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Wouldn't It Be Easier to List the Places Where Smoking Is Not Prohibited?


A Grafton, Massachusetts, ordinance that takes effect today bans smoking in "public places," "outdoor spaces," "cigar bars," and "hookah bars," among many other locations. The smoking ban also covers e-cigarette use, which involves neither tobacco nor combustion. 

More on outdoor smoking bans here.

[via Michael Graham]

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  2. All that is not permitted is hereby prohibited!

    1. If you do not have a gun, one will be provided; if you have a gun, it will be taken away.

  3. Jesus Christ. Force all the smokers to go outside. Then ban smoking outside. What the fuck? Ban smoking outside??!!

    1. Team Blue thinking brings anti-smoking laws into reality, Zeb. Another reason to hate their guts.

    2. Smoking bans are not about tobacco. They are about pushing people around. This is modern, sadistic U.S.A.

  4. People think of MA as the birthplace of the War for Independence.

    It’s important to remember it’s also the place where they used to hang Quakers, outlaw the observation of christmas, and have state-funded churches, and a a network of tithemen (including one of my ancestors) with the power to arrest people for not going to church, and betrayed the principles of the war for independence by violently supressing the heroic Shay’s Rebellion.

    More recently, in the 80’s, we had race riots when they desegregated public housing.

    It’s been a backward, freedom hating place for a looooong time.

    1. hanging a Quaker. ferchristsake, why not stomp a few kittens while you’re at it.

      1. It was in the air then…the various religious wars that followed the Reformation hadn’t really burnt out yet. (Leaving aside the argument that The Troubles were (hopefully!) the last gasp of those wars…)

        But you never saw a kitten nail an theses to the door of any church.

  5. I remember reading a Boston Globe article when I first started working in the city about whether (read: why) e-cigarettes are evil.

    The basic premise? They “[reintroduce] the idea of cigarettes into what are currently smoke-free environments and begins to renormalize tobacco use in these products”. Yeah.

      1. Remember that when some modern Carrie Nation starts bleating about it being over “health.” Anymore, I think it’s about the pure, unadulterated pleasure of pushing other people around.

    1. Oh, so it’s not about health, it’s about controlling ideas. Well, you’re on much better legal ground there.

    2. There’s just this kind of person who thinks everything good and enjoyable in life is shameful. Because it’s not totally miserable (God and Gaia like that) it’s sinful. I don’t know how these self-flagellants made it to these enclaves in America, but man are they abundant in some places.

  6. HTF can you ban smoking in cigar bars and hookah bars?

    What’s next, banning drinking in bars?

    1. What’s next, banning drinking in bars?

      were it remotely possible, yes.

  7. I am so over smoking from hookahs.
    Fine. They look cool and shit. Especially with a Persian carpet.
    But it’s been done. Can we move on to the next fad? Bubble tea maybe?

    1. Can we move on to the next fad? Bubble tea maybe?

      Yes! Ban THAT shit!

      errm…Choking HAZARD!!!, yeah, that’s the ticket.

    2. I’ll have you know that I genuinely like smoking from hookahs. So there.

  8. “The smoking ban also covers e-cigarette use, which involves neither tobacco nor combustion.”

    With this sort of thing going on against legal drugs, I am wondering where Reason thinks ending the drug war is going to happen? The general sentiment in the political class seems to be to prohibit everything.

    1. I am wondering where Reason thinks ending the drug war is going to happen?

      With the self-destruction of the federal government, and the ensuing collapse of law and order.

  9. They forgot to ban Nicolette.

  10. What makes this all the worse is that the bans are the work of unelected bureaucrats in the city of Grafton, not any elected officeholders answerable to any voter.

  11. “The smoking ban also covers e-cigarette use”

    Straight up government bullying right there. Telling you what to do for the sake of telling you what to do.

  12. Where is cock-smoking banned?

  13. not any elected officeholders answerable to any voter jimmy choo to sale

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