, but I'd like to hope such an experiences would be exhilirating enough that you wouldn't get a migraine after the hunt. Getting a migraine just doesn't seem very hunter-like to me.

Meanwhile, the mountain lions get payback: One cat ripped a six-year-old at Big Bend National Park in Texas last month. California mountain lions have been repaying humans for their concern with more than a century's worth of killings and maulings. And another cat recently clawed a child and a family dog in the Gem State itself. 


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  1. Tim, if you killed a mountain lion, your kids’ school would punish them. I’m pretty sure of that.

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      1. Are you a cougar?

        1. Bi-sexual Cougars? Spammer is almost topical for once.

  2. The Kids in the Hall covered this nicely.

  3. That’s OK. Pennsylvania’s DCNR just plain refuses to acknowledge the existence of Mountain Lions (at least within the boundaries of the Keystone State). This is despite many many sightings by some very knowledgable people and several photographs.

    Yet somehow you still can’t shoot these nonexistent cats; even if their killing your livestock. AD that to the Coywolves, and PA farmers along the state’s mountainous spine are having a few troubles.

    1. I will confer all my hatred of PA game commissioners onto Richards and side with the mountain lion (or whatever) in this instance.

      1. you’re just in the pocket of Big Mountain Lion.

  4. I was going to shoot a Mountain Lion on a customer’s property up near Tehachapi when we were on a boar hunt. Fucker was coming right at us. Anyway, the guy I was with shot about three shots as I was sighting him in at about 200 yds. He missed, and proceeded to shoot a few more times just to make sure it was scared off. He told me later that day that if I would have shot it, he would have turned me in in a minute because the state would have confiscated his land and charged him with a felony if I didn’t.

    That was the last time I saw him alive. He died in an ATV accident at his ranch a month or so later. Fucking thing rolled over on him and broke his neck. Shame. He was a hell of a nice guy.

    1. Next time bring a shovel when you hunt. No one has to know about a buried kitty.

      1. Except that drone that’s been trailing you for the last hour.

        200 yards though… you’d have a tough time justifying a kill at that distance. Just because you saw him didn’t mean he was hungry and you were his dinner plans.

        1. you’d have a tough time justifying a kill at that distance

          Just become a cop.

    2. So what you’re saying is that you definitely didn’t kill him, right? Wink, wink.

    3. You faked an ATV accident? How gauche. You should have faked an animal mauling–preferably a mountain lion–instead.

    4. He was a hell of a nice guy.

      Sounds like kind of a dick to me.. I mean 200 yards is a ways away, but they close that shit fast..
      My jugular > Your property

    5. So what you’re saying is, not killing mountain lions will always directly result in your death a short time later?

      1. Is this a movie pitch, Jimbo?

        “It’ll be Death Wish crossed with Speed, crossed with mountain lions! The whole family will love it!”

        1. It can star Adam Sandler

          1. “We’ll call it Wild Thing!”

          2. Fuck. First Lucy hat-tips That Which Shall Not Be Named, and then you drop the AS-bomb. My day is officially ruined.

            1. When did this hat tip happen?

              1. Check out the new story on the H&R main page.

                1. *retch*

            2. Agreed, that was just fucked up.

  5. I don’t care how vicious of killers they are, OMG KITTIES!

    1. A kitty that would wrap its jaws around your neck until you suffocated, and then eat you. That’s probably your sick furry auto-asphyxiation fetish, isn’t it. You disgust me!

      1. They don’t suffocate you, they bite into your neck and sever your carotids or spinal cord. Didn’t you ever watch your pet cats murder shit when you were a kid, you monster.

        Also, I am currently playing fetch with my favorite one of my cats. OMG SHE FETCHES OMG OMG OMG

      2. So many things disgust you that the statement has lost it’s potency. You need some new way of expressing displeasure.


      3. And now a couple of links.

        First for Warty:…..00633.html

        Then for Epi:…..55591.html

        1. Their models are woefully undercomplicated. I don’t even see one polynomial regression on there.

          1. Well, the author is no Paul Krugman, so I mean you can only expect so much.

          2. Polynomials are awesome!

  6. First a lovable, wait, “electable” candidate, and now furry kittens. Have you no shame?

  7. Remember back in the day when mountain lions were killing livestock around Mt. Diablo and the enviros blocked any attempt to kill or capture and relocate them? Mysteriously, the sightings of the big cats stopped and the controversy just faded away.

