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Ron Paul Second in National Poll


As Colorado and Minnesota caucus today (educated expectations have Ron Paul doing not so well in the former, probably second in the latter), a Reuters/Ipsos poll has the libertarian leaning congressman second place. Extra special good for the rest of the campaign, if and when it gets to just Romney and Paul, Romney is dropping (while Santorum also gains a lot). 


Romney was backed by 29 percent of Republican voters in the telephone poll conducted February 2-6, down from 30 percent in a survey in early January. The former Massachusetts governor's three rivals in the race to oppose President Barack Obama in November were in a close race for second, the poll showed.

Texas Congressman Ron Paul's support grew by 5 percentage points to 21 percent, moving him into second place and ahead of former House of Representatives speaker Newt Gingrich, whose support slipped to 19 percent from 20 percent.

Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum also rose by 5 points to reach 18 percent, just behind Gingrich, according to the poll.

Big margin of error, though, of 4.9 points for Republicans, which Paul's lead over both Gingrich and Santorum falls within. Still, it marks a candidacy by no means out of the running.

Bonus video making the rounds of Paul fans: a collection of pretty blatant media ignoring of Paul:

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  1. Romneymentum is stalling fast. Newt is obviously repulsive.

    Ron Paul Now! Because the others all suck!

    1. Correction to the story — Ron Paul and MITT ROMNEY are also within the margin of error, you count it in both directions. The others are not within the margin of error of Romney.

      See bell curve –>

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    3. And you libertoids all suck Ron Paul!

  2. Doesn’t Colorado suffer from a pretty bad case of Progressive Infestation Syndrome?

    1. Only in Boulder. Travel south to Colorado Springs and you will find a polyp of Conservative Santorum Syndrome.

      1. Yeah, this is Santorum country. And it has a lot of R votes. I could see him stealing CO from Romney.

        I, for example, had to go to two of his rallies, one with Dobson. They really love Santorum down here. The abortion, DADT, and gay marriage issue are all pretty big.

      2. I disagree. Obama pissed boulder right off with the latest “fuck states’ rights” campaign, and the other candidates are repulsive. Denver and Boulder are going Paul. And that’s the majority of the state’s population.

        1. You overestimate Romney’s repulsiveness to people who are fine with the corporatist status quo.

        2. You overestimate Romney’s repulsiveness to people who are fine with the corporatist status quo.

    2. I think it’s like much of the rest of the west. Large cities and their suburbs are being filled with liberal soccer moms and hippies while rural areas remain as red as can be.

      1. Except there are also hippie filled little towns out in those rural areas. Crested Butte, where I go yearly is one such place. A lot of ranchers around the valley and then a hippie filled town.

        1. It’s getting so our biases and prefab generalizations no longer apply.

          1. I hate it when that happens. It’s like real life is putting on the micro-aggression and trying to other me.

            1. Easy now. A goat’s gotta make a living too.

    3. Also, a lot of it is Bear Flag Republic refugees.

      Honestly, for all the libertarian reputation of The West, it is mostly in places like Montana and the Dakotas. Colorado is a tug of war between religious conservatives and urban progressives.

      1. Unfortunately, even Montana is slowly falling to Team Blue.

  3. Ron Paul Second in National Poll

    Another newsletter rehash in 3… 2… 1…

    1. Who keeps bringing up the newsletters?
      I’m starting to think Old Mexican is a false flag operation.

      1. Re: Citizen Nothing,

        Who keeps bringing up the newsletters?

        have you been living under a rock, C?…..g-away-but…..-back-in-t

        1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: God save Ron Paul from the Paultards.

          1. Love the Paul, hate the paultard.

            1. In my case, it’s like the Paul, hate the paultards, but totally agree with your sentiment. Cults of personality are bullshit whether it’s Mao, Paterno, Obama or Paul.

              1. Cults of personality are bullshit whether it’s Mao, Paterno, Obama or Paul.


            2. Is there anything more sexy than a libertarian delineating his alpha male appeal over another of his kind? So ravishing! If I see you push your horn rimmed glasses up like that again, something is going to start squealing in my panties!

