Guantánamo Bay is Popular and Going Green


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One of the world's most infamous prisons is quite popular among Americans. A new Washington Post/ABC News poll found that 70 percent of Americans support President's Obama decision to keep the prison at Guantanamo Bay open.

This is actually one of its highest levels of support, even though Obama campaigned that he would close Gitmo. More surprisingly,

The poll shows that 53 percent of self-identified liberal Democrats — and 67 percent of moderate or conservative Democrats — support keeping Guantanamo Bay open, even though it emerged as a symbol of the post-Sept. 11 national security policies of President George W. Bush, which many liberals bitterly opposed.

But's there's a silver lining for progressives: Guantanamo Bay is going green!

The Miami Herald elaborates:

"From my perspective certainly the greening of Gitmo is important," says U.S. Navy Capt. Kirk Hibbert, the base commander. National security is paramount, he said, but the Navy mandate to curb consumption "has an effect on almost everything we do here."

The Navy wants to halve its reliance on fossil fuels by 2020, primarily to reduce costs. (Meanwhile, the military has no plans to reduce its dependency on indefinite detention.) Guantanamo Bay is the most expensive prison on Earth, costing 30 times as much as the average American prison to detain the 171 captives there. On diesel fuel alone, Gitmo spends $100,000 each day.

To go green, the base has installed solar panel arrays, smart meters, LED lights, and windmills. Electric car use is on the rise, while Navy cops have been riding bikes instead of SUVs for patrols. Gitmo has also acted a testing ground for energy efficiency and innovation, including a possible NASA experiment to "grow algae, as biofuel, inside a floating field of wastewater discharged into Guantánamo Bay." Glad to see the Navy has its priorities straight.

Reason.tv on Obama's national security policy. The ACLU has a devastating infographic on Gitmo.

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  2. Look, you may think making Neil Patrick Harris references are funny, but I have it on good authority that he’s a Nazi.

    1. A gay Nazi?

      1. Nazis are totally gay, dude.

        1. They’re all repressed and shit, assaulting the ones who come out of the closet because it offends their insecurities.

          Neil Patrick Harris is no Nazi.

        2. That’s just you, Rhoemite.

          1. Well, I am the gayest monster since gay came to Gaytown.

        3. Do you want to know more?

      2. Legen… *wait for it*

      3. A lot of Nazis really were gay. Look up R?hm, for instance.

        1. We don’t need to look him up dude. We’re all, like, his biggest fans.

          1. Oh, right. I forgot that “Nazi” really stands for “Libertarian” in German.

              1. Ah, man… that’s some first-class nostalgia right there. Did the powers that be ban underzog, or did he just crawl away under his own power?

                1. He comes back every once in a while. Look for him in Israel threads.

                  1. Well, thank god we haven’t lost *all* the good trolls. Things were different when Virginia Postrel was running the show, lemme tell ya.

              2. There’s more than one way to skin a Nazi.

          2. I’m more of a fan of Albert Speer. Read his bio, man had the penultimate cosmopolitan mind, second only to Samuel Delany at the height of his intellect.

            1. Uhm, yeah . . . I, uhm, [eyes shifting left to right, right to left], I met that ironically, too.

    2. I doubt he qualifies to ride a unicorn.

      Either that or David Burtka is a very disappointed partner.

      1. Off topic, but

  3. The poll shows that 53 percent of self-identified liberal Democrats…support keeping Guantanamo Bay open.

    Un friggin believable. What else can one possibly need to hear to see just how totally and utterly full of shit liberals are.

    1. It’s all cool now, man. Chill out. Let’s get back to our plans to Occupy? Tampa for the Republican convention. Warmongers! Torturers! Drug warriors! Corporations!

    2. You needed prompting to realize TEAM RED and TEAM BLUE are total, unprincipled scum?

      1. Pond scum resent the comparison to Teams Red and Blue.

        Pond scum are virtuous phytoplankton, working hard throughout the daylight hours to generate oxygen.

        1. Join The Pond Scum Anti-Defamation League Today!

      2. Yeah, I know…both Teams are pond scum. But what about all the columnists, pundits, law professors, citizens groups, etc., who, like the Lexington column in the Economist, decried the mere existence of Guantanamo as a blight on America’s reputation and an affront to civil rights and justice? Even they changed their tune?

        1. Sure. Because at the end of the day, most people are partisan assholes.



      It’s okay when our team does it!

      1. As evidenced by the pretty much complete disappearance of the “anti-war” crowd once Obama took office.

  4. Where the hell is my hat tip?

    Where the hell is Gloria Alred?