    1. The first beer I ever bought myself was at an Atlanta Flames game in the Omni.
      It was either Tuborg or Carling Black Label as that was all they sold. Probably Tuborg, “The Golden Beer of Danish Kings”.I was 13 or 14 y/o. There was no such thing as a de facto drinking age in 1970s America.

  8. Once I was camping with friends and woke up early to see a mountain lion pass by about 30 feet away. I would recommend this experience to anyone not sufficiently afraid of these ferral beasts.

    1. Wild, not feral. Feral means its ancestors were domesticated.

      Also, I once had the same experience with a black bear sniffing at me while I was lying in a tent. But later that day, I got to throw rocks at the bear and chase it off, so that was cool.

      1. I once saw a skunk blending in with the tall grass next to my walking path at night. FUCKING TERRIFYING!

        1. A wild chipmunk bite my finger once while I was feeding it peanuts. NEARLY CRAPPED MYSELF!!

          (True story except for the crapping part)

          But seriously kids…chipmunks are wild vicious animals!

          1. Alvin!

            1. This one time, at band camp…

          2. A M??se once bit my sister…

            1. +5
              no .. +2
              no …+3 python internets to you.

        2. Have you ever had three skunks chase you? Not fun. Not fun at all.

      2. I hate black bears. One took my dinner one night while I was camping in the Smokies. He just strolled right up and climbed up on the table and started eating. I have to admit I didn’t argue about it.

    2. Once when I was biking solo in Alaska, I pitched my tent by the side of a trail and crawled in for the night. I awoke the next morning to a strange tingling metallic sound. I peaked out of the tent and saw a grizzly cub spinning the pedal on my bike. Then I noticed a large shadow being cast across my tent and heard the sound of heavy breathing. I curled into the fetal position and began whimpering. Yeah, whimpering. Terror. Pure terror. Fortunately, mama grizzly was more interested in hustling jr. away from me than the more painful alternative.

      1. Fortunately, mama grizzly was more interested in hustling jr. away

        helicopter parents, tsk tsk tsk.

    3. Click on “I nearly had a heart attack?” then check the photo! It reminded me of something and gave me a shiver.

      I was hunting blacktail on Vancouver Island years ago. Minor snowfall the night before. I was going uphill on an old logging road. Stopped for a bite to eat on a log in the sun near the edge of a small ravine. I had a sandwich in one hand, a thermos in the other and got the weird feeling I was being watched. I looked slowly around but didn’t see or hear anything but chickadees. I became so uncomfortable I put my food away, picked up my rifle and headed back downhill. About 10 yds down I saw cougar tracks in the ravine heading up the hill toward where I’d been sitting. A few more yards downhill and there were more tracks – inside my own footprints. I had been stalked, but I never saw it, only sensed it.

    4. My friend and I were hiking on a popular hiking path in the Santa Monica Mountains, above Pacific Palisades. We were coming down the path and could hear some thrashing around in the chapparal behind us. We both stopped and turned around, and a mountain lion trotted out onto the path about 30 feet behind us. It hunched down, and stared at us for probably 10 seconds. Finally, the cat sprang across the path and down into the canyon. My friend and I agreed that if we were hiking solo, the beast would have attacked us. Beautiful animal. Scary situation.

  9. At least the police in Chicago had the decency to kill the mountain lion/cougar in town a few years back. But it probably resembled a dog. The idiots came out of the woodwork on that one too. Can’t these cats target PETA members.

  10. A few months ago, I was hiking with my golden retriever in the Bay Area hills, and we surprised a mountain lion on the side of the trail (about 15 feet away from us). Fortunately, the animal jumped to the other side and ran down the hill to get away.

    I’ve never seen anything move so quickly or jump so high in person. That hike down the ridge was the longest 45 minutes of my life.

    1. Whereabouts?

      1. Warty, do you live in the Bay Area? I may be up there in a couple of weeks.

        1. No, but my brother does.

          1. Yeah, I thought you lived in ::shudder:: Cleveland.

            1. Oh, I do. In fact, I am right this very moment staring at the greasy orangeness of the Terminal Tower.

              1. Gotta be better than the shit hole I’m in for another 30 or so hours: North Canton. I ought to go taze some skank.

  11. Who gets off shooting cats? And who the fuck eats them?

    Someone’s got daddy issues. Or something. I don’t know.

    1. I think whoever shoots big cats needs to just buy a Hummer and call it a day.

  12. “Little Man” is a horribly over-rated film.

  13. Now that I have the A-Team together. It’s sign-up time for the Reason Hit & Run Superpimp College Basketball March Madness Pick-Em Tournament and Parade.

    Password: reason.

    I’m sick of you malignant bastards not playing in my fantasy leagues (Jimbo, you’re excluded from this rant). Get off your lazy fucking asses and register, goddammit. It’s anonymous, so don’t worry about Honky Hopi finding out more about you.

    1. But I hate basketball, and you. Sorry.

      1. Then please ignore my comment upthread.

        Oh, and fuck you too, buddy!

        1. Are you threatening to arrange an ATV accident for me?

          1. I’ve had it arranged for longer than you can imagine, friend.

            I’m just going to say this: I wouldn’t let a Ford Maverick pass me any time in the next couple of months if I were you.

    2. UK all the way baby, GO CATS!!!

    3. (I’m from Kentucky originally, before we moved to Texas when I was a teenager)

      1. Hey, you don’t have to justify your love for the Cats. Especially since your Red Radiers have fallen off the face of the earth.

    4. Are the New Mexico State Canadians going to make the tournament? I think the WAC Champion gets to go.

  14. $500 for anyone that can post a video of shreik being mauled by a mounyain lion.

      1. Could’ve been worse, I thought it was gonna be a fat middle aged woman beating on some poor guy.

      2. Could’ve been worse, I thought it was gonna be a fat middle aged woman beating on some poor guy.

  15. The part of CA that gets media coverage deserves the hoots heaped upon it, but in general the urban US population deserves the same.
    “Cute” black bears now shred homes in many places, coyotes eat back-yard pets, cougars only get shot when it’s ‘for the childrunz’.
    Fear of humans can be erased from a predator population in a couple of generations; will PETA/enviro-whackos decide hunting is OK after camping becomes dangerous?
    Will the voters do the same after Scruffy isn’t safe in the back yard?

    1. I was at a buddy’s farm one day, and his dog got out. We went out looking for it, thought we heard it from a distance, so followed the sound. We walk a couple of miles into the woods and all of a sudden everything gets silent. My buddy shined his flashlight around and we were surrounded by fucking coyotes. A .357 into the ground scared them off – around here they’ve lost most of their fear of people, at least partly because they’ve interbred with feral dogs.

    2. will PETA/enviro-whackos decide hunting is OK after camping becomes dangerous?

      they shouldn’t have a problem. Camping is just another method of Raping Gaia.


      2. To them, with the closing of CA State Park services, just being anywhere near the woods is dangerous.

  16. Officer, is Dan Richards free to gambol across plain and forest?

  17. Gavin Fucking Newscum was leading the charge to get this guy fired. He hunts Elk out in Montana and he has the audacity of hope to believe that the media won’t call him on the massive hypocrisy of leading the charge job of the man that killed the whittle montain kitty

    1. This is hard to believe. Are you sure Newsome doesn’t hire someone to hunt them and then claim he did so?

  18. How the hell does California have jurisdiction over what one of its citizens does in another sta-

    Oh, I forgot… Commerce Clause.

  19. From the Sacramento Bee comment page:


    People who hunt these days are savages who deserve a hunting accident that kills their kids.

    Hmm… wonder which party he votes for…

    1. Linky:…..opped.html

      Dig the one who tells him to get a haircut. That was fuckin’ hilarious.

