The President of Guatemala Wants to Legalize Drugs, the President of El Salvador is Okay With Talking About It


While the United States frames their drug legalization debates around the still-news-hooky premature demise and possible overdose of Whitney Houston, Central Americans still have that whole cartel thing and that particularly-literal war aspect to their drug problems.

Sometime next month, newly-elected Guatemalan President Otto Perez plans to propose legalization of drugs, including the decriminalization of drug transportation, to other Central American leaders.

It took Perez just one month in office to shift to calling for drug legalization. The retired general ran for the presidency on a platform of hard-line action against drug smuggling, but it seems like the sheer force of the drug trade has changed his mind; 95 percent of all cocaine sales to the United States go through Mexico, the most prominent and bloody face of the drug war, but 60 percent of them begin in central America. 

The cartels, including the fearsome Zetas, are really not just in Mexico anymore. And like former Mexican presidents Vincente Fox and Ernesto Zedillo, Perez can clearly see that the policies which lead Mexico and Central America towards this literal drug war are not working and are not helping anyone. So why not legalize?

Perez recently met up with El Salvador's president, Mauricio Funes, who at least was willing to talk legalization. According to the Associated Press:

After returning to El Salvador, Funes said he personally doesn't support legalization because it would "create a moral problem," though he supports Perez's right to bring up the issue for consideration.

"Imagine what it would mean," Funes said. "Producing drugs would no longer be a crime, trafficking drugs would no longer be a crime and consuming drugs would no longer be a crime, so we would be converting the region in a paradise for drug consumption. I personally don't agree with it and I told President Otto Perez so.

Hell, being open to discussing legalization means that Funes is doing better than most U.S. politicians. But no matter how fast things move towards legalization, it's always going to be too slow for the people caught in the crossfire of this God damn unnecessary war.

Reason on the drug war; Mike Riggs on what legalization would and wouldn't do when it comes to sapping the cartels' power in Mexico. on the drug war in Guatemala 

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  1. Read an article awhile back (WSJ?) that, among other things, noted that Peru had basically elected drug traffickers to run the place, and now had a kind of de facto legalization thing going. With the usual third-world kleptocratic twist, of course.

    1. Peru is the second-largest cocaine producing country in the world. Growing coca is legal in Peru, but manufacturing cocaine is illegal. The former head of Peru’s intelligence service under Alberto Fujimori was in the pay of BOTH the drug cartels and the CIA.

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  2. Sounds like terrorist activity to me.

  3. Don’t worry, as soon as Uncle Sugar threatens to cut off aid or some such, they’ll come around.

    1. Drones.

  4. “Producing drugs would no longer be a crime, trafficking drugs would no longer be a crime and consuming drugs would no longer be a crime, so we would be converting the region in a paradise for drug consumption.”

    This is bad…how?

    1. If they can manage to keep the streets safe, it will turn into a world class vacation destination.

      I suggest opening large casino’s as well.

      1. And roller coasters. Can’t have a drug consumption paradise without roller coasters.

    2. How are cartels going to make money when drugs are legalized?

      1. They’ll move on to collusion with unions. History repeats itself.

    3. so we would be converting the region in a paradise for drug consumption.

      Too late! (also wrt my decrim post below)

      Drinking Ayahuasca at the beach in Brazil

      Not long after that an amphibious airplane landed in the turquoise waters just off the beach. The pilot got out and asked me if I wanted to go for a ride. “No,” I told him, “Can’t you see? I’m drinking auyahuasca, I can’t go anywhere.”

      “We just want your spiritual body, you can leave your physical body here,” he said.

      “Sure, I could do that.”

      With that I got up and looked back to see my physical body lying on the beach.

  5. Related, Former attorneys general of BC call for marijuana legalization.

    Sudden (small) outbreaks of common sense. When does the nut punch come?

    1. I can’t disclose the exact time and place of said nut punches.

      1. Radley Balko will let you know soon enough.

      2. Can you disclose whether these nut punches will involve former attorney generals or third world presidents in prison and/or body bags?

