Romney Rolls to 48% Win; Paul 7%


Can't they both win? Or maybe they already have.

With half of Florida's votes counted, President Barack Obama has won the Sunshine State's Democratic Primary.

Also, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is handily winning the Republican primary with 48 percent of the votes.

Romney opens a gaping hole in the carcass of former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who pulls down only 31 percent.

Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum is right now bringing in 13 percent. 

Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) comes in with 7 percent. 

People whose delegate-count and ballot-access fu is better than mine: Speak up in the comments about how this does or does not spell the end of Gingrich, why Rick Santorum should or should not have tended to his sick kid, what this means about Ron Paul's failure or success in meeting his Florida expectations, and so on. 

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  1. Mittens!

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  3. Romney opens a gaping hole in the carcass of former House Speaker Newt Gingrich


  4. Conservatives can’t win a closed Florida GOP primary where a moderate from Mass does win.

    That is the only redeeming aspect to this primary tonight.

    1. When was the last time that conservatives won the GOP nomination? I would assume Reagan, and even then he was the guy who had finished a close second last time.

  5. what this means about Ron Paul’s failure or success in meeting his Florida expectations

    Success! Nationally, it’ll come down to Mitt and Ron.

    1. Did anyone expect better out of Floriduh?

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  7. Hopefully Ron Paul will make that image a comedic campaign banner and run third party.

  8. You think you’ve got problems, I’ve got Pawlenty!

  9. +100 for alt-text

  10. Will Willard sing ‘America the Beautiful’ tonight or ‘Little Red Corvette’?

    His song choice could be critical.

    1. “Apart from his views on issues, is your opinion of [x] as a person (favorable-unfavorable):
      Gingrich: 55-40
      Romney: 76-21

      “If [x] won the nomination, would you be (satisfied-dissatisfied):”
      Gingrich: 53-42
      Romney: 65-31
      Santorum: 53-40

    2. Romney won 18-29 year olds over Paul, thus sweeping age groups.

    3. Paul did better with poorer Republicans than with 50k/yr+. I wonder if that’s an indirect consequence of less money for college -> military family -> losing a loved one. Just a muse.

  11. Ron Paul will take Maine, and as goes the Vacationland State so goes the Republic!

    1. He’ll probably win more delegates than Santorum or Pimple this week.

  12. All I can say is that Romney had damn well better go after Block Yomomma in the general election every bit as hard as he’s gone after Gingrich in the primary. I’m going to be seriously pissed if he turns into a weak, pathetic scared little schmoo like McCain did in ’08.

    1. So you want to give Obama the old ‘Kenyan Sochiallist anti-Colonial Bill Ayers and Rev Wright’ treatment?

      How did those lies work out last time?

      1. So you want to give Obama the old ‘Kenyan Sochiallist anti-Colonial Bill Ayers and Rev Wright’ treatment?

        The “Block Yomomma” already gave you the answer to that question.

        1. True. I know Mike M. from prior threads. He is Sean Hannity without the GED.

          1. Keep giving out that brilliant investment advice of yours, Mr. Buffett.

            1. You are down to sticks and stems, pal – willard romney.

              He won’t know what hit him.

              1. I strongly doubt that “Willard Romney” will catch on, as it would make it harder for Democrats to object to “Barry Obama” or “Barack Hussein Obama,” no?

                1. What do you want, Thacker? you are sensible.

                  GDP is up
                  markets are up
                  interest rates way down
                  inflation down
                  exports way up
                  deficits down
                  UE trending better
                  energy production way up
                  energy prices down from 08

                  What the hell do you want?

                  1. fear the boom not the bust.

                    europe is fucked. and if europe goes, so do we all.

                  2. Whistling past the graveyard, just like your idiot pals were doing at the height of the housing bubble.

                  3. What the hell do you want?

                    My kids to find decent jobs.

              2. Your buddy has a record now to go after, scumbag. Any decent political team would tear him a new a-hole. It remains to be seen whether Romney has the stones to do it.

          2. Sean Hannity without the GED? I assume you’re saying that with pride, considering your Kenyan/Socialist/Ayers/Wright/lies retort.

            Rachel, is that you?

            1. I say that with derision. The old redneck AM radio ways are dying.

              Talk about tax, depreciation, and investment – not Bill Ayers like a fucking Alabama redneck would.

              1. The old redneck AM radio ways are dying.

                The ugly cosmo yet again rears his head.

                Fuck you, shrike.

      2. Yo momma has a very public and very, very awful record to defend this time. No more unicorns and rainbows. Food stamps, corruption, Solyndra, cash for clunkers, stimulus, obummercare…..

        1. …six trillion dollars of national debt in four years (most of which is publicly held), 20% real unemployment, the lowest percentage of Americans in the workforce in 30 years, near doubling of the price of gas since he took office, the intentional attempt to kill conventional domestic energy production, “Fast and Furious”, losing Egypt to the radical Muslim Brotherhood (flushing over 30 years of hard won peace efforts down the toilet), indefinite detention and assassination of American citizens without even the pretense of due process…you can practically go on forever with the horrible record ripe to beat him over the head with.

          1. And starting wars in Libya to “avoid” human rights travesties, resulting in human rights travesties.

            1. What about me?

  13. Winner-take-all contests are bad, and Ron Paul knew he wouldn’t win, so I think he wisely invested his effort elsewhere. It’ll pay off just a little bit later.

  14. On to Nevada!

    Ron Paul 2012!

  15. 5 Beers not to drink after 25

    3. Budweiser
    “Canadians get a whole different version that is right up there with the finest microbrews.”

    NO, it’s not.

  16. Either way, we’ll get George W. Bush’s fourth term.

    1. Oh Come on! Obama works on the deficit unlike the “Reagan proved deficits don’t matter” GOP crowd.

      1. Hey Shrike, the State of the Union Address is *not* America’s finest news source.

      2. How so? If the Obama budgets were adopted without changes, including the expiration of the taxes for those making over $250k a year, the deficit would still be by 2023 higher than any deficit under Bush’s presidency as a percentage of GDP.

        Yes, if we suppose that policies that Obama doesn’t support, like letting the lower and middle class tax cuts expire, and the 1996 Republican Sustainable Growth Rate for Medicare go into effect, the deficit would decrease markedly.

        But Obama doesn’t support that. Instead, he’s supported increasing even defense spending as a percentage of GDP past Bush’s level; it took a Republican House to actually get defense spending to not increase.

        That would be like giving George W. Bush credit in 2005 for budgets that showed war costs immediately stopping.

        1. But Obama has offered 3 parts spending cuts to 1 part tax increase.

          That is EXACTLY the compromise lead we need today. The GOP refuses to reduce the deficit.

          1. some of us remember the bush episode iv years dear

      3. Claiming that Obama is “working on the deficit” while ignoring his actual proposed budgets in favor of policies that he’s consistently opposed while a candidate and a president is ridiculous.

        It’s like giving George W. Bush credit for Republican Study Committee budgets not adopted when Republicans controlled Congress.

      4. Obama works on the deficit

        Successfully too!

        Just look how it’s grown.…..011mcn_G0f

    2. Either way, we’ll get George W. Bush’s fourth term.

      Funny, I emailed a similar statement to my poker buddies about an hour ago!

      … Hobbit

  17. Just read that media companies likely will be pulling reporters from all campaigns except for Romney’s in an effort to cut costs, as Romney is likely winner of nomination. Gingrich will have to win several of those southern primaries to be relevant again. How he will maintain media interest in a month with no debates will be interesting to watch.

    Also arising as a result of the Florida race is how unpopular Romney and Gingrich have become with independent voters.

    Ron Paul was last seen campaigning in Maine but rested last night in Texas. Santorum went back to Pennsylvania because of a sick child.

  18. Cops risk their lives…to beat man half to death. Mace guy filming it to ensure they can go home alive.

    Family goes to precinct to complain, but gets arrested for attacking the police officers there.

    But never fear. IA is on the fucking case, so the vacations may even be unpaid. No word yet whether the cops will be awarded the medal of valor or the swing for the fences badge.

  19. Willard puts his wife out to claim victory! He is not media stupid at all – she is the winner in the family.

  20. Romney says this election is about the “soul of the nation”!

    1. Might as well be. It isn’t about the soul of Romney, for reasons that should be obvious to all.

  21. Actually, Ron Paul was in Colorado today.

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      Warty, can we get a ruling on this?

      1. Yes, by same they mean other bisexuals.

  24. Paul will stay in until the very end. Hopefully that means he’ll run as a third party if necessary and we can have a wonderful time watching him reveal how Romney and Obama mean no change for the future. If Romney or Obama wins it doesn’t make a difference except only to make a stronger presence for the Libertarian party in the next election.

    1. I say this with all sincerity: It is really pretty neato and awesome that you are offering thumbs-up to both Paul and the Libertarian Party.

      I’m not sure the John of 2008 would have done that. So yeah — that’s cool.

      1. That’s not the normal John that rants here.

        1. Oh.

          You’re right. “Fun Star Productions”? WTF.

          Yeah, not the same John.

          Oh well. As for the real John … well, come on, dude. Get with the program!

          1. Maybe I should change my name and url haha

          2. I guess I should change my name here haha and yes that’s my personal business url. Hopefully small business owners don’t offend you. I’m a blogger too which would fit better but Reason blocks the url because they think it is spam.

  25. Santorum had no choice but to go tend to his daughter. Had he gone on campaigning he would have appeared to be heartless.

    1. I seriously doubt him leaving the campaign trail at the end there hurt him in any meaningful way. He finished right around where most people expected he would, and he never really had much of a shot at doing any better.


  26. Romneys largest contributer = Goldman Sachs

    Obamas largest contributer = Goldman Sachs

    Do you think Goldman Sachs cares who wins the election?

    1. If RP or someone else started winning significant delegates, it would be amussing to see Goldman Sachs become their biggest contributor as well. I know Ron would take the money.

  27. Everyone sing along:

    “O Floriduh, our dumb and tawdry land –
    From inbred north to senile south
    It’s gators, mud, and sand.”

    1. wutz da melidy?

      1. I used O’ Canada

  28. Obamney is pretty damn handsome!

  29. I guess I should change my name here and url hahaha

  30. I guess I should change my name and url here hahaha

  31. Instead of John I should go by my moniker and other url

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