Ron Paul's Pahrump Security Volunteers


Pahrump, Nev. – This is the only county Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) won in the 2008 Nevada Caucus, and Paul's campaign event at the Skate Zone today made it  pretty clear why

. The entirely volunteer-run event had all the trappings of a professional campaign: people providing information on where to caucus, merchandise hawkers, audio and visual people, and a massive map for people just to make sure, again, that they knew where they were going tomorrow.

Even before arriving at the event I had to drive by several massive "Ron Paul for President" signs that dotted the main roads into town. Paul's event in Elko was well run but this was on a whole different level. 

"Like all the grassroots Ron Paul things, there's nobody really in charge. Somebody says something needs to get done somebody steps up and does it," said, Pat Kerby, one of the main Paul organizers in Nye County. 

Sources in the Paul campaign said the candidate relied on the local organizers to select the venue and do the rest. All the campaign did was put up the money to rent the facility and cover incidentals.

"We learned all about this process in 2008 and we're ready to repeat our victory again by a much bigger margin," said Kerby, a retired project manager with the Clark County School system. 

There was even a local security team comprised of several men openly carrying handguns, uniformly dressed in black "Ron Paul 2012 Freedom Tour" shirts. In addition to these volunteers, Paul has his own security.

Sam Jones, one of the local security volunteers, was carrying .45 Long Colt on his side. Jones said that he's been volunteering with the campaign since he heard Paul was running. 

"All the signs you see around the valley, we build and put 'em up," he said.

Jones said he will not vote for another candidate if Ron Paul is not the Republican Party nominee, but he said he was open to Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson.

Paul's Nevada campaign chairman, Carl Bunce expects Paul to win Nevada tomorrow as long as his campaign turns out its identified supporters. Bunce said the campaign did not have a problem with people openly carrying guns at campaign events. "Ron Paul is strong on the Second Amendment. We have the right to bear arms," he said.  


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  1. Alt text should read “Epi hits the campaign trail.”

    1. Voting is merely participating in a rigged, bullshit game where you have no statistical effect but when you participate you give it legitimacy. Fuck that.

      1. Oh come out of the closet already, Epi. That stache is unmistakable. And the toy gun in the holster. The unsavory members on this board have seen it many a time.

      2. jesus christ, what a lame excuse to excuse a lack of civic responsibility

        fwiw, in 2004, our (lame) governor won by 129 votes.

        1. Yeah, but Rossi was no prize either.

        2. Which means 1 vote didnt matter.

          “civic responsibility” — fuck that shit.

          I always vote, the difference between me and Epi is I dont believe I grant any legitimacy by my actions. My ego isnt quite that big.

          1. 1 vote doesn’t matter, but huge blocs of votes do.

            If libertarinas refuse to vote as a matter of principle, don’t be surprised if politicians are deaf to libertarian concerns.

            1. No libertarian controls more than 1 vote.

              People dont vote in blocs, that is illegal.

              1. All the libertarians who refuse to vote out of principle are indeed a bloc. Which wouldn’t matter so much except statistically they get lumped in with apathetic couch potatoes and those too stupid to find the polling place. I’m not sure that’s the message you want to send.

                If you were a lone nut (a distinct possibility) then you missing vote wouldn’t matter. But imagine all the libertarians who didn’t vote actually did. It might be enough to “spoil” an election.

                You may think trying to stop a tank with a bow and arrow is pointless, but it’s better than just lying there so it can’t roll right over you unimpeded.

              2. People dont vote in blocs, that is illegal.

                Of course they do. Unions do. Churches do.

                I’m talking about using persuasion to get people to vote for the candidate you think is the best, not filling in other people’s ballots for them. But if you yourself refuse to vote that’s not going to happen. How much more destructive it is to discourage other people from voting by claiming they’re “morally responsible” for the outcome if they vote, as Mr Doherty, Ms Mangu-Ward, and Mr Episiarch do.

            2. anybody who doesn’t vote has no moral standing in making any sort of political argument or expecting any sort of political change

              epi can wank all he wants, and i’m not going to try to explain math or game theory to an ignoramus, but it’s simply a laughable excuse for his lack of responsibility.

              not surprising that most of the complainers here, whether about cops or anything else, are excactly the kind of do nothing in the real world whiners i expect them to be. all bluster, but no real world working for change, probably just holed up in their mama’s basement eating cheezy poofs.

              we fought a long and bloody war for the right to vote, to redress grievances. apathetic people are bad enough. but the ULTIMATE hypocrite is somebody who wanks about how bad the state of govt./politics is, and then shirks their civic duty

              it’s beneath contempt

              1. In fairness, I think that “Epi” is a spoof, not the real Episiarch. Though the real one has basically the same attitude about this topic.

