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Ron Paul Places Second at Chaotic Henderson Caucus


Henderson, Nev. – When people gathered at Green Valley High School to participate in the 2012 Republican caucus, it looked like organized chaos. Lines of people were snaking from three different directions to a series of small tables where caucus participants could find out where to go. Confused voters cut lines and interrupted caucus workers trying to help people find their own caucus rooms. Peppy cheers from a cheerleading competition across the quad added to the noise. 

At the caucus for precinct 7683 there was momentary confusion when the caucus chairman did not appear at the start. Eventually the group elected a chair, Valerie Blake, 47, from among those present. From there the group had instructions on a sheet that they had to follow.

  • Check voter eligibility
  • Select delegates to the state convention
  • Speeches from the candidates supporters
  • Open floor discussion
  • Vote for president

After the instructions were given there were occasional delays due to paperwork issues but the caucus moved quickly without any major problems. Six delegates were elected to the state convention of which two were Ron Paul supporters.

Karen Manning, 52, one of the delegates elected to go the state convention, spoke for Paul at the caucus.

"It's all about small government and staying within the confines of the constitution. If it's not outlined in the Constitution, government should not be doing it," she said, encouraging caucus goers to vote for Paul.

Mitt Romney won this precinct with 23 votes, followed by Paul with nine. Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich both had five.

Manning was disappointed, but she expected Paul to finish at least second.

"I wanted more. We were really organized in this precinct but there were just more broad based Romney supporters here. Plus, he's been given more media support and a larger platform nationally," she said.

The other Paul delegate, Miles Planette, 21, said that people should vote for Paul because he is the only candidate who wants to stop the welfare state at home and abroad. "We talk about curtailing spending at home but we can't forget so much of our budget is devoted to things overseas," he said.

One Romney supporter said he liked Paul but did not like his libertarian approach to social issues. "Ron Paul's policies will give people access to drugs so they can destroy themselves," said David, the Romney supporter.

Planette countered, "I don't do drugs myself and would not recommend them but it's not of my business or the government's business what my neighbor does in the privacy of his own home."

"As long as he isn't hurting anyone, what does it matter?" said Planette.

The discussion then shifted from the War on Drugs  to electability and beating President Obama. 


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  1. “One Romney supporter said he liked Paul but did not like his libertarian approach to social issues. “Ron Paul’s policies will give people access to drugs so they can destroy themselves,” said David, the Romney supporter.”

    I hope for your sake, David, that Romney gets elected so you don’t turn into a degenerate drug addict.

    1. Too late.

    2. They don’t have access now?

      1. The law tells him not to, that’s the only way he knows what is right and what is wrong.

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    3. Unfortunately, the majority of people believe the so called “government” should tell them what to do and not to do. That is terrible, expecting the establishment to be their babysitter. Then, why is that citizen at the voting place? He cannot exercise his own rights, after all, without “poppa government” at his side.
      There is a reason why the government wants to keep the nation in IGNORANCE -to manipulate their will as it pleases!
      And we complain as why America is importing brains from China and India to work in America.

      1. Yeah? You wanna how my parents raised me?

        I’ve been a gangsta since birth, cuz my momma from the set and she jumped me in first. I tried to fight but she broke my rib. She said, “Stop crying!” then put me back in the crib. The only fool with a rag in the diapers. Back then they used to call me ‘Murder Mikey.’ Now, I jack niggaz with bent steel. Even back then I jacked kids for bent wheels.

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        1. If only there had been a war on drugs when you were a kid to prevent all that shit.

  2. Sure, RON PAUL is in favor of legalizing pot and prostitution.

    Problem is, in a Ron Paul America, only the rich will be able to afford hookers and pot. Everyone else is dirt poor and starving, fighting over scraps of food in a totalitarian wasteland of 50 separate Balkanized corporate fiefdoms, some of which have even brought back slavery and witch-burning.

    1. And ROADS!!!1!!111 There librarians don’t support roads, so even if there prostitutes and drugs, there would be no way to get to them.

      1. Hell no, I will be getting my cut as I build toll roads to get commerce going.

      2. Whoever with strong arms and legs can build, no only roads, but schools, and churches too!!!
        Complaining is useless, work is needed!

    2. You can say that again.

    3. I agree that the very poor should be able to afford hookers and pot when they are not fighting over scraps of food.

    4. Dude, you forgot to drop the “dying in line waiting for healthcare” line.

      Fail troll is fail.

    5. these anti-Paul (and therefore anti-Constitution and anti-American) statements provide more proof that America has partially succeeded in dumbing down its population. Go watch your Stupid Bowl, stupid….

      1. Well said, RonPaul2012!!!
        The establishment has managed to dumb the brain of poor weak minds.
        For this reason, we need a real man, a man of conscience to restore America -many will ask, what is a conscience?

    6. What are the EPA guidelines for witch-burning? Are accelerants allowed?

      1. There’s no EPA in RonPaul’s America

        1. I like it better already!

        2. is the lack of an EPA supposed to be a bad thing? Votes and free drinks for anyone who will thin the alphabet soup.

          1. Sad thing is, it would probably take another alphabet-style Department of Departmental Dissolvement or something.

    7. Hilarious! +10 You perfectly captured the idiots that sometimes post here.

      You know the ones that don’t realize that politicizing everything causes huge discrepancies in income as the well-connected get rich at others expense by taking advantage of gov’t policies that are sold as helping the poor.

      I feel sorry for people that gullible.

      1. Don’t patronize me, Bill. *I* went to college.

  3. it looked like organized chaos

    Seems appropriate.

  4. What morons. It saddens and angers me to read that people are voting for the the same establishment puppets that have created our $15 trillion debt. WAKE UP! Its unsustainable and we’re heading for bankruptcy. We can save trillions by simply ending these wars, the policing of the world, the nation building, and by giving power back to the states. The states can’t print money, so government at that level is inherently more responsible.

    1. They will never wake up because the establishment has drugged them so they cannot feel the pain. It is proven the “war on drugs” DO NOT WORK but makes the nation poor!

  5. Wow, it’s weird seeing this kind of report here on Reason without bashing Ron Paul for the newsletters or whatever it is most authors here hate about him. Bottom line is that he’s the only candidate who will support constitutional limited government and cut a trillion dollars of spending and bureaucracy. That would be a win for libertarians across the board.

    1. Yeah so so weird that this story is just like 90% of RP coverage on here. They must hate him.

    2. Authors as Reason hate Ron Paul? Admittedly I have only been frequenting this site since August of last year, but most articles I’ve read seem to be positive (or at least not negative), even those that discuss the newsletters. Unless this is a joke, or perhaps I’m missing something here? Has it been somewhat different in the past?

      1. Some Paul supporters can be a little… sensitive.

        1. I am HIGHLY OFFENDED by your comment regarding supporters of the Greatest Hero Who Ever Lived, amongst which I count myself. In recompense, you should publicly defenestrate yourself while recanting this horribly libelous tripe. Also, you are a meany head. I bid you good day!

        2. Slaves on the defense!!

      2. in 2008, every single reason author felt the need to write a newsletter story or six.

        2011 wasnt quite as bad, but still more than the single story that would have been sufficient.

        That single story, which should have said, “been there, done that, move on”, but didnt.

        1. I can’t say anything about 2008, but personally, I appreciated the multiple stories in 2011. I had never heard about the newsletters at all until I read about them here. That the article you are referring to actually went all the way back through the history behind the newsletters and their controversy (including links to past articles, which I also read), RATHER than just saying “been there, done that, was very helpful to me in understanding it all. That these articles mentioned the newsletters did not detract from my enjoyment of Ron Paul and his policies; instead, I understand them and HIM much, much better than I would otherwise. So I hope you can understand why I disagree with your view of their reporting.

          1. reason was useful?

            reason magazine? This reason magazine?

            Hey, Welch, you need to get a lid handle on this situation quick, or we’re gonna lose our libertarian obscurist cred.

            1. When the major libertarian candidate has his own action figure, you’re no longer “obscure.”

  6. Do seniors realize that the “welfare state” Ron Paul speaks of means them?

    The old crowd is the most reliably GOP. I can see worlds colliding if RP gets serious votes.

    1. I want to end the welfare state for others so I will support RP to cut everyone’s trough at the public dole and then in 2016, elect someone that will give me my cut of your pay, duh!

      You have to think long term in these matters.

    2. Yes. A lot of people can recognize that making other people pay you to do nothing isn’t right though.

  7. Too bad Ron Paul is a demented gold nut. Otherwise, he is okay.

    1. Oh, like Steve Forbes?

      1. And the constitution?

      2. Steve Forbes backed Perry!

        1. STEEEEVE PERRY!!

          1. You should’ve been gone…

    2. Too bad Ron Paul is a demented old nut. Otherwise, he is okay.


      1. wallow in your ignorance and cluelessness….