      1. Moar stoopid comments here:…..32782.html

        Then again, it IS the HuffPo…

        1. So… if a resident of ONE state, where medical marijuana is illegal… goes to California…

          1. The sanest man in California, The Sac Bee’s Dan Walters has already covered this angle beautifully.

            Points out the hypocrisy of the state legislators, then extends it to:

            Should any political figure who does something legally elsewhere that is illegal in California also resign?

            Should an official who legally hunts any animal or catches any fish elsewhere that’s protected in California be censured? Should one who legally bets on basketball in Reno be required to do penance in California?

            Same-sex marriages are still illegal in California, although that thankfully may change soon. Would it be improper for a gay or lesbian legislator to legally marry in another state?

    2. You should reply, “And people who oppose hunting are idiots who deserve to be eaten by mountain lions.”

  20. Won’t someone think of the mountain lions?!

    1. sure.

      *runs away, pants auto-urinated*

    2. Sure. I’ve thought for a long time that my collection of predator pelts would be much enhanced by a mountain lion.

  21. It’s like the crew of the Titanic hurriedly filling out an environmental impact statement for the sinking of their liner before it slipped ‘neath the briny.

    1. “…will provide shelter to marine li….”

      “Hmmm, they didn’t submit it in tripcliate.”

  22. It doesn’t matter if it’s “legal” in other states… Richards is OUR bitch!

  23. Killing a large predator for no other reason than “exhilaration” is disgusting. Deer, ducks, rabbits, and the like are one thing. They’re everywhere and good eating. A mountain lion in its own habitat, not threatening any humans, deserves to be left alone.

    1. Yeah, I think the magnificence of these types of predators is important to consider along with the way they are killed.

      It sounds like this guy didn’t really hunt the lion, just let some hunting company’s trained dogs tree it and then showed up later to shoot it out of a tree. WTF?

      I just don’t get the pleasure people get from these types of “sports.” It must be kinda like killing a dog during a search warrant, or being a cop beating a homeless man to death. Makes you feel so powerful.

      This guy needs to be chased out of office just for being a pussy.

      Reminds me of an onion story though:

      “Brave Mountain Lion Fends Off Group Of Hikers”…..kers,2526/

    2. Yeah, I’m not too impressed by hunting for sport. If you really want to experience the thrill, go out by yourself, armed with a pointed stick.

    3. Tell that to the various ranchers who lose out on thousands of dollars annually due to having cattle killed by mountain lions.

      There are various reasons to manage animals via hunting, not just bringing something to the table.

      1. Are the ranchers killing for the “thrill” of killing? Did you read what I wrote?

    4. Yeah, that’s right. It’s fine to kill helpless little animals like bunnies and Bambi. But shooting a vicious predator that is capable of killing the hunter? We can’t have that!

      The thing is, actions always have both intended and unintended consequences. Hunting, in particular, always serves the purpose of population control, even if the hunter in question is only doing it for sport, food, etc. If a large predator is abundant in an area, killing one occasionally isn’t a bad idea, whatever your reasons.

      And by the way, Dan Richards and friends actually did eat the puma.

      1. Who the fuck eats big cats?

  24. I just want to see if I have the basic facts in this case straight: the CA Fish and Game Commissioners, who I’m guessing see mountain lions as a resource to be preserved as part of their mission, voted to demote someone who went to another state and killed a mountain lion.

    I’m not sure what the fuss is about, but I admit I only skimmed through the article.

    1. So with a little internet review it appears that mountain lions are a “specially protected species,” by law in CA and it is illegal to hunt them.

      That may or may not be a smart policy decision, but it is one that has been made and this guy is a government official whose job is fairly directed related with seeing this out. Game commissioners mission is to oversee and enforce such policy.

      At the least it’s pretty easy to see the PR problems this presents, and when people cause PR problems for their orgs they usually get reprimanded in some way…

      1. It’s like demoting a judge or sheriff for going to Nevada and gambling, perhaps on sports. Or demoting a gay judge (they approve marriages, right?) for getting married in another state where it’s legal.

        Or demoting a cop for exceeding the California speed limit of 70mph in Wyoming or Nevada (75mph speed limit).