                1. which is despicable attitude. my other fave are those who complain about how juries always get shit wrong, and how much smarter they are, and then they brag about getting off jury duty. the rank hypocrisy and scummy avoidance of civic duty is just amazing

        3. A neighboring town of mine once had a tie for mayor. A judge had to flip a coin. (And then both sides started suing, but that’s another story).

    2. Look, my mustache, if I had one, would be twice a big as that dude’s and ten times as evil.

      1. Mine is getting to the waxable stage. I’m considering shaving the beard and waxing the stache.

        1. So you want to go from being Opie to being Clay. Makes sense; at least you’d be moving up in the club.

          1. I just want to be Happy.

        2. I have a classic combat aviator (RAF battle of britain edition) moustache.

        3. lol. the latest portlandia was awesome. they had a thing on the back to the (18)90’s in portland with all the waxed mustaches, beards, and suspenders.

          and a skit with the new cop uniforms.

          it’s the only comedy i watch on teevee. awesome every week

      2. Your mustache would be Warty?

        1. Obviously, faggot. Try to keep up.

        2. My pubic hair is Warty. Three times as big and 50 times as evil.

          1. And crabs that have their own guns.

            1. I’m glad the crabs in the Chesapeake aren’t that tough!

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  2. Did someone say Pahrump?

    1. Christ, you are a piece of shit. Just die, already dude.

      1. You too, inexplicable comma.

  3. Volunteer security is kind of a strange thing. If I were a ninja assassin, that’s exactly the position I’d volunteer for so I could get close to my target.

    1. I don’t think a ninja would be all that easy to assassinate, regardless of how close you came to him.

    2. You watch a Lot of Burn Notice, do you?

      1. When watching a show it’s best to choose one that gives you tips on various tactics spies may or may not use as it adds to the entertainment value.

        1. Someone needs your help Michael.

      2. I have no idea what you’re talking about.

        ::ninja evade::

        1. Burn Notice is a fun show, not very deep but the government types are almost always shown to be evil.

          Plus lots of guns. The main girl could be prettier though.

          1. I’m not cute enough for ya?
            *drags another cigarette*

            1. You can’t even spell your last name right, you dessicated drunken husk.

              1. She still does it for me.

                1. There might be something in here for the discerning fan.


              2. And I meant the girl who plays Fi. Though I’m sure she could just straight up wreck a dude I don’t like the bony look.

                1. Holy shit, that chick is 42?? Hot damn, even if she has two kids.

                  1. I didn’t realize it got that cold in Miami

                    1. My compliments to her parents, her personal trainer, her dietitian, and her plastic surgeon.

    3. Agreed, on the other hand unless you have a deathwish attacking RP with all those pistol toting supporters around wouldn’t go well.

      1. We’re not talking about ordinary assassins. NINJA assassins.

  4. Sam Jones, one of the local security volunteers, was carrying .45 Long Colt on his side.

    Cross draw? I forgive him cuz of his cool hatband.

    1. Maybe he’s a lefty…

  5. …was carrying .45 Long Colt on his side…

    Well done, Garrett Quinn. Merits for knowing the caliber.

    1. He probably just asked.

      That guy looks like the type to talk your ear off about his gun if you give him the chance.

      1. Fuck, I talk incessantly about guns I don’t even have ON me if given the opportunity and you pass the stink test.

    2. Technically it’s just .45 Colt. The Long part is unnecessary and a more recent addition to the common name.

  6. Are these people crazy? Don’t they know what that right-wing maniac Ron Paul would do to their cowboy poetry festival funding??

    1. They will cease to exist!

      1. From my cold, dead fingers…

    2. Holy crap.

      I thought your cowboy poetry festival snark was a South Park reference or something that I’d missed, so I googled it.

      It’s a real thing! (and govt funded too)

      I’m floored.

      1. That’s why the Onion is going bankrupt. Reality is cutting in on its market share.

      2. Not only is it real and federally-funded, it’s so important that the Senate Majority Leader will take to the floor of the World’s Greatest Deliberative Body to hold forth defending it.

        Like Tulpa said, not even The Onion can write things as laughable as quotidian events in the Senate.

  7. But can it compete with this sweet stache?…..stache.jpg

    1. It’s almost as awesome as this one.

      1. You fucker.

        1. *takes a bow*

          It’s what I do.

    2. This is a sweet stach bro

      1. Sit the fuck down and respect my authority on the matter of staches, please!

        1. I am truly humbled.

    3. I wonder how Cera feels knowing that he will probably be typecasted for awkward teenaged indie kid for the rest of his life.

      1. I think that was inevitable either way…

        1. Damn joke handles

    4. It’s not the size of the stache, but how much it tickles

  8. I asked both my dogs to bark once if they support RP, twice if they don’t.

    Neither of them responded, so I marked them as “undecided”.