    1. Where the hell is the missing ‘l’?

  5. On diesel fuel alone, Gitmo spends $100,000 each day.

    And it is not because everybody there drives SAABs – we must be clear on this.

    while Navy cops have been riding bikes instead of SUVs for patrols.

    It may not improve the response time in case of a breach in the line, but it will sure tone those soldiers’ leg muscles to the point of rivaling those of Lance!

  6. The poll shows that 53 percent of self-identified liberal Democrats ? and 67 percent of moderate or conservative Democrats ? support keeping Guantanamo Bay open, even though it emerged as a symbol of the post-Sept. 11 national security policies of President George W. Bush, which many liberals bitterly opposed.

    “Yes, but this time it is OUR guy in the seat now! Don’t you see?”

  7. One of the most distressing developments of this administration is how how it has turned the defense budget into a green energy slush fund. I have friends that work for defense contractors and the DoD has begun granting insanely large contracts for green energy boondoggles. This is one of the primary reasons the Obama Administration has the defense budget projected to grow more than even the GOP budgets. And in the process, he couches it as a “defensive” maneuver to win rank and file dumbshit republican votes and can wink and nod at the left and let them know that they should coalesce behind his bombing of brown people because his DoD has become a combination Malthusian population control mechanism AND a force for “sustainable” energy.

    1. Bipartisanship FTW!

    2. Wasn’t it the Navy that was going to come to Solyndra’s rescue?

  8. Makes sense. Going green cancels out prisoner mistreatment.

    1. Sort of like how finding Jesus in prison cancels out being a murdering scumbag. Oh, shit, did I just imply that environmentalism is a religion? Oops!

      1. Sort of like how finding Jesus in prison cancels out being a murdering scumbag


      2. Question is, what was Jesus doing in prison in the first place?

    2. Hey, who wants to get on this new market for “torture offsets”?

      1. So if I go to the animal shelter and pet kittens for an hour, do I get to rape and torture for 15 minutes? Pleasesayyes pleasesayyes pleasesayyes pleasesayyes….

        1. Why would you rape a kitten?

          1. Why would you rape a kitten?

            You know what they say, Pussy is pussy, afterall.

        2. Only if you don’t enjoy petting the kittens.

        3. *rifles a stack of papers*

          Looks like your permits are all in order, have fun!

      2. I’m intrigued by your ideas and wish to subscribe to any sort of publication you might put out.

    3. That’s exactly that the diehards at Salon and elsewhere are arguing–Obama 2012, because civil liberties are irrelevant next to the supremely important task of atoning for our original sin against Gaia.

  9. Nick Sibilla appears to be using the photo alt text as if it were the metadata section of the overall page.

    No, Nick. Just No.

    Someone please have a talk with this lad.

  10. If the navy is spending $100,000 a day on diesel fuel, there is no… fucking… way… they’re going to install any solar array or windmill that will reduce that cost.

    Yo, someone do the match… how many watts of energy in a gallon of diesel fuel. Now buy $100,000 of that fuel at the going rate and calculate how many watts of energy the navy is using.

    Now calculate how much of the western hemisphere they’d have to cover in solar panels and windfarms to generate that.

    1. That’s about 56 megawatts, 24/7. ..the largest solar photovoltaic power plant in the eorld is rated at 23 MW and covers 247 acres in Spain.

      1. 56 MW assuming the diesel fuel is used for heating, not electricity production. Also assuming $3 per gallon and #2 diesel oil. If the diesel is used to power a combined cycle gas turbine at 50% thermal efficiency, the power usage would be about 28MW.

        1. I’m sure they need some heating in the winter, but not much. Remember that Cuba is even further South than Key West.

          1. I was attempting to place upper and lower boundaries on the power requirements of the facility, not suggest literally the fuel was used for heating.

        2. I’m guessing that they do use the diesel for generating electricity… because I’m guessing Gitmo doesn’t get its power from the Castro Electric and Gas company.

          Thanks for running the numbers, db.

    2. Dude, $100,000 on diesel fuel is nothing. A tankful of gas for a C-17 runs more than that.

  11. What I love about all of this is how the left (let’s say represented in the flesh by Tiny, aka Tony) defends this lunacy as an important paradigm shift, with the obvious suggestion that those resisting are nothing more than reactionary barbarians unwilling to accept change. The truth is that people like Tiny confuse the map with the territory.

