Ron Paul Second in National Poll


As Colorado and Minnesota caucus today (educated expectations have Ron Paul doing not so well in the former, probably second in the latter), a Reuters/Ipsos poll has the libertarian leaning congressman second place. Extra special good for the rest of the campaign, if and when it gets to just Romney and Paul, Romney is dropping (while Santorum also gains a lot). 


Romney was backed by 29 percent of Republican voters in the telephone poll conducted February 2-6, down from 30 percent in a survey in early January. The former Massachusetts governor's three rivals in the race to oppose President Barack Obama in November were in a close race for second, the poll showed.

Texas Congressman Ron Paul's support grew by 5 percentage points to 21 percent, moving him into second place and ahead of former House of Representatives speaker Newt Gingrich, whose support slipped to 19 percent from 20 percent.

Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum also rose by 5 points to reach 18 percent, just behind Gingrich, according to the poll.

Big margin of error, though, of 4.9 points for Republicans, which Paul's lead over both Gingrich and Santorum falls within. Still, it marks a candidacy by no means out of the running.

Bonus video making the rounds of Paul fans: a collection of pretty blatant media ignoring of Paul: