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Atlas Shrugged Part Two To Start Filming In April


Says the L.A. Times:

Businessman and Rand acolyte John Aglialoro, who financed the production and distribution of the first "Atlas Shrugged" film for $20 million, and producer Harmon Kaslow announced that they have raised the necessary financing for the sequel. They declined to reveal the final budget, but in an earlier interview, Kaslow said they were aiming for a production budget in the $10 million-to-$15 million range.

I gathered from reporting my feature for Reason's May 2011 issue on the making of Atlas Shrugged Part One that they did not lock down the original cast contractually for sequels, so recasting may be necessary. Original director Paul Johansson (who, from my judgment from my experience on set, did a great job with the time, budget, and materials he had to work with) will definitely not be returning for this second part.

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  1. Please tell me that Part II is subtitled: “John Galt’s Revenge.”

    1. Probably Rand turns in her grave.

      1. The world’s philosophical undesirables are eliminated by sabotaging resources until earth reaches its Objectivist carrying capacity.

        Did Pol Pot read Ayn Rand? Pol Pot’s goal too was “restarting civilization” at “year Zero.”

        Pol Pot wanted to:?
        (a) “restart civilization”?
        (b) by cleansing civilization of liberal influences?
        (c)and punishing and starving out people he regarded as subhumans?
        (d) at Year Zero.

        Ayn Rand wanted also to:?
        (a) restart civilization?
        (b) by cleansing civilization of liberal influences?
        (c) and punishing and starving out people she regarded as subhumans?
        (d) with a wave of the dollar brand cigarette.

        Not much difference. But what else would you expect from a philosophical movement inspired by the serial child killer/dismemberer William Hickman?

          1. I envy your succinctness and accuracy

            1. Shitty philosophy.
              Shitty music.
              Shitty movies.

              A. Libertarians
              B. Evangelicals
              C. What’s the difference?

        1. That’s nonsense. She didn’t want to punish anyone. They punished– suffered– themselves due to their inabilities. One of Objectivisms core principles is that one person does not have the right to initiate the use of force against another.

          1. They punished– suffered– themselves due to their inabilities.

            Which encourages them to clear away whatever is hobbling them and learn how to be able.

            And this gets compared to the Khmer Rouge. You know, those fine folks who shot people for speaking a foreign language, wearing glasses, smiling or crying. They cleared out whole cities full of productive urban folks and dropped them out in the countryside with sacks of seed and basic farm tools. They were told to farm with no knowledge of how to do it.

            1. Are you saying you guys are not communist? I find that hard to believe.

          2. “Sweep aside those parasites…” ~Ayn Rand

            If Marx or Lenin had said that, how would you judge them? I’m sure you’d be making a big deal out of it.

        2. U R not liberals. You call yourself that but deep down you are all socialist.

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    2. Atlas Shrugged II: The Moochers Strike Back

      Atlast Strugged III: Revenge of the Parasites (in 3D at select theaters)

      1. and part 4 – Gamboling for Gold !

        1. I lol’d

    3. Part 2 is actually Either-Or, but Im humor impaired today.

    4. Atlas Shrugged Harder

      1. Makes me think of the “Lemon of Troy” episode of the Simpsons: “Shake harder, boy!”

        1. Shelbyville Man #1: Sounds like Springfield’s got a discipline problem.
          Shelbyville Man #2: Maybe that’s why we beat them at football nearly half the time.

      2. Just wait until the prequels.

        1. Young John Galt. Presented by Steven Spielberg.

      3. Atlas Shrugged 3: Shrug With a Vengeance

        1. Atlas Shrugged 4: Shrug Forever

  2. I won’t be able to attend as I’m planning to go Galt by the time it screens.…..asgalt.jpg

    1. Wow–even Cole’s LOLdogz memes are lame.

      1. He’s a piece of shit that sends his minions to this board to grief us.

    2. +1
      that was cute, and deftly delivered to their level of discourse.

  3. A sequel with a different cast and director?

    How lame is that.

    1. Look at it this way: they now have a new chance to be less lame than the first one.

      1. I’m afraid I missed the first one.

      2. Did you ever end up seeing the first one? I don’t think it was the actors that were the problem.

        1. I don’t think it was the actors that were the problem.

          Concur. Actors good. Effects good. Terribly disappointed in the storyline. Granted the book was 500 pages longer than needed, but they packed 1/3 of an 1100 page book into 90 minutes.

