Katherine Mangu-Ward Talks Google and Privacy on Cavuto


Reason Managing Editor Katherine Mangu-Ward discusses the controversy surrounding Google's new privacy settings and whether the government will take advantage of user information on Cavuto. Airdate: March 1, 2012.

About 2 minutes.


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  1. Dear Google,

    I do not go to porn sites that cost money so there is no point in sending me porn ads unless the site is free.


  2. A conversation between Google execs and Department of Homeland Security toadies:

    DHS: we want a full access backdoor to your usage data.

    Google: That is a violation of the Constitution, you will need a warrant for any access and we will contest any abuse in court.

    DHS: Golly, you told us! Hey, how’s that anti-trust suit going for you? I hear the DOJ is ripping you guys a new one. Your stock is down 12%.

    Google: What? there’s no lawsuit… Oh, yeah, we get it. We changed our minds about that whole secret, backdoor data access thingy. Yeah, no problem!

    1. Honestly, I think my ISP would rollover immediately and they have a much better record of my Internet usage.

      1. You’re just being paranoid. What do you have to hide, kilroy?

        1. It’s likely he’s a white-power separatist with bomb-making materials in his garage, right under the Confederate flag.

  3. Okay, semi-serious question here: what the differecne between a managing editor, senior editor, and associate editor? Because as near as I can tell, all three write articles more than they edit stuff. I get editor-in-chief, but the subtleties of the lower grades of editor baffle me.

    And why is Cavanaugh a lowly columnist? Does he have better things to do than proof other people’s mistakes?

    1. Payscale.

  4. whether the government will take advantage of user information

    Uh, yes, government will take any advantage it can.

  5. Dude knows he is like totally rockingi it, Wow.

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