      2. Much preferable to a demented young nut!

      3. Vote Obama. Funny name, but he sure has kilt him some sand niggers.

    3. Got a lot to learn bud

    4. I would use the brain God has given me in THINKING CRITICALLY. On the other hand, the babysitter government has sucked the brain of the majority!!!

    5. You people need to start paying attention to real economist instead of the Von Mises/Rothbard Birchernomics so you can understand what is going on in the world.

      Here is Krugman precisely showing why inflation is a mythical fear of you goldnutz:


      Right now everyone seems to believe that rising commodity prices are telling us to beware of inflation. I think that’s dead wrong. Partly that’s because the sticky prices are the ones to worry about. But it’s also worth having some perspective on commodity prices themselves.

      Here’s a chart of real commodity prices over the past decade ? specifically, of the ratio of the PPI for all commodities to the core CPI:

      What I see here is a secular upward trend, presumably driven by rising demand from emerging economies in the face of limited resources, culminating in a big price rise in 2007-2008; we can argue about how much or little role speculation played in that final rise. Prices then slumped in the face of global recession, and have since recovered after the recession’s end.

      Where, in all this, is evidence of huge inflationary pressures? The basic story seems, again, to be one of a secular upward trend reflecting real factors, with more or less the kinds of fluctuations around that trend that you’d expect given the business cycle.

      It’s also worth pointing out that the commodities price spike of 2007-2008 was seen by some as a harbinger of major inflation; they were wrong.

      There’s really nothing here to shake my view that deflation, not inflation, is the threat.

      1. Wow, it’s really hard to tell if this is a fake shrike post, or if shrike just misspelled his own name…

  8. Wow, it’s weird seeing this kind of report here on Reason without bashing Ron Paul for the newsletters or whatever it is most authors here hate about him. Bottom line is that he’s the only candidate who will support constitutional limited government and cut a trillion dollars of spending and bureaucracy. That would be a win for libertarians across the board.

  9. Wow, it’s weird seeing this kind of report here on Reason without bashing Ron Paul for the newsletters or whatever it is most authors here hate about him. Bottom line is that he’s the only candidate who will support constitutional limited government and cut a trillion dollars of spending and bureaucracy. That would be a win for libertarians across the board.

  10. Wow, it’s weird seeing this kind of report here on Reason without bashing Ron Paul for the newsletters or whatever it is most authors here hate about him. Bottom line is that he’s the only candidate who will support constitutional limited government and cut a trillion dollars of spending and bureaucracy. That would be a win for libertarians across the board.

    1. Third time’s a charm!

      1. Fourth time, actually.

    2. Fear the squirrels Harry.

      1. Fear is useless, TRUST is what is needed!!!
        Americans trust the dirty establishment, sooner or later will collapse for real!

        1. “In the squirrel we trust.”

  11. “As long as he isn’t hurting anyone, what does it matter?” said Planette.

    Radical right wing militia eliminationism!

    1. I refuse to allow to hurt yourself or make any bad decisions!

      I feel othered :-[.

    2. (reposting)

      Same discussion back in 1988. This guy wants to use military in WoD
      Ron Paul’s response… was a little different back then.

      1. I hate to admit it…but I loved Mort!
        (In a totally non-homosexual, platonic sort of way that is)

        1. Back in his Libertarian days, when he didn’t think he needed PR skills.




    *fires revolver into air*

    1. Obviously, President Romney is too late to stop the moral degeneracy, David. Look at you, addicted to crack and shit.

    2. I must admit, this poster has been doing this for a while and it is pretty funny.

      *fires revolver into air*


  13. Hundred Dollar Bills!!!

    HehhEEEEEEEEEEEY, yessIR! There Be fiat money in dem hills!

    Fiat money solves our economic problems! Hehehahahah, CRANK UP THE PRESSES, LET’S INFLATE OUR COFFERS!!!

    *fires automatic weapon into crowd*

    1. Krugman agrees. He now thinks we should AIM (for chrissakes) for 5% to 6% inflation. My ears are bleeding — Krugman thinks it will be good for the economy if a dollar is worth 50% of what it is now in 15 years?!?! Argggggggggggggggh!

  14. “We the people” is so much more than a political statement. Please read and share the following article.


    1. No, blog whore.

      1. What, the whores that sent obama to the Oval Room? Strange, strange

  15. “Ron Paul’s policies will give people access to drugs so they can destroy themselves”

    Destroying people is exclusively the DEA’s responsibility afterall.

    1. Hey, what about the local vice cops – don’t they get some of that love?

    2. I thought, it was obama’s??

  16. tomorrow’s headline;

    Romney strong 2nd, Gingrich distant 3rd, Santorum drops out, backs Gingrich.

  17. This is like the worst chat room ever.

  18. Hi I’m a 14 year old hemophiliac with 3 boobs, wanna talk?

    1. Of course! But the correct term is “chat.”

      You first.

    2. I’ve got a bad feeling abut this.

      1. She came and she gave without taking,
        But you sent her away.

    3. Are you sure that third one isn’t a hematoma?

      1. Well it’s located near where my legs come together and there’s a bit that hangs fromunder it is that a hemowhatever?

        1. No. That’s a dick. You are a shemale. Try the bi dot com or whatever.

    4. I don’t think hemophilia is the word you were looking for.

  19. Yes! What is your blood type?

  20. One Romney supporter said he liked Paul but did not like his libertarian approach to social issues. “Ron Paul’s policies will give people access to drugs so they can destroy themselves,” said David, the Romney supporter.

    So you will vote for the continuation of Obama Healthcare?

    Stupid in America has a voice.

    1. It has been this way for 40 years -no surprise!!!

  21. It’s time for us all to stop being ignorant hypocrites and start being TRUE conservatives!

    Pragmatic libertarians (minimal-statists) and “true” Conservatives agree that many, if not most, of society’s problems are caused by government usurping choices that could better be made by individuals themselves, and that government is just about the worst way of doing almost anything. Where libertarianism normally parts company with “fake” conservatism is over moral issues. But a true conservative would have no problem with agreeing that what people do with their own bodies, and especially in the privacy of their own home, should be supremely their business and that anything else would entail ignoring the basic tenet of limited government.

    Fake-Conservatism on the other hand has much in common with socialism – Socialists (leftists) and Fake-Conservatives appear to harbor the belief that nature does not exist and that any human can be “re-educated” into being anything society wishes. Leftists therefore tend to believe that little boys can be conditioned into preferring dolls over toy soldiers, and similarly, Fake-conservatives believe that adults can be coerced into choosing alcohol over marijuana. A true conservative, just like a pragmatic libertarian, would immediately reject both ideas as nonsense.

    If you support prohibition then you are NOT a conservative.
    Conservative principles QUITE CLEARLY ARE:

    1) Limited, locally controlled government.
    2) Individual liberty coupled with personal responsibility.
    3) Free enterprise.
    4) A strong national defense.
    5) Fiscal responsibility.

    Prohibition is actually an authoritarian War On The Economy, Constitution and All Civic Institutions of our once great nation.

    1. Fake-conservatives believe that adults can be coerced into choosing alcohol over marijuana.
      actually, this group includes real conservatives and most liberals, too. Govt doesn’t just coerce folks into drinking, in many states, it runs the liquor trade. The anti-drug folks are the ones who would have you believe that the only options are alcoholism or prohibition, on any issue.

  22. Ron Paul’s running in Nevada? I just got done reading a banner headlined article in tomorrow’s Sunday paper – “GOP rivals square off in Nevada” and
    Ron Paul’s name wasn’t mentioned. All about Romney and Gingrich trading barbs.

    1. You should mention it!!!
      Otherwise, it would be unpatriotic!!

  23. Phyllis Diller is still hot.

    1. She should try something besides a sharpie for those eyebrows.

  24. Those who still favor the War on Drugs haven’t examined the facts (yes, they’ve been in for quite a while), but prefer arguments from emotion and irrationality. This just shows that beliefs in big government, news media, and TV are dangerous drugs too.

    1. I read reason at first only for their anti-fundamentalist stuff at first back in 2004. Took me 3 years of shaking my head at the drug war articles and the work of Balko for me to ‘get’ it. Then it was like a switch went off in my head and I couldn’t imagine the world not being prohibition free if it was to be free at all.

  25. Drugs are bad, mmmmkay?

  26. Search youtube: Mitt Romney in 1994 on Campaign Finance Reform

    Romney-Kennedy Health Care Bill Signing


    I’d rather have a frontal lobotomy than have Mitt Romney as the nominee…..I’d rather have a bottle in front of me then have Mitt Romney as the nominee….