          If LoTR and Dances With Wolves can go for 3.5 hours, couldn’t they have pushed it out to 2.5 or 3 and actually develop the story. I’ve read the book several times and was dizzy by the end of the movie. If the goal was to push Rand’s philosophy, a 90 minute flick won’t cut it for those not already familiar.

      3. The director was awful. I’m glad he’s gone. Putting himself as Galt was retarded.

        It can only get better if it isn’t rushed.

        1. I actually thought they did a fair job given the time and budget constraints.

          Then again, as Epi can tell you, the highest form of the filmatic arts to me is the realistic butchering of as many people in as painful a ways as possible, so you might not want to take my word on it.

          1. or…gamboling w pinhead

          2. I enjoyed the first one. As did most of the audience at the showing I attended.

            And no one made a cell phone call during it either.

            1. Most of the audience when I went seemed receptive, as well.

        2. Yeah but Galt has pretty much no lines or appearances in the first part, right? So it’s not like he was putting himself at center stage.

          1. Unless he was planning on being in the sequels!

            I just think his lack of experience showed.

            1. Well I can’t talk, since I haven’t seen the movie yet.

              1. I should probably mention I’m a bit of a movie snob…

  4. Our friends at Cato just released a new study on guns and self-defense called Tough Targets.

    They also included an interactive map similar to their police raid map.

  5. Spencer—i was on set a few days ago; I can assure you whatever problems you had with the final product (I had fewer than you, I suspect) were not his fault.

    1. Then I will take your word! I really liked D’anconia, Boyle, Mulligan, and Dagny. I hope they can try to get those back.

  6. No really good place to put this but on Drudge there are at least three mind numbingly stupid by politicians:

    RUBIO: ‘America cannot truly fulfill its destiny unless’ it ends abortion.

    NEWT: I care about the poor, ‘unlike Gov. Romney’…

    Obama: I Pushed Dodd-Frank And Health Care Reform Because Of Christ

    To quote a fourth one, we CAN do better!

    1. Oh, and Obumma, did Jesus tell you to commit murder too?

      1. Well Jesus did bullwhip those degenerate wall street, err…money changers OUTTA TEH BIG HOUSE babieeeee!

        1. Jesus may have but Obama didn’t. He gets more money from Wall Street than anyone else. And he also helped loot the treasury to bail them out. No one loves Wall Street more than Obama. And Wall Street doesn’t love anyone quite like they love Obama.

          1. What am I, chopped liver?

            1. Last I looked Jesus wasn’t running for President. So your point is?

        2. That shrike is in love with a no good christfag, too delicious.

  7. Spike Lee’s John Galt X

  8. I guess Atlas was pretty bad. And Starship Troopers is considered one of the worst movies ever made not directed by Michael Bay.

    Why do libertarian themed novels make such bad movies?

    1. I’m pretty sure the guy that made Starship Troopers never actually read the book.

      1. Verhoeven said he didn’t read the book. Flat out refused to read it.

        1. A report in an American Cinematographer article states that the Heinlein novel was optioned well into the pre-production period of the film, which had a working title of Bug Hunt at Outpost Nine; most of the writing team reportedly were unaware of the novel at the time. According to the DVD commentary, Paul Verhoeven never finished reading the novel, claiming he read through the first few chapters and became both “bored and depressed.”[9]

          “You know that movie we’ve been writing? Let’s option a random book and put its name on it!”

          1. Exactly. It’s a shame they didn’t option Armor by John Steakly instead. The cynicism of that novel fit the tone of the movie more closely, even if it does omit the boot camp scenes. Of course, the armed troopers would still have been a problem.

            I have always maintained that the best adaptation of Starship Troopers is Aliens.

            1. Nah. The xenomorphs aren’t intelligent, and the intelligence of the bugs is an important factor.

              1. The ST ground troops are not intelligent, little more than ants. So without encountering a “brain bug,” the realities of the war are the same.

                And we don’t know the Xenomorphs are not a starfaring race, we may only be seeing their shock-troops and bio-manufactories (the queen).

              2. The ST ground troops are not intelligent, little more than ants. So without encountering a “brain bug,” the realities of the war are the same.

                And we don’t know the Xenomorphs are not a starfaring race, we may only be seeing their shock-troops and bio-manufactories (the queen).

                1. Stupid squirrels. I wish aliens would eat them.

                  1. “Stupid squirrels. I wish aliens would eat them.”

                    As long as they don’t use them as templates for the next generation.

                2. Hate to disappoint you, SF, but the xenomorphs are not a starfaring race in and of themselves. That’s why they were in a ship clearly not made for them (the Space Jockey in the original).