        1. Yes it is like those things, and each situation should be judged individually. I’d have no problem removing a sheriff that had a hard on for busting people for gambling or prostitution, then it was found he visited Nevada for just those things. It would depend on how often he did it, how much of a zealot he was back in CA, etc.

          Nothing wrong with using our judgement when it comes to selecting our govt officials.

          1. It’s much ado about nothing, MNG. It also smacks of candyass handwringing on the part of those who are upset over shit that isn’t their business.

            Now, if he’d done this IN HIS OWN STATE… sure, let the outrage fly.

            1. The guy is on a commission…that makes rules…that everyone else has to follow…and some of those rules are how to enforce the “no hunting mountain lions” policy. So he sits on a body that makes rules about everyone’s business, but he goes out and engages in behavior contrary to those rules.

              Again, do you think someone should be appointed to a commission to combat specific eminent domain abuses when that person has initiated those very abuses himself? Would the fact that the guy did so only with land in another state where those practices are legal dismiss any concerns you might have over whether this guy should be on the anti-eminent domain abuse commission?

        2. No, tighten your analogies. The game commissioner has more specific duties and policies to uphold than “a judge” or “a cop”. You’re comparing persons tasked with enforcing, in theory, all laws breaking some law to this situation in which a person tasked with enforcing laws in a certain area doing prohibited things within that specific area; you’re also comparing a person whose job is more “functionary” in enforcing the ruls given them, these commissioners have a hand in making the rules.

          So it would be more like an appointee to a gaming commission going to another jurisdiction and engaging in activity his commission is tasked with combating.

      2. At the least it’s pretty easy to see the PR problems this presents

        Well, that’s certainly true. California liberal values voters are concerned about imposing their version of morality everywhere, not just in California. Of course they’d scream if it were an opposing version of morality being imposed– remember that Gavin Newsom was famous for conducting marriages that violated California law at the time.

        I certainly agree that upsetting the morals-obsessed and value voters can be bad PR. Still doesn’t mean that I can’t mock the busybodies.

        1. You’re still missing the point. It’s not about hypocrisy so much. If you were a member of a law enforcement task force charged with combating prostitution and you went on a vacation stop at the Mustang Ranch in Reno where prostitution is legal it would perhaps signal you’re not the best fit for that task force…

          1. Why, as long as you were behaving *in your home state*?

          2. Except that he’s charged with regulating hunting. Not all hunting is banned in California. He’s specifically supposed to uphold the laws of California fairly for hunters and hunted alike.

            His job is not to combat hunting in general.

            A much, much better analogy is a judge responsible for officiating marriages getting married to someone of the same sex in another state where that is legal.

            I could of course still see you wanting someone removed in that situation.

          3. Or we can imagine a narcotics cop in Oregon buying Sudafed without a prescription.

            Or we can imagine a female police officer in Alabama going to another state and buying a vibrator without a prescription.

            Sure, bluenoses would call for them to be reprimanded, but I’d still call it stupid.

            There’s a difference between what is malum prohibitum and malum in se to me.

            1. My goodness you like your Sudafed example!

              Again, it’s not about bluenoses. It’s about a guy being on a comissions that is tasked with upholding the specific policy of not hunting mountain lions hunting mountain lions. Would you really not oppose a person on an anti-eminent domain abuse task force initiating, albeit in another state, one of the specific eminent domain abuses his commission is tasked with combating? I doubt that. You just think the ban on mountain lion hunting is a silly policy, I get that. But ti’s clouding you to what people are actually objecting to here: an official tasked with upholding a ban on X going and doing X in his free time…

      3. this guy is a government official whose job is fairly directed related with seeing this out.
        and had this been a CA thing, you would be right. But he has no authority and is under no obligation to enforce his state’s law in another state.

        1. It’s not that he had an obligation to enforce a California law in Idaho at all.

          Again, imagine as part of eminent domain reform a state passed a law that prohibited some general ED policies and set up a commission to promulgate rules to identify, investigate and carry out the ED reform goals. Now imagine a member of that commission initiated some of those ED policies regarding some land he owns in a neighboring state where those policies are allowed. Would it be crazy to expect the rest of the commission to be upset and reprimand the guy? WTF?

