Ron Paul

Paul's Final Push In Las Vegas


Las Vegas - After starting his day in the remote town of Pahrump Ron Paul returned to Sin City to make one last push before today's caucuses. Paul visited a gun store and an American-Filipino veterans event at a Leatherneck Club.

The event at American Shooters was borderline chaotic as people jammed the doorways to get a glimps of Paul. As Paul was leaving the event a mother startled Paul by thrusting a baby at him. The candidate obliged her with picture. Paul's security team struggled to make a path for him on his way across the street to the Leatherneck Club.

At the Leatherneck, Paul pledged his support for HR 210, the Filipino Veterans Fairness Act. Paul deviated from his standard stump speech and focused on his support of the bill while emphasizing his efforts as a congressman to find lost medals and commendations for veterans.