                  Plus I’ve read the leaked story for the prequel that Cameron is directing, so I know their origins : D

                  1. But had that been established when Aliens was made?

                    Anyway… if you have read the prequel have you figured out what classic science fiction story he’s ripping off this time around?

                    1. He’s said in interviews for Prometheus (the upcoming prequel) that he always thought of them as a biological weapon, hence their being carried on that ship by another much larger race.

                      And I’m not sure about your second question; I’ll have to give it some thought.

                    2. Well, that was what the Corporation! was going to use them for.

                      It makes sense. Smuggle in a few smallish eggs (that obviously have a long shelf-life), they let loose small fast predators that can implant an embryo in basically any biology. The adults grow fast, are cunning, can feed on just about any prey, and are hard and dangerous to kill. All you’d have to do is code in a short life span (which the super-fast maturation implies) and go in after they are dead to secure an area.

                  2. Plus I’ve read the leaked story for the prequel that Cameron is directing, so I know their origins : D

                    Cameron isn’t directing, thank Zod. Scott is.

                    1. The Prometheus spacesuits scream Mass Effect to me.

                    2. It stars Noomi Rapace. We can only hope it has a nice underwear scene in homage to the original Weaver scene.

                    3. Sorry, I meant Scott every time I said Cameron up above. My mistake.

            2. Interesting way to look at it. And a good movie, though not as good as Alien.

    2. Anyone who thinks Starship Troopers was a bad movie doesn’t get it. At all. It’s brilliant.

      1. “It’s brilliant” on shrooms.

      2. It’s a parody. Played straight.

      3. I thought Starship Troopers was that Tim Allen comedy. I need to get out more.

      4. Once you start watching it the same way you watch Team America it becomes a much better movie. It took me a couple viewings to look at it the right way.

    3. Starship Troopers is neither a libertarian themed book or movie, and I have no idea why you would say that, John, unless you hadn’t read or seen either of them.

      And Starship Troopers is fucking genius as a movie. It is not a faithful adaptation of the book, and was never intended to be. People who gripe about that are retards. It is an overblown, ridiculous space war opera as only Verhoeven can do. It isn’t meant to be taken entirely seriously, much like Showgirls, which is fucking great for what it was meant to be–ridiculous, overblown trash by Joe Eszterhas.

      You either understand Verhoeven’s moviemaking or you don’t, and a lot of people don’t.

      1. Woo someone else gets it.

        1. It’s nice to know other people get the movie verion of Starship Troopers. I’ve been trying to explain to people for years that it’s not meant to be taken seriously.

      2. So bad it’s good. Got it.

        1. Incorrect. Look, if you don’t get Verhoeven, you don’t get him. That’s fine. Did you like Total Recall? Basic Instinct?

          1. I loved ‘Total Recall’. One of my favorites for sheer creativity.

            I also remember myself drooling when I watched ‘Basic Instinct’ as a young kid without my parents’ permission.

          2. What I dont get is why you would waste the money to buy the rights to Starship Troopers if you are going to hire Verhoeven to make the movie.

            Let him use an original screenplay to make his overblow, ridiculous space opera.

            Let someone who wants to make Starship Troopers make Starship Troopers.

          3. Basic Instinct is crap.

            1. No, Basic Instict is an exploitation film, and an excellent one at that, because it’s an atypical exploitation film.

              1. No, its crap.

                Half way thru it I got bored with seeing Sharon Stone naked. And that is a sign of crap.

                1. Half way thru it I got bored with seeing Sharon Stone naked.

                  Is that possible?

                  1. Is that possible?

                    I wouldnt have thought so, but Yes.

          4. I’m just bitter because Troopers is one of my favorite books.

          5. The only thing of Verhoven’s I’ve liked is Robocop.

            1. Please put down your weapon. You have 20 seconds to comply.

      3. I mention because it is the only Heinlein themed book I can think of that has been made into a movie. And no I haven’t read the book.

        And no I didn’t get the movie. It is just awful, like Showgirls. Maybe there is some irony there I am missing. But I just don’t see the point of making a movie as over the top awful as you can and calling it good.

        Is Michael Bay now a good filmmaker? If not, why not?

        1. No no, there is at least one other Heinlein movie. The one with the aliens that take over people’s bodies by attaching to their necks. The name escapes me.

          1. The Puppet Masters. Not a terrible adaption of the book, but the pleasure of the story is reading in Heinlein’s clipped tough-guy prose.