    2. Who you calling small?

  6. I hope the whole of Latin America tells the US to piss off and goes ahead and legalizes.

    And I hope the moment Santorum finds out about it is broadcast live.

    1. +1 pack of “cigarette” papers

    2. Every single major politician of both parties will shit their pants.

    3. Some of their neighbors have already done that for possession and some growing of plants, like Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay (apparently those 3 have full decrim of all drugs like Portugal and Czech Repub for many years now)

  7. snortin a pyramid brb

  8. It is only a matter of time. Eventually drugs will be legal everywhere.


    *waits expectantly on bike in front of Lucy’s house*

  10. Producing drugs would no longer be a crime, trafficking drugs would no longer be a crime and consuming drugs would no longer be a crime…

    The coward’s way of reducing crime.

    1. hahahah yes. We are cowards for opposing the oppression and incarceration of millions of people for engaging in peaceful behaviours.

      1. Pretty sure he’s joking. He’d better be joking.

  11. I wonder if the mendacious cocksucker dunphy will come on here to explain to us how these cops are being held to a higher standard than a civilian would be. And he can also explain why the SPD (in his back yard) refuses to turn over dashcam videos for a closed investigation, which they are obligated to do under FOIA standards.

    He can also explain how these officers faced no discipline even though one is plainly heard telling an arrestee that he will “make stuff up” and have him convicted.

    Also, there is the distinct odor of a cover-up since the three other recordings of the incident are mysteriously missing the critical segment, the OPA did not investigate the erased dashcam and the PD treated the issue as a laughing matter.

    According to the “facts and circs” of the case, there is clear evidence of wrongful arrest, assault and battery, falsification of police reports, not to mention the crimes involved in threatening to have the man jailed under false pretenses. And that’s just for the one officer, not for the rest of the departmental cover-up.

    hth, you fucking piece of shit.

  12. According to our resident badge-wearing prick, citizens are held to lower standards when making a citizens arrest. Unless there’s a cop that shows up on the scene with no clear understanding of the law. Then that citizen (an 85-year old man) gets to get his ass kicked and arrested ny the officer.

    hth, dickhead.

  13. When a regular citizen perjures himself, he is often held to account. Ditto when witnesses are paid for their testimony.

    I wonder how the SFPD will be held to account now that it’s known that they not only paid for testimony, but that they stood by and corroborated the falsehoods to secure a wrongfur conviction, thus robbing a man of 18 years of his life.*

    *Actually, the cops helped get the guy 2 life sentences with false testimony. It only became 18 years when a federal judge blew the lid off the case.

    hth, bootlicker.

  14. We need more mainstream people to propose legalization. I’m watching Dr. Drew on HLN (God help me, where is the damn remote!!!) and he has a former LA prosecutor and a current LA district attorney as his guests. They are also speaking about how the Florida government is going to prosecute doctors for over-prescribing.

    When they showed a clip of Tony Bennett’s short plea following Whitney Houston’s death, all three accused him of grossly missing the mark. Every day it is a constant struggle of who I should hate more: the politicians who pass laws that they tell us are for our own good, or the media who swallows it all up and shits out the same story line.

  15. Cartelistas interfering in the Guatemalan Campo?

    A decade ago I invited a vacationing Ranger to join a jaunt from Antigua to an archaeological site near the Honduran border.

    He got to the nearest small city before I arrived, but made a midnight call at my hotel doorstep to say he was not about to stick around.

    Apart from folks carrying long guns downtown on a fiesta day, he was somewhat disconcerted by the blood on the walls of the best bar on the zocalo – a coke fueled game of Russian roulette had gone awry that evening.

    With so much Colombian business about, only Captain Renault would be shocked to find a general on the take in our sister republic.

  16. Goddamnit, Lucy never came out to play 🙁

    *sulks – rides bike home*

  17. HE didn’t say he wanted to legalize but that it can be discussed. A step in the right direction but no chance of happening…

  18. Go Guatemala!! Another world is possible, let’s end this drug war altogether!!

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