Relax, Liberal Metalheads. Dave Mustaine Did Not "Endorse" Rick Santorum


Given his interest in space issues, Dave Mustaine should really give Newt Gingrich another look.

All you contraceptive-using headbangers out there can breathe a sigh of relief. Although it was widely reported yesterday that Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine had endorsed social conservative darling Rick Santorum for president, it turns out Mustaine was just the latest victim of the media's well-known bias against right-wing rockers. According to the statement Mustaine released today:

Contrary to how some people have interpreted my words, I have not endorsed any presidential candidate. What I did say was that I hope to see a Republican in the White House. I've seen good qualities in all the candidates but by no means have made my choice yet. I respect the fact that Santorum took time off from his campaign to be with his sick daughter, but I never used the word "endorse."

So don't go burning your copy of Rust in Peace just yet (burn everything Megadeth released after it, of course, if you already haven't).

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    1. It should go without saying that anything that is good news for Warty bodes ill for the rest of mankind.

  2. Like Rick Santorum, he wants a holy war:

  3. Honestly, I liked it better when it seemed like Dave had endorsed Ricky Cumfarts, because I like when Dave does wacky shit. It’s what makes Dave Dave. I mean, it even raised the possibility that Dave was drinking again, and that would be epic.

    1. I am also disappoint.

      I couldn’t wait for the digitally remastered and updated release of the newly titled Killing Fags and Darkies Is My Business… And Business Is Good

      1. What do you mean I ain’t kind? Just not your kind.

    2. How big of a slap is it to tell someone they’re better when they’re drunk?

      But he still have to pull Friedman away from bonking schoolgirls with Paul Gilbert in Japan for it to be worth it.

  4. There.

  5. Ha, I have that single in the picture. Iirc it also has live versions of Hook in Mouth (which fucking rocks) and The Conjuring.

    1. I read that as “with fucking rocks” and was all “huh?”

  6. Anyone who cares has probably already seen this, but I only recently discovered Youtube’s “female drummer playing metal” genre.

    “Holy Wars” drum cover:

    1. I actually do not care for her. She’s way too gimmicky for my taste – drumming in stilettos? She just sounds empty to me, no feeling behind the drumming.

      1. Fair enough; I admit the fact it’s a chick playing is roughly half the appeal IMO. (Does that make me a sexist?)

        From a strictly musical perspective, I think this guy’s version is better:
        One fixed overhead camera, weird blue tint, but the bass drum patterns are much more audible.

        1. Listening to the two back to back made it crystal clear for me. She is way loose and all over the place, the blue tint guy is tight and fierce and on point. And then I watched this one:


          Ouch. I love that drum intro, and it just sounds like shit with her playing.

          1. double ouch.

    2. My favorite of the hot chick drummer genre is Meytal Cohen.

      As far as I can tell, she’s pretty good.

      1. That song was pretty decent, but her song selection is pretty bullshit. I saw a lot of System of a Down, Panterrrrrruuuuhhh, Deftones, not exactly a very metal heavy drumming selection. She may have royally fucked up her Painkiller cover, but this song is not done too poorly:

    3. Chix with sticks.

      1. heh heh – BANG!

  7. That’s the only + I’d give Santorum

  8. Megadeth still sucks though.

  9. What’s up with global warming?

  10. Dudes! What’s up with Megan Fox’s breasts?

    1. I think the right question is: what’s up with movie makers showing tits but covering nipples?

      1. Discuss!*



  11. “The System Has Failed” is the best thing Megadeth has released since Rust in Peace. It’s really excellent IMO. But, yeah, burn everything between the two.

  12. So don’t go burning your copy of Rust in Peace just yet (burn everything Megadeth released after it, of course, if you already haven’t).

    You’re dumber than a bag of drowned hammers, Root. Endgame was really good, and Thirteen has its moments, even though neither can measure up to what Dave did in his heyday.


    1. For the life of me I could never enjoy Megadeth. I don’t know why, it just rubs me the wrong way. And I’m a huge fan of 80s thrash.

      1. You’re even dumber than Root. But we all knew this.

      2. It’s because Megadeth is one of the few thrash/metal bands to have really good beats behind the songs, and you obviously join Warty in your hatred for that.