    The use of oil as an energy source is NOT the paradigm. People use oil because it makes economic sense – THAT’S the paradigm. What people like Tiny want is for humans to obtain their energy needs from something that makes NO economic sense – THAT’S THEIR paradigm.

    The left does not understand that it would not matter if today we use oil and tomorrow we use something else – the commodity itself is NOT the paradigm, you DOLTS! The paradigm is the fact that we humans commoditize things, i.e. turn them into exchangeable goods. You just want humans not to.

    1. If solar/wind were truly comparatively efficient sources of power they’re be screaming about the rapacious windfall profits produced by the fatcats at Big Solar/Wind. Ultimately it’s about being opposed to industrial civilization entirely.

    2. That is the best comment of the day OM. Stop while you are ahead so you arent tempted to make any appeals to emotion.

    3. oh…and btw, I am convinced Tiny is someone else here spoofing….unless you have evidence otherwise.

      *looking at epi*

  12. Good on the ACLU for highlighting the number of prisoners released under Bush vs. Obama admins. His supporters should be ashamed of themselves.

    With this plus their record-a-cop bit, my goodwill towards the ACLU has been restored. They were pissing me off by stationing their cheerful street harassers outside of Whole Foods ready to pounce on you with a truly ingenious opening line: “Do you support gay rights?” Panicking, unable to say “no” but unwilling to politely listen to their begging spiel, you’d say something like “yes, but…” and feel like a jerk. Maybe I will donate online to encourage them that providing important information is good and street-shaming is bad.

    1. The proper response to being ambushed like that is telling them to fuck off or risk a chop to the adam’s apple.

      1. I prefer “get lost” or “take a hike”.

        1. That’s a risk outside of Whole Foods. Saying ‘get lost’ is an invitiation for people to stop and ask if anyone really got Lost, especially that last episode, because wtf was going on there?

          And saying ‘take a hike’ will cause people to stop and ask if you have hiked any good trails lately, because they are soooo into hiking since yoga, spinning, and running got too popular.

          It never pays to be polite to anyone in or near a Whole Foods.

          1. I can’t disagree with logic that hardcore, except that I never watched Lost, because as soon as I realized people like you watched it, I realized it had to be retarded.

      2. I think that ignoring them and continuing to walk at a brisk pace would probably be more effective and less likely to get you arrested for assault.

        1. “Hey buddy, why don’t you take a long walk off a short pier” would work nicely, I would think.

      3. Yes my general response to solicitors whether I agree with them or not is to tell them to fuck off. Walking around Austin was impossible without developing the willingness to do this. There’s somebody with a petition behind every bush.

        1. IIRC Seattle recently changed the regulations as to whether they’re allowed to approach you on the street (it was a certain number of steps toward you, if I’m not mistaken. Lacking the Google-fu to find a link at the moment). They are really ubiquitous here too.

          1. Another option is to wear a Ron Paul shirt, which will automatically label you racist, anti-gay, pro-corporation, etc., and they’ll try to avoid you. If they don’t, then ask them if you can talk to them about the LP.

            1. This is probably your best bet, Dags. Though you will likely still be charged with assault or material support of a terrorist organization.

              1. I liked all of ProL’s suggestions but agree that may be the best of all. I’ve long felt the need to counteract the stereotypes that having my yoga mat in tow and bringing my own bags to Whole Foods surely invokes.

                1. Dags, get yourself a LuLuLemon yoga bag.

                2. I’m a little disappointed that my googling has failed to yield a Ron Paul yoga mat.

                  Though apparently you can get a Who is John Galt? bag at lululemon.

                    1. My wife has spent a surprising amount of money at LuLulemon. Ayn bless those pants, Ayn bless them every one.

                    2. Yoga pants are the greatest breakthrough in gender relations since the Lady Norelco.

                3. that having my yoga mat in tow and bringing my own bags to Whole Foods surely invokes.

                  You bring your own bags to Whole Foods?!! Wait, you shop at Whole Foods?!! Wait, you know what Whole Foods is?!!

        2. “Thanks, but I gave at the office.”

          “Sorry, but I have a strict non-solicitation policy.”

          “I’d like to talk to you about Scientology.”

          1. “My penis looks like a cauliflower.”

            1. No, that makes you one of them.

              Another option is to yell, “No, I want flash my tits! What kind of asshole are you?” Loudly.

              1. Make want into won’t.

                1. I liked it better the first way.

          2. “Thanks, but I gave at the office.”

