Kennedy on Whitney Houston, Adele, &…Michelle Obama?


What do Whitney Houston, Adele, the First Lady—plus crooner Tony Bennett and fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld—have in common?

KYSR DJ and former MTV VJ Kennedy connects the dots as Houston fans prepare for the songbird's funeral, Adele polishes her six Grammys, and Michelle Obama hula-hoops her way across the nation, pushing kids to eat less and exercise more.

About 3 minutes.

Written by Nick Gillespie and Kennedy, who also hosts. Edited by Meredith Bragg.

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  1. Three minutes is too long for this dude weaned on MTV News breaks. Also, dissing Whitney so soon? Are we even allowed?

    1. A radio commentator got ‘suspended’ for calling her a crack ho. Best part – she is a rich crack ho

      1. In an act of perfect symmetry, that “radio commentator,” KFI’s John & Ken in L.A., were replaced today (and next week) by … Kennedy! I was on a couple hours back.

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    Wow that is a relief! When I’m drink contaminated water I will be able to say; it wasn’t the fraking it was their incompetence! Does negligence make the water taste better or worse?

    1. You commented on the wrong article, dickweed! You must be on the same good shit that Whitney was.

      1. cut the dick-weed some slack, stupid bitch does not need drugs to act like a burnt out crack-ho

        1. Hey, watch your language! You might get suspended like John and Ken on KFI radio in LA!

    2. Any drilling, construction etc that has pits on the side to contain materials and fluids, might have run off. Its a development risk. Pick any industry that uses pits and the risks are the same.

      As for their comments about leaking casing from poorly lined wells. This is from old, 50+ year old wells that were not abandoned properly. In rare occasions, it has happened.

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  3. You lost me at Kennedy

  4. I like her but then I’m not checking out her tits

  5. I’m already sick of Whitney being dead.

  6. I still vividly remember seeing Whitney Houston’s first video on MTV back in 1986. I was smitten. The death of someone so beautiful and talented is tragic. However, Whitney chose to die. Fame and fortune wasn’t enough for her, so she decided to check out instead. How long would she have lasted as an employee of a Fortune 500 company seated in an anonymous cubicle (like me)? She had it all, yet that wasn’t good enough. Fuck her.

    1. Please write more, you could not be more unconversant on this topic, and I enjoy the entertainment of inscience

      1. Huh? All I know is that someone who had everything going for her and who received every break (her cousin was Dionne Warwick) chose to piss it all away. Meanwhile, most of us struggle to get through our miserable, intolerable days and when we die no one will be mourning our passing or setting flags at half-mast. Our world has become a profoundly backward and fucked-up place. And this situation is a painful reminder to us regular people.

        1. You make cubicle life sound so romantic.

  7. I think it’s good that Kennedy is contributing to Reason, there hasn’t been any celebritude here since Drew Carey abandoned his efforts. Kennedy isn’t Drew Carey, but she’s at least more known than Remy.

    1. Hey, I like Remy. Fuck you, RandomJerk!

    2. If you want to see Drew Carey, go to

  8. Awesome bit! Hope to see more from Kennedy collaborating with Reason.

  9. Awesome.

  10. more kennedy plz

  11. What they have in common is that I would fuck all of them before Kennedy.

  12. Kennedy is awesome!!!! I hope she collaborated with Reason more in the future!

  13. Icon Anna Nicole Smith??? You can’t be serious.

  14. Kennedy gives great stand up.

  15. Its not even provacative to say the attackers were motivated by us foreign policy towards palestine as well as bases in saudi arabia. Is she saying they attacked us because of our freedom?? Kennedy you have made REASONable people? angry. Btw whitney houston died from LEGAL DRUGS

  16. The chutzpah of reason! Thank you, that was like a long drink of water.

  17. Legal drugs ? Since when is cocaine legal ?

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