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Mitt Romney's Pentagon Profligacy


Mitt Romney has given speeches posed in front of giant banners that say "Cut The Spending." He has a entire page devoted on his website devoted to spending cuts.

Yet when it comes to defense spending, Romney won't abide by any cuts. Quite the opposite. Not only has he promised to reverse military spending reductions enacted under President Obama, Romney has insisited that there should actually be a floor on defense spending—a requirement that the country spend a minimum of four percent of the country's entire economy output on defense.

Maybe he thought printing up engraved invitations to military contractors asking them to send in their proposals for defense pork was a little too obvious? 

Romney makes his position on defense spending sound like he'd merely be making up for what he calls Obama's "failure" on the defense budget by reversing the reductions that occured under the president's watch. In fact, Romney's military spending minimum would actually represent a substantial hike in defense spending over the next decade compared to either the White House's baseline or the slightly reduced path called for by the budget sequester that came out of last year's debt deal. 

The Cato Institute's Christopher Preble has put together a graph comparing the projected Pentagon budget under the three scenarios: the White House Office of Management and Budget's proposal, the sequester, and Romney's minimum. Here's how it looks:

Preble wonders where Romney will "get the money to fund his Pentagon spending binge." Good luck figuring that one out. As I noted earlier today, Romney has also promised to balance the budget through a variety of unspecified cuts and other vague gimmicks. Given that the rest of his policy platforms have all the clarity and believability of intentionally blurred Bigfoot photos, I suspect that straightforward answer to Preble's query will not be forthcoming. 

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  1. Why would the military requirements for a country be proportional to the size of the economy?

    1. That’s what I was wondering. I suppose that there are stupider ways to determine the size of the defense budget, but this is stupid enough for a presidential candidate I guess.

    2. Paranoia is proportional to Wealth?
      Or is US defense spending like my gun purchases? After the after the first two or three, they’re luxury items bought with surplus funds.

    3. It’s a little known fact that the US border expands by one foot for every million dollars of GDP.

      1. We’ve got this automatic investment plan with Canada where we buy their land. It’s like those reinvestment plans with dividends.

  2. Not only has he promised to reverse military spending reductions enacted under President Obama…

    Oh, is the military budget smaller now than it was in 2009? That’s news to me.

    1. Government math:

      If you expect an increase of X percent in your budget, but instead receive an increase of Y percent where Y is less than X, then your budget actually decreased by X – Y percent.

      1. I know that, and you know that, but I expect Suderman to be more careful with his wording.

    2. Reductions planned in the future. Its called a budget. A budget the wingnuts claim does not exist.

      1. Chuck Spinney laughs at your planned reductions.


  3. Fuck it, why stop at 4%. Let’s just bump it up to 60%, build the largest, most badass military force the world has ever seen and just take everything over.

    1. Then we can pay for the military with all the loot!

      1. Damn right. And we’ll get our nuclear weapons stockpile building again and nuke the ever-loving fuck out of anybody that thinks they can stand in our way.

        1. We’ll just annex the Russians’ nukes. Cheaper than making new ones. We’ll just have to use them for our second tier enemies.

          1. We should merge all of the nukes into one big-ass super nuke. Something so big that when it went off it would threaten to throw the Earth off its axis or even out of orbit. We can effectively hold the world hostage telling them to either do things our way or we’re blowing it.

            1. I like it, but I propose we have a second, secret backup meganuke. Just in case.

              1. Somewhere under Antarctica.

                1. We nuke the moon first, so that they know we are super-serious.

                2. In honor of something my father created a long time ago in one of our old school D&D games, I’m calling it “the recombinant meganuke”.

              2. First rule of military spending: Why build one when you can have two at twice the price?

                1. Why build one when you can have two at twicethrice the price?

            2. /insert Dr. Strangelove joke here

  4. Romney is saying this to get votes from people working for the defense industry.

    My friends who work in this field tell me stories of incredible waste. People have jobs doing things that have 0 use out in the private sector producing stuff demanded by consumers.

    They know that the industry is massively over-extended, but are afraid that the gravy train will be cut off.

    It’s yet another example of Mitt’s utterly unprincipled whoring for votes. While I don’t think Romney has a snowballs chance of getting elected president, if he were, we could get lucky and discover that this was an Obamaesque empty feel-good promise that he never intended to keep.

    1. I would say he has a better than snow balls chance. I would say it is more like 60 40. And yeah, none of these dreams are coming true.

  5. Fuck it, why stop at 4%. Let’s just bump it up to 60%, build the largest, most badass military force the world has ever seen and just take everything over.

  6. how can the gop clown parade reduce defense spending when they’re calling for 2 moar wars?

    1. wars are offense, not defense.
      halftarded dumbass

      1. ahh, the dept of war was renamed defense following ww2.

  7. Fuck it, why stop at 4%. Let’s just bump it up to 60%, build the largest, most badass military force the world has ever seen and just take everything over.

    1. Fuck you, server squirrels…

    2. Then we can pay for the military with all the loot!

    3. Um, I think they’re already sorta working on that.

  8. He probably still has an ipad2

  9. Libertarians and the Reason Commentariat want defense cuts.

    This proves that we’re GOP shills.

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