        The second half of “Wake Up Dead” is a good example. Make sure you actually make it to the time change.

        1. The only thing I have hatred for is you.

          And that is probably Dave’s best work, you’re correct.

          1. Right, and Jimbo joins you in that hatred, just like I said. Jeebus, it’s like you’re retarded or something. Which Jimbo joins you in as well.

            1. I dunno, I just don’t like his voice. I guess I’ve never grown past Master of Puppets.

              1. it annoys me when bands change beats or do other prog stuff when it seems it’s JUST for the sake of saying “wow, look how cutting edge/avant garde we are”.

                there’s a REASON why 4/4 works, and why one of the greatest bands of all time (the ramones) started every song (pretty much) with “1 2 3 4”

                but i have to agree with Epi. megadeath makes it work. rush is probably the most popular band to make use of such time changes).

                i’m kind of “meh” on rush, but i can’t fault their musicianship, their innovativeness or their ability to make a 3 piece sound like a hell of a lot more

                1. “one of the greatest bands of all time (the ramones)”

                  LET THE FLAMING BEGIN!

        2. Beats…

          Dave’s songs and playing are quite unique in my view in the world of ‘metal’. Especially b/c of his fucked up(awesome) sense of what rhythm guitar should be/do.

          1. Agreed, and early Hanzel Und Gretyl had something similar, and was awesome, but they’ve mostly lost that.

            Adding real beats to the music makes a world of difference.

            1. Never heard of hanzel und Gretyl but I’ll check em out.


          Dave Mustaine Black Gold – for those days when you just gotta wake up dead.

      3. Megadeth doesn’t sound like many thrash bands, so this makes sense.

        In any case, Dave’s rhythm guitar work and Friedman’s solos were some of the more interesting things I learned on guitar in high school.

    2. I actually liked a lot of Countdown to Extinction. But, then again, I also think A Matter of Life and Death, in general, and The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg, in particular, was as good or better than anything Maiden has done since Piece of Mind, so maybe all those warnings of hearing loss had some merit.

      1. Megadeth has recovered nicely from its (his, I guess) late-90s lull. It’s fairly rare to a band to stay so good after quitting drugs.

        1. ^this. there are plenty of epic bands/musicians that don’t do drugs, but when a band cuts it teeth as drug users, and their music is inspired (as it inevitably is) by that drug use, it seems when they lose the drugs, they lose their muse

      2. I love Youthanasia. Cryptic Writings has a few good tracks. Risk and TWNAH are trash. United Abominations is also pretty good IMO.

  13. You’re dumber than a bag of drowned hammers, Root.

    Indeed. The burning should start after Peace Sells, not Rust in Peace (which completely blows).

    1. Shut your dirty whore mouth.

  14. onetime I had flies land on my face but they were stupid because I already ate the popsicle instead.

  15. I give you the best Dave Mustaine quote of all, and he’s known for saying awesome things.

    “Some years later, long after he and Megadeth parted company, Jay Jones was stabbed to death with a butter knife during-rumor has it-a fight over a bolonga sandwich. That’s not funny, of course. But, if you knew Jay, neither is it particularly suprising.”

    1. a surgeon once told me you can do more damage with a blunt instrument.

      but a BUTTER KNIFE?

      that’s awesome.

  16. Why does anybody even care who celebrities endorse? If Dave Mustaine wants to endorse Santorum, he has every right to do so and not have to explain himself to anyone. Same goes for all Liberal Hollywood celebrities backing Obama. I couldn’t care less that they support him.

    1. I think most people sane people don’t care. We just find it interesting and any excuse to ‘chat’ about megadeth….

    2. If he endorses any Republican besides Ron Paul he needs to be ostracized out of existence.
      Rick Santorum is a nazi.

      1. I think Santorum would be worse for America than even Obama too. But supporting a bad candidate is not a crime.

  17. Thing is, even though I’d strongly disagree I could at least understand his non-endorsement-support for Santorum if he actually had a rational or cogent reason, ideological or maybe agreeing with various policies. But this just makes him sound like an idiot:

    “Earlier in the election, I was completely oblivious as to who Rick Santorum was, but when the dude went home to be with his daughter when she was sick, that was very commendable.

    Also, just watching how he hasn’t gotten into doing these horrible, horrible attack ads like Mitt Romney’s done against Newt Gingrich, and then the volume at which Newt has gone back at Romney?