            1. I’ve only read it; never saw the movie. And I did find it to be quite odd in the telling.

              1. Having Donald Sutherland play the Old Man was an inspired touch, given his role in Invasion of The Body Snatchers.

                1. The 1978 Invasion of the Body Snatchers is a good movie.

            2. People actually used to talk like that! And wear onions on their belts!

          2. The Puppet Masters

          3. Puppet Masters

            1. Did someone say Puppet Masters?

        2. No, he’s not a good filmmaker and no, StarShip Troopers is not actually good. Entertaining, yes, but not good. My confidence in Epi’s taste has been shattered.

          1. I’m crushed.

      4. Is it supposed to be funny? Like say Buckeroo Bonzi? Now that was a good movie.

        1. Pootie Tang.

          Best. Movie. Ever.

          1. You think that just cuz a girl likes to dress fancy and stand on the corner next to some whores, that she’s hookin?

          2. I might go with Hot Tub Time Machine.

        2. So are you John Whorfin, John Bigboote, John Parker, or John Gomez?

          1. John Bigboote of course.

            Someday, skinny ties and gray jackets with narrow lapels will come back into fashion, and on that day, I shall reign supreme.

            Now where is my oscillation overthruster?

          2. Smallberries

      5. Could perhaps be seen as somewhat of a libertarian themed movie in a way, or at least an anti-NeoCon movie?…..ven,14078/

        When we were working on the [Robert] Heinlein book, we felt like we had something that was pretty militaristic, pretty right-wing, and you could even say had a tendency to be fascist. We felt we should counter that with irony and other means to make it interesting to ourselves. And, of course, there was a built-in situation that we sensed at that time and that was visible. The new conservatives had already written many articles, and I think we used some of that thinking, and what we saw happening. Although this was all still during the Clinton years, of course, it was vaguely there. I think we picked it up, because we saw it and perhaps it annoyed us, but then, in a pretty playful way, we put it in the movie as a kind of second layer. And of course, the movie is about “Let’s all go to war and let’s all die.”

      6. Yeah. As long as you understand that the only thing the book and the movie share are co-gendered barracks and insects as bad guys, both are wonderful in their own way.

      7. All I know is, I want to shower with Dina Meyer.

      8. I always thought Starship Troopers the movie was more libertarian than the book. Or at least subtly anti-war, anti-machoism.

    4. BTW it it scores a 62% fresh at Rotten Tomatoes, hardly bad, and better than many.

      1. Apparently there is more to it than meets the eye. I watched it and saw a bad movie.

        1. A lot of people don’t get what Verhoven tries to do.

          For example, Robocop was supposed to be a huge in-joke making fun of stupid big-budget, outlandish plot action movies.

          He even put in a reference to The Marching Morons, a story about a future, completely stupified human race, with the, “I’ll buy that for a dollar!” line. It was a big finger-poke at Hollywood action films.

          But people just saw it on the surface and loved it for exactly the things that he was trying to say are stupid.

          1. Actually Robocop is not a bad movie. Peter Weller was a good actor in the day. And it was a passable action flick.

            It is funny to think he tried to sneak in all of this ironic content. And it got lost because he accidentally made a watchable movie.

            1. Yeah I kind of feel bad for the guy. He tried to make the movie as stupid as possible, included a lot of cryptic references to everyone in the audience being a retard for even wanting to watch these sorts of movies, and it flew right over everyone’s heads.

              One of those, “It was a warning, not a blueprint!” moments.

          2. Shades of Idiocracy. Who else laughed at Ow! My Balls! and felt implicated?

            1. Go away. Batin’!

    5. I, for one, like heavy-handed didacticism, but most people seem to prefer that political and especially philosophical messages be much subtler.

      The Aviator is a much better movie than Atlas Shrugged, Part 1, in my opinion.

    6. Starship Troopers was a movie that had Casper van Dien, Denise Richards, and NPH in leading roles, what were you expecting? But it didn’t make any attempt to portray the novel accurately, so as far as I’m concerned it’s not a valid adaptation. Nevertheless the second sequel, Starship Troopers 3: Marauder, is much more faithful to the novel in that it depicts both the Mobile Infantry powered armor and it even touches on some of Henlein’s themes.

      I’m waiting for someone to do “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress”.

      1. it depicts both the Mobile Infantry powered armor and it even touches on some of Henlein’s themes

        Now I must check it out. Thanks!

        1. Yeah, I think it’s the perfect combination of the over-the-top action silliness of Verhoeven’s original with some decent acting (Jolene Blalock is hotter and a much better actress than Denise Richards) and even some serious moments regarding the loss of freedoms during war and how the government manipulates people into fighting for them.