          1. “Now imagine a member of that commission initiated some of those ED policies”

            By this I mean “some of those ED policies that his state bars and which his commission is tasked with combating”

            Sorry if unclear.

          2. It’s not crazy to expect that law enforcement will come down extremely hard upon anyone who speaks out the least bit against the War on Drug either, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not going to mock such an attitude.

            So you really think that if a narcotics cop from Oregon buys Sudafed without a prescription in another state, he should be reprimanded and removed from duty?

            1. If you had an Oregon official who was on a task force or commission which was tasked with upholding the Sudafed laws and he went out and acted contrary to those laws in another state, then yeah, he’s probably not the best person to be on that commission. This doesn’t imply that the Sudafed directive isn’t a silly one, it just realizes that when a commission or task force is tasked to uphold a ban on or combat X, a person who engages in X, even if in another state, is probably not the best fit for that commission or task force…That’s hardly a radical idea…

            2. First, anyone who supports the Sudafed prescription laws, even mere voters, deserves instant death and infinite torment in hell (former frequent stuffy nose sufferer myself).

              How about this hypothetical, some man in a position of authority on a local school board in California goes to Arkansas specifically to have sex with school girls age 17, because it’s legal there.

              Should we at least be able to remove him from his school board membership?

              1. To tighten your analogy lets stipulate that one of the policies the school board works toward is to enforce a bar on people over 18 having sex with 17 year olds, and that they engage in the making of regulations to that effect.

                Then yea, someone who did that probably shouldn’t be on that board. WTF?

          3. Yes, I expect people to try to export their view of morality and have it apply everywhere in the world. Certainly it’s not crazy to expect people to try to impose their morality everywhere.

            I just don’t agree with it at all.

            1. If this were outrage that any California citizen had done something in Idaho contrary to California law then you’d have something of a point. But it’s not, it’s a situation where an official on a task force specifically tasked with upholding a ban on X went out and did X in Idaho…The guy isn’t being charged with something or attacked in anything other than in his official position, that would indicate what you are talking about, and that would be outrageous. What’s being suggested is “hey, this guy probably isn’t best suited for this commission.”

      4. There are various aspects to game management. Stop pretending to understand them.

        1. Sure. The CA game commission kills mountain lions when they are declared a threat to public safety. There’s all kinds of goals and policies, yes I get that.

          But one of them in California now is that hunting mountain lions is currently barred, exactly what this guy who represents the commission which helps make regs to uphold these policy goals did…If it were not official policy, or if this guy were not a member of such a tasked commission, then there would be no controversy I would bet.

  25. And what is up with the whipping up of alarm over the dangers of…well…mountain lions in the last paragraph? Reason is a place where we rightly tell people not to get so whipped up about Al Qaieda but…mountain lions will eat your baby and dog?

    1. It’s not whipping up alarm. It’s pointing out that these are dangerous animals who don’t give a shit, honey badger style.

      1. “Don’t kid yourself Jimmy. If a cow ever got the chance, he’d eat you and everyone you care about! “

    2. I agree that the tone of the rhetoric is strong, but to pretend that mountain lions aren’t a real threat to those in outlying areas is foolish. They, like any other predator, will take pets, and where there are pets there are humans. They will also wreak havoc on cattle and horses, and if left unchecked, they can decimate game species as well.

  26. A relevant reference to cougars killing kids..

  27. Sure seem like them folks in CA sure have a lot of spare time on their hands.

  28. Folks who have never encountered an apex predator in the wild need to recognize their lack of experience and, perhaps, perspective. I have, on a number of occasions, and it is . . . different.

    If I had a good shot at a mountain lion, I would take it. I hunt in ranching country, and mountain lions, like coyotes, feral hogs, javelinas, and bobcats, are on my “shoot-on-sight” list.

    I’ve seen those hunts with dogs advertising, and its not my thing. De gustibus, and all that.

    1. Treeing a raccoon, opossum or a coyote with pack of dogs is like going to a butcher shop and buying meat.

      Its like out and dredging fish and claim you’re a fisherman.

      Its some thing southerns do.

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