    You know, I think Santorum has some presidential qualities, and I’m hoping that if it does come down to it, we’ll see a Republican in the White House… and that it’s Rick Santorum.”


    (but I still haven’t burned my Megadeth cds though)

    1. Dude – this is DAVE MUSTAINE talking. A guy who got kicked out of a fucking metal band for DRINKING TOO MUCH!

      That is almost as awesome as Nikki Sixx ODing, being brought back to life, and immediately doing more heroin.

      So, anything he says…..respeck….

      1. i gotta agree. i been meaning to get around to buying sixx’ autobiography

        guys who made it through that shit have some great stories. gotta give props to duff mckagan as well, for playing that cop benefit concert and for being an all around cool guy. his punk influence really helped keep gnr from being too hairband metally, and keeping some punk edge

        1. Nikki Sixx’s autobiography is a great read & I hate Motley Crue. That guy really lived an extreme rockstar lifestyle.

  18. Here’s some more material to bury Santorum with.

    The Santorum Theocracy – Obama is not the worst we can do


  19. I’m still trying to pimp out my idea by which third-parties can get around the restrictive major-party debate rules. Hold their own debates and, in the interests of fairness and drawing in a larger audience, invite a Republican and Democratic celebrity to speak in favor of the candidates of their respective parties. Someone like Mustaine could speak for the Republican, and Megan Fox or other random Hollywood starlet could speak for Obama. Their attraction to the camera would hopefully overcome the warnings from official campaign operatives not to cooperate with third parties.

  20. “Whaddya mean
    I can’t be the President
    Of the United States
    of America?”

    /Ron Paul wishing for Mustaine’s endorsement

  21. Will no one rid me of this turbulent Santorum?

  22. If there’s a better way
    I’ll be the first in line [i.e. for Ron Paul]

  23. It wasn’t just “liberal” metalheads that were angry about it, and it had nothing to do with “right wing bias”. This was about the guy who wrote lyrics about the tyranny of the United Nations and the “New World Order”, and doesn’t even seem to understand that all of the mainstream Republicans support these same policies. Endorsement or not, it’s shameful and undefendable.

  24. So does this mean Megadeth won’t be playing at the next Santorum speech? What a shame.

  25. I thought all the metal heads were kind of right-wingish?

    1. Many yes. Many hell no.
      Sadly I can’t really think of many libertarians off the bat, and no don’t say Metallica just because of “don’t tread on me”, that band’s lead singer was like “hell yeah” when he found out his music was used for torture. Ditto for their hypocrisy on the IP racket. Metallica is anti-libertarian. I’m not saying a libertarian can’t listen to them, especially their older stuff. I could care less what a musician’s politics are so long as they don’t endorse something like torture which is one of the worst things the state can do to an individual.

      1. i cut my teeth (as a guitarist) and music listener to punk music and i always found a strong strain of libertarianism in punk that was refreshing.

        i think that’s one of the reasons, frankly, that i gravitated more towards punk than metal (plus, i was kind of ANTIguitar solos as well).

      2. Jon Schafer of Iced Earth is pretty libertarian.

        1. He’s about the only overt libertarian I can think of. Mustaine has had his moments, but his viewpoint was always more vague and unfocused.

          Metal, in general, is not an especially political genre. That may be one reason I like it so much.


      The Pain of Salvation stuff kills me, because Scarsick‘s predecessor, Be, was so fucking awesome.

      1. The “America” theme is a coincidence. I couldn’t find any Skyclad worth showing because it’s a wee bit more subtle when you listen to it.

        And then on the other end of the spectrum you have NSBM, which is something like the opposite of Christian rock in all ways except retardedness.

    3. Not really. In my experience the majority of metalheads seem to be mildly to strongly against the idea of freed markets. I’d say only 30% are really comfortable with the idea of people being able to become wealthy if they work hard and provide a thing people want.

      On gun rights metalheads definitely run more freedom friendly than average though.

  26. MEGAVEST!!

  27. “”What I did say was that I hope to see a Republican in the White House””

    I guess he supports the system more than just going to court when he has to.

    1. It’s still we the people, right?

  28. Real metalheads listen to Brutal Death Metal.

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