    Asked the cat the same question, and he jumped up on my desk and walked on the keyboard oblivious to the nonsense he was typing.

    I’m putting that in the “yes” column.

    1. Their support is immaterial unless they’re registered to vote.

      1. It’s been done.

    2. Cats love their independence so it makes sense for them to be a Paulite. Or a non-voting ancap.

      As for your dogs, they’re just waiting for you to tell them to bark once or twice. But only for a treat.

      1. Payment (AKA treats) for votes is illegal.

      2. No! If you are a true individualist you must be an ancap! Marching in step! Speaking the same language!

  9. Ron Paul puts it all where his mouth is. Name another candidate who’d be fine with people exercising their second amendment right in their presence.

    1. Chuck Shumer?

    2. If any other politician were present with someone exercising their 2A rights, the only thing that would be heard for miles would be “STOP RESISTING!”

      1. what kind of happy horseshit is this?

        there were TONS of people lawfully carrying, some openly, at tea party candidate rallies on several occasions.

        statistically speaking, though, being a US president is one of the most dangerous jobs there is, when you consider the # that have been shot, and.or shot and killed compared to the total #.

        they are the focus of an incredible amount of murderous interest.

        if ANYBODY deserves “special privileges” to get a gun free buffer zone around them, it’s a president.

        of course ron paul, at least at this point, is so off the radar, that he doesn’t even rate the loonies being interested in assassinating him

  10. A frozen hell it isn’t, but it does seem that a chilly breeze wove its way through when the Senate passed this bill putting them, and various other government workers, on par with the rest of us in that they can no longer profit from insider trading.

    The Senate passed a sweeping new ethics bill on Thursday that would ban insider trading by members of Congress and require prompt disclosure of stock transactions by lawmakers and by thousands of officials in the executive branch of government.

    The 96-to-3 vote followed three days of impassioned debate in which senators tried to outdo one another in proclaiming their support for ethics in government.

    And almost unanimously! Though I’d say that, after passing a bill unanimously last week which expands the drug war as a going away present for Congresswoman Giffords, they need to do a lot more to show me that ethics have anything at all to do with how they conduct business.

    1. Yeah, what the hey. I’ve already profited big time from insider trading. Barn door, and all that. Looks good, though.

      1. Looks good, though

        Ding ding ding!!! We have a winner. They pass a mostly hollow bill and pat themselves on the back for how ethical they are. And all for the explicit purpose of saying, “See? We DO care.”

    2. I heard there was another bill that would extend the ban on insider trading to the executive branch.

      1. This bill includes that, though it’s unclear how much of the executive branch is subject. Estimates vary from about 28k to 300k people who work in the executive branch.

    3. There have to be loopholes in the bill. No amount of electoral success is worth giving up the insider trading gravy train (and most of the electorate isn’t even aware of this issue anyway).

      1. Surely there are DOZENS of loopholes in this bill. WHy else would the estimates for the number of executive branch employees that are affected by this bill vary so wildly from 28k to 300k?

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      1. Is that code?

      2. Holy shit, it personalizes responses. That is AWESOME.

  12. “Ron Paul’s racist politics and affiliations are already well known, being viciously anti-immigrant, anti-abortion and against gay marriage — not to mention having authored the racist “Ron Paul Papers” and receiving financial support from other white power groups” Anonymous

    1. Max, Do you have a newsletter?

      I’m writing a paper on Progressive Thought in Post Thinking America.

      I would to hear your thoughts.

    2. Max, I’ve been a big fan of yours for a while now. You are so inspirational. You are like a modern day version of a Nazi hunter who would go into the rough lands of South America to expose the cowardice and evil of right wing extremist. Only, you do it to a nefarious right wing congressman whose only desire is to subvert our democracy. I want you to know not everyone buys into that Paul persona, and keep it up because you are convincing many others who see through the sham that so many commenters have built around Paul. Keep it up because eventually even they will not be able to deny the truth. And thanks so much. This is one twenty something Amerasian gal with Double D titties who wishes she could rock your world sometime. Maybe sometime, my love 😉

    3. “…receiving financial support from other white power groups”

      That “DING” you just heard was a brilliant idea you have inspired! Why don’t anti-hate groups create sham white-supremacy groups and solicit donations from racists? I would think it’d be much more efficient than fighting them in the press, etc. plus they’d get money from the racists……and the racists would have less money for themselves.

  13. Fuck, are we about to go war with Iran?

    1. Damn good question. I’ve been telling people since TARP that the fed govt has lost all legitimacy. What do I tell them when we start bombing yet another country? The fact that it’s so similar to the Iraq debacle is absurd, farcical, and…………. sorry, I seem to have lost my thesaurus.

  14. volunteering is always good-to-do thing, I hope you could help someone anyways.