      2. There is a script for Mistress floating around the internet.

        It was written by one of the guys that regularly works with Whedon.

        I found the first 1/3 very disappointing but the last 2/3rds were decent.

        The biggest problem was it stripped out all the libertarian/anarchist political theory. It was revolution because the moon is being wronged.

        1. I think Mistress has potential as a TV show, preferrably created by Whedon, whom we know has some libertarian, or at the very least anti-authoritarian, views.

        2. It was done by Tim Minear, who was one of the big influences and writers for Firefly. Don’t know why he would strip out the political theory; he’s pretty libertarian himself.

    7. Starship Troopers is a love/hate film, with people you wouldn’t expect loving it and vice versa. Could it have been better if Verhoeven had read the book and made it a more serious adaptation? Possibly. But at the same time, Verhoeven is at his best with campy, satirical work (although Showgirls went beyond campy), and ultimately I think his imaging of Starship Troopers was entertaining. At least he didn’t pretend like he was aiming for an accurate adaptation…

  9. Wouldn’t Galt’s speech take up an entire feature length movie in of itself? I’d like to meet the actor with the oratory skills to pull that off.

    And today is Ayn Rand’s 107th birthday.

    1. She needs to give up the One Ring.

      1. Not until her eleventy-first.

  10. Starship Troopers was a libertarian themed movie?

    1. The book, through Rico’s flashbacks to Political and Moral Philosophy class, had some libertarian themes.

      1. and a Fascist setting.

        1. I dont think you know what that word means.

          1. Did you fellas know that Ron Swanson is a libertarian?

            Also Hazel the maid.

            1. You mean Shirley Booth was a libertarian? Huh. Did not know.

          2. I don’t know how you could think the setting to Starship Troopers was anything but Space Fasciscm.

            Mandatory military service et al.

            1. But if there was a race of super smart alien bugs out to kill us, I would think universal military service would be in order.

              1. What about a race of highly intelligent snakes?

                1. Snakes? Are they Snakes on a Plane?

                  1. I was poking at John’s snake phobia.

                2. Then it is everyone to the wall Jim.

            2. There was no mandatory military service. Did you even read the fucking book?

              And do you think Switzerland is fascist?

              1. There was no mandatory military service. Did you even read the fucking book?

                And do you think Switzerland is fascist?


            3. It’s it not mandatory. And it’s not fascism.

              It’s a limited franchise democracy with a service component. And before the bugs, the vast majority of people served out their time as non-fighting public servants.

              I think it’s an unworkable flight of fancy that assumes utopian levels of people acting against self interest, but it is not nationalistic, jingoistic, and racist.

              1. I think it’s an unworkable flight of fancy that assumes utopian levels of people acting against self interest, but it is not nationalistic, jingoistic, and racist.


                And it was Heinlein’s ode to the muddy-booted foot soldier: he writes about it in Grumbles From the Grave or one of the other collections. Talking about how you could get dead or maimed in his service (Navy), but you generally lived in reasonable comfort up until shortly before that happened.

            4. It wasn’t mandatory at all. Jesus Christ, you could read the book before you offer your opinion on it.

    2. The Federation is an interesting political institution. Voluntary military service is required in order to vote, allowing each person to decide how much they value the political process and preventing uninformed people from shaping things.

      1. I’ve always been curious as to how people can equate democracy in and of itself with freedom.

        1. Freedom and liberty are not the same thing.

          To some freedom means the ability to force things onto people.

          Those are the ones who love democracy and equate it to freedom.

          1. freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.

      2. Not just vote–you had to be a veteran to even be allowed to breed. It was almost a Junker-type of self-perpetuating aristocracy.

        1. Rico’s parents weren’t veterans.
          His father didn’t join until the end of the book.

        2. Are you sure about that? Neither of Johnny Rico’s parents in the book were citizens.

        3. It’s been a while since I’ve read the book, but are you sure about the breeding part? IIRC, Rico comes from an independently wealthy family that has everything except the right to vote, which his father dismisses as being useless anyway.

          And during the recruitment process the Feds deliberately try to scare people away by having disfigured veterans man the the tables and walk recruits through the paperwork.

        4. Only in the movie.

          1. As I said in an earlier post, the guy who did the novelization added a bunch of stuff not in the movie and removed a ton of pertinent plot points. What can you do?

            1. Ignore the movie.

        5. I’m pretty sure the junkers were more than happy to have their peasantry breed – all the more soldiers for the Prussian Army.