            Best exchange I ever watched was a jewish friend of mine saying this to one of those guys handing out free New Testaments. There was about 45 seconds of “I gave at the office”/”but you don’t understand, its free!” before he finally played the J-card.

        3. “Fuck off, hippie” used to work. Now, I think it would have to be “fuck off, hipster”.

          1. Was he wearing a porkpie hat and a deep vee?

            1. Nah…a neckbeard.

    2. Tell them that yes, you do believe that people should be free to pursue happiness.

    3. cheerful street harassers outside of Whole Foods ready to pounce on you with a truly ingenious opening line: “Do you support gay rights?”

      *tosses the harraser a knife*

      “Do You?”

      1. There’s also “Gay rights to do what?”

      2. “Well, I believe I have the right to be left alone by gay people. Does that count?”

        1. “Well, I believe I have the right to be left alone by gay people. Does that count?”

          I believe you might be over estimating your own attractiveness.

          1. Don’t other me with your liberal gaze.

    4. I’m just happy to know that Gay Divorce has finally been legalized.

    5. “Please support my right to be left alone.”

      No disingenuous questions which might invite further conversations.

      And I don’t actually support a right to be left alone in a public space, but they sure as heck do.

      Also, Whole Foods, Dagny? Sure, I like the nice products, too, but the smug liberals and the hippies are too much for me to deal with.

  13. Hooking a detainee’s nutsack up to a solar generator is a cleaner, greener method of enhanced interrogation.

    1. do you have any idea how long it takes to not-get any information from a suspect @ 24V?

      1. Surely someone at gitmo has a transformer handy.

        1. Actually they have all three Transformers films on blu ray. Their inhumane torture methods know no limits.

        2. Surely someone at gitmo has a transformer handy.

          except the transformer losses are a violation of the GitGreen mandates.

    2. Hooking a detainee’s nutsack up to a solar generator is a cleaner, greener method of enhanced interrogation.

      Fucking Hugh. You will not make me laugh out loud again.

      1. Your resistance only makes my jokes lulzier.

  14. The poll shows that 53 percent of self-identified liberal Democrats . . . support keeping Guantanamo Bay open, even though it emerged as a symbol of the post-Sept. 11 national security policies of President George W. Bush, which many liberals bitterly opposed.

    Principles, how the fuck do they work?

    1. For liberals? Not very well.

    2. It’s pretty hard, what with Zack and the gang’s hijinks!

      1. So wait? Are you saying you DON’T suck team blue’s cock?

    3. We don’t give aa shit about them when it’s Our Boy doing it. The brass ring for us is the economy, and we’ll waterboard every fucking rub pilot in the Mideast to get our hands on it.

      1. Make that “rug pilot”

        1. Is that OK in Islam?

  15. So, I suppose if the Huntsville penitentiary were to go green, opposition to using the electric chair would diminish.

    1. Only if it was powered by a wind turbine.

      1. One of those “lazy doldrum days” could give a new meaning to “slow cooking.”


    1. why do you never call anymore shreik?

      1. For one thing, it’s hard for me to talk with O’s dick always in my mouth.

        1. That is not a large impediment.

          1. It just looks bigger!!

  17. Poor Glenn Greenwald. He though that the leftist critique of Gitmo was based on some higher principle than crude tribal politics.

    1. It’s a harsh lesson that we all have to learn sooner or later.

  18. It’s the Obama Effect?

  19. The Navy is a disgusting, capitalist-fascist organization of pollution-loving scumbags. Fuck that. Fuck oil AND so-called “green energy”. The TRUE solution to Holy and Supreme Mother Gaia’s problems is to return to the free-living ways of pre-civilization, people! Don’t you see? Gambol lockdown does NOT have to be in effect!

    1. Sorry RPA, but unless you are actually nuts, you cant parody the crazy. It just doesnt come off right.
      Take it as a compliment that that was a terrible WI.

      1. What he said

  20. Navy cops have been riding bikes instead of SUVs for patrols

    So, when Al Qaeda lauches their Cabanatuan-style prisoner-resuce raid… they’ll be thwarted by guys in spandex and bike helmets. That will make for some really amusing combat footable.

    Its always a great tactic to deflect criticism by saying, “we’ve got all these great evironmental initiatives!”….”at our extra-legal torture-prison-island!”

  21. The same poll also contained the nugget that similarly a majority of self-described liberals and Democrats (about 55-35 in both cases) supported using drones to kill American citizens.

    1. The over the top hypocrisy of the left is truly breathtaking.

  22. Does this prove once again that 70% of American’s are ignorant fools?

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