              1. Is there anything more sexy than a libertarian delineating his alpha male appeal

                The only thing I can think of is being the ultra-cool anonymous poster in an Internet forum. Always with a witty criticism and a snappy comeback. Who cares if they don’t really apply to the comment, you’re coooooool.

                1. Doesn’t apply to the comment? LOL! It applies to EVERY comment by the male species made on this board.

                  1. See my comment above.

              2. Who in their right mind shoves a piglet down their panties? That can’t be healthy in any context.

                1. See my comment above.

            3. Ronulans.

              1. Ronulans.

                Do they fly around in their Bird of Pray?

                1. Michael Garibaldi Jerry Doyle called them that on his radio show the other day. Preferable to Paultards.

          2. Re: Citizen Nothing,

            I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: God save Ron Paul from the Paultards.

            Be that as it may, CN, I did answer your question. It’s up to you to obfuscate and call everybody that simply happens to defend Paul a “Paultard,” but don’t you turn around and insult a person for showing your mistake.

    2. No no no, OM. It will be the new “evidence” found by Anonymous (that hasn’t been released for public consumption yet they still insist is a smoking gun) that Ron Paul is the leader of all racist movements in America.

      1. all racist movements in America

        ARMA lovin’ it!

      2. ‘ANONYMOUS’

        Something tells me this “splinter group” of Anonymous has nothing to do with 4chan. Probably more to do with HB Gary.

    3. An old clip of a CSPAN interview shows someone who looks like Ron Paul saying “I also put out a political type of business investment newsletter?”
      If one reviews the clip and looks very closely it is clear by the movement of the lips of the “Ron Paul” body double that this has been computer generated. Similar to the TV commercials that want us to believe that babies are speaking adult English. Or that cats and dogs can sing Christmas Carols.
      Just because Ron Paul’s name and phone number are on these mythical dredged up documents does not mean that Ron Love Paul had anything to do with them at all.

  4. Ron Paul has loosed more bowels than Cholera.

  5. Do any of you honestly believe that Ron Paul will be the nominee? Come on. Be honest. How long are you going to engage in this fantasy? Will it finally stop the day after the election?

    1. Re: Look,

      Do any of you honestly believe that Ron Paul will be the nominee?

      Granted, it is a long shot. But still a shot.

      1. Lloyd: What do you think the chances are of a guy like you and a girl like me… ending up together?

        Mary: Well, Lloyd, that’s difficult to say. I mean, we don’t really…

        Lloyd: Hit me with it! Just give it to me straight! I came a long way just to see you, Mary. The least you can do is level with me. What are my chances?

        Mary: Not good.

        Lloyd: You mean, not good like one out of a hundred?

        Mary: I’d say more like one out of a million.

        Lloyd: So you’re telling me there’s a chance…?

        1. Leonard did get Penny in the end.

          1. Was that fiction too?

          2. “in the end”

            I see what you did there.

    2. Well said.

    3. Every August, I am hopeful that Ohio State will win the national title.

      After they lose their big out of conference game, I am hopeful they will win the Big Ten.

      After they lose to Wisconsin (or Purdue!), I am hopeful they beat Michigan.

      I’ll root for Ron Paul until it’s over. But I’m an optimist. You should try it, too.

      1. Optimism vs. Realism…
        Which will win?

        I’ll bet on realism.

        1. Good for you!

        2. You can be blinded by realism just as much as by optimism.

          More unbelievable things have happened then Paul winning the nomination.

          1. Sorry, but I’m not the blind one here.

            1. What would I gain by dropping my support for Ron Paul? By my illustration above, should I stop rooting for Ohio State when they experience a setback?

              Who do you support in the race? What do you gain by having that position?

              You’re argument (that you are a realist, and we are blind) is pointless other than to try to rile up people who support Ron Paul. Please try that argument over at HuffPo or wherever that type of bad-faith trolling is effective.

              1. You seem sad and frustrated. Would you like to talk about it?

  6. Romney was backed by 29 percent of Republican voters in the telephone poll conducted February 2-6, down from 30 percent in a survey in early January. The former Massachusetts governor’s three rivals in the race to oppose President Barack Obama in November were in a close race for second, the poll showed.