  15. R.I.P Zalman King.

    I just hope his final project is completed.

    Kamikaze Love (2012)

    A wealthy real estate developer takes a young woman from an everyday mundane life and shows her a world of decadence and debauchery that pushes her sexual limits to the brink.

    1. Isn’t that the guy who makes the film versions of mass market romance novels?

      1. Red Shoe Diaries!

      2. Red Shoe Diaries buddy!

        He was the cheese master.

  16. I’m a big Ron Paul guy but it’s a little disheartening to see him polling so low after flirting with victory early on. To me it’s simply the Republican party that is holding him down and yet promoting his message at the same time. I really hope he runs 3rd party after Mitt buys the nomination. RON PAUL 2012

  17. i had a guy walk up to me with an openly carried handgun today, while i was investigating a death. it was actually very sad. a 3 yr old kid died.

    however, nothing happened ™. he walked up, asked a question and that was it.

    good to see at least one more open carrier here in WA though

    1. You’re telling me WA cops (in general, not you particularly) don’t harass open carriers? I don’t believe that.

      Just because one cop respects rights doesn’t mean all of them do, and all it takes is one asshole cop to cause an open carrier a world of trouble.

      1. tulpa, did i say that? i am sure SOME have and do, and it’s mostly btw in response to noncops calling 911 and getting hysterical over some guy with a gun.

        we have had roll call training, and all agencies should have, as to the stat of the law, and that just because “civilians” are scared or bothered, it’s a civil right that needs to be respected.

        and it MOSTLY is.

        and if it isn’t, there could be a kick-ass lawsuit, since the law is bright line clear in most cases.

        furthermore, open carry WA has showed up at numerous events with tons of open carriers and has NEVER had ANYBODY be harassed by cops, from what i have heard, and trust me, PLENTY of “citizens” complain to us about open carriers.

        so, don’t assume what i didn’t state.

        one of my partners open carries all the time, btw, and he has never had a cop mess with him. he goes into starbux, grocery store, etc. and has never had a problem.

        if and when an asshole cop causes an open carrier a world of trouble, it is the open carriers duty to obey the commands, even if unlawful, to try to educate the cop , and if he wants – to seek redress from the agency and from the courts.

        that’s how rule of law works.

        1. and if it isn’t, there could be a kick-ass lawsuit, since the law is bright line clear in most cases.

          A kick-ass lawsuit where you have to prove you were not in fact engaging in disorderly conduct, or whatever catch-all offense is used to harass. I don’t think Pittsburgh cops are foolish enough to arrest someone explicitly for open carry.

          1. i can’t speak to pittsburgh law and WA doesn’t have a catch-all offense.

            again, my buddy open carries all the time, and he’s never been challenged by a cop or harassed or anything. he hasn’t even been told to leave any store or anything like that. he’s gotten some weird looks from people, and that’s it

            frankly, if i was not a cop, i might want to cruise around some expesnive seattle neighborhood while carrying a gun in a holster. all the dipshit liberals would call in “scary minority with a gun” calls to police dispatch and i would hope SPD would prone me out

            sweet lawsuit.

  18. “Ron Paul is strong on the Second Amendment. We have the right to bear arms,” he said.

    Ron Paul’s crew has finally learned how to get votes.

    Vote for Ron. Or I’ll shoot your ass.

    That would even fit on a bumper sticker.

  19. “Like all the grassroots Ron Paul things, there’s nobody really in charge. Somebody says something needs to get done somebody steps up and does it”

  20. I didn’t get a “pahrump!” out of that guy!

  21. I’d like to see one of Gingrich’s thugs try to step on Sam Jones’ foot.

    1. Damn straight.

      Tweaking Newt requires that one be armed, in numbers, and wearing steel toe boots.

  22. There was even a local security team comprised of several men openly carrying handguns

    What would Chris Matthews say?

    1. There would be a trickle running down his leg.

      1. I’m imagining the scene in “LA Story” where Steve Martin gets mugged, shot, and pisses his pants.

  23. The Senate passed a sweeping new ethics bill on Thursday that would ban insider trading by members of Congress and require prompt disclosure of stock transactions by lawmakers and by thousands of officials in the executive branch of government.

    Something tells me the workarounds are already in place.

    1. Goddammit, P: this is a fucking ETHICS bill. What don’t you understand about that?

    2. Yes, my 2:49 AM post.

      A hat tip would be appropriate next time.

  24. I think it doesn’t going any more 🙂

  25. lol, dude looks kinda short!

  26. Libertarians would be wise to concentrate their efforts on electoral reforms that would give their 10-15 % voting strength some stroke. Ideas like approval voting.
    There are other groups that would also benefit. They just have not figured it out yet. Then you have to put heat on elected officials.

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