    “We had rabbits when we needed tigers” -President Reagan

  27. Love the Paul, Hate the Paultards.

    1. No one cares what you think.

    2. Jerry Doyle called them Ronulans the other day. I like that better than Paultards.

  28. 1) Yay!

    2) Wouldn’t you know it, Mike Nifong’s replacement is also a colossal douchebag!

    In court filings replete with misspelled words and fractured syntax, Cline has described Hudson as “without legal consciousness of right and wrong, having total and reckless disregard of the law, and a reprobate mind of a monarch.”

    Cline directed that at a judge (Hudson) who dismissed murder charges against some people she wanted to convict.

  29. Will this be the end of Ron Paul if he loses to El Newto?
    We can only hope.

    1. Yes, even though he’s doing better by far than 2008 when he didn’t quit til the end; even though he’s willing to run this thing as a public education project if the nomination doesn’t pan out, Paul will quit because that’s what a candidate is supposed to do in his position.

      See, that’s why you guys never get Paul’s ideas. Because you’re so tied to your traditionalist political narratives about who’s ‘winning’ whatever political hoop game is being played at any moment (debt ceiling standoff, election, cabinet appointment, supreme court case) that you can’t process *ideas*.

      1. OK, now I feel kinda guilty because looking at some of Uncle Pfizer’s other posts I get the sense he’s a performance art troll not a regular lefty troll and I just blasted him for nothing.

        Or is the left so past the pale now that satire can’t be separated from truth?

        1. My irony meter broke a long time ago. Should I now be worried about my satire meter?

    2. Apparently you haven’t been paying attention. RP is in it for the long haul because he’s trying to educate people. He’s going after delegates, because the more delegates he gets, the longer he’ll be around. Sorry to bum you out man, but that’s the way it is. But hey – as long as Ron Paul is sticking around to educate, maybe you could, um, actually listen to what he’s saying???

  30. Am I in the right place?

  31. Scary shit! Drones over our homes!…..rones.html

  32. How can anyone say they’re all for freedom except for this, this, and this? Can’t you see how stupid it is?

    1. Oh, it’s easy.
      Sorta like the lefties say they’re all for free speech, except (X,Y,Z, and the kitchen sink for good measure).

  33. 35% of the Caucusers are 65+

    Romney is winning them handily.

    Paul is winning the youth vote.

    I guess my best friend has a point: “Sometimes you just have to wait for all the old fucks to die.”

    1. The problem is that the “youth vote” turns into old fucks and Nanny-state loving prohibitionist soccer Moms and Dads.

      1. I heavily disagree with that.

        the boomers of today were mostly statist-prohibitionists their whole lives.

        The portrayal of the hippy, free love 60s we see on tv today was mostly of a very vocal minority. Most of America’s teens were square then and are still square now.

        1. Remember, they grew up worshiping NASA, the CIA the Army and that Mr. Smith who went to Washington.

          They don’t know how to think outside the govt box even when they’re thinking about things they want to change, like gay marriage or racism or healthcare.

          1. And a lot of those ex-hippies are now authoritarian powermongers for Team Blue.

      2. Change happens, it just takes time. Ron Paul’s place is not to lead some ‘year zero’ but to accelerate the change.

  34. Great, maybe Paul will actually win a state a couple more elections from now. Big momentum there. Gonna change the world, but waiting for the old fucks to die is too long a wait.

  35. …assuming that they’re all dying of natural causes. Mr. Paul wouldn’t be much of a libertarian otherwise.

  36. Don’t get me wrong though. Paul winning some area instead of Romney works for me. I’m still wondering though if Ron Paul cares one way or the other though.

  37. This post, voted Best Post of Weekend reason (2012), 2011.

  38. I was driving in Spring Hill, FL today and at a traffic light I was behind a BMW Z4 with three bumper stickers on it. One sticker was for the LP, and another was for the FSP. The last one made me think the driver might be a H&R reader, it just said “Free Minds, Free Markets.”

    1. That’s a Randroid mantra too.

        1. Free State Project

  39. Randomness: adorable kids are adorable.

  40. Paul currently in 3rd with 19.2% 🙁

  41. But you see, once they put socialized medicine in place all these people doing drugs can eventually cost taxpayers money. So they definitely can’t be allowed to continue. Same goes with fast food restaurants and junk food in school lunches.

    1. Already been posted in this thread, but

  42. Who comes up with all that stuff, I mean like seriously.

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