    This of course will not be reflected in the votes, especially if the GOP Establishment has anything to say about this…

    1. We would rather take a pass at the presidency this time than lose control of the party.

  7. God grant me the serenity
    to accept the things I cannot change;
    courage to change the things I can;
    and wisdom to know that Ron Paul doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell.

  8. Audit the Fed!

    1. Nootcular Titties!

  9. Romney’s going to win because he’s going to win. I really don’t understand momentum voters.

    1. Not when people find out he’s a Mormon.

    2. Everybody loves a winner.

  10. Ron Paul is the only candidate who is steadfast and consistent enough to make a difference in the country. Enough pandering to these ridiculous special interests (see 90% of the above) and give the country back to the people already.
    It is great to finally see some reporting that reflect educated public opinion. Everyone knows that Romney is not cut out to represent anyone other than the corporations that promote him. He changes his mind daily based on whoever gave him the last $mln. Nobody trusts Gingrich including those who got closer to him than anyone else (his spouses).
    The educated public knows that Paul will follow through as he does not flop around and has solutions that will bring us back from being overloaded with debt and on the brink of collapse.
    Do some research before you speak.

    1. The ONLY candidate? Since you’ve apparently never heard of Gary Johnson, perhaps YOU should do some research before you speak.

  11. “Ron Paul Second in National Poll”

    A cute little phrase comes to mind. Let’s see: “that and a nickel will get you a cup of coffee”.

    1. Apparently, that and actual results won’t even get you on the ballot.

  12. I’m caucusing for Ron Paul this evening with a group of folks with a Ron Paul strategy.

  13. You have to feel a little sorry for Doherty and his prospective book sales. By the time it’s finally issued, Ron Paul will be an asterisk.

    Anybody remember The Myth of a Maverick?*

    *30 new from $0.01
     56 used from $0.01

  14. Oh those media folks. They just can’t figure out these number things. They’re far too complex. Plus, TVs are REALLY SMALL. How are you going to fit more than three people on them?

  15. We must recapture what it means to be free. By this we need not all become policy wonks, waste our time studying the details of this or that political initiative or sector of life. We need to form a new approach to thinking about society and government, one that imagines that we can get along without such central management?

    We need to become more tolerant of the imperfections that come with freedom and we need to give up the illusion that somehow putting government in charge of anything is going to improve its workings, much less bring on utopia?

    We need to come to see government as it is, not as we wish it to be and not as the civics books describe it. And we need to surrender our attachments to government in every aspect of life. This goes for the right and the left. We need to give up our dependencies on the state, materially and spiritually. We should not look to the state to provide for us financially or psychologically?

    Let us give up our longing for welfares, our love of wars and our desire to see the government control and shape our fellow citizens. Let us understand that; it’s far better to live in an imperfect world than it is to live in a despotic world ruled by people who lord it over us through force and intimidation?

    We need a new understanding of what it means to be a great nation; it should mean, as George Washington said that our nation is a beacon unto the world not that we conquer the world militarily impose our will on everyone or even remain number one in the GDP rankings?

    Our sense of what it means to be great Must First be Defined by Morality?

    We must come to imagine Liberty again and believe that it can be a reality. In order to do this, we don’t need songs, slogans, rallies, programs or even a political party. All we need is access to good ideas, some degree of idealism and the courage to embrace the Liberty so many great people of the past have embraced?

    Liberty built civilization. It can rebuild civilization. And when the tides turn and the culture again celebrates what it means to be free, our battle has been won. It could happen in our time. It might happen after we’re gone from this earth. But it will happen. Our job in this generation is to prepare the way?

  16. This guy really does make a whole lot of sense man, I mean like Wow.

  17. I guess the neocons posting here didn’t bother to watch the video. The MSM has no shame. The old idea that everybody should have an equal opportunity is long gone. Those here who hate Ron Paul are those who would have embraced Hitler. This nation is in a one way street to a Nazi style dictatorship and people are worried about that queers want to be married.
    Romney is in over his head. He can’t go to the toilet without consulting his advisers first. Then there is Getrich and Sanitarium, talk about not having a change in hell of getting the nomination . Rational people would say the two campaigns that have no money and are not even on some state ballots would be wasting their time and money. Maybe they, like Herman Cannot, think they can get a book deal out of all this. Get real. Romney will be toast in a debate with Obama. Ron Paul is the only one that can beat Obama. Listen here: at about the 14:44 minutes into the interview. This is no small endorsement even though the talking heads made fun of it and quickly changed the subject.

    1. Those here who hate Ron Paul are those who would have embraced Hitler.


    2. That’s pretty good; you managed to work in Hitler and “queers”. Next time try to work in something about illegal immigrants and abortion for maximum points.

      1. Maybe it was a sarcastic way of caricaturing their attitudes, like: “Oh, I cain’t vote fer Ron Paul, only Newt ken stop tha queers from viarlatin’ the sanity of marriage!”

        One can hope.

        1. The state nor federal government have a right to dictate, as in dictatorship, who can marry who. Why waste valuable time and resources on non issues. The economy is in self destruction mode with literally a quadrillion of derivatives and an unsustainable debt and people are itching to go to war with Iran to supposedly save Israel who doesn’t want help. They can take care of themselves. If the interest rate moves just one per cent we are toast. And I am the crazy one in the crowd. Go ahead and vote for Sanatorium and make him the galactic emperor and see how fast your freedoms disappear. Ron Paul is too polite in his warning is my only critic of him.

  18. The primary shit is just one long wet dream for Doherty, isn’t it? Reality = Ron Paul has no fucking chance of getting the Republican nomination. Clean yourself up and change your shorts, asshole.

  19. Brian,

    I just watched your interview about Ron Paul on CNN and wanted to tell you how excellent it was. Extremely cogent and refreshingly down to earth. And the beard really suits you. I support Ron Paul and I support you. Great work.

    1. Brian,

      I saw the same interview, and I thought you sounded like an idiot. The beard looks like shit. Pull you head out of your ass and get a real job.

  20. if and when it’s just romney and paul, it won’t be- it will be just romney. the media will declare romney the winner and that will be that.

    can we just fast-forward to that moment?

  21. It’s official, I need to move. Just got back from my caucus in sunny MN and Ron Paul lost to Santorum by one vote (20 – 19. Newt was at 8 and Mitt had 4).

    Every old geezer voted for Santorum and everyone else pretty much voted for Paul. My daughter just turned 18 and I dragged her to the caucus. She was appalled that Santorum won.

    The highlight was that Paul actually showed up in person and spoke at our caucus which was really cool.

    1. Ron Paul is a god to 18-year-old girls. What is it? The fake eybrows? The oversize suits? The glint in his eye when he says “gold standard?

    2. …Every old geezer voted for Santorum and everyone else pretty much voted for Paul….

      I don’t think there is much hope for us until the current generation of blue-hairs dies out. Unfortunately, I must include my mom in that demographic.

  22. My MN precinct caucus:

    Romney: 6%
    Gingrich: 6%
    Santorum: 41%
    Paul: 47%

    For comparison, this is a 38% gain for Paul over his ’08 numbers, and if I remember correctly, Romney won here then.

  23. Was this a poll of Republican’s only? I suspect if the poll is opened up to independents, Ron Paul would be much closer or if not ahead of Romney if independents were included. I’m an Obama guy, but I could see Obama having trouble against Paul if Republican’s (who will vote against Obama no matter who he’s facing) and Independents who have libertarian tendencies come together at the polls.

  24. ..that being said, I suspect Obama will get another four years, especially if the economic trend continues.

  25. Ron Paul did well in Minnesota and underperformed in the other two yesterday. It’s frustrating to see the Republicans reject freedom & liberty while voting for more government control. Can Ron Paul win Maine this weekend? I hope so. I hope he keeps running as a Republican, building a base and then runs third party. Some say that will ensure Obama gets re-elected but we don’t know what will happen in a 3-man race and Obama won’t be any worse than Romney, Gingrich, or Santorum. RON PAUL 2012.

  26. This whole country is full of bought and paid for people including the public and when all the funny money, fancy paper money is no longer trusted, what happens? When the extrinsic value of paper cash is gone, watch out?
    Do yourself a favor and vote for real assests. Ron Paul

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