          It’s been awhile since I read the book or saw the movie but I got more of an Imperial Rome impression than a fascist impression – though I think the director was going for the latter.

  11. This is relevant to my interests as a gun-toting secular capitalist classic liberal!

    1. And Christfag loving Obama supporter. You really hit all of the bases Shrike.

      1. It’s a spoof.

        1. John has been informed of this many times, but it seems he can’t help himself.

  12. In Book of Shadows: Atlas Shrugged II (Full Sequence), a group of young objectivists see Atlas Shrugged Part One and are inspired to make an adaptation of Atlas Shrugged that isn’t so shitty. They film themselves in a parking garage eating each other’s shit and chanting “Shit is shit! All else follows!” while a gross fat dude watches them on the garage security camera and jacks off. He finishes before they do, turns off the monitor they’re still eating shit on, and wipes semen off his belly and chest. One last gob of man-goo covers his name tag. He wipes it off. It says “John Galt.”


    1. Pretty good, but I think we’ll call in SugarFree for a punchup.

    2. Too much scat, not enough blood n guts…nor gamboling

    3. As long as it doesn’t have one of those “dream inside of a dream” twist endings. I’m ok with your concept.

  13. Fuck this. I’m waiting for the guys that made the cinematic trailers for ‘The Old Republic’ to make at least a tetralogy about the Old Republic era. We should petition them, or something.

    1. You seem to mention him a lot.

      1. Wha?

        1. Sorry squirrels put it in the wrong thread.

  14. If the right knew how much Ayn Rand hated conservatives the box office would suffer.


    (yes, I actually heard some fucking retarded Glenn Beck fan say that)

    1. Do you anything but stalk this Glenn Beck character?

      1. Not particularly, no. Why do you ask?

  15. Ron Paul supporters are brownshirts and terrorists:…

    1. Newby seems like this is his first time on the internet. I can’t believe he’s upset over the rude anonymous comments on Facebook and Yahoo Answers. He’ll get over it once he discovers there is pr0n on the internet, too.

    2. I wonder how easy it would be to uncover a similar cache of hate from the old 2008 Obama/Clinton family feud. I recall a lot of this kind of rhetoric on the commentary boards at the time.

    3. Good thing our current President didn’t have a bunch of creepy dedicated supporters.

  16. Atlas Shrugged 3: Rise of the Machines

    1. Terminator: Dagny Taggart? Have you sustained injury?
      Dagny Taggart: Drop dead, you asshole!
      Terminator: I am unable to comply.

    1. This place looks like a real life Meow Mix.

    2. Thank goodness they are fighting the stereotype that hipster girls are hot.

      1. The one in pic 7 has a killer body. But the rest are decidedly JV.

        1. Ah, I thought the name sounds familiar… It’s a lesbian bar.

          1. Ah. Most of them are just good looking enough to have sick fantasies about. I bet the butches love that place.

            1. In college we had a joke about girls with classes at the frat house. We called the cum shields.

  17. Oh, good! Another movie I don’t need to see!

    I just can’t get through Atlas Shrugged – Rand is an AWFUL writer. Horrible. Wretched.

    Also, tl;dr.

    1. The best description I ever heard of it was ‘a sermon with a cast’.

    2. Indeed. Great story, terrible writing. If all the parts where she talked about the things characters know going unsaid had gone unsaid, it would be about 200 pages shorter and ten times better.

  18. I guess the liberals are right–you can’t always count on the market to allocate resources efficiently.

  19. I hope they keep the same cast too … except that I heard rumors that they were NOT going to be keeping Jsu Garcia as Francisco d’Anconia … which I think is a complete mistake. I’d love to know what others thought of his portrayal??

    I work with Jsu and just loved him as Francisco. I hope they reconsider.

    And on a positive note, Jsu is currently starring in a film which premieres March 8th – The Wayshower, at the ArcLight Cinerama Dome. It’s a free screening, open to everyone. Jsu is fantastic in this, together with Oscar nominees Eric Roberts and Sally Kirkland. .

    He co-wrote and co-directed The Wayshower with his long time spiritual teacher and friend Dr. John-Roger. The result is one of the most inspiring and life-changing films. Like the first time I read the Fountainhead (sorry but it’s my favorite), it changed the way I saw myself and the world, and inspired me into greater responsibility and bigger dreams. The Wayshower is a similar game changer. Completely changed the commitment I have to myself, the commitment to living my life for me, and showed me how important it is not to live according to our doubts and fears, but to our love and vision.

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